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Vets Day- Primm-Terrible's

Discussion in 'Vegas Trip Reports' started by Jacko, Nov 17, 2007.

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  1. Jacko

    Jacko Tourist

    Jun 16, 2004

    My Trip Report

    Comped for four nights at Primm Valley over Veteran’s day weekend. Decided to book a Sunday night in the middle of the stay at Terrible’s Las Vegas to leave the luggage in Primm and pop into las vegas for a night. Booked Terrible's on Las Vegas Tourist Bureau for 50 bucks one night.

    1st night -Primm Valley

    Went to check in and computers were down.

    Headed over to Buffalo Bill’s to check out which movie was playing. It was “r†rated which meant we couldn’t leave the kids in the theatre. Dropped the kids in the arcade and went to players club to get our new Terrible’s club card(new owners). Terrible’s has announced they will link all properties and do a tiered system in 2008 which would be bad for me as I play a good amount in Primm and very little at Terrible’s las vegas. Seems like they hired someone from Harrah’s or something.

    Tried the free slot tourney and scored pretty good while my wife didn’t do well at all. I was sitting in about 10th place with 5 hours to go before the midnight cut off. Turned out I took 16th place and won 2 free weekday nights.

    Went back to Primm for a quick checkin and a long walk to the room.

    Greens Buffet sucked. Hit for quad deuces- $250. Lost most back. The place was packed with Marines for Veterans day weekend. Great atmosphere with all the marines in dress uniforms and medals displayed.

    2nd night Primm Valley-

    Good Truckers special for breakfast. Huge Ham steak and eggs. $5.99

    Hit another quad deuces at Buffalo Bill’s. Hit a 3rd quad deuces at Primm Valley. Still barely winning due to playing short pay deuces wild and upping my bets to $1. All quads were for a quarter. ...but really racking up the coin-in. Ended up with 9K coin in after 2 days.

    Went to the Funniez comedy club. 18.95 admission. Pretty funny stuff. I’ll check it out again.

    3rd night-Terrible’s Las Vegas.

    Quick check-in. Decent room with a large plasma TV. Noticed while walking the hallway that another room didn’t have the plasma. Small bathroom similar to the gold coast.

    Lounge act was one guy with a guitar and a drum machine. Sucked but I don't think they have room even if they book a full band.

    Played some nickel 9/6 JOB VP with 3x points. The wife kept playing while I went to the room for an hour. I forgot to cash out. Went back and told security guard I left a $30 ticket in the machine. He called a tech who brought me the ticket they had retrieved. Woo Hoo. Props for the honesty.

    At midnight the 3x points ended and 5x points started on reel slots only. Played a Clint Eastwood machine for a penny 5 lines. Hit the bonus for 2500x...$25 on a penny machine. Drinks were served in a oversized glass but with the normal amount of alcohol. So it was hard to get drunk. They were coming fast with a $2 tip but it wasn’t enough. Had to throw in some grey goose shots with my usual Vodka-diet coke.

    Ended up with about 6000 points for the night.

    Veterans day champagne brunch was good. 500 points for the buffet which is $9.99 if paying cash. Earning 5x points means $100 coin in gets a buffet...That’s very good. Champagne was ice cold and food was good.

    It’s kind of hard to figure out the best use of points between 3x points 5x points on reels, 2x cash back on certain days, free gifts and cigs. use points for food or gifts. Confusing.

    Hit circus circus so the kids could go on the rides.

    4th night- Primm Valley.

    Stopped at Gold Strike in Jean for some FPDW. No Luck.

    Here’s my rant. New York Steak at Whiskey Pete’s coffee shop was like shoe leather. I ordered New York Steak dinner and wifey ordered New York steak and eggs. Both were supposed to be “choiceâ€, both medium. Hers was pink and juicy , mine was all brown. Didn’t pay for the steaks but it still pissed me off. I’m still pissed off. The kids loved their burgers.

    Decided that since I wasn’t going to be gambling much tonight I wouldn’t enter my players card. I’ll let the 2 nights 9K coin in stand. I don’t know if Primm checks my 4 night stay for a daily average or only a per day amount on the days I gamble. $2500 coin in per day gets me all the offers , so it’s a calculated risk. I’m not sure what my wife put through so maybe I’m OK on the future offers.
  2. Jimbucc

    Jimbucc VIP Whale

    Apr 1, 2003
    Cleveland, Ohio
    Trips to Las Vegas:
    Thanks for the report. We have visited Primm but have never stayed there. Sounds like you put more than enough through the machines to get more comps.

    I here what you're saying about Terribles. I find using the points for food is the best deal for me. I use them in the cafe and the buffet.
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