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Vegasworm and Family Dodge Mud & Rockslides to Enjoy Red Rock Casino & MJOne (7/27-7/31)

Discussion in 'Vegas Trip Reports' started by Vegasworm, Aug 3, 2019.

  1. Vegasworm

    Vegasworm Finger Clicker Extraordinaire

    May 5, 2014
    Trips to Las Vegas:
    Day 2 (Part 2) - Sunday, July 28th

    After our rest and relaxation time, it was up and at em' to get ready for an evening on the Strip. When I originally cancelled our comped stay at Delano and scrapped our Mandalay Bay pool cabana for all of our time at Red Rock Casino, I had no intention of leaving RRC during our 4 night stay. Vegas and I have such a fickle relationship though, and I have to admit I caved to the prospect of future perks and comps. When V and I ended our June anniversary trip, I was at about 63,000 MLife points and I knew I would lose my MLife Gold status since we wouldn't be coming back before it reset. I thought I was good with that.....until my points updated and I was at 67,300 points which is pretty close to the 75,000 points needed for MLife Gold. Dammit, why did it have to be that close??? :cuss:

    So yeah, I did what any good gambler does and figured a way to get my points without staying at an MLife property. We do have the MLife credit card, but I couldn't foresee that I could guarantee I would spend close to $8,000 to earn 1 point per dollar by September 30th. I needed a Plan B. I know, we'll go see a show! Using the MLife credit card to get the 3x points for an MLife purchase, I booked us 5 last row seat tickets to see Cirque Du Soleil's Michael Jackson One. My girls loved seeing Beatles LOVE a few years ago, so this would be their second Vegas show. The 5 tickets came to a total of $376.05 with a service charge of $99.75 (yikes!) for a grand total of $475.80. I ordered the tickets through MLife and figured the show plus dinner at Camelot Steakhouse at Excalibur would work out to enough points since you earn 25 points per dollar spent. I overestimated... We went from 67,000 points to 83,697 MLife points, so we're golden for another year. :rolleyes:

    Flushing aside, I love me some cocktails and don't do Vegas without a lot of drinking....kids or no kids. Even though we had our own vehicle and could get free valet since we're MLife Gold, I knew I would not be driving us so Uber or Lyft it would be. Now the downside to being a 5 person family is that everything is made for 4 people. This means we either do an Uber XL or Lyft XL. Well, Uber showed that they were charging a per minute wait charge so Lyft it was. Our total for a 16.8 mile trip that took 26 minutes from Red Rock Casino to Excalibur was $56.89 + $10 cash tip. There was about a $25 jump to go from a standard ride to the XL. :eek:

    Here are some snaps of us in the Lyft. S and I took the third seat row of a Toyota Highlander. I actually bought the first Toyota Highlander Hybrid model that came out in 2005 and was released as a 2006 model. I named it Golden Nugget, and it was awesome, but I would have never gotten it had I known 3 months later I would get pregnant and 3 years later we would have 3 kids. Needless to say, Golden Nugget was replaced by Olive in January of 2008 and it's the only time in my life I've been upside down on a car trade in. I took a big hit on that one! Those first hybrids were expensive! Highlanders have come a long way and are a bit bigger, but that third row is still pretty small.

    Lucky V getting to ride shotgun!

    H and G in the middle.

    S and E in the back row...E sporting some rosy cheeks from brunch. LOL.

    We safely arrived at Excalibur, and while I went to the MLife desk to load a MyVegas reward for $100 off of a $200 purchase at Camelot Steakhouse, V took the girls to The Dungeon which is the arcade at Excalibur. The girls were having a blast when I met up with them and winning tickets galore.

    G and S having fun at The Dungeon!

    H winning those tickets.

    S and H raking in the tickets.

    The girls were on a roll winning lots of tickets. We were carrying lots of plastic cups filled with tickets around. The machine in the above picture ran out of tickets so V and S went in search of a worker to help. G, H, and I waited at the machine. Upon walking back, S found a $20 bill near the machine and handed it to the worker...good, honest girl that she is. It was not ours, but the guy handed it to V and said to keep it. Score, we played for almost free! After getting the tickets owed from the machine, we needed to make our way to Camelot Steakhouse for our 4:30pm reservation. We had to eat early to give enough time to make our 7pm show at Mandalay Bay. We didn't have time to cash in tickets or use up all of our tokens, so we hauled those with us to dinner.

