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What's old is new again.... or how I fell for Vegas again

Discussion in 'Vegas Trip Reports' started by arukc, Jan 28, 2011.

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  1. arukc

    arukc Tourist

    Mar 17, 2009
    Trips to Las Vegas:

    My Trip Report

    In anticipation of our upcoming "Big Game" trip in one week I thought I'd post my notes from a previous trip. Will be at the Rio this time, 1st time off-strip but looking for something new anyways. More to come next week.



    Overall a great trip. Made the trip with Wife (J), Brother in law(R) and his Wife(L). No boring flight stories(until flight home) so right to the goods. Got in at around 12:30pm on Saturday and hit the cab line quick. Off to Bally’s. I told the cabbie “ Bally’s no tunnel please†and he gave me a snicker. Not sure if the snicker was for the “no tunnel†or because taking the tunnel would’ve almost tripled the time needed to go to Bally’s. I’m assuming it was the latter and he just wanted to get us to our destination as fast as possible, just like his license says. We try to stay at a new place every time we go to Mecca just to keep it fresh. We chose Bally’s because we’re cheap and we wanted to be right in the middle of everything. For perspective’s sake I’ve stayed at the following joints in reverse order: Flamingo, Mandalay Bay, Monte Carlo, Sahara , Luxor, Westward Ho(slightly underage) .

    Ended up with a South Tower room, but, despite all the bad press, we really enjoyed it. There was a ¾ view of Bellagio fountains and the room was large. Also, should mention that the wife prohibits me from leaving the property after she goes to sleep. Now, I know this sounds kind of restrictive, but, this basically means I can’t leave the building. So staying at Bally’s was advantageous because Paris is technically the same building. This curfew is good for me because without it I would end up dead somewhere in South Henderson. Initial plan on Sat. was to go to Monte Carlo Brew pub for a beer tube. Didn’t quite work out that way as we could see the Carlo, but it just felt too far to walk. Instead just started walking North for some reason. Our internal clocks were all screwed up so we just hit McD’s and pizza for dinner. Played everywhere, drank everywhere, and lost everywhere. Down about $200. At least $20 was wasted at the Star Wars machine in the back of Casino Royale. I’m not much for slots, but, I spent a lot of time tracking this machine down. They are no where to be found at Harrah’s properties which makes my addiction difficult to satisfy. Made it as far as Venetian and decided to turn around. Get back to Bally’s somehow and there’s always a warm feeling coming back to your hotel after a night out. That “ I know I only have to make it upstairs feeling†Against better judgement I stayed up as J, L, and R all retired. I walked over to Paris to check out the craps tables. $15 min was all that was to be had. It was the weekend and a Holiday one to boot. I jumped on a corner position next to “Ray†who seemed to a bit perturbed. He was causing a ruckus, something about waiting 2 hours for a marker. After his 5 minutes of bitchin the pit boss threw down 5 Large and apologized for the wait. Apparently, “Ray†must’ve been someone special as 3 minutes later another suit from out of no where appears, shakes his hand, and apologizes numerous times. I’m thinking “ This guy must be a complete assâ€. I was quickly reversed my initial thought as we proceeded to shoot the crap, no pun in intended, for the next 45 minutes. “Ray†turned out to be be a great guy. I think I ended at the bar playing VP. Day 1 total - down $300 to bed at 5:00?, I think.

    SUNDAY, up at 9:00. Ouch. Monorail day, hey it was $9.00 for a 24 hour pass so what the heck. We got our money’s worth. After a quick hangover breakfast at Sbarro’s we were off the Sahara. The plan was to go as north as possible then work our way down. As north as possible turned into The STRAT . Now, I haven’t been there in 10+ years so I said why not. I was pleasantly surprised. R and L had not been there before so they took the trip up to the top of the tower while the wife joined the slot club and I worked on the “free†t-shirt. “Free†meant earning 100 slot points in 24 hours or something like that. I think we ended up losing about $30 for our free t-shirts, but, at least we got t-shirts. Usually after losing you just get that rejected feeling like being the last one picked in the kickball game.

