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tripreport 14-25 june long... part 1

Discussion in 'Vegas Trip Reports' started by DutchVegas, Jun 27, 2002.

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  1. DutchVegas

    DutchVegas Low-Roller

    Sep 4, 2001
    Ruinen The Netherlands
    Trips to Las Vegas:

    My Trip Report

    Tripreport 14 june – 25 june 2002

    * Arrive Friday 14 june in Las Vegas.

    After our United flight which arrived at 7.00 pm we were tired like hell, travelling for 20 hours does take its toll.But the sight of all the Hotels and town makes it all up to us.

    Our luggage and leaving the airport goes like a breeze no problems here.

    Stepped in the Alamo/National shuttle(they went one company??) and we waited for almost one hour to collect our car.What a mess it was.The guy at the counter told us to just get one out of the SUV line and take it with us.
    But the cars in line were old and dirty, that’s all there was left said this man at the carpark, if I wasn`t happy I had to go inside again.Well that’s not what I wanted , so we took a chevy blazer with 30000 miles and a lott of dirt inside.
    After 10 minutes driving the car I decided to return it the next day because it shaked like crazy when you applied the brake by 60 miles/hour.

    Check in at the Luxor went very smooth, no one in line.Got an upgrade to a suite in the pyramid.Nice room.Jacuzzi near the window, separate sitting area 2 queen size beds, two tv `s the big ones.But we fell a sleep within 3 minutes.

    We were both awake at 4.00 am (9 hours time differents), filled the Jacuzzi and bubbled for a hour.Called roomservice for something to eat and drink.It was delivered within 15 minutes, pizza and cola.
    We got dressed and went downstairs to get the “ one club slot card “ and decided to start gambling, my wife likes the 5 cent video games (monopoly/the price is right/genie etc etc.)
    I started playing Black Jack USD 15,00 a hand within 15 minutes I lost my first USD 150,00 this was not going how I had planned it.So I looked up my wive and she had put in a twenty and was up at 1300 credits, she played back to 1200 and collected the ticket for USD 60,00.
    After walking through the casino for half an hour I stepped again to a black-jack table and tried to get my loses back, but you guessed it no luck there again USD 100,00 within 15 minutes.Something had to change otherwise our gambling budget would be gone in about 5 days and we would stay 11 days ……

    We decided to return our car and get another one.This time at 7.00am we were helped within 5 minutes , no one there before us.I explaned the problem to this man at the counter and he was very helpful and let us pick up another car this time we got an Isuzu Ixus ?? brand new(500 miles) really nice car.He would give us a tank gas for free , just turn it in empty he said , nice.

    Again we were hungry so first we grabbed a bite to eat at the buffet in the Luxor.Its good breakfast food en we enjoyed our meal there.
    The first day we drove out to Death Valley and we returned at about 07.00pm.
    Naptime again, we slepped until 11.00 pm and hit the town.
    First we went to Mandalay Bay , I losed again USD 100,oo with Black Jack and my wife again got about 1200 credits on a Monopoly game.
    Its starting to get bored for me this way.

    June 16

    We get up at 5.00 am and heat up the Jacuzzi again.Today we have to check out and go to the Venetian for our 5 night stay.
    We check out at 11.00 hour and drive straight to the Venetian and ask if we can check in early.No problems here got a room on the 17th floor with view over the south strip.Notting to complain about.Nice rooms.
    At least my luck changed here.I was done playing black jack for a while so I decided to play videopoker 25 cents 1 dollar a bet/ triple play /deuces wild.
    Within 30 min. I got 4 deuces which gave me USD 200,00.After a while I did the same again.
    Profit about USD 350 total.

    I walked straight to the black jack tables betting USD 25,00 a hand.This was great I did lose some and win some I played almost for 4 hours and did lose about USD 100,00 from my original USD 350.

    My wife again made about USD 100,00 profit on the 5 cents machines betting 18 per push.
    I was wondering maybe I should also start on the 5 cents machines.She just put in a twenty and the amazing thing is the machines always seem to give about 300 or 400 credits early on, and she just cash out and walked to the next one.
    In about 4 hours time she had earned about USD 100,00.Pretty good I think.
    We had diner in the Grand Lux café which again was OK.
    Nice cheesecake by the way.
    This evening we stayed on our room and enjoyed ourselves with watching a movie and doing nothing at all.

    june 17

    We went early to Zion national park and came back at 11.00 pm.
    We had diner in the buffet in mesquite in a little casino, don`t know the name anymore.It was not good.
    No gambling today

    june 18

    Today we wanted to explore the outlaying casinos after we had breakfast in the Grand Lux(cheesecake), gambling a bit 5 cents machines also for me.I played I dream of genie.Yes master , good master.
    I played al morning for about USD 30,00.My wife seemed to be losing today she did not win anything at all.

    We arrived at 1.00pm at Boulder Station, for their buffet, which was really good, at least I liked it.
    What happened here to us was pretty amazing.Our waiter got an heart attack or something like it, at least that’s what he tought.This guy collapses on the floor right in front of us.The manager come straight to it and some co-workers they placed him into the booth right behind us and tried to feed him some cookies from the buffet.
    My wife is a medical assistant over here in the Netherlands, so she tried to convince them to place him back on the ground and open his pants and shirt to give him as much of air as possible and stop feeding him cookies until the paramedics arrive.

    This guy was about 25 years young but to heavy for his length.After the paramedics arrived they diagnost him with something called an hypo.Bloodsugar levels to low.

    It seemed he was on some kind of diet with miracle pills and they de-hydrated him and he got not enough food that day and the 2 weeks before.
    So feeding him these cookies was not such a bad idea after all.

    to be cont…
  2. odannyo

    odannyo Guest

    good report so far! would like to see what your over-all impression of vegas is like at the end of your trip... [​IMG]
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