    G, S, and H in front of Camelot Steakhouse.

    This is the girls third time to eat at Camelot Steakhouse! Mama Vegasworm likes that $100 off of $200 MyVegas reward. LOL! :D

    E and V waiting to be seated at Camelot Steakhouse. We were the first people there when they opened. Who eats dinner at 4:30pm in Vegas, right???

    H, G, and S waiting to be seated for dinner.

    Finally got seated and V and I ordered drinks.

    Ketel One Apple Martini for E. It tasted like dirt and I probably should have sent it back, but at least the cherry at the bottom helped. Ha!

    Vodka and Soda for V. .

    If you've never eaten at Camelot Steakhouse, it's not a bad place considering it's located inside Excalibur. The $100 MyVegas reward really makes it a great deal. They also have an option called "Make It a Feast" (MIAF) that allows you to add a soup or salad, side, and dessert to any entree for $19. Not bad! The last time we went, the girls shared an 8oz steak and ate it all, so this time they shared a 16oz steak which was perfect. V and I ordered our own steaks and sides. The sides are large so all of us shared them all.

    V and I each got Lobster Bisque as part of our MIAF.

    The girls split a Caesar Salad as part of their MIAF.

    S loves Caesar Salad.

    H loves Caesar Salad too.

    Sugar loving G, not so much!

    G, H, and S shared a 16 oz Rib Eye Steak with Mac N Cheese side.

    Prime Rib for E.

    Mashed Potatoes for E's MIAF side.

    V got an 8 oz Filet and Asparagus for his MIAF side. Again, all of us shared all of the sides.

    V and I added on a Lobster Tail that we split.

    E had an Acacia Pinot Noir with dinner, while V had an Alamos Malbec.

    A bread basket with a nice variety is also served, but apparently I forgot to take a picture of it. Oops!

    Creme Brulee for E's dessert.

    Chocolate Cake for G, H, and S's dessert.

    Berry Sorbet for V's dessert.

    Our final total including tax and after taking off the $100 MyVegas reward was $190.52. Our server was fine, but nothing spectacular. I tipped $55 for a grand total of $245.42. I thought this was an excellent deal for the five of us considering everything we ordered.

    Camelot Steakhouse receipt total before taking off the $100 MyVegas reward. *Note - I had the server take off the $6 charge for the Sorbet...this should have been included as one of the Make It a Feast desserts. So, our grand total ended up being the $190.52.

    With dinner done, it was time to make our way from Excalibur to Mandalay Bay for the Michael Jackson One show. We opted to use the moving walkways from Excalibur to Luxor and then through the Shoppes at Mandalay Bay instead of catching the tram.

    Making our way to Mandalay Bay. Some of the moving walkways were working and some were not.

    V taking the lead on the walkway.

    H running ahead holding a ball she won at The Dungeon arcade. I forgot to mention all 3 girls won balls that we also hauled to dinner and the show. Sheesh!

    When we got to the theater for Michael Jackson One which is basically right at the entrance of Delano, we took pictures. I'm a sucker for any tourist photos and always buy them. The photos were available to view at the end of the show and $90 later, all four were mine. :cool: Here are three of them...all of them come in a two photo hard jacket that also had a MJ1 picture.

    Vegasworm Family at Michael Jackson One.

    G, S, and H....S was hamming it up with the hat.

    Another family shot. We have lots of these from our various trips to Vegas. My girls are looking older. :cry:

    After posing for pictures, I went to the concession stand and bought two adult beverages for V and me and sodas and popcorn for the girls. Our drinks were named Moonwalk and some other MJ type name. They honestly weren't that great, but hey, we have 5 flimsy souvenir cups to show for the $85 I spent on snacks. Ouch!

