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Trip to Vegas - with Kids.

Discussion in 'Vegas Trip Reports' started by MNVegasgal, Mar 30, 2005.

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  1. MNVegasgal

    MNVegasgal Low-Roller

    Aug 18, 2003
    Twin Cities, MN
    Trips to Las Vegas:

    My Trip Report

    Ok... I never thought I'd take my daughter to Vegas until she was 21.. but it worked out that we started our week vacation wiht 3 days in Vegas and then onto San Diego. My husband went out early (Wed March 16th and golfed, friends 5 total.. 2 couples and 1 14 year old boy) flew out Thursday Night... and me, my 14 year old daughter and her 14 year old friend.. flew out Friday March 18th in a snow storm. Minneapolis/ST Paul got hit with a storm that started at 5:00 AM... our flight was scheduled for 2:45.. actually went to the airport at 8:00 AM to see if we could fly standby on any earlier flights. Almost made it on the 10:45 flight.. but the softball team that drove up from Iowa made it at the last minute.. so the flight was full. Our 2:45 plane actually loaded at 3:00 sat at the gate for 1/2 hour.. and then had to be de-iced. Got to Vegas 1.5 hours later than planned.

    Met hubby at Dollar rental to pick up the van and rush to Sam's Town. We did not want to stay on the strip during March Madness with the kids. This hotel has a huge movie theater, bowling alley, game room, McDonalds, Sbarro Pizza, and and ice cream parlor which all worked out great for the kids. Our host at Sam's town hooked us up with adjoining rooms - no charge. Kids, hubby and one other dad rushed to make the 7:00 Las Vegas Wranglers hockey game. I got ready and met the rest of the goup downstairs. We were meeting a bunch of North Dakota people.. as well as a few Arizona people at Harrah's Piano Bar. We took the Shuttle from Sam's to Harrahs, and hubby and the other dad were meeting us there after they returned the kids to the hotel after the game.

    Piano Bar was a blast... We were the loudest table (14 of us) and really got into it. A few in the crowd had a lot to drink.. made the van ride back to Sam's pretty interesting. Played a little at Harrah's but Lil' Lucy was not good to me and I didn't win anything here. Went back to Sam's- checked on the kids watching movies in their room, and played some slots... Enjoyed the Sun/Moon, and a bunch of the other Penny and nickle slots. Nothing to brag about in wins tonight.

    Got up in the AM and played Sun/Moon again. Hit all 5 funs for 50 free spins. Cashed out $225 on a penny machine.. Good morning so far. Played a little here and there.. a new Don Ho machine.. and then had breakfast with the whole crew. Rounded up the kids, and the Mom's and headed to the strip. We took them to Circus Circus (I hate this place) where they played in the midway and then went on some rides. Then off to the forum shops so they could look around and go on the new escalator. Girls thought The Louie Vitton Shop was pretty cool but were totally shocked at the $375.00 price for a belt.. for a belt are you kidding me. I wandered off to Ceasers to get a drink and play a little. Played some 5 cent enchanted Unicorn and cashed out $50.00 from a $10.00 investment.

    Headed to the Rio Buffet to meet up with the Dad's. Kids were amazed at all the food.. and the 14 year old boys eyes were bugging at the Bikini dealers and the bevertainers. I had 20 minutes and $20.00 while the rest finished eating and I wandered to a 5 cent Sun/Moon slot. I hit the 5 symbols and got 50 free spins.. I love this machine.. Cashed out at $260.00 and went to meet the group at Valet. Headed over to NYNY so the kids could ride the roller coaster.. a little rainy and windy.. 14 year old boy chickened out.. Girls had a blast. Bought some chocolate covered cheeries for the girls in the little shop below the stairs to the roller coaster.. my daughter was in heaven. While they were waiting in line I played some 1 cent Cleopatra and some 1cent Twin something.. won $100 on the twin thing and played with $20.00 for a while and ended up even on Cleopatra. Back to Sam's so the kids could see a movie. We headed to the Casino. I played tons of Machines.. with no luck.. A bunch of fun new games.. that I can't remember the names of but one had jewels.. and if you lined them up .. they disappeared and more jewels fell in place.. and if you got 3 gold coins you went to the bonus where you picked stones and the jeweler set them into jewlery.. if you filled a set (necklace, ring, etc) you got additional credits.. if you picked 2 faulty stones.. it ended.. played a while but ended up losing. Our good friend BT who has no luck what so ever .. and is like Schleprock with the dark cloud over his head had a good night. His wife came running up yell Bill actually won. We went to see what was up.. and he had hit $3200 on a CaveMan Keno machine.. $1.00 bet.. with 3 eggs cracked (x10) and 7 numbers hit.. he almost fell over in shock. He bought us breakfast the next day and dinner the next night for the group.. Very nice.

