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Discussion in 'Vegas Trip Reports' started by 3cats, May 14, 2004.

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  1. 3cats

    3cats High-Roller

    Dec 29, 2002
    Las Vegas
    Trips to Las Vegas:

    My Trip Report

    Well as some of you know I was out of town on a trip to WI for an extended Mothers Day weekend.
    I really didn't know what I would be walking into since my mom is rather ill and the chemo theropy is taking its toll.
    arrived at 2:30 pm and got to my girlfriends office and then went to get my car. I used a Chev Malibu for the week. it was ok. then to my friends to unpack and get over to my parents house for dinner.
    did some shopping and then had lunch and dinner with my parents as we went out for the classic WI fish fry. I did enjoy several Old Fashions [​IMG] and ran into some friends of my parents and mom introduced me as her daughter who is a Vegas show girl. [​IMG]
    after dinner we went back to parents house for desert. then off to meet some gal pals for a night out at a country western place and danced till my feet fell off.
    shopping again with mom and my friend Kathy bought some shoes.
    Sunday.Mothers day
    I slept in for a while and then to my parents for lunch and to my sisters for dinner, she hosted a cook out with steaks, chicken breast, and all the fixin's. as well as plenty of wine
    picked up Jim's aunt and she and I went to the cemetaries to take care of that. had lunch and after dropping her off, I went to parents and scored some good daughter points and cut their grass. and worked in my mom's flower beds.
    went shopping with my mom again and then out for dinner with another gal pal of mine and had more old fashions
    went to the airport at 10:00 am for a flight that was to leave Appleton at 11:45 to Mnpls and then to Vegas. they took apart both large pieces of luggage and searched them and now everyone in Appleton WI knows my bra size and what my underwear looks like as well as all the suits I bought for work. Security then sealed my luggage and off to the gate I went completely humiliated.
    the flight was cancelled from Appleton so they put us on a mini van and shuffled us to Green Bay to catch that flight. Well security there did the same thing to my luggage, they broke the seal of the previous and proceded to go through all my under things again, in front of God and everybody. by this time I was WILD and the sailor in me came out in full force. [​IMG]
    So I am sure the headlines in the Green Bay paper are about the under garments discovered at the airport. I will never bring a checked peice into either of those airports again. Finally got to Mnpls and did miracle mile from gate to gate and then to get on the plane here I was in first class. [​IMG] when I got on the flight attendents were serving wine and boy did I get some. I was ready.
    Finally arrived in Vegas at 9:30 pm when I was supposed to arrive here at 3:45 pm hum.. and Jim of course picked me up in the limo and brought me home only to have to go back to work.
    Had some really great time with my mom and got some great pictures.
    Enjoyed my time with my friends.
    Minnapolis airport really really really sucks.
    checking luggage in small airports sucks
    the weather in WI rained for the full 6 days I was there off and on.
    Mom cleaned out her closet as did Kathy and I got alot of great clothes and bling blings.
    I will be returning there probably in late August.
    Thank you
  2. WI Cheezhead

    WI Cheezhead Tourist

    Apr 6, 2003
    I did not see any panty/bra headlines recently! It has been raining in WI for (what seems like) weeks!!! Sounds like you had a great visit to our lovely state, though. I live about 30 miles north of Madison.

    I am bringing my mom to Vegas on the 23rd. My dad passed away in March and this is our treat to her. She has never been to Vegas, so I am hoping to WOW her with the sights.

    I have booked Jim for our trip from the airport to the hotel. After all the good things I've heard, I am hoping that we DO get him. My mom, aunt and friend know nothing about the limo ride, so that will be exciting for them.
    Is there any way to find out if we will get him for sure?

    Thanks and glad you enjoyed your WI vacation.
  3. doctor_al

    doctor_al VIP Whale

    Nov 25, 2002
    Twin Cities
    Trips to Las Vegas:
    Fish fry and Old Fashioneds, you betcha. Although I'm relatively new to the fish fry concept: I grew up in Madison (in Wisconsin but not in Wisconsin, if you know what I mean).

    MN airport is big and getting bigger, with an impossibly long new concourse on the northeast side. There's a little train that's supposed to help get you around, but like the LV monorail, it took a year to fix the software to run it, and it doesn't look like it will help much anyway.
  4. MNVegasgal

    MNVegasgal Low-Roller

    Aug 18, 2003
    Twin Cities, MN
    Trips to Las Vegas:
    3 Cats, my hubby's family lives in the area near Appleton (Manitowac and Two Rivers), and Old Fashions are always flowing at the In-laws, I can't drink them, they taste like Kerosene to me. I flew in and out of the MSP airport this week on my Vegas trip, it wasn't that bad, but I guess I'm used to it. Sorry about your luggage deal, that is NEVER fun.
  5. MoMyng

    MoMyng Tourist

    May 9, 2003
    Just had to post a reply...Sorry you had such a hard time at the airport...I live one 2 miles from the Appleton Airport...and have NEVER had any problems...Happens to the best of us...Oh yes...We LOVE our "Friday Fish frys" here and the "Old Fashions"...I hate when I go some place different, and they don't know how to make an 'Southern Comfort Old Fashion"...oh well...Have never tried ordering one in Vegas...Am going in Sept...Maybe I will try it...
  6. FrostyOne

    FrostyOne Tourist

    Mar 24, 2004
    Your right about the rain. We live in Minnesota right on the Wisconson border in Red Wing and they said yesterday that its rained everyday since May 12th.
    I couldn't stand it anymore and booked Vegas for July. The first a hole that tells me it get hot in Vegas in July is getting decked or I'll remind them they have one other thing in vegas that we don't in MN: THE SUN!
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