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Whiskey Pete's- Memorial Day Weekend.

Discussion in 'Vegas Trip Reports' started by Jacko, Jun 2, 2005.

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  1. Jacko

    Jacko Tourist

    Jun 16, 2004

    My Trip Report

    Stayed all 3 nights (Fr, Sa, Su) at Whiskey Pete's and decided to forego spending the middle night in Las Vegas as it was expensive and a Sat. checkin on a holiday could be a problem.


    The room was clean and nice as usual. Had room 5001 which was nice as it wasn't one of those rooms with a double door to another room. So we didn't have to worry about noisy neighbors. Got a late check-out (2 PM) with no charge.

    We used players club points for the first 2 nights and paid $15 + tax on travelworm for the 3rd night.


    The wife hit for $200 within the first 1/2 hour after arriving. It was a 2 nickel, Ten Times pay machine and I think she got double bar-10X-10X. She stayed with 2 nickel machines and pennies all trip and came home up about $160.

    I was all 25c video poker for me. Played full pay dueces wild, 8/5 BP, and ACE$ BP. Hit for four dueces on the DW machine but for the most part, it was tough going. The Royal would not come this trip after hitting 2 last trip.

    Spent $700 for the whole trip (including room, food, gas and gambling). Certainly not satisfying but not a disaster. Played about $10,000 coin in.


    The lowlight of the trip. No real reason to go full detail , but the lack of gambling success caused me to scale back our dining plans.

    Whiskey pete's buffet is weak. The friday prime rib has excellent prime rib but the rest is poor.

    At the Whiskey Pete's Trails End cafe we had some tough prime rib served with cold carrots......a couple of club sandwiches that we sent back because the toasted bread was burn't....and "choice" Steak and eggs which was tender and flavorful....but the steak was so thin it really amounted to maybe 3 bites.

    The crowded conditions of the holiday weekend caused us to pick our dining based on the length of the wait.


    Used our $10 gas coupon. Lounge bands were fair. Got a good deal at Old Navy on a Hooded Jacket.

    Our Daughters (9 and 10 years old) loved the rides as usual. We used players club points for all day passes. Also they finally got up the courage to go down the water slide at the pool.

    Traffic wasn't as brutal as I feared. So we may do Memorial Day weekend again. The crowds were OK but the lines for dining were way too long.


    My wife won, The kids had one of the best times ever, and I lost. I had an relaxing trip, but my family had a great time! I should be getting some free night mailers and have about 400 players club points remaining.

    We will be back at Primm again....but really need to work on a better dining experience.
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