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Work paid Wynn Trip

Discussion in 'Vegas Trip Reports' started by keno, Feb 1, 2007.

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  1. keno

    keno obsessed with countdown timers

    Mar 27, 2005
    Bay Area, CA
    Trips to Las Vegas:

    My Trip Report

    We left on a Sunday morning to head to the airport for a work paid trip to the Wynn. We arrived at the airport in our typically early fashion to have a drink or two at the bar, along with a pizza from California Pizza Kitchen. Sure, it's all over priced, but it's become a tradition.

    The plane ride was uneventful, but the Taxi line was, to us, very long for a Sunday afternoon. All lanes of the switchback lanes were open and it took us a while to get through. Then, when we got in the Taxi, the driver proceeded to take the tunnel to get us to the Wynn. I immediately expressed my issues with the Tunnel trip underpaid the fare. He didn't put up too much of a fight for the full fare.

    They checkout area at the Wynn is amazing, it looks out right over their lake and water show. The wife headed out to get a drink while I waited in line to check in. While I knew the Wynn was nice, we were both impressed at the quality of the room. The bathrooms were very large and the bed incredibly comfortable. That night, we had a small meal at Zazoocrackers, and wished we would have head over to Carnegie Deli or Cantors. The pastrami was lacking in flavor and the Matzo Ball soup tasted like water. After that, we headed to NYNY and Nine Fine Irishmen, to watch Sin e Ri Ra, our favorite local Vegas band. We arrived there at about 10:30 (after various gambling bouts along the way, none of which were too eventful, but we were still even at this time). We thought we'd stay for an hour or two, but ended up leaving around 3am or so. We met a couple from Ireland and several blokes from the UK. We always seem to meet people from the UK or Ireland while at Nine Fine, and it continues to be one of our favorite spots in Vegas.

    Monday came way too quickly and we didn't get up until noonish. We headed over to Mirage and hung out at one of their lounges while trying to get our energy up for the day. Gambled a bit there, and then decided to head downtown to check out the Plaza and have dinner at a cheap place somewhere downtown.

    We ended up eating at Tony Roma's, not a place we'd normally eat, but it was cheap and filling, though unmemorable. We then headed back into the Plaza and saw ads for their new show "Shag with a Twist". We were quite interested as we are both fans of Shag's art and have one of his prints in our house.

    Shag (his real name is joSH AGle.. get it? ) is a 'low-brow' artist popular in LA and overseas. Appreciated mostly by folks who could be called 'hipsters'. I don't put myself into that bucket, but I do like his art work. It's different and campy and fun.

    Anyway, since we are fans, we figured we'd go see the show, knowing nothing about it. I'm not really sure how to explain the show.. most of the characters don't talk, it's mostly a dance show. I guess that Ballets are a type of dance interpretation, and 'Shag with a Twist' will fall into that category. It's not a Ballet, but it's all modern/contempory dance. More info on the show is here: http://www.shagwithatwist.com/ More artwork for Shag can be found at http://www.shagmart.com

    After the show, we gambled at the Plaza and did extremely well, as usually happens at the Plaza. After a couple of hours, we headed back to the Wynn. We were both still tired from the night before and I had to be up by 7am for a work conference the next day (hey, we got the trip for free somehow!)

    We had room service for breakfast on Tuesday morning and it was excellent. Just had simple eggs/bacon but it was really tasty. The wife left just after breakfast for the airport while I continued to work.

    The conference was pretty good and Tuesday night the conference sponsor rented out Body English between 7 and Midnight and invited us all along. There was a host bar so it was a night of drinking with workmates (ugh). After Body English, the CEO of the sponsor company took me, one other person from my company and about 3 others to PURE for the rest of the night (along with some of his employees). We got a couple of tables outside and enjoyed the rest of the night until I don't remember when.

    Wednesday, missed the morning sessions... and realized that my voice was completely gone. I lost most of it on Sunday night, came back on monday/tuesday, but Tuesday night wrecked it. I literally couldn't talk, so I just did conference stuff on Wednesday then stayed in on Wednesday night and ordered in food via Room Service (once again, great food!). Thursday was the last day of the conference, so I went to morning sessions, then brought my bags to the Bell Hop and started walking around. I went over to TI and decided to gamble there a bit and ended up down about $250. Went over to Mirage and gained all that back plus $150 and decided to end the trip at $150 up.

    Headed back to the Wynn to get my bags and go to the airport. I only had a five in my pocket (everything else was larger), so I tipped the bell hop the 5 for my two bags. As I gave him the 5, he asked where I was going, said the airport, and he said he'd take me to the front of the line. Turned out to be a good idea since there was a HUGE line and no taxis coming. I'm not sure if they always do this or only if you tip them five bucks or more, but I'm probably going to be tipping the bell hops 5 bucks when I need to get to the airport from now on!

    So, that's it. Going back in March for March Madness, but the week before the T2V trip for MM. The wife gets to go again in Feb for her conference, so she gets Vegas in Jan, Feb and March.
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