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Trip Report 11/18-11/20

Discussion in 'Vegas Trip Reports' started by the nuts, Nov 21, 2006.

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  1. the nuts

    the nuts VIP Whale

    Aug 11, 2005
    Trips to Las Vegas:

    My Trip Report

    This is the first time I write up a TR, so bear with me, I will try not to make it boring. Im still psyched about it so I figure its a good time to do this.

    I did something I wouldnt normally do, which squeeze a vegas trip into my schedule and arrive on a Saturday. The fellas wanted to do it because it had been a few months since our last trip.

    So we arrive at McCarron airport and check into our room at the MGM, no problems. I notice people say they tried the $20 trick, but since I have no idea what it is, I obviously didnt try it. It was about 10pm so we rushed to drop off the luggage and hit the BJ tables. Started off small at the $10 table and worked my way up to the $25 table. I always bugdet the gambling money as to not go broke. Anyways, walked away a few hours later and I have doubled my money.

    So we try to find somewhere to eat within walking distance. Next to the MGM between Adidas store and M&M factory there is a food court open late. Walked in there and grabed some junk food real quick, it was very convenient. Back to the MGM and a couple guys need the restroom, so I sit down at a nickle Monopoly machine to pass the time. Put in $20 and got out $300, outstanding.

    Now we look to do some more gambling and decide to try the WPT game. At first a bit complicated, but when you get the hang of it, its quite fun. Also if you catch cards, you will continue to catch cards because its one deck being shuffled by a automatic shuffler. It pays sweet bonuses also, because its a bonus for your pocket cards and another bonus for your final hand. So, a straight flush later, I turned $100 into $750. Sweet!!

    That was enough to call it a night.

    Next day we hit the Champagne Brunch at the MGM. This was outstanding.
    I did learn that you can get a cheaper price if you ask for NO CHAMPAGNE. They will charge you the more expenssive price if you dont mention it. Anyways, great food, eggs cooked to order, waffles, etc. Also, lunch had italian, mexican and all the meat you can eat. The desserts were also pretty good, although they hide the flan in the corner.

    Back to gambling after a small nap to let the food digest. This time Pai Gow poker. This game is up and down all day. Finally got bored of pushing with the dealer and moved on to craps. The craps table destroyed me, if I bet the pass the roller crapped out, if I bet the dont pass the roller made his point. Needless to say I didnt get the rythm. About 6 hours go by and its time for dinner, so we decide to go off the strip.

    Metro Pizza on Tropicana. WOW! Outstanding pizza. I saw the USA today report as posted on this forum a few weeks back and decided to try it. I mean this pizza melts in your mouth, the cheese and dough they use has perfect consistancy. The sauce they use on the pizza finished off the whole experience. Next time I will try a calzone, they looked delicious. Highly recommend this place.

    Back to MGM and did some walking around. Checked out the Hooters, Hotel that is and tried some BJ there. Broke even and left after a few hours. Back to the MGM for some late night Roulete. First spin dropped $5 each on 14, 23, 27, 36. Haha, red 27, score. Took $180 and hit the road, I knew I couldnt do better than that, its like the worst odds in the casino. I figured sleep with money in my pocket, better than loosing it back (that day at least).

    Woke up late Monday, seemed like Vegas was dead. It was very quiet which im not used to since I always visit on weekends. Kinda nice for a change. We wanted a quick bite so we went to Krispy Kreme donuts at the Excalibur. I always forget how delicious those donuts are. Stayed there and tried our luck at the new pocker room. It was an interesting experience, I never played poker at a casino before. Some of the people there thought they were on TV or something. It seems like all these people are watching on TV and trying to play like those pro's. Pretty lame!

    It was finally time to eat again and we hit the Burger Bar at the Mandallay. As usual outstanding beef and a great experience. It was slow, so no waiting in line (yes!) and food came out quick. Went to the sports book on the way out of the hotel and we were very impressed with it. Its huge and lots of room to hang out and watch games.

    Got back to the hotel with just enough time to catch a taxi to the airport. Southwest has always been my airline of choice, but if I had kids or if I had gone with my fiancee I would fly Jet Blue. It seems like the flight attendants have no control over passengers on these buses. Too many drunk people on this flight causing ruckus.

    Anyways, trip was great and came home with the same amount of money in my pocket as when I left. This was after buying for everyone several times throughout the trip. So basically my gambling payed for the whole trip!!!! Thats a great feeling.
  2. LVLady

    LVLady Tourist

    May 26, 2003
    Memphis, TN
    Trips to Las Vegas:
    Thanks for the trip report, sounds like you had a good time. My husband loves that WPT table, he walked away with about $800 over the two days he played it when we were there in August, one of the hits was $500 and then two $100 hits and a few small ones, it was awesome!
  3. JoeVegas

    JoeVegas Low-Roller

    Mar 16, 2006
    Nice report.

    I had to laugh at your assessment of the poker players because I feel the same way. I was watching some poker at the MGM and there was a young guy who would put on his mirrored shades and remain motionless everytime he made a small bet. Too much television!

    He wouldn't take the shades off either if someone called him. I think it affected his ability to see the cards because he was getting clobbered. He kind of looked like the guy from Reno 911 who wears the mirrored shades and shorts which added to the hilarity. :haha:

    Glad you had a good time.
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