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Vegas here I am

Discussion in 'Vegas Trip Reports' started by 3cats, Jun 13, 2003.

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  1. 3cats

    3cats High-Roller

    Dec 29, 2002
    Las Vegas
    Trips to Las Vegas:

    My Trip Report

    Sorry this took so long to get to, but, I needed to gather my notes.
    We left WI for our road trip with the 3 cats on Sat.5/17 and after spending a night in Des Moines at a Quality inn that was just terrible. we moved on and made some good time and spent the second night in Dillon CO. at a super 8, it was wonderful. then made it to Vegas on Monday 5/19. We dropped the cats off at the condo and we stayed at TI, we didn't get our favorite room and we barely got any comps, (we didn't play to much though) and we were finally so discusted with the way we were treated we spent the Friday night at the Rio, the room was great and they treated us like kings, wish we would have stayed there all week.
    During the week we got the some errands done. got my drivers liscense and some banking set up as well as paid some utility bills, etc...
    then on Sat. 5/24 the moving van came with our things and we got them off the truck in 3 hours.
    that was our 1st night staying here and the cats were happy about that.
    The hubby flew back to WI on Sun 5/25 and I have been alone ever since, looking for work.
    I started working for a temp agency and they found me an assignment right away. I ended up hearing from Bally's and had 2 interviews with them for a great job. and low and behold I got the job. I will be in new employee orientation on Thur 6/19-6/20 and then I start in my office/desk on mon, 6/23. I will be an admin asst for the convention/catering office.
    This is a M-F position and every 4th or 5th weekend, of which I would get 2 days off during the week for. In the mean time I have put in a full week at the temp assignment and loved it. It was for a construction company that builds master planned communities. It was very interesting and I made some great contacts there.
    If anyone is thinking about moving out here I have one peice of advice. if you buy a condo with someone living above you, make sure the seperating floor is made of concrete. Some are and Some aren't and this one isn't and the people up stairs are rude, loud and just plain terribly inconsiderate. So will probably sell in about a year or 2 when we get more accustomed to the area.
    The cats are adjusting to their new home rather well and I have us all settled in for the most part. The hubby is coming out 7/10-7/13 for a long weekend. [​IMG] I put my name in a drawing at a mail boxes etc.. place and I won [​IMG] a $100.00 gift certificate to a local grocery store. that really came in handy.
    So far that is the only winning I have done.
    Not doing to much gambling as the $$ is tight for the time being and need to conserve when and where I can.
    Best of luck to all, and thank you for letting me share.
    Hope to see each of you at Bally's
  2. Gypsy

    Gypsy Tourist

    Jun 22, 2003
    DC Suburbs
    3 Cats - my party begins at Bally's on Sunday, June 29 - I will try to locate you and introduce myself. Hope is going well with your new job and moving and settling. You are very brave to do this on your own and I envy you completely.
  3. sunni

    sunni VIP Whale

    Feb 6, 2003
    Sunshine State
    3 cats,
    Good luck with your new job at Bally's. I will be there Nov.23-27th. Does this job mean you can get extra little perks/upgrades for your friends here at t2v who stay there ?

    It doesn't hurt to ask....

    sunni :cool:
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