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Vegas Trip #48 11 Nights 3 Venues Nov 18 to Nov 29, 2016

Discussion in 'Vegas Trip Reports' started by CheeseHog, Dec 5, 2016.

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  1. CheeseHog

    CheeseHog Low-Roller

    May 18, 2016
    Trips to Las Vegas:

    My Trip Report

    Friday 11/18: Last Las Vegas trip of 2016, will total 31 night this year. We are so lucky to do this every year. Thought about skipping trip report this time. Most reports we read are exciting and unique. Laurel and I, we just plod along together making new memories and reminiscing old ones. On this 11 night trip we have 3 @Aria (10th time-$262 fixed cost), 4 @ Planet Hollywood (6th time-$285 fixed), 4 @ Luxor (4th time-$172 fixed). Skyrocketing rental car pricing made us use Alamo this time instead of Thrifty. This trip it’s fixed and pre-paid at $429.00 for the 11 days. 3 months ago we paid $285 for 10 days. Last Thanksgiving was $204. But the car gives us freedom so we sucked it up!!! Total Fixed Cost set at $2,053 including plane fare. I use a $210 Daily Variable for gaming/meals/beverages. Budget set @ $4,360. Laurel back to work after 18 month hiatus, so nice to have that second income again.

    OK….not flying out until 3:00 pm, so logged four hours at work. When I got home, Laurel said she hears a noise. I discovered our water heater was leaking under the house @#&[email protected]^#! Called a plumber to deal with it while we were away. Don’t even want to think what would have happened if left unchecked. Will my luck continue? 3 hour flight to Vegas, got a real nice Dodge Challenger from Alamo, 18 pack of Modelo, and on to Aria. M-Life points reset on October 1st. We did not reach 75,000 last year so downgraded from Gold to Pearl. NO FREE VALET I was not too happy schlepping in the luggage from the parking garage. I was even less happy when I found out they gave us one of those inside corner rooms with the small window. Not the first time. Laurel had checked in while I parked car, but an altercation was averted when I did not blame her. All we did is hang here for the night. I drank beer and worked on my football Parlay Cards. We had a BOGO (My Vegas Rewards) @ Wolfgang Puck Cuccina in Crystals. It was excellent. After dinner I walked over to Monte Carlo to see how the construction was progressing. We have stayed here many times and they have been very liberal in granting us free rooms and reasonable upgrades. They destroyed their fabulous pool so future stays here are uncertain. On the gaming front, I only played 2 machines all night. At Monte Carlo, I put $20 in a $1 Top Dollar, won $100 on the second spin and bolted. She won a bit tonight also. I took the credit for all the good Karma because I did not chastise her for the crappy room!!!
    Day 1 Variable: +$95 Great Start


    Saturday 11/19:
    Typical Vegas football Saturday. Lose focus-regain focus-lose focus. We had some highlights though. Using part of our $100 resort credit, we had a fabulous lunch @ Julian Serrano’s. We split 5 of their tapas: chicken croquettes, huevos estelados, goat cheese dates, pinxto chorizo, a Cuban sandwich, and of course sangria. It was our 3rd time eating there and never disappointed. After lunch, something incredible happened. Laurel went to the M-life booth to get a new card and they gave her a Gold Card that expires Sept. 2018!!!!! ---- Me “NO WAY!” … Her “YES WAY!” Not looking a gift horse in the mouth, we’ll take it. On to Wynn/Encore for a while, Walgreen’s for snacks/Fireball/wine, Westgate so I can watch Arkansas vs. Mississippi State, then on to New York/New York. Felt so good to drive up to valet knowing there is no charge. Took awhile to get here because something going on at T-Mobile and traffic’s at a standstill. Had a great dinner at Nine Fine Irishmen. Had A BOGO (My Vegas Rewards), but they redeem it as a $35 comp to use as you wish. So beers and a couple of appetizers makes for a great meal. Not much else to report. She did not have the best of days on the gaming front. I lost a bit on football, but Arkansas won and covered to salvage the day. Day 2 Variable: $359