    Now I went to school in the 80s as did V, so we both grew up when Michael Jackson was in his solo heyday. I like a lot of his songs, and my girls are familiar with several also, so I figured this would be a fun show to see. It was a decent Cirque Du Soleil show, but to me it had the least Cirque performance elements of the ones we've seen (Mystere, Ka, O, Beatles LOVE, and Zumanity). I felt like this was more like being at a concert where they have the big screens flashing stuff and then accompanying singers and dancers. There was no story line, but more a time line of Michael's music from his Jackson 5 days to his solo work.

    I really like "Smooth Criminal" which was my favorite part of the show. Either I was very out of it or they didn't do it, because I don't recall "Dirty Diana", but it's listed in the program. My family was no help in determining if this one was performed. I was hopeful for "Ben", but since I'm probably the only person alive with that in my musical playlist, I wasn't that hopeful it would be played...and it wasn't. :goofy:

    No pictures or videos during the performance, but I snagged some pre-show pics and a few during the final performance. The theater is small, and we could see everything from the very last row. I had chosen an aisle seat for myself since I always have to get up mid-show and go to the bathroom, but amazingly I made it through the whole thing! :headbang: Below are a few of the stage pictures I snapped.





    After the performance....and a bathroom break for me, G, and S....V took the girls to the MJ1 gift shop while I went to purchase our pictures. When am I going to learn that our family goes nuts with souvenirs? Maybe I was floating on my Moonwalk drink, but we did quite a bit of damage in the gift shop.

    S fell in love with this MJOne hoodie and wore it the remainder of the trip. She looked a little odd in 110 degrees sporting a black sweatshirt, but we couldn't get her to part with it. She even slept in. The damn thing is dry clean only! I'm assuming because those are gold puffy letters on the front. Crap! It's taking its chances on delicate in my washer then air drying.

    Our remaining loot included a light up hat for S, and light up glove for H, a program and key chain for E, T-shirts for G and H, a magnet for G, and phone pop sockets for all three girls that say "King of Pop". I actually thought that one was funny!

    Damn! You would think we were Michael Jackson's biggest fans! I should have paid more attention at how much everything cost. My jaw dropped at the register.

    After our ridiculous gift shop purchases, V waited with the girls while I headed to the MLife desk to give my receipt for Camelot Steakhouse and our Michael Jackson One tickets. I had done a little research to verify I would get the MLife credit I needed for the show tickets. Apparently, you can't submit for credit until the show has actually taken place, so you don't get credit at time of purchase. I told the MLife rep that I needed to verify I would hit the 75k points for Gold before we left town. She was pretty cool and applied everything on the spot and that's where I learned I had gone well over that amount. When we got home and our credit card points had posted is when I saw we were at 87k points.

    We still had cups of coins and tickets from The Dungeon, so our original plan to Lyft back to Red Rock from Mandalay Bay was scrapped. Instead, we all trudged back to the arcade at Excalibur.

    H was proud she and her sisters had accumulated over 1,000 tickets. When they were feeding the tickets into the counter a guy gave them probably about 150 tickets to put them over that mark.

    H, S, and G picking out some prizes with their tickets. Notice S has already donned her MJOne hoodie?

    I can't believe this purple alien is what the girls had in mind! Thank goodness he came flat like a beach ball before you blow it up. His name is Frank!

    The girls were thrilled with their new stuff, and V and I were exhausted. It was time to hail a Lyft and head back to Red Rock Casino.

    The girls strutting through Excalibur to the ride share pickup like they own it.

    Our return Lyft XL ride took 25 minutes to go 16.9 miles and cost $54.60 + $10 cash tip. Our $100+ bucks spent on our Lyft rides was well worth it to enjoy a fun and safe evening!

    Back at Red Rock Casino, we were all beat from a long day. I didn't have the energy to go back out and gamble, so we all headed to bed. We had a pool cabana booked for the next day and looked forward to being able to lounge all day long after so much walking.

    Day 3 coming soon....

