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Tropicana & Fitzgeralds trip report

Discussion in 'Vegas Trip Reports' started by Mamaceta, Mar 5, 2003.

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  1. Mamaceta

    Mamaceta Tourist

    Jan 18, 2003

    My Trip Report

    We flew out of Detroit usin American West. Our plane left at 8:30 our time and arrived on time in Vegas at 9:30 am. This trip was myself, fiance and 15 yr.old son. We gathered our luggage and got a shuttle and within 10 minutes were off to Tropicana. Our room was not ready until 2 pm. so we had them hold our luggage. We went to the MGM and son went into the arcade. I lost and fiance won 125.00 on triple lucky machine. We went to check on son and he wanted to keep playing in arcade so we went to play more. No more wins so we went to pick up our David Copperfield tickets. We going to saturday's show. Picked up son and headed to excalibur stayed there until 2 pm. We went back and got our room key and headed up to room to wait for luggage and unpack. We unpacked and took son over to Gameworks and bought him a card and gave him extra money to put on it. That place is the perfect place for teens. My son just loved and didn't want to leave. We went to the boardwalk and I played 20.00 in nickles and lost, then went to a triple bonanza and won 50.00. Fiance won 140.00 on megabucks and 240.00 on red white and blue. At 5:30pm went to pick up son and got something to eat then back up to the room for alittle while. After alittle r & r we went down stairs in the tropicana and son went back to gameworks. This was his new home. Dan lost around 80.00 and I lost 40.00. We only play slots. Finally went back up to room and collasped around 10 pm. We were up for 27 hours.

    DAY 2

    Got up and had coffee and down to the casino about 5:30 am. We played until 8:30 cause I figured son would be up and ready to go. Son wanted to walk down to aladin and go to build a bear, however when we got there they were not open. They don't open until 10. So we grab a bite to eat and decide to walk to circus circus. Son wanted to go to the midway, so we went to play slots. Neither of us did any good fiance down 80.00 and I down 60.00. Boy that was a waste of walk. I had blisters so bad on the top of my feet and fiance had them on the bottom of his. That is quit a walk. We decided to take the shuttle back, there was no way I was going to walk it back. We had to get back and catch our David Copperfield show. It started at 3 pm. It was at MGM in the hollywood theater. Boy we had great seats. He really put on a wonderful seat. He threw one of the balls right at my son and the silly boy thought it was going to hit him so he ducked instead of catching it. That really sucked for him, he had a chance to get up on stage and participate and meet copperfield face to face. He was bummin. Any one that has a chance to see the show, it is well worth the money. After the show son wanted to go back to gameworks for a while so he went and played and so did we. Back up to the room and ordered pizza and out around 10:30 pm for the night. The walk to circus circus wiped me out.

    DAY 3

    Fiance up aroun 5 am and down to casino, I decided to sleep in. I got up and went down to play around 7 am. Fiance won a little and I lost. Went up and picked up son. We thought we would try the island buffet. We went in to look before we decided we wanted to eat there and it looked great. It was 11.95 apiece. Well let me tell you it looked alot better then it tasted. Never will I eat that buffet again, not worth the money. After breakfast son wanted to go to gameworks so we caught the shuttle and went to sams town to check it out. I proceded to lose more and fiance won 125.00. We left there at 1 pm. I had to get back and change my tickets for the magic of rick thomas. They made a mistake and gave me tickets for the 2 pm show and it was suppose to be for 4 pm. They changed them no problem. Son was going to be back to the room at 3pm and it was only 2pm so we decided to walk over and try out san remo. We played til 2:45 and lost. We headed back to room to get ready for the show. The show was great. The show ended at 5:30pm. Son wanted to go to gameworks so he went there and we stayed and played awhile. No wins again. We all got something to eat and went to bed around 10:30 pm again.