    DSC00777.JPG DSC00778.JPG

    Sunday 11/20:
    6:00 am finds me leaving room to get coffee and morning routine of basically just killing time. While she sleeps in, I’ll sit in the SportsBook or a lounge writing in my journals, calculate the previous days figures, watch for ladies doing the walk of shame or just getting off “work”….. this morning was a little different. Upon leaving the room, I looked on the ground, and there was a $100 chip lying on the carpet 5 feet from my door--what good fortune!! As far as I can figure, this is the 7th time in my life I have found $100 or more just sitting there--only me. It is a football Sunday. All the pre-game excitement usually turns into utter exhaustion. Before the “excitement” started, we had brunch at Bardot Brasserie. Fine dining at it’s greatest. It was nice to see that the place was packed and we were lucky to get a seat in the bar area. Football time and I find myself standing in a corner of the Aria Sportsbook, anxiety high, bandying about all the differing scenarios on the games I wagered on, all to win $11. Enough is enough. So I eschewed the late games and reconvened at the Aria pool. Great decision. 65 degrees and bright sunshine made for a great afternoon. The evening found us @ Rampart Casino. We hadn’t been here in years. We were meeting our Vegas friends for dinner and I also needed a venue to watch the Packers play. Rampart was much larger than remembered, found a comfy cubicle it the sports book with a dedicated TV, only to watch the Packers lay an egg against Washington. We had dinner at their Promenade Café. The fellowship with friends was nice, but after 2 days of fancy meals, it was sort-of a letdown…. Back to Aria. She did her thing while I walked over to New York New York to cash my 2 winning parlays. I sat in the Park for a while and watched the masses go by---beautiful way to end the day!!! Day 3 Variable $137

    DSC00781.JPG DSC00786.JPG

    Monday 11/21:
    Moving day #1 Saying goodbye to the Aria. I have rescinded my statement of “crappy room” from the other day. Even though it did not have the wall-to-wall windows that I love, it was comfortable as always and Laurel happy with it. Also, for some inexplicable reason we got turndown service every night. It included: filling our ice bucket, laying out slippers, leaving fancy chocolates , rearranging our toiletries and placing them on a mat, and turning on soft jazz music. One can never have to many unexpected luxuries!! Left Aria and too early to check in at PH, so on to Palazzo. She gambled while I ventured outside to watch the “people of earth” and start working on that bottle of Fireball I bought yesterday.. Venetian used to do “Winter In Venice.” They had a skating rink, strolling minstrels, hourly parade, huge Christmas tree….none of that again this year. It was always a highlight of a trip, but I really don’t blame them. The expense had to be huge and the return minimal….time for lunch, which is the reason we chose here. Grand Lux is always included in a trip. They have our favorite food, Asian Nachos, and we threw in an order of Duck Triangles this time. The experience is always highly anticipated and we are never disappointed…..on to Planet Hollywood. I won the bellman debate this time. I always hated unloading 3 suitcases, cooler, shoulder bag, groceries, etc. while the dude stands there watching me struggle---all to save $25. We have now decided that going forward, I will not have to do it again. Checked in, unpacked, napped for 2 hours. Had dinner at Gordon Ramsey Burgr. A new restaurant for us. The line @ 8:30 was still really long. So we used our VIP Access card earned from our Total rewards credit card, and got right in. Dinner was very good. I had the jalapeno hot dog with onion rings, Laurel had some type of fancy burger. The presentation was as expected from a Gordon Ramsey venue but, we were the oldest people in the crowded place and did I really need a $13 beer? At least we were able to pay the $55 using points. After dinner, I hung outside Paris at the Arc Bar. It is a wonderful place to watch some street performers and the Bellagio Fountains going off…. On the gaming front, she tried to increase the family fortune (unsuccessfully), and I was lucky enough to hit $101 on a $10 2-team puck line hockey parlay. That was pretty much to only gambling I did the whole day. Only other thing to add was did I really spend $14 on 5 Nestle Tollhouse cookies at Miracle Mile? Evidence suggests I did!!!
    Day 4 Variable: $165