    Last edited: Aug 5, 2019
    Our Family's First Vegas Thanksgiving (If I Don't Back Out)!
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  2. tringlomane

    tringlomane STP Addicted Beer Snob

    Jan 21, 2013
    Trips to Las Vegas:
    You must stay at much better hotels than I do, I'm Count Dracula, or both. The only hotel I've been at that I would give a passing grade for blackout curtains that I have stayed at is MGM Grand (Grand King). The West Wing King at MGM sucks like most cheap hotels.
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  3. Vegasworm

    Vegasworm Finger Clicker Extraordinaire

    May 5, 2014
    Trips to Las Vegas:
    I wear a sleep eye mask, so guess that helps too! LOL.

    Our Family's First Vegas Thanksgiving (If I Don't Back Out)!
  4. zerofan

    zerofan VIP Whale

    Mar 26, 2009
    New York
    Trips to Las Vegas:
    This is a great TR and you and your family are adorable.
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  5. tringlomane

    tringlomane STP Addicted Beer Snob

    Jan 21, 2013
    Trips to Las Vegas:
    Yeah they can help, unless you pull them off in your sleep like I do half the time...grrr.
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  6. Astribling

    Astribling VIP Whale

    Oct 3, 2017
    Trips to Las Vegas:

    Steak dinner, $250, MJ Souveniers, $300. Family time!! Priceless!!!! :headbang:

    FYI I LOVE the song Ben!! I used to couples skate to that back in my day --- and now that I've totally dated myself ...
    Fall Getaway, Cosmo - Subject to change upon better offers
    Fall Getaway - Solo trip
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  7. UnicornTX

    UnicornTX Low-Roller

    Aug 27, 2003
    Trips to Las Vegas:
    Enjoyed reading your fabulous trip report. You have such great writing skills. Glad you all had lots of fun! You have a beautiful family. Thanks for the update on the Camelot steakhouse. I hope your girls have a wonderful school year! Thank you for sharing!
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  8. Ezzy711

    Ezzy711 VIP Whale

    Jul 29, 2012
    Trips to Las Vegas:
    What a great family vacation. Your kids are lucky to spend all that time together. Our family did road trips too that were always so memorable. Athough rip off priced the photos are really great to have. What a haul at the shop. I bet they can't wait to show their friends.

    I was on the fence about MJOne tickets for my upcoming trip. Your review didn't sway me one way or another. I'm thinking of waiting until I'm there to decide. I've seen Love several times, but only with comp tickets. I paid for O and the music freaked me out. I think it was over hyped and I expected too much.

    Great photos all around. I'm really enjoying them and fondly thinking back to our family vacations. We never ate at restaurants so that was always a special treat.

    Just like your anniversary trip I will be sorry to see it end.
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  9. clr

    clr Tourist

    Jul 25, 2007
    Trips to Las Vegas:
    I just love your trip reports and fully agree with spending to create family memories that will last forever!
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  10. JosieCat

    JosieCat VIP Whale

    Dec 10, 2011
    Trips to Las Vegas:
    As a child who had parents who never took the kids on vacation, will you be my mommy? :)

    Really enjoying your report. Beautiful family. Thanks for taking the time to share it with us.
    Trip with the family to see the Eagles
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  11. AllenAndRossi

    AllenAndRossi Low-Roller

    Jun 14, 2009
    Trips to Las Vegas:
    I saw Michael Jackson and The Jacksons on the "Victory" tour back in the '80s. My field seat price was less than your drinks and snacks:eek:

    Of course, I would have probably lose more in a night than you spent. And you got a nice dinner, a show, some cool souvenirs. and some great family memories! Our daughter isn't really interested in shows yet. She's seen Mac King and Wayne Newton(!), but those were comp'd and no real gift shop attached. We take her to CircusCircus, Siegfried and Roy's Secret Garden, and Twilight Zone Mini Golf, bowling and games at Bally's.

    Great stuff! Looking forward to the next chapter!
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  12. Vegasworm

    Vegasworm Finger Clicker Extraordinaire

    May 5, 2014
    Trips to Las Vegas:
    Haha...it didn't hit me we spent more on souvenirs than dinner! Hilarious! I'm glad there is another "Ben" lover out there too! Couples skating!!! I haven't ever seen them do that when I've taken my girls to the roller rink. When I went as a kid, they always had a song or two for couples skate time. Wow, thanks for bringing back some memories!

