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Wynn Hotel 8/13 - 8/17 - Birthday

Discussion in 'Vegas Trip Reports' started by Passion4mb, Aug 22, 2007.

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  1. Passion4mb

    Passion4mb Tourist

    Jul 23, 2007
    Trips to Las Vegas:

    My Trip Report

    Although this is my 2nd trip report, it is far from my 2nd Vegas trip. I went for my 46th birthday with my parents. We are Mirage people, but due to horrible customer service when making our reservations, we switched to the Wynn. I had an e-mail offer from the Mirage for $99 a night and $10 in free play. My parents couldn't do better than $169 a night. To give you an idea -- it is nothing to tick me off as I have a very short fuse, it is a much bigger deal to annoy my father (who rarely gets mad) and to annoy him to such an extent that he pulls his reservation is a coup! We each received an offer from the Wynn for $139 a night and $75 in free play.

    As for air travel -- my parents flew out on United and I took Frontier; same day. They get miles through United & I through Frontier, so..... However, we booked these way back in February for $135 round trip each. Awesome fare.

    August 13th -- My flight left at 7:00 AM and my parents at 8:30 AM with plans to meet up at the Wynn. Both flights were full and quiet and both flights arrived about 10 minutes early. Baggage took close to 30 minutes to arrive, grabbed a cab (almost no line at all) and was off to the Wynn (no tunnel). I have to add that this was the best trip cab wise I think I ever had in Vegas. Only 1 or 2 that were "odd": the rest very nice.

    Even though it was very early I tried to check in. Was told I could pre-register; gave them my cell number and they said they would call me when a room was available. Didn't ask for a specific room view or floor. Since I'd only been to the Wynn twice before I set off in search of penny slots. Found a few that I liked, ordered a drink & gambled for awhile. However, I discovered that little sleep & alcohol = exhaustion and I found myself nodding off. Luckily before too long my parents called to let me know they were in a cab on the way to the hotel. I went outside to wait for them. (Highs during the week were between 105 & 108).

    They also pre-registered and gave them their cell number. In the meantime I checked in with a front desk clerk and was told my room was ready (1618 pool view). We went to the buffet, average line, moved quickly. This was my first time at this buffet. They were serving breafast and though the quality was good the selection I thought was a little weak. When I went back to check out the desserts I noticed they had put out the lunch items and the food looked much better; however I was too full to enjoy any of it.

    After the buffet my parents checked in to see if their room was ready, it wasn't. Although it was only about 11:30 we were falling asleep on our feet, so all went to my room. About 1:30 the front desk called and my parents were able to move to their room.

    I had my luggage brought up (took less than 5 minutes), I unpacked and slept!

    That night we had dinner at PF Chang's -- always great food. I really like the new PH, a much sleeker look than before. Couldn't do much gambling wise (a theme for the trip). Cabbed to the Mirage, gambled, then to TI and then walked back to the Wynn. Little bit of gambling and to bed -- first night is usually an early one for me. It was about midnight.

    August 14 (birthday) -- My parents have friends in Vegas and normally I don't join them when they meet them; but they were all going to the Red Rock Casino for their breakfast buffet and I wanted to see it, so I went (BIG mistake). It is far from the strip (they picked us up)10 miles. Food was adequate and not a huge selection (I felt). Couldn't do anything in the casino, tried a variety of slots and 21...nothing! Finally at 12:45 we left and they dropped us off DT. I haven't been there in several trips and figured since it was so hot it would be nice to be able to casino hop since the distances are so short. I also wanted to see the pool at the Golden Nugget that I have read so much about.

    The new pool area is truly amazing. Right in the middle of the pool is the aquarium and even from inside you can see the fish swimming. Then there is a tube that you can slide through and the tube goes right through the aquarium -- very cool! Pool area was packed, there are 21 tables outside as well (not in the water), but in the shade.

    Gambled at GN, Fremont, 4 Queems, couldn't hit anything, but did have some great gelato at a little kiosk. Hit the spot.

    Met up with my dad about 2:30, grabbed a cab and went back to the Wynn, gambled a little and hit the room for a nap.

    That night we had dinner at Mon Ami Gabi @ the Paris for my bithday. I had made reservation back in June, didn't ask for or try for the patio seating due to the heat, hoped to be close to the windows though to see outside, but it didn't happen. Service was ok, but the food was wonderful. I had the shrimp cocktail, classic steak with frites (mmmm) & a couple of drinks. Gambled there after dinner; went to Bally's and eventually ended up at Barbary Coast (I know this has changed names, but I don't like the new name and refuse to use it) :). Eventually took a cab back to the Wynn.

    (Although I wasn't winning, luckily my money was giving me some play; whether at slots, 21 or 3 card poker).

    Wednesday, August 15th -- We all decided to hit the mall in the morning. Lunch plans were The Cheesecake Factory, however, by the time we finished our shopping it was 12:00; and we knew there would be a huge line at the CF, so we ate at the California Pizza Kitchen at the Mall. Very good salads. Back to the Wynn and took it easy. That night my mother & I had tickets with a meet & greet beforehand with Rita Rudner at Harrah's. We have seen her several times before, we think she is great. Meeting her was nice and a lot of fun; they also take your picture with her (price is included in the ticket price) and you get a minute or two to chat with her. She seems very nice and personable and as in the past her show was great!!

