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Westin Las Vegas, Late report sorry!!!!!!!!

Discussion in 'Vegas Trip Reports' started by sfplayer, Dec 9, 2009.

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  1. sfplayer

    sfplayer Tourist

    Feb 12, 2009
    Sioux Falls South Dakota
    Trips to Las Vegas:

    My Trip Report

    Yes, this trip report is overdue so my apologizes and again thank you to everyone that writes these reports, great info and truly enjoy reading them.

    Some quick background on the trip. My sister, who lives in Orlando, was going to be in Vegas from Wed Oct 21st to Wed Oct 28th. I kept looking for flights everyday and about two weeks before Allegiant had flights from Sioux Falls on Fri Oct 23rd and retuning Mon Oct 26th for $49 each way so couldn’t pass that up, booked and started planning the trip.

    This is my 10th or so trip to Vegas, not really a veteran yet but definitely not a virgin either. I have always wanted to do a solo trip to Vegas and this was pretty much one because my sister worked everyday from around 7am to 6pm to 7pm so my days were free to do whatever I pleased.


    On with the report, flight left around 2:15 Friday, good flight. I never check a bag for Vegas but since that is what everyone does now cause of bag fees some people had to so I let them take mine since I really was not in any rush. Had a couple bud lights on the plane to relax. Read most of the way. One note Allegiant usually does this raffle where you put in a dollar or so and they draw for a winner. The row I was in had 4 girls and myself, they pooled some money together for the raffle and low and behold they won and were very, very excited, good for them. Think it was around $120.00 or so. Started the decent and had a great view of Hoover Damn and Lake Mead. Still get that excited feeling landing in Vegas and now I am here. Excited for the trip to begin and also to see my sister, we are a very close family and she is the only one that does not live in or very close to Sioux Falls so only get to see her 2 or 3 times a year.

    Off the plane and to baggage claim, hate waiting for bags. Didn’t take too long, now off to the cab line. Longest cab line ever, it was Friday afternoon. Even with the long line only took 18 minutes to get a cab, I timed it. Jumped in the cab and said off to the Westin no tunnel please. Cabby said, traffic is bad we should take the freeway and I told him no way bucko. He did not tunnel me and fare was 17.00. Gave him 20.00 off to get my key. If you don’t know where the Westin is, it is right behind Bill’s on Flamingo, about a 3 minute walk to the strip. I have never stayed of off this strip and guess this really doesn’t constitute “off the strip†but I liked it. Room was standard, which as long as it has a bed and shower is all I care about. Liked it even better cause it was free because of my sister. Also liked the pool, was very small but lots a chairs and a nice hot tub. We stayed at the MGM in May and although the pool area was very nice I prefer the not so crowded pool even if it is just a pool and not all the fancy rivers and waterfalls.