    DSC00793.JPG DSC00794.JPG

    Tuesday 11/22:
    7:00 am finds me walking next door to Paris for my morning routine. It's difficult for me not to notice the homeless laying in the various cracks and crevices of the buildings. If I were in their shoes, would incarceration be a solution? I’m am glad I'll never have to cross that bridge…I brought a baguette from JJ’s Boulangerie back to the room for breakfast. We try to do this once a trip. For $3.49 you get a fresh loaf of French bread and they let you load up all the butter you wish---it’s highly recommended. Today and tomorrow are supposed to be the warmest days of this trip so I dictated some pool time. PH pool closed for the season. No problem though, Paris pool is always open. They have a large deck to sun and relax. I hit the hot tub, smoked a cigar and enjoyed the 1½ hour experience as always…1:30 found us at lunch at Mon Ami Gabi. During the warmer time of the year, it is breakfast, in November, its lunch. We had a fabulous Baked Brie appetizer. Then I had the Tuesday Special, Goat Cheese and Mushroom Tart. Laurel had her usual Quiche Lorraine. Of course, we weren't disappointed. On to Bally’s--for some reason she wanted to enter from the street level to check out the bazaar shops that are now there. I am always troubled seeing the salespeople standing there hoping that a customer will come in/waiting for their day to end. I can’t see how all these Vegas retailers stay in business. Just in the past year, most of the places have closed in the Linq, and it is now basically just a large food court. Enough of my soapbox…. We stayed quite a while and played at Bally’s. She then said those words that rarely get said in our household “ I'm sick of gambling and losing”. WOW. Spending 30 nights or so each year in Vegas like we do, there are always highs and lows. Just doesn’t happen to her that often. So, we trudged back to our PH room, and 4 hours later we were still there. We discussed a movie at Palms or Orleans but there were no interesting choices. So, she read her book and I watched TV and tried to nap. My mindset wasn’t the best either. I lost my 1st half bet on college football and Arkansas was getting killed in college basketball. On a positive note: since we were in the room, we did get to see the live announcement of the naming of the new NHL team as the VEGAS GOLDEN KNIGHTS…. I follow hockey and I know we will take in a future game. I just hope the city supports them through all the inevitable more downs that ups. It is also my belief that with all the energy and monies involved in the Raiders relocation to Las Vegas, it’s NOT going to happen!!! Stay tuned. … we finally left the room around 10:00. I only had 5 beers left and I did them proud. We had a late night snack at Earl of Sandwich. I had joined their club recently so soup and a sandwich only cost $7.00. That was nice. We both glad the day was over---- We’ll get ‘em tomorrow!!!! Day 5 Variable $328


    Wednesday 11/23:
    Trip is now ½ over. Determined to have a better day than yesterday. Nice having a McDonalds next door, so brought that back to room when I got her up….. I went back to Paris pool for 1½ hours. I tried to convince her to join me - to no avail. Weather perfect for me, too cold for her. It all worked out fine though since she held her own while gaming. We were both doing exactly what we wanted to do…..2:30 found us at Gold Coast. She likes their Wednesday promotion with large point multipliers. After not coming here for 10 years or so, this is the 6th trip in a row we have made it. What else did we do here? We played bingo. We will do this once or twice every year, it is a very nice distraction. The electronic version is so much fun. It plays multiple hands and does all the work for you. Place not very busy today, so the social interaction was at a minimum. Nice thing is that we have won on more that one occasion---but not today. Then we had a fantastic dinner at Ping Pang Pong. This is the main reason we have been coming to Gold Coast. It is so much fun watching all the cooks in their funny red hats. The exotic foods that come out of the kitchen and the manner ingested by the locals also make it worth the trip. Food was great, I always like to get something different so I got the King Du Pork Chops and she got her usual Orange Chicken. For $14.95 an entrée and .75 for a bowl of rice it is quite a deal and highly recommended… The only thing notable to report for the rest of the day is that Laurel was happy---nothing else matters!!! Day 6 Variable: $207