    Thanks for following another one of my reports @Ezzy711! I don't know what to say about MJOne. I wasn't overly wowed, but at the same time I enjoyed it, if that makes sense? Funny about O, I've seen it twice and loved it, but it's been over 15 years since the last time, so I'm sure it's changed. That one is next on my list for my girls to see.

    Thank you, I'm grateful to have the family memories to look back on some day.

    You're sweet @JosieCat! I hope my girls look back and appreciate our family trips. I'm trying to plan a non-Vegas trip soon, so they get a taste for other things too. Wish we could afford another Disney trip in the near future, but not happening...that is one expensive mouse!

    That's awesome and very ironic that our concession purchase was more than your ticket to see MJ in person! Thanks for reading!

    Thanks to everyone who is following along on our family's adventures. I know kids and Vegas don't jive for everyone. We were out yesterday getting last minute things for back-to-school on Wednesday. Today will be equally busy, so I'm going to work on getting Day 3 posted before real life takes over.

    Our Family's First Vegas Thanksgiving (If I Don't Back Out)!
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  13. kleland

    kleland Low-Roller

    Aug 27, 2013
    Trips to Las Vegas:
    I don't see a problem with kids in Vegas. We are taking our 11 year old grandson with us, and I am busy planning things to keep him occupied during the day and small pieces of the night until bedtime and the adulting can begin. The only time I have problem with kids in Vegas is when it is 2 in the morning and they are parading their toddler around the strip on a leash. 2 am strip is no place for a kid. Otherwise go for it. There are many things for kids to see and do that are fun for adults too.
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  14. Vegasworm

    Vegasworm Finger Clicker Extraordinaire

    May 5, 2014
    Trips to Las Vegas:
    Day 3 - Monday, July 29th

    Sunday had been a long day, especially with making a trip to the Strip and back. We all slept well and slept in. We got up at about 9am and slowly got our swimsuits on, sunscreened ourselves, packed our pool bag, etc. Check in time for the cabana was between 9-11am. I had booked the cabana when V and I made a side trip to Red Rock Casino during our June anniversary trip. This was the same time where we pulled the trigger on cancelling our Delano stay and rebooking for a complete RRC stay. I had booked the cabana in person through Concierge, and I remember thinking it was strange that they didn't require a credit card deposit. I also didn't have an email or anything in writing to prove we had reserved the cabana. One cool thing is that the concierge person had allowed me to choose our cabana location ahead of time using a pool map. I crossed my fingers and hoped for the best as we checked in that there would be a cabana waiting for us. There was! :thumbsup:

    We were quickly escorted by a friendly pool guy to Cabana 18. It was a great location located in the back of the pool complex where the family cabanas are (there are 21+ cabanas located near the main pool).


    We were right in front of one of the smaller pools that oddly was roped off during our day there. We did see maintenance guys several times working on something at that pool. I was disappointed for the girls at first, but they loved the bigger main pool with its big center fountain anyhow. V pointed out that had the other pool been open, there would have been a lot more people around us and instead we were nice and secluded with nobody in the cabanas on either side of us. It was like our own private island!

    We have done cabanas before at Excalibur, Luxor, Mandaly Bay, and Bellagio (x3) and the cabana we had at Red Rock Casino was unlike any of those. As you can see from the picture, we had 2 lounge chairs in front of the cabana (previous cabanas have varied from 2 to 4 loungers). You then walked into the main cabana which was pretty typical with a couch, two chairs, TV, mini fridge and safe, and a small coffee table. The main difference is that instead of the usual table and chairs being inside the cabana, it was located on the backside of the cabana in our own little courtyard.

    View from back courtyard where the table and chairs were located through the cabana to the front.

    V raised the umbrella the moment we got there, so we would have shade all day.

    V surfing the TV. The two chairs and table on one side of the cabana.

    Couch and cabinet where the safe and fridge are located.