    Picked up the key my sister left me, got a players card, went upstairs and unpacked in like a minute. Went down to the gift shop, bought a Hinny, ah first drink in Vegas is always great. Walked around the casino, very small but nice, to check it out, then walked a block to the Batistas mini mart area for some liquor. Bought a bottle of Jag with some red bull, some Captain and Diet Coke (C&C) and back to the hotel. It was now around 5pm and my sister was going to be back around 7pm. Had two drinks in the room, showered and got ready for the evening. Nice clothes, suit pants and tie cause we didn’t know what we were going to do for the evening. Went downstairs to sit at the bar and play a little VP. Decent VP and excellent bartenders. Sat for almost two hours waiting for sis but did not get anything going on VP, lost about $60 but did have a lot of good C&C’s. Sis finally shows up, big hugs and we go up to the room so she can change. Gets ready, we have a couple drinks and we are off to somewhere to eat. Now, this is my Sis first time in Vegas so everything is new to her. We walk to Bellagio so I could pick up some college and Pro football sheets and kept going south. We decide on Diablo’s cause I have never been there and sis thinks it looks fun. Ok, so I go up there put our names in with some guy and he says 30 minutes. I say that is fine. Tell my sis and say lets just go in the Monte Carlo for awhile, she goes up to the guy, says table for two and amazing, a table is open on the patio. Now it is not a big deal to me but if I ask for a table and have to wait just cause I am a dude, but my sis gets a table right away that really isn’t great customer service. I understand this at a club or lounge maybe but at a restaurant. Now, I don’t think I am unattractive, maybe not a hunk or anything but don’t think I am ugly, yes my sis is the good looking 25 year old blonde but come on. Anyway, we go in order the guacamole appetizer and it is great. Sis gets a bean burrito and I get fish tacos. Service was pretty slow but honestly it was the best meal I had the whole trip, just excellent. Good price too, especially for drinks. Sis had some fruity drink special for $5 and I had 2 2-1 beers.
    After diner we just walked south so sis could see some hotels and I have always preferred the south end of the strip anyway cause of NY NY and MB. We head through NY NY, Excalibur, Luxor, stop off at Aurora for a drink, and on to MB. Check things out and hit the tram back to EX and over to MGM to get on tram back to Ballys. Sis has to get up early and it is now about midnight. Walk her back to Westin through Ballys and I head off on my own. Go to Bills for 1 margaritas, then through Flamingo to Osheas for a beer. One thing I always wanted to do was try blackjack switch, I am usually just a blackjack player but wanted to give it a try even if the players odds are not great. Sat down at a great table in Casino Royale, bought in for $100.00, left around 2am, after many different drinks, with $180.00. Little did I know that was the last win of pretty much any kind for the rest of the trip. Started walking back to the hotel when I walked through Bills and saw people standing in line for Drai’s. Holy cow, now I am 30, not young but not real old and it looked like everyone in line was 18 years old, very hot women but almost felt bad looking at them cause they honestly didn’t look legal. So I am pretty much totally drunk now and see Bill’s poker room. It should be called Bill’s poker section cause it is not a room. Anyway, I decide I will give a little 2-4 holdem a go. Not a good idea since I really am drunk and without my glasses can barely read the flopped cards. The only reason I am playing is because Bills has a 10:00am (I think) or maybe it is 12:00pm tourney on Saturday that I was planning on playing in but figured I would be to tired or hung-over to play. So by in for 100.00, barely play any hands and lose $50.00. The hand I lost the most on was I had pocket Q’s, flop comes Q, 3, 7, two clubs. I raised each time, player kept calling so I though he had K’s or bullets, or on a flush draw. Last two cards nothing except one club. I raise, he calls. Had 4, 8 of clubs. Beats me with a flush but stayed in the whole time with nothing but a draw. Oh well. Back to the Westin. Play $50.00 in VP, nothing off to bed around 4:00am, which is actually 6:00am central time.