    Thursday 11/24:
    Happy Thanksgiving. This is the15th Thanksgiving in a row in Las Vegas for Laurel and I. First couple of years we stayed at Westward Ho and the Sahara . Then we upgraded to Las Vegas Hilton. Now, in recent times it’s the Aria and occasionally the Venetian. How lucky are we!! For the past 9 years we have been invited to dinner at our friends house with their family. Not this year. Mindy works at the post office with Sunday’s and Monday’s off. Bill is retired. So…Thanksgiving’s cancelled and we are on our own for today…Unsure as to the days activities. I took the lead and decided to head out to some places we never go. My plan was to watch football all day and did not want to tie her down to one place. First stop---Silver Sevens. She likes is here for some reason so it met with no resistance. 2nd stop was Sam’s Town. We stayed here one night in 2007 and don’t believe we have been back since. We hadn’t eaten all day so we grabbed a sandwich at Dunkin Donuts in the food court. She was not too happy when I discovered there was a Roberto’s Tacos here at Sam‘s, I probably shouldn’t have mentioned it. Anyway, she found a game she liked and never moved the whole time. Me, I walked around and was able to catch the Christmas water show that they put on inside Mystic Falls. They did a real nice job with all the decorations and music. The children (big and little) all had smiles on their faces. They even made it snow!!! Next stop was Eastside Cannery. All I can recall was the $1 hot dog and cheap beer in the deli. Reluctantly, I had to place my last 2 football bets of the day here since game time approaching. I had split the Lions (-2) & Cowboys (-6). So I bet LSU (-7) & Pittsburgh (-9.5)…next stop Boulder Station. My main recollection? Their line at the Thanksgiving Buffet. It was the longest line I have ever seen for people waiting to have dinner. There was even a sign that said “wait time from here 1 hour” like Disney! There were people way past that. This is what it must look like when the Red Cross shows up at a disaster---incredible. OK, now we’re getting hungry. All we had was crap all day. What were our options… we had seen a billboard for ham and eggs at Arizona Charlie’s…or do we just go back to Planet Dailies @PH...do we got to Hooters like other Thanksgivings? Then the proverbial light bulb went off in my head---BBQ dinner at Ellis Island!! I knocked it out of the park. Not only were their fantastic craft beers only $1, but we each won over $50! That and a fabulous dinner of BBQ chicken and ribs was the perfect end to a great day. I even won 3 of my 4 football games today. AND THEN THERE WAS WALTER…while sitting outside at the Arc Bar at Paris that night, a guy walks by dressed like a pirate, swords and all. I made the mistake of making the pirate sound “ARGHH” & 45 minutes later he was still sitting at my table telling me his life story. He even proceeded to take 2 live parakeets out of his pocket and fed them birdseed on the table we were “perched” at. It was surreal and a bit unsettling. I ended up giving him a little donation when I was finally able to breakaway. I will never forget this night. Variable Day 7: $87

    DSC00809.JPG DSC00811.JPG

    Friday 11/25:
    Black Friday for the masses, moving day for us. Sometimes I wonder if the time & effort are worth it. Today’s bug out just seemed to take extra long. What made it worse was that it took 32 minutes to get the car at valet. I was way off because I had the over/under at 17 minutes. First stop was Lee’s liquors to reload for the last 4 days. Second stop was back down to Boulder Highway to cash my 2 winners from last night and have breakfast at Arizona Charlie’s. We had seen their billboard for ham ’n eggs last night and it sounded good. So we ate at their Sourdough Café. Did we have ham ‘n eggs? Nope, I had the loco moco. A concoction of 2 over easy eggs, mushrooms, fried onions & gravy, on top of a hamburger patty sitting on a bed of rice. Yep. I ate it! She had an appetizer platter and a bloody Mary. It was a breakfast of champions. On to Luxor. I’m never a big fan of moving, but I do admit that when checking into a new place, it’s like hitting the reset button for the vacation. Expectations are always high. Today was no different. We got a great tower room. We’d always stayed in the pyramid before, and not always a fan of the inclinator. Luxor gave her $100 FreePlay & $150 resort credit. We also get 3 of the 4 nights comped. We are so fortunate!! Plan for the night was Happy Hour @ Level 107 in the Stratosphere , then a night Downtown. 3 hours in the room including nap squelched that plan. So, we started working on our $150 resort credit. Had dinner at Public House. I thought it was going to be Tender Steakhouse, but I’ve been wrong before. We eat at Public House occasionally. My Fish & Chips were good, she got a flat iron steak sandwich. After dinner we walked over to Mandalay Bay. We like to watch all the ladies headed to the clubs in their various attire (or lack thereof). On the gaming front, I had a good day. I won on football again and won $67 on one spin of a 50-cent game at Mandalay Bay. She kept her losses in check so it was a great Friday. Variable Day 8: $104

    Saturday 11/26: This is one of the biggest college football days of the year. All my parlay cards turned in and early games bet yesterday so I am prepared for any scenarios that arise. Today, it was a nice breakfast at the Pyramid Café. We are not really big buffet fans, so this was fine. I had something unusual, it was called Yin/Yang. It was an order of hash browns with a traditional benedict on one side and a biscuit with gravy benedict on the other side. It was surprisingly good. After breakfast, plan was to hang here until her losses pile up, them move to Excalibur. That never happened since she actually won this afternoon---good girl. Football was a lot of fun today. I had Michigan (+6) vs. Ohio State. I ended up finally covering in double overtime in the most exciting fashion. It was incredible!!! At another point in the afternoon, I was sitting in a race book cubicle with the Wisconsin (push) on one side, I was betting horses on the middle TV, and watching Auburn (win) on the other side. 5:30 found us in the High Limit room. They had given her one free entry at check in for a Free Play drawing this afternoon. Place was packed and we didn’t win anything, but it was nice to get an invite. In my opinion, with our level of gambling, we don’t deserve most of the perks that we receive. On to Silverton for dinner with Bill and Mindy. Plan was our usual Mi Casa, but after playing (drinking) for bit, we discovered a 45 minute wait. That has never happened before…so, we ended up at their coffee shop “Sundance Grill.” It wasn’t what we had planned, and we walked away disappointed. Back to Luxor. I drank and played a bit. I won a $50 jackpot on some wheel game so I shut it down for the night. I ended up winning for the 6th day out of nine. Laurel played her $100 free play through and turned it into $72 real dollars. So she had a winning day too, her 2nd. Variable Day 9: +$49

