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vegas on $40 a day

Discussion in 'Vegas Trip Reports' started by rocketman97, Jan 12, 2006.

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  1. ok i said hello and joined on yesterday and was asked fo a TR from our last journey to the valley of sin......so here goes, left DTW @ 6am est nonstop on champion air w/ 4 nights @ the gold nugget. arrived safely @ LAS and by 930am pst was downtown. courtesy check-in starts at noon so leave bags w/ bell and back to the rental and on our way to GVR for 241 sunday brunch POV. only in vegas for 45 min got bloody in one hand and mimosa in other as i pile a plate full of snowcrab and prime rib for sunday breakfast good stuff mrs. rocket ate and drank lots too here. over to GVR players line to get card we get them and boom the 3rd plaste of crab and 4th piece of prime collide in stomach w/ 2 bloodys so i tell mama follow me . i put her right outside door of lav on nickel machine and tell her wait here. i come out 15 min later shes nowhere to be found. i go up and down aisles finally find her on a $1 machine and she has 3 TITO stubs totalling $342. plus 475 in credits the machine shes at now. dayumn baby shes hitting everything. so we cashout of GVR with 650 profit give the valet $2 and head back to GN. checkin goes smooth king smoker top floor peek @ the strip full view of criminals across the strreet at the jail too. room in south tower nice enough i fire up CAO anniversarie maduro and have JD on rocks mrs does lil dance empties her bra out and smokes her glaucoma medicine too. shes feelin good so gives the jailbirds a flash i tell her no beads from them so shes bummed. TV is off wack so mait, came and fixed we're tired so i run to LVC and get $60 parley for NBA allstar game. watch game in room win parlay mrs zonked so i go to fremont street to find action. and find it i did. lose 100 @ GG bj lose 100 @ 4Q bj. go to LVC cash ticket for 200+ cant remember exact amnount find a 10 bj shoe @ the shoe and win 400 cool. thats about it for day 1.
    day 2 includes day 1s night so heres why. this trip was feb 9 thru feb 13 2002 for pizza expo we paid 264 RT plus hotel and car pp 538 total. included 50 food [email protected] nugget good deal i thought. we live 4 hrs from detroit so drove down sat aft to visiot friends drank straight thru til time for airport who can sleep the night b4 anyway?
    ok now that i've mixed it up heres the rest of our tale.......265 in cash 1600 in trav checks $213 in the "special envelope". this was our empty change drawer $ we had amassed since nov 12 when the wife came in with the pizza expo flier. we would empty all change in there until we left. came to 213 in 88 days not bad w/ this $ we wanted to either fly strip or nice gourmet. hugos wins so off we go dressed to the nines and feeling good nice place great sommelier great waitservice and just ok food outta there apps 2 entrees 1 vino and tip 190. off to bed . gotta comp for GN breakfasdt buffet good food next morn. we decide monday morn to go on coupon run waste of time. fun at hardrock nyny alladin paris bellagio trop sucked ..we are using evening to meet up with mrsrockets cousin and her "wife" i dont know which but they own a security comp in vegas tell us to meet them at some bar behind excal had to know the secret knock i walk in there and omg i'm no bigot but omg omg omg i had seen episodes of the SHOWTIME serial about gays but i was not ready for what was there. my wife and i get drinks visit for about oh i'd say 15 sec and its time for me to go into REO speedwagon mode.(time for me to fly). we are supposed to go to dinner w/ them and i suggest EI for steak but they say its a dive.sorry but wtf is this place ? we end up at some LA style deli close to palms just opening up supposedly by the guy that founded the whiskey a go-go place in cal. ok reuben (my third in 30 hours) they buy they hug we leave see ya next time your home kim bye.we go back DT wife buys painting i flash girls @ la bayou and get beads and free extra shot in my hurricane . we go to GN screw around on diff tables slots droppin 240.
