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Tunica - Solo Trip

Discussion in 'Non-Vegas Trip Reports' started by loonytoony, Feb 22, 2011.

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  1. KnowItAll

    KnowItAll VIP Whale

    Apr 19, 2008
    Trips to Las Vegas:

    My Trip Report

    Free flight on Airtran and free Hotel courstesy of Harrahs. I try and check in online and no luck. I get to Atlanta Airport and they can't find my reservation. I furnish my receipt and shes like are you flying "Stand By" and I reply "No". She says she needs to get a supervisor.

    She comes back and tells me the flight is overbooked and they don't have a seat for me but the gate agent can help me. She gives me a pass and I make my way to gate. Once a gate agent appears I approach, she takes my pass and tells me she will call me back up in a little bit. She calls me and several others up and tells me there are no seats and they can fly me through Memphis in a couple of hours or maybe someone won't show up.

    After a long wait they finally have a seat for me so I get on the plane. I get lovely seat 31F. This is the last row, window seat, except there is no window and of course the seat does not recline. Oh well its only a 55 minute flight althought it takes 30 minutes to taxi and wait to take off in Atlanta.
    I arrive on time and get on the bus.

    I opt to hit Horseshoe first since it was 1st stop and I was itching to gamble. I play some LIR, BJ, and DDBP but find myself down $300 after a few hours. Feeling hungry I grab a burger at the ACE's inside HS and its not too bad for Free with TR points. I try 1 more time at BJ and quickly drop another hundred. I decide I better get outta here and catch the shuttle back to Harrah's.

    I ask myself "Hotel or Casino". I can't stand that I haven't won yet so I sneak inside Harrahs. I get some action on DDBP but after a little over an hour my hundred is gone. I decide to go check out the room. I get my room and they have provided a mini suite as my last stay was subpar. Room was clean, nice size, but at the end of the hallway. Actually it was good for me because it kept it quiet and gave me exercise.
    One thing though, my luggage is not there, but I leave back for the casino.

    Back in Harrah's I play a little BJ and lose another hundred. Damn down 600 already. I decide to go try out Gold Strike. Catch the shuttle accross to HS and go into GS. I find a $5 table and play it slow. I get up a little and table is having a good time. My hundred is now nearing $400 and I am hungry. I decide to try and get to $500 but I can't get there and cash out $300 so I make back $200 of my earlier losses (TOTAL down $400 so far).

    Pit Boss comps me a buffet which its seafood nite. I get inside and the food is pretty good. Get my fill of seafood. I decide to try a little steak too. I cut into a piece and it looks gross and old. Cooking steak and leaving it in a heating pan is a bad idea. There was a pile there and after it sits a bit steak can get nasty. I don't even taste it.

    After dinner I play some DDBP at GS and hit one 4oak but I can't seem to get over the hump. THe lady next to me hits two premiums and a couple other 4oak's and I congratulate her and wish her continued luck as I try HS again. I play some LIR and leave up about $50. (trip tally minus $450 so far)

    Back to Harrah's I play some more BJ, try Mississippi Stud but dont hit anything. I decide I need to slow it down so I sit down for some Pai Gow. I love this game as you can play for hours, its slow pace with a full table. Back and forth we go as I am betting $10 with $5 on the bonus, I look at my cards and Im like "Holy Crap" AKQJ10 of Spades with a pair of 8's on top. So that was 150:1 payoff and every one else got $50 for the Envy bonus. I am stoked now. I get my next hand and I got a full house. Excited I am like damn I should have pumped up my bet. So I go to $20 with $10 on bonus. Next hand STRAIGHT FLUSH, for 50:1 and nice PURPLE chip. I am laughing my ass off in disbelief. Everyone else gets a $20 for my win. I play a while longer and cash out $1500 for my hundred buy in. I decide to call it a night since Im ahead.

    I get back to my room no luggage. Its now midnite. Finally they find my bag and bring it up. I crash.

    Next morning Im up by 6am. Head over to gamble. Play some more and get my breakfast comp. Up to Paula Deans for an omelette with veggies only and grab some fruit to stay healthy. Ive lost 40lbs since December and Im trying to keep on my weight loss plan this weekend. By 10am I hit the shuttle to go to HS. I play till 2pm at GS only losing a little bit and the VP still has stunk. Back over to the hotel for a nap so I can stay up for the Escalade drawing at Harrahs tonight.

    Nap is short lived and by 4pm Im back at casino. Playing MS Stud I catch a couple of hands (Straight and Full House) so I cash out up $300. I decide to up my BJ play as I have been playing mostly $5 or $10 tables. I sit at $25 6 deck shoe game. I got 7 green chips in my pocket. Play 1st shoe up n down. 2nd shoe ends and Ive doubled up so I think about leavin but table has a good vibe. Well I was right. Now I am normally a quiet guy but our table got on one hell of run. I pumped my bet to $100 and i get 4-4 with dealer 5. I split. I get a 6 so i double. Heart pumping now with $300 on table. I get a 9 for a 19. Next I get a 4 and I quickly place another 100 out to split again. Out comes a 7, so another 100 to double ($500 on table and I am nervous as crap) I get a 6 for a 17. Next 4 I a 3 for 7 and guy next to me is like "Double,Double" and I m like no way so I get a 8 for 15. Next two players stay. Dealer has a 4 under for 9, then pulls a 2 for 11, then pulls a 4 for 15, and then spikes a 10 for a bust. The table errupts with me and my $500 win plus I had $25 for the dealer so he got $50.

    I proceeded to finish the shoe with $1700 from a start of $350. Next shoe started choppy and I tried to get to $2000 but stopped when I lost and had $1800 left. Probably my best run at BJ. Everyone at the table won at least $1k. Rest of the night nothing much to speak of. I kept trying my DDBP but best I could do was 4 Aces but no kicker.

    End result of trip was up $2k, air, room, meals all comped so it was a pretty good trip. I did get bumped off the flight home but they took me by Limo to Memphis to catch a different flight.

    After this I am ready to go back to Vegas cause too much gambling time in Tunica. I need the distractions of Vegas to help fill the between time.

    Thanks for reading and Good Luck Gamblers.
  2. Travel Fanatic

    Travel Fanatic The Arbiter of Taste Caviar Kid

    Jul 11, 2010
    Trips to Las Vegas:
    Good report, never seen anyone win at MS Stud so great job!
    Extended Family Meetup! Yay
  3. Stacks O. Purple

    Stacks O. Purple Low-Roller

    Sep 3, 2010
    Trips to Las Vegas:
    Congrats! Sounds like you know how to take advantage of a good run, then lock up the win!
  4. jgates8

    jgates8 VIP Whale

    Jun 25, 2007
    Trips to Las Vegas:
    Thank you ! I love trip reports from other gambling venues also!
  5. rdwy29

    rdwy29 Low-Roller

    Feb 7, 2010
    Trips to Las Vegas:
    That's a hell of a BJ run!!!
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