    Sis wakes up around 6 to get to work. I am a light sleeper and actually don’t need much sleep so get up with her recap the night. After she leaves I can’t sleep so I get up and need something to eat so bad I though about calling room service cause there is no doubt I am still drunk. Think a little walk would do me well so throw on some cloths and walk to the strip. Now, my wife is a foody and I am a little too but when on guys trips or solo trips I could eat hotdogs and be fine. Thinking I would like to try a decent place head north on the strip. Get to Oshea’s and am so hungry I would have eaten food laying around if it was available. Stumble in, see burger king and subway. Head to subway and ordered a great buffalo chicken sub, yep buffalo chicken sandwich for breakfast at 8:30am. I tasted heavenly. Oh, while I ate I sat in the beer pong area of Osheas and watched some people still playing from a long night, they were hilarious. Some older folks walked by and heard them muttering things like, crazy, immature, inappropriate, and rude. Now, those kids were being a little loud but were not really swearing or bugging anyone so if that bothers you maybe you should not be in Vegas, just my opinion. After the sub of a lifetime I took a walk north. Wanted to head up to Wynn as I have only been in there once and that was right as it opened but realized I really wasn’t dressed the part in my shorts and tshirt, still drunk, and without a shower. Knew my look perfect for CR so stopped in CR for a beer. Figured better to just stay drunk than get hung-over. Grabbed a beer, now I can usually drink beer anytime but that one was as complete struggle. Walked up to Venetian, over to TI and back down the other side of the strip. Went in Mirage as I haven’t been in there for 6 years and wanted to see the Carnegie Deli. Line was really long so I just keep walking, really like the Mirage for some reason though. Figured I better get some sun since I live in South Dakota and will probably not go outside till April rolls around unless it is to shovel. Got back to the Westin, throw on the suit and hit the pool. Honestly, there might have been 8 people there total, it was great. Got a great chair, water was perfect temp and hot tub felt good after a dip in the pool. Took a good 2 hour nap, woke up around noon and felt really good. Ordered a Corona, $6.50 for a can ouch. Only had one and stayed till about 1 and got some really good sun. Went back to the room and sis was suppose to get done around 5 but called and said now probably more around 7. Took a shower and had a couple drinks while I watched some tv. Oh, forgot made a $50 bet on Michigan +5 against Penn State at the Flamingo while I was walking around in the morning, obviously lost that. Left the room about 2:00 for a mini meet at the Garden Bar at Flamingo at 3. Walked around looking for people, I should have made a sign or something cause I couldn’t find anyone. Finally a gentleman sitting at the bar spoke up and we introduced ourselves, of course I wrote his name on the back of one of my business cards cause I knew I would forget and of course got back home and handed that card out so I don’t remember your name but was from Ohio and a counselor of some sort. Was truly a nice guy and was a good little 30 minute conversation. I apologize for forgetting your name sir but man in my defense I did drink a lot. So Beejay, read your report that you couldn’t find anyone but a couple of use were there so maybe next time.
    After that as I was walking out of the Flamingo and stopped at the other bar right there to see the Norte Dame score and bumped into 4 fellas from Southern California, talked to them for a good hour and were also wonderful gentlemen, two of them have actually been to South Dakota before which is amazing, most people don’t even know where it is.
    So, I slowly wander back to the Westin to get ready for the evening, sis and I are going to Mon Ami Gabi for dinner, first time I have ever been there and always wanted to try it. Hit the room take another shower, have a couple drinks and get dressed, fancy again. This was my bad move. I should have staying in the room and drank longer but thought, I can hit the hotel bar, play a little and drink a little. Well I was there for 2 hours, went though 200.00 on .25VP, did drink a lot but couldn’t hit anything at all, the progressive was up to 1100.00 and was 4 cards to the Royal about 10 times. It just kept teasing my. One, only in Vegas, moment happened at the lobby bar. I was sitting there for about an hour when a lady, in the 50ish age range, sat down about 3 chairs away from me. She ordered a drink, we acknowledged each other and we both sat there for about 10 minutes. Then, she turns to me and says “Excuse me, are you a male prostituteâ€. I was so startled I just blurted out no and before I had the chance to say anything else she got up and left, weird. So like I said, sat down at the bar chasing that elusive royal, dumb, instead of just drinking in the room, oh well. Sis finally shows so she heads up to the room to get ready comes down, we have a drink at the bar, get one for the road and head on over to Paris.
    This is when the night gets a little fuzzy for me, long, long day of drinking. Put our name in around 8:30 for the patio. I know it had to be about a two hour wait. So we grabbed a couple coronas and walked over to PH. Just kind of checked the place out and came back for dinner. Got a perfect table. Sis ordered the tomato salad, she did not like it. I ordered the ahi tuna salad. Greens were just fine but the tuna was excellent, just blackened edges and pretty much rare, wonderful. Just stuck with Corona since wine did not sound very good. Sat about 1 ½ hours and this where I know a few more things happened that night but all I know is we got back to the room pretty late.