    Went to play some Let it Ride.. I couldn't hit a thing.. Friend got 4 of a kind for $700+.. hubby had 4 to the Royal.. but ended up with a flush.. exciting for a few minutes.. I left after I lost my $100.

    Sunday was a little sunny so we headed to the pool for a couple hours.. and then to the Outlet Mall.. 14 year olds were in heaven.. shopped for a couple hours and then headed back.. Got lost.. was heading towards Salt Lake City.. when we figured it out.. made a wrong turn off the freeway and ended up in Las Vegas Ghetto.. Not a fun time.

    Sunday Night we took the kids to Freemont.. BAD IDEA. Really rough crowd out tonight.. Saw a really drunk guy staggering with a knife.. one dad bought the girls a virgin dacquiri.. and we had 2 21 year olds following them around thinking they were really drinking.. I stopped the guys.. said "it's a virgin drink.. AND THEY ARE 14".. we pretty much let them look around.. but had adults posted all around them so nobody could bug them. One guy hit them up for change.. but they scooted back to us. Had some warm Krispy Cremes and headed back. The kids wanted to rent a movie in the rooms and it was our last night together to gamble so we all wandered around together. I wasn't hitting much.. so stuck with my familiar machines for a while and headed up to bed.

    Monday AM up and playing Sun/Moon.. .lost lost and lost.. didn't love this game any more. Got everyone packed headed to the airport for our 1:00 flight on Southwest ($39.00 each way) to San Diego. Everything Fine.

    Jump ahead to Thursday.. fly back to Vegas.. raining in San Diego and Vegas.. do you have a drought in your area.. I'll jump on a plane and fly there.. you'll get rain. Anyway.. had a free night tonight at MGM before we headed back to Minnesota on Friday. Checked in at the airport.. used the $20.00 trick.. he wanted to give me a suite .. but only had one king bed and we needed room for the girls.. instead gave us a room with an extra seating area and TV.. nice.. especially for free. Grabbed a cab. $14.00 with tip and headed to the room.

    Cleaned up (9:00 PM) and the girls went to the arcade for a bit. While I played my $65.00 in free play. Turned it into $100 on a 5 cent game that had pigs that lined up.. and when you got the bonus (3 bombs) you spun and got credits.. and also got bonus spins. Met the girls at 10:00 and walked to NYNY for Pizza. Ok.. but the heartburn I had in the middle of the night was not so good. Went back.. hubby headed up to the room with the girls and I played Quarter Double Cheeseburger. Hit the bonus round a few times and actually got 425 quarters on one bonus.

    Got up at 7:00 AM to play for a bit before we left.. went back to Double Cheeseburger and got the bonus again a few times.. Cashed out $200.00 (800 quarters) and played some caveman Keno while I drank my starbucks.

    Headed to the airport.. Me and the girls on the 11:30 flight on America West.. Hubby on the 12:10 on Northwest. My big idea was to check all the luggage under us (4 suitcases plus golf clubs) so we wouldn't have to wait for luggage on his flight. Good idea in theory.. until we got off the flight.. had to haul all that stuff to the car.. and pick him up as he walked off the plane with his carry on and right out the door. Next time I'll fly by myself and he can fly with the girls (HEE HEE). Overall a good trip.. milder than normal since the girls were with. Enjoyed our selves.. and the Girls loved Vegas.. (except maybe that little side trip into the Ghetto).

    Let me know if you have any questions.
  2. Jer

    Jer “Bears, Beets, Battlestar Galactica”

    Jan 20, 2002
    Southern California
    Trips to Las Vegas:
    Good for you!

    See? It can be done...

    Thanks for the report!
  3. blackjack

    blackjack Monkey!!

    Mar 28, 2003
    North Coast
    Trips to Las Vegas:
    Awesome Vegasgal - You did it right & are not a "bad parent". Good trip report.
  4. RamBill

    RamBill Tourist

    Jun 8, 2004
    west hartford, CT
    Great Vegasgal. I don't consider 14 yr olds to be "Kids" and you certainly aren't a "bad parent" for bringing them! As far as the dealer and bevertainers go, they see more skin at the beach!

    Good hits on those penny slots!!

    Fremont can be rough but also a good eye opener for them! "See what happens when drugs and alcohol run your lives?" Are you sure that wasn't Dr._Al with his thumb up rather than a knife? [​IMG]

    All in all, I feel more confident about bringing my kids when they're that age (2-3yrs from now)
  5. doctor_al

    doctor_al VIP Whale

    Nov 25, 2002
    Twin Cities
    Trips to Las Vegas:
    Man, it wasn't me, I wasn't anywhere near downtown that evening. Pretty funny about taking the kids through Rio, the bikini pit and bevertainers sure got MY attention...
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