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Vegas May 2010 Part 1

Discussion in 'Vegas Trip Reports' started by Kcitsme, May 28, 2010.

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  1. Kcitsme

    Kcitsme Low-Roller

    Feb 22, 2002
    Trips to Las Vegas:

    My Trip Report

    VEGAS MAY 2010

    Started by planning my trip early. Went with Spirit Airlines because I could upgrade to the big front seats. My flight cost $158.40 round trip for a coach seat but the up grade to big front seat added another $150.00 for a total of $296.40. Since the flight is over 5 hours to Vegas and 4 ½ on the return, I decided I would be much happier with a big, wide, seat. After checking the prices of other airlines for the same flights I realized that upgrading to first class type seating on Spirit was not much more than flying coach on other airlines.

    Next I wanted to get a car for 8 days. I chose Alamo. I held 2 different rentals over the course of a month. Checking daily to see what price changes there would be. I tried various coupons that I found on the Internet or that were posted on this site. I had joined their Quick Silver program, no charge for this program, and I got discount coupons emailed to me. One coupon gave me 20% off my rental and the other coupon gave me a double upgrade. Two days before I flew out of Ft Lauderdale, I found the least expensive rates and booked the rental, canceling the other reservations that I held. I rented a full size car for 8 days, base price $92.50, with taxes $160.08. Taxes kill. The taxes($67.58) they charge for over 2/3 of the base price of the car. They should be ashamed!

    Finally the day of departure, May 10, 2010, arrives and I am Not ready. I have packed, re-packed, and re-packed again. I decided to take, not only my carry on , but I wanted to take a large suitcase that contained 4 other suitcases (one packed with extra clothing). Since we now have to pay for suitcases placed under the plane I wanted to get my monies worth. I stay with friends in Vegas. Sometimes hotels but mostly with friends. I can leave extra clothing there so when I travel, which I do often, I don’t have to carry very much with me. The extra suitcases are for return flights. I fly light headed to Vegas but seem to out do myself shopping while in Vegas. At the last minute, before returning to Ft. Lauderdale, I am running around looking to buy a suitcase for my return flight. I have way too many suitcase in FL. Now instead of packing a larger case that needs to be checked and will cost money to fly each way, I only need to bring a suitcase back (one way charge) with all my purchases. Since carry on luggage has gotten smaller and smaller, I can no longer fit all the things I need, plus a fold up suitcase in my carry on. This makes it less expensive for me and I not longer have to worry about getting rid or all the extra luggage I fly home.

    Arrived 2 hours early at the airport. I had checked in online but still had to check the large suitcase. Check in was quick and easy. There were long lines at security but they moved quickly. When I got to the gate I realized that there might be a problem. There were lots and lots of people at the gate waiting for a flight. I saw that not only was my flight scheduled to leave from this gate but there was a flight to Detroit scheduled for departure from the same gate and there was no plane sitting there. I asked the gate attendant if the flight to Vegas would be on time and she said yes. I asked how two flights could leave from one gate and she said whichever flight arrived first would leave first and the Vegas flight seemed to be in the lead. Well, the flight did arrive first, only 20 minutes late, and I have never seen such speed in deplaning the passengers. I think they were chasing them off the plane. As soon as the last person was half way up the ramp they started boarding us. They had not finished cleaning the plan so they had us wait at the door to the cabin. Took a couple of minutes and then we boarded. I have never seen such speed to get an airplane turned around. I settled into my big front seat and they started the emergency announcements when all power shut down. After some time I asked the steward what the problem was and he said that they had disconnected the power before the plane was ready. What that meant was, they had to re-set all the computers on the flight because of loss of power before we could depart. This took another 20 minutes. So much for speed of boarding. We finally took off an hour late. The flight was unremarkable until the landing. The pilot said they may be some turbulence that was an understatement. They had strong wind gusts of 40 to 50 mph at McCarran Airport. We were bouncing and at times flying sideways on our approach. We hit the runway, bounced up and then landed. It was an experience but we all arrived safely.

    I grabbed my suitcases and headed for the car rental bus. The winds were still whipping and it if felt cold. They said it was in the 50’s but with the wind it felt cooler. Some people were dressed for snow. Strange. Since I brought no sweater or jacket, I was chilled but it did not last long. I was on the bus and on the way to the rental place.
    When I got to Alamo, I checked in using the Kiosk and went to pick up my full size car. They were all gone. The agent offered a van. I did not need a van in all that wind I would have been blown all over the roadway. He then offered a station wagon or pick up truck. I finally settled on a Mercury Grand Marquis. Very comfortable car. What I did not think about was how big it really was. After doing my vehicle inspection and having the gate attendant not some scratches to the passenger door, I was off.

    I stopped at the Palms Casino to have a go at there poker machines. Found a great parking space near the side door. Now the fun begins. How to get Noah’s Arc into a normal parking space! When I finally got into the space I noticed the back end of the vehicle sticking out into the driveway. I had to re-adjust the car (I have a little Dodge Neon). Although it was in the parking space, it was very wide and still much longer than the other cars I parked next to.

    I tried a few of the progress machines, deuces wild and double double, but all I was doing was feeding the machines. The man on the machine opposite mine hit the Royal. I had a couple of coffees but was fading fast, so I decided to call it a day and go to my friends house and rest for the night.

    To Be Continued.....
  2. jgates8

    jgates8 VIP Whale

    Jun 25, 2007
    Trips to Las Vegas:
    waiting...............................(NOT patiently LOL).

    I usually take a fold-flat type of duffel bag in my suitcase. It was a $10 cheapy at WM & if I buy stuff then I can always fill that with the dirty stuff & check it for the one way fee.
  3. familyoutdoors

    familyoutdoors Tourist

    Feb 23, 2010
    Spokane, WA
    Trips to Las Vegas:
    Also waiting and hoping to hear some tips for my up coming trip. I can have two checked bags with SWA. I might even be taking some gifts for a friend from work for her family in Vegas.
  4. BackInVegas

    BackInVegas VIP Whale

    Mar 14, 2008
    Trips to Las Vegas:
    At least you are in Las Vegas

    Windy there now? Wow.

    That is a lot of suitcases. But I understand the idea.

    I agree, airlines and all their fees and surcharges are beginning to get very, very annoying.
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