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Very late TR - MGM in March/April

Discussion in 'Vegas Trip Reports' started by rlhendrix, Jul 11, 2012.

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  1. rlhendrix

    rlhendrix Low-Roller

    Mar 17, 2009
    Woodstock, GA
    Trips to Las Vegas:

    My Trip Report

    I have to apologize for this being so late. This TR is probably not very informative or interesting due to lots of life changes and erosion of memories in the past three months. Nonetheless, since I've documented my other trips on here, I'll do my best.
    This trip had two purposes. First, I was attending a legal conference. Immediately following the legal conference, we had our yearly attorney's office retreat for my office.
    After a less than productive day at the office, I hopped my Delta flight. Got stuck in the middle seat, and managed a little sleep. I arrived and check in at MGM was SLOW. I was there on a comp, but they stuck me in a crappy room on the 3rd floor overlooking the lobby entrance. Got to my room and spent the evening getting my stuff together as I was exhibiting at the AAJ conference for a side venture that I started. This marks the first of 16 trips to Vegas where I arrived and did not gamble at all on the first night. Got to bed at 2:00 AM.
    Grabbed a quick bite a Studio Cafe' and headed off to Aria. I spent the majority of the day at Aria for the conference. I've been practicing law for about ten years. I hate attorneys. I hate talking about law. Unfortunately, I was stuck talking to attorneys all day. I did manage to sneak away and knock out a $160.00 win on a DDB VP machine in Aria. I placed a bet on UK to win the basketball national championship for a friend.
    Once the suffering at the conference was finally over, I showered and then punished myself even further by attending a reception for the conference. To Aria's credit, their convention meal spreads are top notch. I left the reception early to see Garth Brooks at Wynn. I'm not a huge Garth or country music fan. Nonetheless, the show was awesome! I'll skip the details since I know others have posted about it on here. After the show, I was beat. I went home and crashed. Two nights in Vegas, and no gambling to speak of.
    I spent another day at the conference at Aria, taking advantage of the free breakfast. I managed to squeeze in another $152.00 win on DDB VP, where I hit three sets of quads. Once the conference was over, I finally decided to squeeze in some gambling. I met a buddy that was in town at Mandalay Bay. We were crushed at the craps table. I was playing $25.00 on the pass line with full odds and 3-4 come bets. $800.00 gone in about 30 minutes.
    After craps, we grabbed some dinner at Stripsteak. I was pretty disappointed compared to the other steakhouses in Vegas (namely Craftsteak), but it was good nonetheless. After dinner we headed to the Mirage as we were going to see Ron White that night. My buddy decided to redeem himself at the craps table while I opted for black jack to slow the bleeding from the previous craps session. We had a full table and I was playing $50 to $100 per hand. The table was going pretty well. I was exhausted at this point and during one of the hands the dealer went through the table quickly and she didn't give me an option of hitting or staying. She came back to me and I hit for a 20. The dealer busted and table won. I sort of snorted under my breath. When I did this, the jackass next to me says "I'm not laughing". I look at him and say "why are you telling me that". He just repeats, "I'm not laughing" and starts bitching about how it wasn't appropriate for me to take a hit when I've already been passed during my opportunity. By this time, the two girls and the other guy at our table proceed to lay into him about being an asshole and he storms off.
    I will say that I appreciate proper table ettiquette. It was an honest error, and the dealer busted when I took my hit. I was furious, and I actually chipped up so I could track the guy down. Luckily, I didn't find him. My buddy and I saw Ron White, and he was flying high from a $2K win on the Mirage craps table. The first 3/4 of the show was hysterical. After that, it slowed down. I'll give him credit for finally coming up with some funny Tiger Woods jokes.
    I played in the morning poker tournament at Excalibur, and got knocked out on the bubble (running theme for the trip). Luckily, I squeezed in a winning session on the Excalibur craps table to the tune of $1K. I ended up losing that at the Mandalay Bay black jack table. Nothing else much to speak of during the day.
    That night, I went see Bite at Stratosphere . This was only the second time I have ever gambled at Stratosphere. I walked up to an empty table and asked why all the other tables were so crowded and this one was empty. The dealer told me that this was a $15 table, and all the other tables are $5 tables. When I began playing $25 a hand, a host ran over and gave me a card and offered to help me out with my next trip. They must not see alot of action to give any attention to a $25 a hand player. Anyway, I donated $400 and then broke even on a WOF machine.