    Day 4

    Fiance up at 5 am and down to play. I went down around 7. When I got down there he had won 320.00 and then another 240.00. I put in 5.00 on a multi line nickle machine and got a hand pay for 80.00. Today was check out day so we decided to check our comps. All our dinners, hotel stay was comped plus we got 60.00 cash back. Not bad huh? On our way down to check out I put in 5.00 in a 25 cent double black jack machine and hit for 100.00. Went down and checked out and caught a cab to Fitzgeralds. Check in around 2:30 and it went fast. The room was ready and on the 33rd floor.Went up to the room and unpacked.Went down out side and checked out the arcades around the hotels.The arcade was called Jillians. We put some money on the card and gave him some extra money to play with. We went back to Fitzgeralds to play. I won a couple of times. Once for 75.00 and once for 150.00. Fiance didn't win anything. We met up with son and had a bite to eat at McDonalds. Then son went to the movies and we stayed and played at Fitzgeralds. We did not win. Went to bed around 10:30 pm

    Day 5

    Fiance got up around 5 am went down to play. I got up around 7 am and went down to play. Fiance was down 200.00. I playe some nickles and lost. We went back up to the room and son was not ready to get started for the day so we decided to walk over to 4 queens. Fiance hit right away for 125.00 and then for 450.00 on quarter machines. We went up to room and pick up son and got something eat. We went and droped son at the movies and we went casino hopping: Golden Nugget, Golden Gate, Bionons were Fiance won another 100.00 in quarters. Met up with son and went back to the room and sat and relaxed for awhile. We went down at 6 pm to see the first light show of the evening. After the light show Fiance stayed down stairs to play and son and I went up to the room to relax. We rented the movie 8 mile with Eminem( a must see) and then I went down to check and see how Fiance was doing. He lost alittle. We went back up and rented son another movie and we set off for the 4 queens. We bothed played the 21 buy in and both won denim jackets and tee shirts with 4 queen logo on front and back. The jackets are well worth it. It cost 40.00 to just buy them out right so we figured why not play and try to win some money with it. We walked around and played alittle and fiance hit 125.00 on a double double wild quarter machine and then hit 1600.00 on a double double wild dollar machine. He gave me 200.00 to play with and gave son 20.00. We were exausted so we went back and went to bed around 1am.

    Day 6

    Fiance got up and spent lots of money by the time I got down there. So we walked over to 4 queens and lost some more. Went back and got son and had some breakfast. After breakfast we hit some shops while fiance casino hopped. He did not win anything. Went up to pack for trip home around 1 pm and was checked out at 2 pm. We had them hold our luggage and we all walked aound town.Fiance hit a few more casino's while me and son shoped some more. We decided that all of us would go see a show. We went and saw Dare devil at 4 pm and was done at 6pm. Son and I went to pick up the video cam so we could tape the fremont light show but we missed it. Fiance continued to hop around the casinos so we just walked around and looked at things. We watched the drifters for a bit. The 7 pm show started and we taped that and then the 8pm show. Son and I met up with fiance at 8:30pm gathered our luggage and the shuttle was there at 8:45pm to pick us up and take us to the airport. Checkin at the airport went fast with no problems. We grabbed something to eat and waited for plane. Plane left on time and we arrived back in Detroit aroound 6:15 am. We had a 4 hour drive to get back home. Thank god it was not snowing although there was still snow and real cold. I wish I were back in Vegas. My loses for the trip were 1300.00 and fiance's was around 900.00. All in all we had a great time. Next trip to Vegas we will be staying downtown. It is alot looser then the strip and love the atmosphere. Hope this report did not bore you silly. Till we meet again take care. Mamaceta
  2. Jimbo338

    Jimbo338 VIP Whale

    Oct 8, 2000
    Laconia, NH
    Trips to Las Vegas:
    Yes sir,

    I'm liking downtown more and more; nice report!

  3. Absolutdrinker

    Absolutdrinker Low-Roller

    Jan 21, 2003
    Nice report!
    So your fiance hit for 1600 bucks and wouldve prolly ended up being up but he didnt stop and Proceeded to lose it back and then some? Ouch!
    Glad your son wasnt bored with gameworks!
    Great TR

  4. KathyinNY

    KathyinNY Tourist

    Jan 29, 2002
    Upstate New York
    Trips to Las Vegas:
    Sounds like you all had a great time.

    I'm curious though about the Tropicana. How much did you spend and how much did you actually get back from the machines? Did you gamble a lot there because from your report it doesn't sound like it so I was curious how you got everything comped.

    When I was there my husband and I played strictly quarter slots for 2 days and partial day 3 and 4 and the only thing we were comped was one night. Our meals and other nights were not comped so I'm curious how you all do it. Thanks.
  5. Joyce Mutch

    Joyce Mutch Newbie

    Jun 24, 2002
    Fowlerville, Michigan
    I really enjoyed your report and glad to hear your son had a great time. To bad it wasn't better weather with pools open, but sounds like he is a video player so it probably didn't matter.
    Good luck on the next trip!!!
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