    day 3 tues . ok i spent 140 for ticket to expo i better go. sit in on 1 super marketing seminar do the showroom floor all in about 1 hour boring. head over to the LA NOVA booth and score great wings and free cold BUD on tap. then go to STANISLAUS booth and sit w/ gino and his wife letting them know i'm pissed because my supplier(GFS) either wont or cant buy their sauce which is what i wanna use for my pizza. only option is to change but the company that sells them pmo back in 98 and i burnt that bridge long ago(since then bridge rebuilt stanislaus is in da house) they share white red vino peppers tomatoes cheeses with me great stuff tyvm. ok done here @ expo walking out guy grabs me at the HUNTS booth and says" hey man you use our product?" uh sure (watered down stale tomato sauces) i just love your ketchup i say ...."well then sir heres 2 passes to our VIP party at the HOB in MB". tyvm free score. i leave mess of lvCC and head back DT. find out mama took winnings and treated herself to spaday manicure pedicure massage and facial(195+tips)she hasnt liked the way i do her facials since before we were married. tell her about the HOB and shes raring to go i'm not hungry but she is so i spring for 99GG shrimp sea monkeys. we head to MB @ 6PM get in there find out its open bar beer white zin chard and merlot only w/ free apps while they announce prize winners (not us) get entertained by elvis madonna and marylin during party also great disco cover band we were next to light board on rail above the dance floor and that was great our own lil dance area. ok partys dying its 845 MM wont come back to room with me so i blow her off grab wife and head to RIO 1030 scintas show we're both feelin booze so go to coffee shop to eat ok food (another reuben for me mrs has TBone) scintas show great...free too POV that year was 2 free tckts. back to bed after show.
    day 3 wed ...hit fremont st @ 8am goin to breakfast i tell mrs gotta b1g1 @ GG lets get the 7.77 PH special no argument from her get salad baked potato and huge steak 7.77 each but cant use POV because itsa special ....still cheap. we decide to spend lasdt fulkl day finishing all DT casinos then spend night on strip. 5 min after leaving GG i get (and on the lasdt full day in vegas) the dreaded VEGASBELLY abuse of a 45 yr old stomach is not good.too much jack budweiser wine rum corona(i felt like shttin a chihahua) and 4 reubens steaks etc. had caught up w/ me . i could burp belch fart nuthin. do you folks know how much a 3.5oz bottle of maalox cost in GN gift shop? at that tyime who cares (11.25). so i spent next 4 hrs in bed mere steps away from the can.....meanwhile missus takes her new found freedom and hits up praza bingo for 65 about 3 episodes of jerry springer later i suck it up and head downstairs thinking i need my spinach(a cold budweiser). sit down @ a 100 play VP and get cocktailed right away i give her a fin and enjoy 5 beers in 45 min while cashin 30 up bonus( i tipped $1 every beer after 1st 1) better yet i felt good enough to venture out in the world. we hit the strip Venetian cool TI sucked casino royale was great cashed up there over to bellagio had comped buffets + 1 drink each from some slot machine site i played all winter long good food got warm bowl of butter stuck cold crab meat in there got hot crab meat (how inventive). went to lil guy cuttin rack of lamb and said gimme two please ....he cuts off 2 chops and i say tyvm now please give me 2 9 bone racks tyvm....yum love my meatscicles. leave bellagio catch fountain show IPTBAA very patriotic go to ORLEANS love the place .sit down at 5 dolllar table @ 1st basde cash in 3x pay on bj POV coup on $40 bet wife is up and down on her 60 buyin i'm way up drink service excellent i dont wanna leave but she says we gotta sleep plane leaves in 8 hours i dont care but Pit boss closes pit @ 445 am and says i'll buy you guys breakfast if you move over here (they were consolidatiting to 1 pit for all games) uh no thanks we gotta go but we'll take u upo on breakkie offer .....he starts to write buffett comps and i tell him no thanks we're leaving in 7 hrs so he gives us $75 coffee shop comp score great place that ORLEANS . we eat wife is fallin asleep in her filet i'm orderin sp coffees left and right geeked we leave go to GN get 2 hrs sleep check out still havent used 50 food credit crap... ok go to CSCAFE get two porterhouses before gettin on plane to go i order 4 more beers pass out with one in each hand somewhere over denver wake up as we're descendind now warm half beers in hand finish them off deplane get car drive backhome the end.we counted all money the next morning never cashed 1 traveler check paid cash for everything and from the time we left saturday evening til thurs nite when we got home we spent 198.00 flight car room all booze gas food tips maalox etc.$900 win @ orleans last night there helped bottom line. sorry i type runon style but my only high school typing class was in sr. year and the cutest lil brunette soph was on one side and this lil freshman redhead on the other side of me plus the fact i had in those days cold beer good dope a kick ass 8 track in my fire engine red 68 coupe deville conv led to my downfaall as a typist. THE END
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    doctor_al VIP Whale

    Nov 25, 2002
    Twin Cities
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    Nice tr, RM. Sounds like a full trip. And I'm sure the boys at the jail appreciated it.
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