    DSC00816.JPG DSC00818.JPG

    Sunday 11/27:
    Last full day of trip #48? Nope! Staying an extra night this trip because of the cost of airfare. Since it is a football day, I placed all my early bets yesterday and Packers do not play until Monday Night, so I slept in for a while…plan was to go to Border Grille @ Mandalay Bay. She had a BOGO coupon and really wanted to try it. Only problem was, coupon’s in the car!! Let’s drive next door!! Valet was a zoo when we got there. I am one of the few “tourists” who thought charging for parking was a brilliant business move. The place was packed and everybody was willing to pony-up in order to use the service. (Notice in this past week, Caesar’s and Wynn have followed suit). Anyway…how was lunch at Border Grille? It was the greatest. We weren’t sure where it was and next time I’ll park at the west valet. Upon arrival, we found out it was a $35 tapas brunch with $10 unlimited mimosas. We sat there and ate for so long, I missed betting on the afternoon football games! We had: Tomatillo eggs benedict, Chilli relleno, Pigs in a blanket (2x), Huevos Rancheros, Peruvian Shrimp and grits, Serrano ham waffles (3x), Biscuits with Chorizo gravy, Churro Tots, and Tres Leche French Toast. All that and each mimosa they brought was a different flavor. We have so many must-do places every time we come and really did not have room for another. This one though, has moved to the top of the list. It was wonderful to have the BOGO to save $35. After lunch we stayed here for awhile, I was able to make second half bet on Carolina (pick ‘em) vs. Oakland. Also did (over 39.5) for night KC/Denver. Left Mandalay Bay and drove to Bill and Mindy‘s house for a little get together. Mindy‘s mom and sister were there. We had not seen them this trip so the girls talked while Bill and I watched football and contradicted each other on political and social issues of the day I enjoy that so much On to Red Rock. Bill plays poker, the girls plunked on their machines, and I sat in sports book trying to eek out one more point to hit my over. I was successful with that and my Carolina 2nd half bet so all was good. Sometimes it seems so easy!! Variable Day 10: $228

    DSC00820.JPG DSC00821.JPG

    Monday 11/28:
    24 hours of fun to go. No reason to get up early this morning so stayed out a little later than usual last night. Didn’t leave the room until about noon. We did start to pack up for going home tomorrow. I also ran down to the Luxor gift shop and bought a Vegas Golden Knight golf shirt. We had talked about going to T-Mobile and the gift shop there to buy some merchandise, but after 10 days in Las Vegas, she did not need to do a bunch of unnecessary walking. So…being Cyber Monday, we went online and bought a hockey puck, baseball hat and window cling all bearing the Vegas Golden Knight logo. THOUGHT FOR THE DAY--- I wish the hotels would have a black and white maid service policy. Out by noon, your room should automatically be serviced. After noon, you have to call housekeeping to get room serviced. On occasion, we have left the room @ 10:00 am (removing the Do Not Disturb) only to return that evening to find our room not made up. Never happy when that happens!!! Anyway, got car and we had to drive back down to Arizona Charlie’s to cash my Arkansas ticket from Friday. Then all the way back up Flamingo for lunch and gaming @ Bellagio. If it weren’t for 3 trips to Boulder Highway, we would have hardly put any miles on the car. Discounting the convenience factor, I am going to figure out the dollars per mile at the end. We had a very good lunch at Todd English Olive’s inside Bellagio. We hadn’t been here in a few years. A bit pricey, but always memorable. A slight disagreement whether to sit outside overlooking the fountains with everyone else who was eating, or sit inside with the 2 other tables…inside turned out to be just fine. I had a Butternut Squash Tortelli and Laurel had the Mojo Cuban Sandwich. I do not like eating olives, but the mixed bread basket with the olive tampenade that they bring is always the hit of the meal. Stayed for a while a Bellagio, she wasn’t doing too good and she wanted to see the flowers, so we hooked back up, made the walk to the front and…no flowers. It was closed off to change the display. So, that and the fact that she lost more than she would have liked made for a less that stellar afternoon. On to Orleans which is where I chose to watch the Packer’s play. They have a Monday Night Football party with cheap beer and drawings for door prizes. They also put the game on the big TV in the lounge. It’s just a nice venue to sit and watch an important game. We got to Orleans a little early and wanted to kill some time so we sat and played 10 games of Keno in their keno lounge. We won $2,000 playing Keno here in May of 2013 and would like to someday repeat that memory---not today. We separated to our preferred vices. I was happy because there was very little drama in football. Green Bay (+4.5) crushed Philadelphia 27 -13 and it wasn’t even that close. I had the best of times drinking bottles of beer, smoking cigars, bonding with other fans, heckling the people who won the giveaways, watching the waitresses in their skimpy Mrs. Claus outfits. Back to Luxor where the inevitable happened… even after 35 years of marriage, spending 11 days together took it’s toll and we had a disagreement. Calmer heads eventually prevailed and we ended up back at Public House for a late dinner. 11:00 pm found me in the High Limit room. Once every couple of trips I’ll bite the bullet and put $100 in a $5 Wheel of Fortune machine. I played it through one time and cashed out $85. Decided to run it through again, and on 4th spin I got the Wheel for $500! 3 spins later I got it again for $400! Finally cashed it out a $545.00 winner. Nice turn of events and perfect way to end the day. Day 11 Variable: +$240