    Fridge and Safe. The fridge was a tight squeeze in that cabinet. I learned the hard way! You had to grasp the door from the side and not the top handle grooves or you smashed your fingers.

    Kind of an odd assortment of beverages. I prefer the sodas that have been included at our Strip cabanas. I've never had Red Bull before. I drank them both on the long drive back to Denver. LOL.

    Complimentary Fruit Platter - I liked this fruit platter better than the ones we've received at some of our Strip cabanas.

    Complimentary Pastry Basket - This was a first to have a pastry basket included in the cabana fee.

    The complimentary goodies that came with the cabana. Girls loved this!

    I had previously booked a Mandalay Bay Cabana when we thought we would be doing part of our stay at Delano. We did the MB cabana last year and loved it. I had to prepay for that cabana and the total was $375. I received a full refund when I cancelled it. The Red Rock Casino Cabana was $200. Wow, talk about a bargain! Yeah, there was no lazy river or wave pool, but we had an equally great time! We had planned to order breakfast and drinks at the pool, so that's what we did once we were settled in.

    V and E each got a Bloody Mary.

    The girls shared French Toast Sticks. I tried them and they were yummy. The weird thing was, all day long I would pass by people at the pool eating orders of French toast sticks. It was like something out of a Twilight Zone episode or Seinfeld. LOL. Very strange! :hmmm: As I've mentioned before and as @notfromconcentrate learned the hard way :vomit:, I have had some nasty run ins with edible flowers. None of us dared eat the flower!

    V and E shared a Breakfast Burrito. H and S nibbled on it a bit too.

    You would think with 5 people we could have polished off the two breakfast orders, fruit plate, and pastry basket, but we still had food leftover! I'm glad we shared!

    S, G, and H enjoying some breakfast and lounging.

    The girls swam off and on all day. V and I spent most of the time relaxing around the cabana with a one dip in the pool each. I love poolside reading and had brought the book I started reading at the cabana on my June anniversary trip. V likes to listen to music and watch TV. Here are some pictures of the pool complex.

    This was the pool steps from our cabana that was roped off. You can see our cabana in the background.

    Main pool area with fountain and zero entry zone.

    Really nice loungers throughout the RRC pool complex. There were several smaller pools and hot tubs to enjoy on top of the main large pool.

    Look at that sun reflecting off the hotel! It was a scorcher that day and that reflective heat was intense. Glad our cabana area was mostly shaded. The sun and I don't get along too well. :blink:

    This was my view for most of the day. Look at those white legs enjoying the shade! LOL :D

    One thing that was awesome about our Cabana 18 location was that we were right near the restrooms. It was just a quick walk to get to them. We also were near their outdoor cafe, although we didn't utilize it since we had our cabana server. One thing I screwed up on (just like when we saw Siegfried & Roy's Secret Garden in June) is not realizing that there was free water available. They had a water dispenser and cups available near the cafe. I didn't catch onto this until midway through the day when I kept seeing people carrying cups of water. By then, I had already forked over $25 for a bucket of Fiji waters. :rolleyes: Oh well, we switched to "free" water and saved most of the Fijis for in the room.

    It was time for another round of drinks. I thought I was going fancy ordering a Pineapple Rum Punch served in a pineapple, but it ended up served in a regular cup and cost me $10 less. You could specify for any drink to be served in a pineapple for a $10 upcharge. I guess because I didn't say anything, I got the regular serving. Now I'm a bit funny with pineapple. Pineapple is one of my least favorite foods. I hate it! Over time though, I have learned to adapt to drinking pineapple juice if alcohol is involved. Now, I don't hesitate to order drinks that include pineapple. Wish I could say the same for peach flavored drinks...I hate peaches even more! Yuck!

    Pineapple Rum Punch that includes Pineapple Dole Whip. It was so good on a hot day! V ate the pineapple wedge.

    This was the only drink that looked like it was served in a pineapple. All the other drinks mentioned the $10 upcharge. Oh well, saved ten bucks so I could experience highway robbery with my bottled waters.

    $25 Bucket of Fiji Waters - you save $5 by ordering the bucket.

