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Working @ the Wynn

Discussion in 'Vegas Trip Reports' started by duceiswild, Jun 23, 2021.

  1. duceiswild

    duceiswild Low-Roller

    Aug 10, 2020
    Trips to Las Vegas:

    My Trip Report

    When work said I had to be in Vegas at the end of June, I reluctantly agreed to head back to my favorite city for a few days. There have been several members here that have stayed at Wynn or Encore recently, but wanted to provide a quick recap of my observations of my 48 hours in the city. I'll also do a photo dump of some shots I took.

    • Flew in on United via Denver, no issues with the flights. DIA was BUSY on a Monday afternoon, LAS wasn't too bad.
    • Since I was there for work and had to get out to the suburbs to visit some retail stores, I had to rent a car, which I rarely do. It has been years since I did that. No issues with any kind of line for the bus to the rental car center, I was the only one there and a bus was there within 5 minutes. Because there was no line, I was thinking maybe I wouldn't witness the horror that some have reported at the RAC with long lines and no cars. That would prove to be wrong. Avis had a HUGE line in the RAC. Hertz, who I rented through as I am President's Circle, had no line in the terminal, so I thought things were better at Hertz. It was, until I got to the garage. There were probably 20 groups waiting for Hertz 5 Star or Gold cars to be filled in those areas. Luckily, PC had one car available, a nice BMW 2-series convertible, and I was off to the Wynn. $191 all in for essentially 2 days of rental.
    • First time staying at Wynn, I had booked an offer of $99 for the first night, comp second, with a $100 dining credit. So $219 all in with resort fee and taxes for Wynn Panoramic King, not bad!
    • I did the pre-check in from the email they sent the morning of check in, and they sent me a QR code in a second email once my room was ready. You just scan that code at the kiosk next to the front desk, and it prints your keys. No line or anything. Since I was in a Pano King, I knew I was going to be on at least the 28th floor, so there was a low likelihood of getting stuck in the worst room as others who have done mobile check in have reported. Well, when I checked in it gave me room 6023 - top floor, strip view. Loved loved loved the room, first time staying on the Wynn side.
    • Wynn definitely does not show its age as much as some other properties in the category, including Bellagio and Aria. They have done a great job maintaining it, everything was spotless. I know they are scheduled for a major refresh later this year, and I think that just speaks to how Wynn is striving to keep their position as the best hotel on the strip (IMO). Details like having Riedel wine glasses in the room are the things that really set Wynncore apart.
    • After dropping my bags in the room and freshening up, I went down to the Wynn Rewards desk to match my mLife Platinum to Wynn Platinum. Few people in front of me at 7:00 on a Monday, but the line moved quick and I was all set after about 10 minutes. I asked about using the Birthday Dining Credit the next night at SW, and was told the match could take up to 7 days, but to check back tomorrow to see if it was active.
    • Went over to Venetian to meet up with a friend who was in town for a show. We ended up eating at Brera, and it was good. We had the carpaccio and a pizza, both were fine. I don't know that I'll rush back, but I wouldn't say no either.
    • We were going to gamble at Venetian, but all of the dealers were wearing rubber gloves which we found odd, so we grabbed a cab and headed to Bellagio.
    • At Bellagio we found a $25 6:5 table and settled in for a few hours. Nothing memorable, made a little bit.
    • My friend was tired so headed to bed, and I headed back to Wynn. I wanted to play a few more hands so went in search of a table. Both the Wynn and Encore casinos were moderately busy, not all of the tables were open, but the ones that were were pretty full. Encore had 2 $25 6:5 that were completely full. Wynn had no $25 that I saw. They had at least 3 tables of $50 6:5, and several at $100 3:2. My observations from the mornings is that 3:2 at $25 can be found early in the day, but later it is at least $50 and goes to $100 in the evenings.
    • Tuesday morning I had breakfast at Tableau. I had the chocolate cherry french toast, and it was honestly disappointing. Service was good, it was nice to sit out on the patio, but was disappointed in the food.
    • Tuesday after work I got back to the hotel in time to get to the pool for a little while around 3:00. Pool was still busy, lots of kids running around and in the water.
    • Tuesday night I had a work dinner at Chef Marc's Trattoria, which is in the Ahern hotel. I believe this was the old Red Dragon casino/hotel. The hotel is under construction, so it is a really weird vibe getting to the restaurant, but the actual restaurant is really well done. All bread and pastas are made in house, and the prices aren't outrageous. I think they have to make it until the hotel opens before business picks up, but if they can survive the next few months of construction, it is a real gem.
    • I had made a reservation at SW for 9:30 for dessert and wine to use my $150 Birthday Dining credit for being platinum. I had stopped at the Wynn Rewards desk before heading to dinner to confirm if I was platinum, and she said I was and could use the credit. She said to just charge it to the room and then stop back at the desk in the morning to have them apply the credit. I believe some members had issues with this previously, so I was a little leery but figured I would hope for the best.
    • SW was awesome. We had the Rocky Road and the Cookie Butter Cheesecake. Both were AWESOME. To go with it, we ordered a half bottle of 2016 Cade Howell Mountain Cab, which was a perfect pairing and a really nice wine. We are members at Cade and always enjoy both their stuff and Odette.
    • Played a little more at Wynn, found seats at the 1 $25 6:5 table. It was pretty brutal, to the point that the dealer went a whole shoe and a half without busting. I hadn't seen anything like it in a long time.
    • Wednesday before checkout, I stopped by the Wynn Rewards desk to have them apply the birthday credit. Took a few minutes, but they applied it no issue, and my bill was correct when I went to check out 30 minutes later. The food/wine at Tableau and SW was taken care of between the $100 and $150 (barely), and all that showed up was the gratuities. I know there was some talk about a host needing to approve the $150 based on play, and I am quite confident that I wouldn't have qualified for anything above my room offer and dining credit with a few hours at $50 and a few at $25. Less than 5 hours of gambling over two days.
    • I did ask if I needed to be a guest in order to use the Spa credit, and she told me that she didn't think so, just to check at the Wynn Rewards desk before my treatment on my next trip.
    So in summary - awesome trip, great food, Wynn is still the bees knees, make reservations for all dining necessities or be prepared to wait, the clientele at Wynn is back to pre-Covid, and general sense of safety in the city as a whole is much improved even from 2 months ago, and I am firmly in the camp that Vegas is BACK (although they still need to hire more hospitality employees virtually everywhere to get service standards up to par).

    Back in August for 24 hours, looking forward to that trip already!
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  2. Pe59

    Pe59 Low-Roller

    Oct 19, 2020
    Trips to Las Vegas:
    Nice trip report. Thanks for sharing. Definitely makes me want to stay there for sure.
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  3. MohrPfun

    MohrPfun Tourist

    Jun 17, 2021
    San Francisco / Lake Tahoe
    Trips to Las Vegas:
    *standing applause*

    Excellent info., thank you.
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  4. Farner

    Farner High-Roller

    Jun 11, 2017
    Trips to Las Vegas:
    I just did a working week at Aria in May. Loved it, too. Regarding the self checkin kiosks, I agree with you that it is best used when you don’t have to bottom of the barrel booking. Since you don’t have immediate ability to change the room, you are at least guaranteed a certain level.
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