    Took monorail back south to Hilton. I had to get my fix of Star Wars. Found it in the Star Trek section of the casino and proceeded to lose another $20 in 20 minutes. Do I care? Not really, this is why I came to Vegas. Sitting in front of a machine, mindlessly hitting a button takes my mind off all other things, of which, I don’t have the time to get into. Got back to monorail station and J noticed that the Wynn had a shuttle from the Convention center station. Why not. As there was no large convention in town the station was about as barren as the top of my head… but the Wynn shuttle was still there. We had an enjoyable bus ride to the Wynn. Four people in a bus made for 80. Yes, we did tip the driver, especially after she kept us entertained for the 10 minute ride. She used to work as a driver for the Rio-Harrah’s bus and built the Wynn up to be the second coming of Christ. She may have been correct, but, we just weren’t in the mood to see things we could never afford. We spent about 20 minutes checking it out and we were gone.

    Sunday night hit Ka at MGM. We had seats in the center towards the back and it was excellent. I had seen Mystere previously and definitely need to see “O†next. After the show we stayed and played at MGM. J adopted the slot strategy. Try 4 times on a slot and if you don’t win find another. This strategy doesn’t let you lose too much and also provides exercise. She ended up turning $20 into $100. Headed home and girls went to Napoleon’s piano bar while R and I went on the eternal search for gold.

    MONDAY (Memorial “Winning†Day) The strange feeling came over me that I had been in Vegas for almost two days, but, had yet to really play anything. And by anything I mean a real game like Blackjack or Craps. This was startling to me as I for years have repeatedly told myself that VP and slots were nothing but evil. Apparently I wasn’t listening. That changed, thankfully, as I jumped on a $10 craps table at the home casino with both R and L early this day. I waited for L to roll and cashed in for $100. Now, she has not really had too much experience with the rocks so I was just hoping to hang on until I could throw them myself. She proceeded to hit 4 points, and two of them were 10, at least doubling my buy-in. Then R got a hold and hit another 4 points and a bevy of other number in between. Only wished it wasn’t 11 in the morning. I wasn’t “loose†enough to let it fly. Still, left with about $300 gain.

    To Planet Hollywood for no apparent reason. For lunch went to Cheeseburger Las Vegas in the Miracle Mile. This is a great name for a place and will work for any food. “(Insert random food name) Las Vegas†It wasn’t that bad actually, just didn’t understand why the waiter(who was male, I think) had to wear a grass skirt. Bill with tip was under $65. After lunch we made it through the vast casino and stumbled on a couple penny Monopoly machines. R and I plopped $20 in and off we go. We quickly learn that this game has multiple bonus levels and three volume levels. We proceed to turn up the volume to the max and see how annoying we can be. It worked! As about an hour later both our wives wanted to leave… and kill us.

    Dinner at the Tequila Bar in Bally’s. Again, a good meal for a fairly cheap price. Things get fuzzy after that on both BJ and Craps tables, but, one memory sticks out…
    Had to be at least 4am, I was walking to bathroom in Bally’s and a fine young girl wearing a sweatshirt and jeans says â€Hello, how are you?â€. I reply “ OKâ€. “Can you assist me with directions?†she asks. I reply with a drunken nod. Her next sentence sobers me up in a hurry…..â€Can you show me how to get to your room?†Now, a million things are going through my mind at this point, but, most of all is the ever expanding bladder. I reply with a coy “Sorry, I have to go to the bathroom†and literally sprint into the bathroom. I later come out and watch my new friend talk to 3 other folks in the matter of 5-10 minutes before disappearing with one. I thought of many other responses since the encounter which I thought would be more appropriate:

    â€Can you show me how to get to your room?â€
    My reply –
    -“Sure, go up to room 61## and wake up my wife. If you can get a signed permission slip I’m all in.â€
    -“Sure, go into the elevator, hit #61 get out, turn right twice and look for room 61##â€. I’ll be up after I’m done losing my money.