    The girls ordered sodas (Pepsi products...ugh, I prefer Coke) and V got a Tequila and Soda that I did not get a picture of. As I do during most of our cabana days, I take a break midday and go play slots. I had a few decent hits and came out a little ahead. Sweet!

    Why couldn't the Buffalo cooperate when I was betting $3 and $3.75???

    I am a Quick Hits junkie! I have hit 7 Quick Hits a few times over the years. One of these days I am going to grab 8 or 9 Quick Hits or the elusive Platinums! I love that you can still find $1.50 max bet machines.

    V texted that the natives were getting restless for more food, so I told him to order something. He ordered a chip and dip trio.

    Chip and Dip Trio - we ended up ordering more chips. There weren't a lot there to finish all of the dip.

    When I got back, we decided to keep the Mexican food theme going and ordered steak nachos and cheese quesadillas. V ordered another tequila and soda, and I ordered a Watermelon Fresca Margarita. It was supposed to come with tajin sprinkle which it didn't, so that was a bit disappointing. It tasted good though, so good that I forgot to take a picture. ;)

    Steak Nachos

    Cheese Quesadillas - There was a full plate of quesadillas, but G, H, and S attacked them before I could get a picture.

    After lunch, everyone was pretty wiped out and it was the hottest time of the day. We all laid around like slugs.

    G fell asleep listening to music.

    H took over the patio area.

    S hung out in the cabana and apparently didn't like me taking her picture. That's her MJOne black hoodie hanging off of the chair! LOL!

    After some R&R, I joined the girls in the pool and hot tub which felt good despite the extreme heat. I felt like my skin was frying the whole time I was in the water, but I amazingly didn't get a sunburn. I didn't get a tan either. :kill:I practically used a full bottle of sunscreen just on myself. Later in the day, it was V's turn to accompany the girls in the pool while I read.

    Spotted this guy on my lounger. Better than a whole swarm of them!

    Later saw this in the pool in front of our cabana. Not sure if it was the same one.

    It was awesome having empty cabanas on either side of us. Notice how they alternate with the patio table before the cabana? I liked that ours was on the backside of our cabana.

    V playing at the pool with the girls.

    V and E doing some final chilling at the end of the day. Totally digging the shade. LOL!

    Final damage! I tipped our host $80 for a total of $528.17. The other cabanas have tacked on service charges and places to tip each time food was brought to us. I liked how we didn't sign off on anything until the end of the day. The other thing is that the cabana was available from 8am-8pm. No Strip cabana has been open until the pool closes. In fact, our cabana at the Bellagio ended at 5pm even though the pool was open later. We stayed a tad past 7pm for a 9 hour day at the pool. It was worth every penny!

    We headed back to the room and showered and changed. The girls decided on the RRC Food Court for dinner and then a stint at KidsQuest. H opted for her favorite Panda Express. G and S both wanted a pretzel from Auntie Anne's, so I took them for that while V stayed with H. Well, Auntie Anne had the Pretzel Nazi there who pissed me off. I ordered two pretzels and asked for two cups of water. The young girl working there said they didn't have water, but I could buy some bottles. No thanks, I just dumped $25 bucks on Fijis at the pool. I said, "So you don't have water?" and she responded, "We only have hot water." Hmmm....interesting considering G had gotten a cup of water there on our arrival day. I could see the water button on the soda fountain, but instead of causing a scene I just paid for the pretzels and mumbled "No tip jar for you!" as I walked off. Hmmphh! Panda Express was nice enough to give extra cups of water for the girls. Really lame Auntie Anne!!! :soapbox:

    G, H, and S at the entrance of KidsQuest. No pictures are allowed inside.

    We dropped the girls off at KidsQuest. I had received an email after signing them up for a free hour of childcare per child with the purchase of an hour. Sweet! I told V we were going to leave them for at least 2 hours, so we could get the free hour. We couldn't decide on where to eat, so we finally settled on the 24 hour Grand Cafe at RRC. They had some good Boarding Pass (their player's card) specials, and we both opted for that. We also just got water and iced tea, since we had enjoyed several drinks at the pool. Also, I kept up with frequently drinking DripDrop so I didn't feel dehydrated or hangoverish.