    Tuesday 11/29:
    Trip over. Flying out @ 9:00 am. Luxor did not charge us for the resort fees on the free nights so knock that $172 fixed cost down to a $74 fixed cost. That was very nice. I did figure out that the rental car cost us $2.45 per mile. Maybe I should not publish that! We do enjoy the convenience though and freedom it gives us. We saw a lot of people using Uber and I am a little intrigued. However we do not have smart phones and I would stress out about the whole tipping thing. It is tough being me. I ended up winning $936 and have won 11 of the last 12 trips. She lost $803, for an average of $73/day. She was happy with that. We had no buffets this time--not everyone can say that.

    Budget totals: Fixed: $2,053
    Actual: $1,945
    Budgeted Variable: $2,310
    Actual Variable: $1,237

    Total Budget: $4,363
    Actual Trip Total: $3,182
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  2. Richard Alpert

    Richard Alpert LOST

    Jul 22, 2015
    The Island
    Trips to Las Vegas:
    Excellent report, CheeseHog! :thumbsup:
    I scrolled through all the pics first and then went back to read through!

    Congrats on finding the chip on the floor. If I find a chip it's usually a Dorito! :D
    Thanks for another great TR!

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  3. sharper

    sharper Low-Roller

    Sep 18, 2012
    West Virginia
    Trips to Las Vegas:
    Really great trip report. Thanks for sharing.
    Last edited: Dec 5, 2016
  4. sybgal

    sybgal VIP Whale

    Apr 19, 2004
    Trips to Las Vegas:
    Great report...thanks for sharing! I would love to have a 10-11 day trip one day..... :)
  5. CheeseHog

    CheeseHog Low-Roller

    May 18, 2016
    Trips to Las Vegas:
    Thanks for the reads.... 11 days needs disciplines and distractions. We have so many must do's, sometimes 10 days is not enough


    LV2GAMBLE Certified LOW Roller

    Oct 20, 2012
    Land of 10,000 Lakes
    Trips to Las Vegas:
    Very nice report. Glad you chose to share it with us. Nice pics as well. Our longest trip was this past April for our 30th wedding anniversary, in which we spent 9 nights in 3 different places. It was a great trip and we felt it wasn't too long as well. Thanks for reporting. :D:D:D
  7. pleasemum

    pleasemum High-Roller

    Nov 1, 2012
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    Following along - love your photos. You two look like you are having a ball.
  8. tringlomane

    tringlomane STP Addicted Beer Snob

    Jan 21, 2013
    Trips to Las Vegas:
    Nice report!

    That ad on the Aria display for the Golden Knights is cringe-worthy though. "Of Professional Hockey"? Wtf?
  9. spicole

    spicole No shirt, no shoes... NO DICE!

    Oct 7, 2012
    Houston, TX
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    Great report!

    I agree with you on the brunch at Border Grill... It is absolutely fantastic.
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