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Trip Report March 8th to 13th (Flamingo/Venetian

Discussion in 'Vegas Trip Reports' started by prezriv, Mar 30, 2003.

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  1. prezriv

    prezriv Tourist

    Sep 18, 2002

    My Trip Report

    Sorry guys. It took me long to recover from Las Vegas trip. Unfortunately this was one of the worst trip I had. After reaching there on 8th march everything was as planned. I was suppose to stay Flamingo for first three days/Venetian for last three days.Before I checked in to flamingo I visited Palms,Orleans,Yes I Played Multi Strike Poker(with No luck ) First I had a hard time finding the machines I asked 2/3 floor people they never heard of the MSP !!finally I found the machines nobody but one couple was playing the machine!!I think there were Only six machines were there with multi denominations 5c,10c and 25c.I started with 25 c and lost my $100 in 10 minutes !!! fastest I had ever lost on any VP .I was shocked!! I wasn't getting anything Only reached twice to level 4 with small winning.Then I switched to 10 c $40 lasted about an hour No big win but kept me going.So I decided to say bye Bye to MSP for the day. Visited GoldCosat,Rio and Sams Town, not with good luck.I was playing different games and different VP at different casinos to get the feel of Vegas.By 5 PM I was down about $550 Total !!( I started around 11:30 AM) I was so tired by now and had weird feeling (Like I am getting fever or something) I was at Sams Towns and saw a new game Called Hold them-fold them. Decided to give a last shot, Game was very thrilling with odds favoring the house.But I played for 20 minutes and I hit Wild Royal Flush on my $20 bet ($5 ante,$5 bet and $10 Raise bet) Paid $600 to cover my disaster day loses and some more!!
    Checked in to Flamingo around 6:30. Room was very good facing the Caesars' Palace.(Comped for 3 Days) As soon as I reached to my room decided to lay down for a while and when I opened my eyes it was 3:30 in the Sunday morning. And yes I was sweating and my body was hot like a freshly baked potato.(I cought some kind of bug I thought.) Decided to go out to get some medicine.Went to Wallgreen on the strip and took some over the counter medicine.Next five days were like Hell!!! May be it was my luck or Fever and headache !! I did not won any thing!! tried BJ.3 card Poker, Let It ride,Slot,Megabucks everything!!!!Last day I was again down about $1300 !!!!!!My flight was at 10:30 PM Checked out from Venetian around 2 PM ( Suite was great and comped to a friend who joined me after my second day at flamingo but did not enjoyed as was feeling terrible whole time fever + loosing)Went to Harrah's around 5 PM started playing a Table game called Boston 5 Stud Poker .As I am a sucker for new game,I liked it.and I was winning !!! I won every kind of 3 card bonus on this game . When I was done around 7PM I won around $1200 In 2 hours on this suckers game!! Well this was it. lost around $200+ total including all cash expenses and tips (excluding Car rental)Which wasn't bad . But when I came back home I was down with heavy Flue !! Lasted for a whole week. Still feel very week but getting better.

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