    Our specials both included salads. These were the most pathetic salads...literally iceberg lettuce and a few grape tomatoes. Everything else was pretty good at this place, so I was kind of surprised how abysmal the salads were. I wish I had taken a picture of how lame they were. Obviously, we were a bit hungry by the time I remembered. :whistle:

    V had the Double Play Cheeseburger special that included a double cheeseburger, fries, and his salad. He said it was really good.

    E had the Triple Play Dinner special. There were several entrees to choose from, and I chose the turkey dinner that came with mashed potatoes, stuffing, and broccoli. The broccoli was a bit tough, and I had to ask for cranberry sauce, but otherwise everything was decent. My dinner came with a salad too and a sundae dessert.

    Brownie Sundae dessert that came with E's meal. It was small but hit the spot for the two of us to share.

    Pretty cheap meal by our standards. I tipped $8 for a total of $46.41.

    After dinner, V and I split with me going to play slots and V going to the room to chill. Once again, we opted to not go to the bars in the casino. Here are some of my better slot wins. I came out ahead for the night and was up by about a hundred for the trip.





    I got some decent hits on some low bets. I used my "Finger Clicker" method most of the time where I counted spins, but I also played hit and run style and cashed out after big hits. Close to the two hour mark, I went to collect the girls from KidsQuest. You always pay for the first hour, then thereafter you're billed in 15 minute increments. I also let the girls buy snacks while they were there, so those snacks were part of the total I posted from KQ on our first day. The total on Monday night, including snacks, and with the free hour per child was $39.07. Not bad for two hours of drop-in childcare for three kids plus some snacks.

    The girls and I made our way back to the room where we all crashed pretty soon after we got there. We were all a bit sunbaked from our long day at the pool and wanted to be rested for our final full day in Vegas the next day!

    Coming soon, Day 4, our final day in Vegas. (I will probably get this posted on Thursday since tomorrow is the girls' first day of school.) Holy cow!!! Doing a report after the fact is wayyyy harder than a LIVE report. I will be going live at Thanksgiving if I choose to do a report. Major kudos to those of you who come back after your trips and write up a full trip report. :blowkiss: This is hard stuff! :confused:

    Last edited: Aug 7, 2019
    Our Family's First Vegas Thanksgiving (If I Don't Back Out)!
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  15. john1516inny

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    Trips to Las Vegas:
    Really appreciate your report, really very interesting and informative, thanks
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  16. Geogran

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    May 1, 2014
    Trips to Las Vegas:
    Thanks for hanging in there for us @Vegasworm, even though it’s post trip, it reads like a live report!
    You have a natural conversational style. We haven’t ever done a cabana, but doing the pool/cabana for a full day makes such good sense - a chance to really relax and enjoy without trying to squeeze too much into one day - may have to give this a try! That cabana setup looked perfect. Your girls are toooo cute!

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  17. Johnzimbo

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    Vegasworm please tell your kids that their parents ROCK!
    Big Game Weekend Once Again
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  18. Big dan

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    Jun 9, 2014
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    Thanks for doing this report. We love redrock. My 3 kids are about the same ages as yours. My oldest daughter was 4 days past her birthday that made her too old to go into kids quest last trip. She was crushed.
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    Trips to Las Vegas:
    I hope your crew has a great first day of school, @Vegasworm!
    I have inservice beginning the week after next.
    Then students begin the last week of August.

    I'm really enjoying your TR, following along on the glorious adventures of E, V, S, G, and H.
    But I wasn't expecting to see a picture of P. :eek: :D

    I'll be back to see how the rest of your trip went.
    Thanks so much! :wave:

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    Trips to Las Vegas:
    I am amazed you can do such a detailed live report! I'm usually too distracted to post in Vegas. But yes, a detailed TR after the fact is difficult to pull off too. But I want to write one because I am selfish and I know at least I'll go back to read them. Lol

    I am loving all the great detail! Thanks for taking the time to look back!
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