    Bite was worth the hour that I killed. The show ended around midnight and I headed back to MGM.
    On Monday, I was supposed to move to Cosmo where the rest of the office was staying. I decided that I didn't feel like moving out of MGM, so I cancelled my reservation and extended my stay at MGM. I played in a couple of poker tournaments (again knocked out on the bubble at Harrah's) and wandered around for a bit. Since my wife wasn't getting into town until later, I saw Zumanity at New York/New York. I loved the show, and it sure beat the hell out of O. Before the show, I booked a $500 win at the black jack table. I ended up losing about $600 between Lion's Share, WOF and VP at MGM. Wife was beat, so we just went to bed.
    The wife and I went to Wicked Spoon for the morning breakfast buffet. After breakfast, I went to Luxor for the 10:00 AM poker tournament, getting knocked out quickly. Hoping my wife would bring some luck, we went to play craps at Excalibur. Since our third child was still nursing, my wife went to the bathroom to pump. During the 15 minutes she was in the bathroom, I managed to lose $1K of my $1,200.00 buy in, and we decided to see if we could change our luck at Aria. At Aria, I lost another $800.00 on the craps table, but managed to stretch my session out to 30 minutes.
    From Aria, we went to Bellagio and played roulette, which knocked the bankroll down another $100 pretty quickly. We both headed over the WOF machines. The wife won $80.00, and I broke even. By this time, we met the rest of our group over at Prime in Bellagio. It was pretty good, but still wasn't as good as Craftsteak.
    Once dinner was over, we went to see Absynthe at Ceasar's. Great show. We heard that it was "adult", but holy shit there were some people in there that I thought were going to go into cardiac arrest. Once the show was over, we donated another $400 in attempt to win the Lion's Share.
    Having not learned my lesson on prior trips, we ate at the MGM buffet. I was reminded why I avoid that place. This morning, I decided to give the poker tournament at Bally's a go. Fortunately, I made the final four, and talked the others into chopping the pot. Then I kept my promise to go to the pool with the wife.
    After the pool, we went to see Defending the Caveman at Harrah's. We both loved the show. It is the perfect show for people that are at their point in our lives (late 30's, married for awhile, kids). Once that show was over, we rushed to Paris to see Jersey Boys. Jersey Boys was great, and much better than expected. Next, we rushed to get a cab to meet our group at RM Seafood. I love crab, but was not thrilled with my dinner.
    After the show, we hit the Mandalay Bay craps table. Finally, a winning session. I cashed out $2,500 at the table and my wife won another $400 at roulette. While we were playing, a guy in a suit kept hitting on our wives and inviting us up to the Foundation Room which he claimed to have reserved for himself and his friends. My wife and I passed. Instead, I dumped a little at the Luxor black jack table. Broke even at VP and went to bed.
    On Thursday, I played in the Luxor morning poker tournament. I was knocked out on the bubble when my AK lost to AJ. I liked the guy that knocked me out, so I didn't let it slow down the day. I did some shopping for the kids with the wife at Mandalay Bay and Excalibur. Afterward, we went through the Mob Experience at Tropicana.
    After Tropicana we shopped some more at Ceasar's and Mirage. We grabbed some burgers at Mirage, and I dumped another $500 at both the black jack table at Mirage and New York/New York. We saw Viva Elvis. The show has gone downhill, and I can see why it's closing. After the show, I continued to get beatdown on the WOF and VP machines at Monte Carlo.
    Once we returned to MGM, the wife went to bed. Fortunately, I decided to take a run at the MGM craps table. Given my depleted bankroll, I played $10 on the pass and come lines. Unfortunately, this was the hottest table I had played at in some time. I ended up cashing out up almost $2K. I gave another $400 up playing Lion's Share, settled up the room charges and went to bed.
    All in all, this was a fun trip. We saw lots of shows, ate well and managed to come home with $4K of the $8K I took for the trip. I couldn't remembe all of the gambling, although I played alot more black jack and VP than I can recall. I'm shooting for a return in either October or December. Hopefully I'll do a better job of documenting and making the report more interesting.
  2. Reed

    Reed High-Roller

    Apr 9, 2008
    East Central IL
    Trips to Las Vegas:
    Sounds like a busy trip. Not sure I could keep up with all the shows and dinners. I never consider it a "bad" gambling trip any time I manage to keep half of the bankroll. Always look at it as I am halfway stocked for my next trip.
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