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trip report 6/16-6/23

Discussion in 'Vegas Trip Reports' started by ncgirl, Jul 1, 2004.

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  1. I know it's been a while since we got back but
    it has been very difficult catching up from our week away. First off I need to let you know our trip report contains visits to Rio and Harrah's so be warned [​IMG] We had an incredible week. The days seemed to melt together, not knowing one day from the next. We didn't watch television or read a newspaper the entire trip, I was so outta the loop! Here's what I can recall:
    We left Charlotte about 20 minutes late but arrived pretty much on schedule. The flight was non stop (yahooo) so I slept most of the way. We arrived only to stand at the wrong baggage carousel for 20 minutes. [​IMG] Silly us didn't know to walk around the construction area. Took an unusually long time to get our bags( I was needing a smoke bad!!)Got our bags, finally and headed out to the taxi stand. Wow, pretty hot and
    a bit of a walk lugging 94 pairs of shoes, no just 9 pairs! Stood in the "cattle coral" for a taxi. Of course we get the run down, no air conditioning, doesn't speak English well cab/driver. Traffic was a mess even at that early morning hour. We arrived at TI (no I do not like the new sign [​IMG] )We checked in at VIP checkin,
    thank goodness as the line was super long at the regular check in. Yippee ! little cookies,chocolate dipped strawberries and cool drinks. Check in went very well and we received our room # 3428. Room ready, here we go. Great view, overlooking the pool and a super duper view of the strip. Nice room with internet access. Threw our bags down,changed clothes and headed for some real food, I was starving!! We decided on Kahunaville and got seated right away. Cute little place-good atmosphere and fun. The oxygen bar was a sight I had never seen before(we ended up using the oxygen bar a few times during our stay and loved it. Trendy I know but the looks people gave you when they saw these tubes sticking up your nose was hillarious)Hubby and I shared the sample platter which was really good, I liked all the variety. Had some drinks and signed the bill to the room (we also had a 75.00 food comp and 100.00 in free play with our free 3 nights)Off to check out the pool. Hmmm seemed ok but we ended up not using the pool at all the whole time, looked fun tho. Time to check out the casino. Well the pirate theme seems to have disappeared but all in all a nice place. Went to get our free play and check in with the slot host.
    Very nice man who insisted we call him if we have any questions. We only play slots so we wandered around and found the 98% pay carousel. Played a long long time ($1.00 and up)
    NOTE: we won quite a few jackpots and various amounts here during the trip. Unless I pull out the slips I cannot recall exactly what days we won on but I hit for: $ 1600.00 and $ 1250.00 here. Hubby hit for: $ 5000.00, $ 1000.00 and a
    $ 2500.00.
    We decided on the Range at Harrah's for dinner so we cleaned up our act and ourselves and headed out. The walk isn't too bad.
    Went up to the Diamond lounge first for cocktails, a nice place we frequent often.
    The meal at the Range was incredible: twin lobster tails for me and king crab legs for hubby.
    I discovered I really liked apple martini's [​IMG] Great meal around $ 150.00-comped.
    Walked around Harrah's for a while, loosing my butt and headed back to TI. Stopped to see the volcano at mirage,geesh lot's of people out and about. Head back to our favorite machines and play until about 3 am Vegas time- I am pooped and
    off to bed. I will need to finish later as I am at work and need to focus [​IMG]
  2. sharoncity

    sharoncity Guest

    Wow ncgirl! I'm impressed! I have to confess, I have NEVER won anything on slots!! If I hit for 25 credits, I just play them. But I never even hit for $100, let alone the kind of money you did. What slots were you playing and how much were you betting??
  3. ncgirl

    ncgirl Guest

    Believe me, I was freaking out myself. I had never hit a jackpot before. Hubby does all the time but me, never. We were playing the 5 and 10 times pay, double-triple diamond and a new one we hadn't seen before top dollar(thats where he won the $ 5000.00)This trip I followed my hubby around and let him pick my machine(s) for me. Granted I only played the .25 cent machines when I was tryiing to kill time. The rest of the time I played only 1.00 machines, betting 2-4 at a time.
  4. KathyinNY

    KathyinNY Tourist

    Jan 29, 2002
    Upstate New York
    Trips to Las Vegas:
    Wow that is awesome. I've never won a jackpot either. Glad to hear though that other people really do win on slots.
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