    After dinner my mother & I went to the Carnegie Deli for dinner (my father was on his own for the night). I wasn't feeling too well so I ordered a bowl of soup (although my mother's burger looked better). Gambled a little and back to the Wynn.

    Woke up in the middle of the night with a sore throat & swollen glands -- just what you want on your vacation.

    Thursday, August 16th -- Made myself get up & get ready for the day. Went to the Mirage with my parents for a light lunch at the Roasted Bean (after a quick stop at the gift shop for throat lozenges & Sudafed). Gambled after. My parents were flying back to Denver that day (I left Friday), so eventually they made ther way back to the Wynn and the airport. I went across the street to Harrah's and after trying slots, 21 & 3 card poker went back to the Wynn.

    I had planned to go to Bellagio that night to see the fountains and the conservatory; but my cold took away my pep. Instead I napped, ordered room service so I could watch Big Brother (hey, it was the elimination show) and hung around the Wynn. Earlier in the week I had found 2 new penny slots I liked (Monopoly & Green Acres) and had fun playing those.

    August 17 -- last day -- Flight left at 3; picked up a drink & a croissant at the snack bar/cafe by the gift shop and wandered around the penny slots. Really wanted to play 21; nothing lower than $15 was available, so I took out a hundred; played for 90 minutes and cashed in $340 (still down for the trip, but that helped). Had a great time. They also rated me. I said that I wouldnt be playing enough per hand to be rated, the dealer said anything you play is enough to be rated (I had been using my card for slots).

    Cashed out, played one more slot and left for the airport. Flight was a little late leaving Vegas due to weather in Denver, but we landed on time.

    High's: Beautiful room at the Wynn, loved the windows, the bed/pillows/comforter, the big huge bathroom, the vanity -- very nice. Most of the service was top notch, when it wasn't and I calld to let someone know it was taken care of with an apology. No complaints.
    Vegas for my birthday!
    Gambling/shopping/great food.
    Time with my parents.
    Took the $75 freeplay and cashed out $125.

    Low's: Taking more cabs than usual due to the Wynn's location, if the weather was cooler I would have walked more.
    Not getting to the Forum Shops or Bellagio.
    Red Rock Casino
    Security at Vegas airport -- huge lines, but it does move.
    Seeing kids in the hotels/strip late at night!
    People who don't or won't tip the bellman a coule of bucks and insist on dragging their luggage through the hotel, running over people's toes, I'm sorry but if you can afford to stay at the Wynn (or anywhere really), CHECK YOUR LUGGAGE.

    Next trip -- no clue. Luckily Colorado has legalized gambling, although it's no Vegas, it is enough to scratch an itch.

    I love reading all of the trip reports and wanted to share mine.
  2. gmoney590

    gmoney590 VIP Whale

    Jul 8, 2006
    Tacoma, WA
    Trips to Las Vegas:
    It sounds like you had a pretty good time; except for getting sick toward the end. There's nothing worse than getting sick on your vacation. I agree with you about kids. We saw parents out with their kids at 2-3 in the morning; and, the kids looked dead tired.
    Let the drunken olympics begin
  3. angel81chick

    angel81chick Abuelita

    Jun 29, 2007
    City of Angels
    Trips to Las Vegas:
    Sorry you got sick...but at least you had a decent time.

    I really think they should implement a curfew for kids...or just ban them all together :evillaugh
  4. MNVegasgal

    MNVegasgal Low-Roller

    Aug 18, 2003
    Twin Cities, MN
    Trips to Las Vegas:
    I totally feel you on the Big Brother thing.. I watch my junk reality when I'm on vacation.. but if I miss it I have it DVR's at home. Thanks for your report. I want to stay at Wynn sometime soon, but my husband isn't to keen on the idea. so I'll have to work on him. Hope you are feeling better now.
  5. rje

    rje High-Roller

    Jan 14, 2003
    Happy Belated Birthday! Nothing like spending your big day in Vegas!
    Other than your cold, it sounds like a great tip.

    I'm curious... can you detail your Mirage customer service issues that caused you to cancel your reservations?
  6. islandchild

    islandchild Tourist

    Apr 15, 2003
    Sounds like you had a great trip, minus the cold!

    I am a big hater on reality tv; I think most of it is just mindless crap. BUT, I have to admit that I LOVE BB! My mom and I make it a point to stay tuned all summer long!
  7. Ptfun2

    Ptfun2 Tourist

    Jul 10, 2007
    Chicago area
    Trips to Las Vegas:
    Hi Passion4mb,

    Sounds like you had a nice trip. The Mrs. came home with the same cold you caught. Sore throat, swollen glands and now some coughing. I guess not everything that happens Vegas stays in Vegas, LOL. We stayed at the Mirage and were there from 8/11 to the 14th. Hey, she disappeared for awhile, maybe thats where you caught that cold!:wink2: I hate when she does that, LOL.

    Thanks for the trip report.
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