    I quickly return to my drunken state and lose another $100, I think, in BJ. Somehow, I remember the encounter and comically replay to the wife the next morning. Not sure if she was happy, but, hey, I didn’t leave the property so I’m ok.

    TUESDAY - No more drinking!! Girls went to the Spa in the morning and R and I went back to PH Casino to find Monopoly again. Couldn’t get on as there was constant stream of folks blocking. We both blew $30-40 on other loser machines and we were out. Back to Bally’s where we waited for the Price is Right to start. Now, shows are sweet, but, any show where you can win stuff is sweeter. We saw more than a few winners, but, the showcase showdown turned into a huge loser-fest as both folks overbid. After show ventured to the casinos in the Bally’s vicinity. FAO Schwarz – love this place - got a couple of gifts for the kids while J tried to play a couple songs on the big piano there. R and L picked up a 3000 piece puzzle and a gift for Baby E, who’s really more of a toddler now.

    TUESDAY night again decided to walk North and hit Harrah’s buffet, partially because that’s where we were when we got hungry. The no more drinking quickly passed as the King of Beers started to reign again. Ended up walking back to the fountains and Bill’s

    WEDNESDAY – no gambling to talk of except for the proverbial Star Wars in the LV airport (D Terminal) I love that game. Even the wife played. Of course lost another $20, but, at this point does it matter. She must’ve been really bored or just wanted to hang with me. Let’s go with the bored. After the $3 Auntie Anne’s pretzel on to Atlanta then back to B-lo. First flight no biggie. 2nd flight - Hotlanta to B-Lo loaded about 45 minutes early for some reason and it became clear that we were waiting for other connecting flights. First, a couple of kids with Mickey ears and the families streamed on then…. This tall dude walks through the aisle and you can feel everyone shut-up on the plane as he walks through. It’s Andre Reed. Now anyone, and everyone going home to Buffalo knew it was him. He was headed back to BLO for Jim Kelly’s golf tourney. Dude still looks like he could play.

    Great things:
    -Bill’s, O’Sheas, Casino Royale - These places are necessities for folks needing to feel the “real†Vegas. I could live in any of the three if they would just let me set up a cot.
    -Ka – this couldn’t have been better.
    Good things:
    -Gambling – lost, but, was never unable to play when I wanted to. This is all I can ask.
    -Price is Right – maybe my wife makes me biased but this was fun.
    -Drunken stupors – at least twice not knowing if I won or lost until sobering up the next day.
    Could live without:
    -Bellagio fountains – hopefully my wife does not read this, but, I think we saw 8 total shows and 3 were the same song. At least 5 of them were slow paced and made me want to me jump over the wall of the bridge between Bellagio and Bally’s, plummeting to my death.
    -high limit tables – when no one is playing at a particular table, does it make sense to lower the limit? I would think, any action is better than no action.
  2. luvnvegas2

    luvnvegas2 Guest

    Love your refernece to Bill's, Oshea's and Casino Royale. I feel exactly the same way...I would also throw Imperial Palace in there. They are just down and dirty....great!
  3. jgates8

    jgates8 VIP Whale

    Jun 25, 2007
    Trips to Las Vegas:
    Thank you! Better late than never!
  4. Terry Benedict

    Terry Benedict VIP Whale

    Jun 27, 2010
    Trips to Las Vegas:
    "For lunch went to Cheeseburger Las Vegas in the Miracle Mile. This is a great name for a place and will work for any food. “(Insert random food name) Las Vegasâ€


    I third the motion for Bill's, O'shea's, and Casino Royale.

    Nice touch about Andre Reed. I can imagine the wave of silence as he passes.
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