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veegee sick in vegas part 1

Discussion in 'Vegas Trip Reports' started by veegee, Mar 3, 2002.

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  1. veegee

    veegee Tourist

    Jan 4, 2002

    My Trip Report

    Getting There

    Being the good citizens that we are, we arrived at Pearson Airport at 7:00 am for our 10:15 flight. Toronto airport is one busy airport and it took us a little more than 1 hour to make it through check in, US customs and security. Long lines moved in a fairly quick manner. Many were pulled for random inspections but we were lucky and breezed through all. There was a second set of people pulled for a random check when we were boarding the plane. Pat downs were done and carryon bags inspected. We did get a laugh when they inspected the open toed slides that one woman was wearing as they were nothing more than a strap and a small heel, don't know what they thought she could possibly be hiding. Of course I guess we were a threatening looking bunch of middle aged Canadians.

    Flight left on time and was smooth. Arrived in Vegas right on time. Thank goodness as we were hoping to catch the hockey game. As usual though luggage took a while. Took a cab and the driver took the tunnel, but it was fast and we didn't care.

    Checking In

    Arrived at TI and lined up in the invited guest line. We were supposed to have 4 nights in a Petite Suite which we'd booked through our host. Now we're not high rollers, but we do give most of our play to our own hotel. This means at least 4 hours per day of slot playing for both of us. We play nickels to dollars and are not really fussy about what denomination we play, we like them all. We were given a room on the 9th floor, which didn't alarm me too much as I figured the odds of getting a suite on a high floor were probably slim, so off we went to the room to watch the game. When we got there we discovered we just had a regular room. I was not impressed. Told hubby to just turn on the TV and I'd go back downstairs to complain.

    Went to VIP room and said "Look, I don't mind a regular room, but seeing as how you offered me a suite, you could at least give me a room higher up with a view". They were very apologetic, but did not have any suites available, but they did give us a different room. Back upstairs I go and away we go to our new room. Beautiful south strip view this time.

    By now the hockey game was in the 3rd period, so we watched. It was a thrill when Canada won because after all 50 years is a long time, but for us Leaf fans we're used to being patient.

    We had reservations for dinner at the Steak House at Circus Circus. What a gem this place is. Once you walk in, you completely forget that you are in the middle of one of the dumpiest casinos on the strip. We had a table that overlooked the grill and it was great to watch the chef in action. We both chose the porterhouse steak with mashed potatoes, but hubby had the shrimp cocktail for starters. I don't like shrimp, but these were beautiful to look at. Great big succulent shrimp. Dinner also came with salads and warm breads. Hubby had a glass of red wine. Neither one of us could finish our dinner. The steaks were I think, 20 oz size. We skipped dessert and the bill came to 80.00 before tip. This is the perfect place for a great meal if you like to eat well, but are intimidated by the fine dining establishments. both of us enjoyed Delmonicos last year, but this steakhouse was more comfortable for both us, despite the dead animals on the wall.

    We decided to pick up the new one card and play at Circus Circus for a while. The casino was actually good to us and we both left there up a few dollars. We walked down to the Sahara to pick up our tickets for the Rat Pack for Wednesday night. Because it is not crowded at that end of the strip the walk was a little scary but obviously we were perfectly safe and had no problems along the way.

    Decided it had been a long day as it was now 9:30 Vegas time and 12:30 to our poor old bodies so we hopped a cab back to TI to get some gambling in before bed time.

    When we went up to the room both of us were down only 50.00 for the day and had visions of this finally being our first winning trip. Unfortunately it goes down hill from here. More to follow.

    Day 2

    My recollections start getting fuzzy now as a fever will tend to fry your brain a bit. Up early and have breakfast at the buffet at TI. Gamble a bit with a few small hits and head off to Mirage by way of the Tram. We love Mirage, but can never manage to hit anything in the casino, so we head off to the Venetian.

    The Venetian sucks 100 bucks out of us, so we head up the strip to Harrahs. We usually can hold our own in Harrahs but no such luck today. Next we head up to the Barbary Coast to catch the shuttle to the Gold Coast.

    At the Gold Coast we play a few sessions of bingo as a way to conserve money. Didn't win, but hey we're getting used to that now. We did try the new Ports of Call Buffet. It's is actually very good. Reasonably priced and a lovely room. The only problem I had was that they had posters on the wall of old shipping lines and one of them that they had several posters of, happens to the the one that I currently work for. The posters were of the old Canadian Pacific Empress Line which was the forerunner for the the current version of CP Ships. I could've done without the reminder of work, but we did enjoy the buffet.

    From here we decide to head downtown to Freemont Street. We caught a couple of light shows and as usual they are quite enjoyable. It was fairly busy down town and despite the fact that we both felt rotten we managed to hit several casinos, leaving our donations along the way. I have never felt the attraction for downtown that some people have. I hate fighting off the walkers and wheel chairs and oxygen tanks in the small casinos. Heck, those oxygen tanks have got to be dangerous considering how smoke filled those casinos are. Now, I'm not slamming the people that have to use these devices, just the lack of space in the downtown casinos when there are so many in use. I may very well be one of these people one day as I certainly wouldn't let a lack of mobility stop me from spending time in my favourite city.

    Feeling decidedly lousy, we head back to TI to hit the slots before hitting the sack. At the end of this day we have used up all of the remaining budget from Sunday and most of Mondays money. Despite being ill, we still stayed up till 2:00am determined not to let our vacation be ruined.
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