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Whiskey Pete's-Silverton

Discussion in 'Vegas Trip Reports' started by Jacko, Sep 11, 2006.

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  1. Jacko

    Jacko Tourist

    Jun 16, 2004

    My Trip Report

    Labor Day Weekend


    No 4 dueces or royal flush....so things were gradually down all weekend.

    Spent a lot of time at the FPDW 25c machines at Whiskey Pete's. 300 players club points total which equals 7,500 coin in.

    Silverton- Best game I saw was 9/6 JOB video poker and played it for quite a while. 5x points on Labor day so ended up with 8000 points. About 1500 coin in.

    Nevada Landing- Played some FPDW for about an hour.

    Circus Circus- I hate this place. Just went so the kids could go on the rides. Played some penny video poker.


    Prime rib at Primm was good....waitress was eastern european and could hardly understand english. That's not a problem but you don't need good english skills to refill drinks on time.....Good food value, bad service.

    Sunday Brunch at Nevada Landing- Pretty standard...but that's all i need for Breakfast. Just need eggs and bacon...OK but nothing special.

    Lunch Buffet at Gold Coast- Once again a great value for the price. $7.45.

    Lines were everywhere at circus Circus, slots o' fun and the Riv. So had a late night dinner at the Silverton coffee shop. No crowd, good food, poor service.


    Used players club points for the room at Whiskey Pete's. Room at Whiskey Pete's smelled like fish upon entering....got it changed and everything was OK.

    Caught a $48 rate on travelworm for sunday night at Silverton. Silverton had the most comfortable beds I've ever had in my life. They advertise the same pillow top beds as Bellagio?. Man I felt so damn comfortable. So warm and cuddly...I felt like I was in the womb again. I need to find a pillow top bed for my home.


    Drink service in Primm was excellent. With a $1 tip they kept the drinks coming.

    Drink service at Silverton was the worst ever. Finally had to play at the bar which had poor VP and terrible 25c BJ....no split and no double down. But at least I could get a drink at the bar.

    Totally forgot to ask at Silverton for comped cigs. I went to the cashier to ask where the cig machine was and the lady there flagged down a slot change person to see if I could get the cigs comped. The change person took my players club card and went to find the slot supervisor. After about a 5 minute wait she came back and asked which cigs I wanted. They didn't have Marlboro Lights????? so I got Marlboro Ultra Lights....COMPED.

    Tipped the change lady and the cashier both a buck.


    For a 25c Video Poker player...I'm still getting the best offers from Primm.I'm about to give up on getting comps from Vegas. Since returning I've gotten 3 offers from Primm. A bingo tourney, 2 weekday nights with 3x points on sunday in sept. and $10 free gas and a Mexican buffet party with Margarita bar and cash giveaway.


    Looking at Nov 29th fremont street for the 4 country acts and hoping for an offer from Primm like last year(Oktoberfest pool party with german buffet, beer and cash giveaway.)
  2. Little Red

    Little Red Tourist

    Oct 16, 2005
    I must agree with you that the beds at Silverton's are incredible. When I sleep there it is almost like I am in a coma - such a deep comfortable sleep. Having said that, they really do have to get some decent paying machines in there and a couple more cocktail waitresses. Then the place would be perfect.
  3. AimeeBolt

    AimeeBolt Wing Queen

    Feb 23, 2006
    San Diego, California
    Trips to Las Vegas:
    I spent my 21st birthday in Vegas, but had to stay at Whiskey Petes because there was a Forman fight at the MGM the night of my birthday(11 years ago). Great Steak & Eggs, best Black Jack tables I've ever played at, and the Desperado was right accross the street. Good Times!!! Just thought I'd share.
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