    Last full day in Vegas, really hate that, flight leaves Monday at 9:00am. Ok with all the drinking, woke up around 8:00am. Sis had to run into work for a couple hours so I got up, walked to the strip for breakfast and again stopped at Oshea’s. This time just grabbed some Burger King, ate while I walked back. Headed up to the room and really was not feeling the best so decided to go nap for a while at the pool. Got there around 9:30, fell asleep until noon when sis called saying she is on her way back. Great nap and feel wonderful. Jumped in, swam a lap or two, sat in the hot tub and left the pool area. Honestly, really liked the relaxing, small pool area at the Westin. Went back to the room, showered up and got ready for the final evening/night of the trip. We started with a few drinks in the room, headed down to the lobby around 2 to watch some NFL and have few drinks. Played VP again, lost again. Man VP is like crack or something, just can’t stay away. Another 100.00 down the drain. We decided on an early dinner at Grand Lux around 5, first time trying this place too since I have heard some much about. Service was great, food just ok. Maybe I ordered the wrong thing, or maybe my expectations were so high and it just didn’t live up to all the hype. Didn’t think the portions were that large and I am not a big eater. Oh well, glad I tried it and will go back if I am with people that want to go there, just won’t seek it out on my own. Headed out of the Venetian and over to TI to wait for the pirate so. Stood for 15 minutes and then it was cancelled due to technically problems, oh well. Plan was now to walk all the way down to MB for a drink at Red Square. Know that is a long way for a drink but it also gave my sis a chance to see some more hotels. Started our journey with no rush, if we needed a drink we stopped, if we wanted to look at something we did, just a nice relaxing stroll in great 70 degree weather, just perfect. Finally got to Red Square and both order a vodka cranberry, very, very good. Starting to get around 11:00 and sis has to be at work the next day at 7 so we head back not really doing anything special. Walk sis back and head out again for my up all night (which didn’t happen) gambling drinking barrage. Decided to head to the Venetian since I have never gambled there. Found a BJ table played 3 hands but had to leave cause the idiot at 3rd base, I don’t even think he was drunk, was so obnoxious and rude to the dealer I felt uncomfortable. Wandered around and noticed that funny smell the hotel has and started getting a headache. Decided I was done in the Venetian. Walked out and didn’t know where to go so headed back down to CR. These 2 hours were a little different than the first night. Bought in for 100.00 again but this time left after 2 hours with none of my buy in. Long story short I just ended up walking around drinking and wishing I had one more day left. Figured I should get back to finish packing so strolled in around 4:00am and hit the sheets for a couple hours.


    Got up at 6 with sis, said our goodbyes and see each other at Christmas, she was off to work and I am off to the airport. Security was a breeze, flight was on time, landing in Sioux Falls to pretty decent 45 degree weather and another Vegas trip in the books, back to the real world.


    I truly did have a great time even though it didn’t seem like I did much. I love Vegas and would definitely do a solo trip again but like going with my wife or friends much better even if you don’t have total freedom like a solo trip. Vegas didn’t seem really busy to me but maybe again that has something to do with being alone a lot, not many lines when you only have one in your party. Did horrible in the gambling department, couldn’t hit on VP, lost more on BJ than I won, and even lost my sports bet. Overall gambling losses was around 600.00 so not too bad. Really wanted to try the oyster bar at Harrahs but that will have to wait till next May. We go the end of May every year with couples and can’t wait for the next trip. Sorry for spelling and grammar errors, I am horrible with that but hope you liked the report and anyone heading to Vegas good luck and have a wonderful time.
  2. BackInVegas

    BackInVegas VIP Whale

    Mar 14, 2008
    Trips to Las Vegas:
    I like going solo

    That way I am in complete control and I do whatever I please. ONce per year I go solo. Typically a winter trip to collect my sports bets.

    Once per year, I go with crowds as I always tend to be the party planner.

    You got to know when to fold 'em. If you know you are too drunk then you probably are. You will learn that once you get to be my age, you young whipper snapper at 30.

    Thanks for the report.
  3. Pinny Long

    Pinny Long VIP Whale

    Apr 15, 2009
    Trips to Las Vegas:
    I've always liked the Westin. Easy going and relaxed. Has everything you need, but nice and small (if that's what you're looking for).
  4. VegasDiva

    VegasDiva VIP Whale

    Apr 23, 2009
    Calgary , Alberta , Canada
    Trips to Las Vegas:
    Great TR , nice you could meet up with your sister :)
  5. gmoney590

    gmoney590 VIP Whale

    Jul 8, 2006
    Tacoma, WA
    Trips to Las Vegas:
    The way you were loosing at VP when that woman asked if you were a male prostitute you shoud have said yes; you could have recouped some of your loses. Just remember next time you could augment your gambling funds.
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