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Wynn: 8/22-8/26

Discussion in 'Vegas Trip Reports' started by ajpajp, Aug 27, 2007.

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  1. ajpajp

    ajpajp Tourist

    Apr 20, 2006
    Trips to Las Vegas:

    My Trip Report

    I just returned from a 4 night stay at the Wynn. The hotel is nice, as has been mentioned many times. I really enjoyed the steam room and jacuzzi in the Spa. The fitness center is nice as well. One can purchase a pass to the Spa/FC for $25/day or three days for $65.
    The dining and nightlife scene had some mixed reviews. I'll start with dining.
    Zoozacrackers (Wynn): I enjoyed both the Zoozoburger ($13.95) and Manhattam Clam Chowder ($5). It would be nice if the cup of water were a bit larger. It's probably 8 ounces or less.
    Aquaknox (Venetian): This was an average experience. Nice restaurant, but the food/dollar ratio was no there. The lobster bisque ($15) was very good. The price could be somewhat justified for a larger portion, but it's outrageous for a small size (basically a cup). The Salmon ($28) was tasty but, again, not worth the money. The Pomme Frittes ($6) were HUGE; way too large for me! I enjoyed the Creme Brulee ($8) as well.
    Tableau (Wynn): I enoyed the highly praised Kobe Short Ribs and Eggs ($19). The dish rests on potatoes which are very good as well. The smoothie ($7) was an out-of-this-world level rip-off. It was OK, but tiny! The entree was very good and I chose not to order the Tableau Potatoes as a side as there are two included in the meal. That's why I got the smoothie, though the potatoes are the much better choice.
    Taqueria Canonita (Grand Canal Shoppes): The Gaucamole, Chips and Salsa ($8) were tasty. The Chips n' Salsa are $2 by themselves. The Steak Torta ($10) was mediocre; there was guac and other stuff that kind of drowned out the flavor.
    Valentino (Venetian): Nice ambiance. I was very happy with the braised veal ribs ($40 a la carte). The tiramisu ($16) was excellent as well. Great restaurant, but be careful: throw in side items, drinks and or appetizers and the bill can skyrocket.
    Bouchon (Venetian); I got the basic breakfast with scrambled eggs, toast and sausage ($11.95) and an additional order of sausage ($4.95). The sausage was great; the entree was good as well, but nothing special and the portion was modest in size.
    [I]Isla (TI): [/I]The lobster guac ($15) is good but over-rated. The shrimp tacos ($13) were very good but TINY! I'm talking smaller than Taco Bell. Good entree, but WAY too small!!
    Wynn Brunch (Twice visited, $28.95 w/out champagne): This was a good buffet; much better than the Breakfast I tried at Bayside Buffet. Great chicken caesar salad, breakfast items and desserts!
    Delmonico (Venetian): Bone-in-ribeye ($52) is the way to go. It was excellent and I left stuffed after including a few pieces of the complementary bread. Throw in drinks, sides, desserts and or appetizers and the bill can break $90+. If you stick with the
    bone-in-ribeye, you'll be thoroughly satisfied and walk out having spent about $65-67.
    I went to Tryst (Wynn) three straight nights. It was SO crowded!! Sat night was the worst, though Thurs and Fri were housed as well. Sat night was like paying $30 to wait in line for two hours (starting at 9:15pm, before opening at 10) and then go in, not be able to walk around and smell other peoples' perspiration. No thanks. Tryst is a nice place but I did not like being there when it was so crowded. Most of the female patrons were not very nice and the place has attitude in general. I just don't think men should be disrespected (ie not have the women they approach even say Hello in return) unless they do something disrespectful themselves. I know they need to be careful, but not everyone there is a complete scumbag. Maybe it's just not my scene. They give passes to hotel guests on Thu and Fri night, though not on Sat. Tryst is so popular right now, that it's not fun to go there. Maybe it'll slow down with LAX and other place and with time.
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