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trip report - IP july 27-30th

Discussion in 'Vegas Trip Reports' started by depmode101, Aug 12, 2006.

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  1. alright - two weeks and ive finally got the corona's out of my system and want to share my experience.

    thursday night - depart from toronto 8:50pm EST by westjet $550 for the flight/hotel :nworthy:

    arrive at mccarran 7 beers later (5 on plane, 2 at airport in toronto) waiting for luggage we find limo driver $60 for hour drive - we book him.
    jump in, first stop drink pick up. he suggests we go downtown to see fremont experience midnight show. he drops us off right at fremont and picks us up 20 minutes later after show fails to start, then starts and boredom hits my friends.
    back in the limo and we cruise down the strip standing out of the sunroof (childish i know :) ).
    check in at IP get a deluxe room for free for requesting lower floor (friends afraid of elevators).
    drop baggage off - shower quickly and hit the strip about 2am now.
    find O'Sheas next door with 2 open seats at the texas holdem table which is about 5 feet from the strip. we play poker till they close the table at 5am, hit the subway sub in the back of o'sheas for my pizza sub - hit the pillow 10 minutes later.

    friday morning - wake up at 8am LV time (have a baby at home so am not used to sleeping in).
    call home to let baby and wife know im alive and well.
    start walking down the strip towards MGM Grand in 115 degree weather HOT!!!! stop in to see if i can get in on the texas holdem tournament at alladin $60 buyin - too may people on waiting list, so we walk down the strip hitting the casinos on the east side of the street for the air conditioning and end up at Hooters casino and start playing texas holdem with a sweedish guy and a few other people - small poker room - about 4 tables and off to the side - $1-$2 tables - cheap, the way i like them.
    my friend loses $50 on his first hand to the sweedish guy and im still waiting for my corona to show up. he gets more chips and i decide that when the beer comes we just leave ( i dont want him to go down $ so quickly).
    we get the beer and walk out to the pool area NICE.
    girl comes over and asks if we want to get "laid" for $10 to raise money for breast cancer- my jaw drops until i realize shes talking about the hawaiian lays (sp?) she selling. we buy 1 each and she tells us that they are having a dance show later that night and we should go back for it.
    we leave and meet up other friends at NYNY and go on the manhattan express $12.50 per ride (or you can ride all day for $25) we choose 1 ride - nice coaster - long too, about 3 minutes.
    we walk back up the strip on the west side and just happen to pass bellagio at 4pm for the water show - we walk past trying to get back to the hotel and out of the 115 degree heat.
    change into bathing suits and grab a 24 hour pass for the monorail from the station right at IP for $15 each. we head back down to the hooters casino and drink poolside until 10pm. the pool says its for hotel guests only and there was a security guard walking around, but no one asked us for a hotel key or anything - just look like you belong there and i guess they dont bother you.
    jumped back on the monorail and we head back to hotel to change (MGM to IP is about 5 minutes on monorail - much better than the 30 minute (approx) walk it is)
    decide to hit O'sheas for more poker and were going to the Beach at night - play poker with a bunch of locals who say that the beach was not the place to go for friday night so we decide to stay at osheas again until about 230am and call it a night.

    saturday morning - up early again - call home to wife and baby - then i decide to walk from the IP to the Rio to see what the world series of poker looks like at 830am LV time.
    the walk was incredibly long in the heat but i made it in about 35 minutes - NO SHADE the whole way. the WSOP was closed to visitors on this day as it was the second day of there big $10k tourny. i grabbed a shirt, hat and some chips and watched someone trying to beat the world record for playing texas holdem "heads up" nonstop - he was at 23 hours when i left him and he was looking a little tired. anyone that wanted to play against him (heads up) just had to wait in line for their turn - there were about 10 people waiting at 9am and i wasnt going to wait.

    read about the pool party "WET" at the tropicana which started at 6pm - decide to go - the pool party is open to non-hotel guests and lists 50 cent draft beer and free admission.
    get to the tropicana around 430 and walk into the pool area - no problems, no questions asked - find out the 50 cent draft beer had escalated to $2 somehow but wasnt complaining.
    tried to play swim up blackjack but without a room key we were denied.
    so we decided to stick to drinking and swimming in the pool. the party was fun - was pretty busy and they had a live band which were playing cover songs really well.
    entry was free and there was a bikini contest at 10pm but we didnt stay long enough for that. they did have a belly flopping contest which looked painful for those playing along, but was a blast to watch!
    at about 9pm we decide to head back up to the room to change and head out for the night.

    we stop at osheas for some texas holdem again and about 1030 start walking north - we meet some girls, then jump into a cab and head down to coyote ugly where we meet a long line of people also wanting to get in.
    $20 gets us all in immediately and in we go to the small club - ive had waaaaaaaaay to much to drink and get bored of this so start walking back up the street and play more poker (i love that poker)
    crash hard around 4am after stopping back in at the subway subs for another pizza sub (its not on the menu, but you can ask for them - there great toasted with lots of onions!!!!!!!!!!!!!)

    sunday morning - kinda depressing cause its home time at 1130pm -
    we decide to cab it down to the outlet mall south of the Luxor (WAAAAAAAAAAAAY south)
    $25 cab ride from IP.
    hit the carters for kids for my baby and hilfiger for me and then cab it back to the hotel for $15 (second cabby was quicker and i jumped out at barbury coast and walked through the air conditioned casinos).
    grabbed 12 corona and hit the IP pool - we opted to keep one of our two rooms for an extra $30 until 430pm for the late check out instead of checking out at 11am.
    the room we kept had a balcony that walked out to the pool area so we kept the beers cool in the room and walked back for more when our cans were empty.
    we ended up staying in the room/pool until 7pm before we left and left our luggage in the bellroom at the IP until 930 when we headed to the airport.
    this time we just took the airport shuttle for $5 each - leaves every half hour on the hour apparently.

    flying home on the redeye kinda sucked cause i was working the next morning at 930am so i was exhasted the whole day - fell asleep before my baby did that night at 730pm and felt out of it for the rest of the week.

    i realized that it is possible to wake up drunk - i did every morning i was in vegas.

    had a great time - osheas was a great place to hang out in - the service at the poker tables was quick and the dealers and pit boss were great people.

    cant wait until im allowed to go back!!

    i highly recommend the limos at the airport - JD was our driver - good fun and a great way to see the strip and downtown for a cheap price and a nice limo!
  2. sin

    sin VIP Whale

    Jun 25, 2004
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    Nice tr, thanks for posting! Gotta love a guy who loves his Corona!:wink2:
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