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Trip report gone awry- part two

Discussion in 'Vegas Trip Reports' started by farkingidiot, Sep 26, 2003.

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  1. farkingidiot

    farkingidiot High-Roller

    May 19, 2003
    The Great Midwest..Ugh...
    Trips to Las Vegas:

    My Trip Report

    Okay, I know I'm all over the place with...but who cares!

    Date of trip Sunday, 8/25 through Thursday, 8/28.

    Okay, Like I said, two night at Flamingo, two at Mandalay Bay. we're still on Day one, Sunday.....

    So, that night we decide to check out Light. We hear it's hard to get in, but we figure what the hell. My wife was there when it first opened and there were no lines and no one knew what it was. Apparently now, it's THE place to be Sunday and Monday nites.

    So we get there about an hour early and play some slots aned get tagged a little. That's okay. We end up being first in line. The sign said they opened at 10:30. By 11:00, they still were'nt open and the line had gone from behind us to just a mob of people pressed against the old velvet ropes. So, this guy starts walking back and forth wit a clipboard saying he was only letting in VIPs and guests of the bar. At first, I think that was the case, then it turned into a studio 54 thing where you have to get picked to get let in. Talk about a potential blow to one's ego.

    When you see GI Joe with the kung-fu grip and the weird hat get in before you, ya start to wonder what the hells going on. So after about 40 minutes of standing there, wifey starts getting antsy. "What if he won't let us in?" "If I don't get picked this is going to crush my ego" "This is humiliating. I think I'm going to cry".


    If that happened, there'd be a little part of her that it would gnaw at that she didn't get picked to go into Light at Bellagio. All of a sudden, I felt a little flop sweat trickling down my neck.
    y wife's 41 and she likes to think she can hang with the 21 year old crowd (which she can, and does) and this was something she didn't need.

    So I fix the dude with the clipboard my best puppy in the window look and cross my fingers. He looks at me...then past me....then comes back to me, leans over and goes, "You've been here a while, haven't you?"

    And presto, the gates to Mecca open for us.

    Ya know it's funny, when you're stading outside the gates, you feel like such a loser, but once you get in, it's hard to resist the urge to thumb your nose ayt the common people stuck outside the gate...like I'm not one of them.

    Okay, Light kicked arse. Really. Great, great, J-Lo, Ludicris, Snoop, top 40 dance stuff. We absolutley dug it. In 5 trips to vegas, it's become a tie for my favorite club to party at.

    So, I'm in the bathroom and the attendant guy says that J-Lo is actually at the bar that night. I'm like, Wha??

    Apparantly, she was debuting a new line of bikiniwear and they were having an impromptu fashion show.

    I tell my wife and she flips. She digs on J-Lo.

    So, they have the little fashion show...and the stuff sucked! I didn't find a single person that liked her line. Kinda funny. Turns out she hid somewhere, if she was there, but didn't come out. At least, tat's what the bathroom guys said and everyone knows managaement runs all their decisions through the bathroom guy! [​IMG]

    So, Day one ended at Light, getting back to the room around 4 n the morning.

    DAY TWO:

    Started out with the previously mentioned pool fiasco. We called it quits around noon, and went to Madame Toussous Wax Museum.

    Good, googly moogly.

    Weirdly likelike to the point of distraction. I almost felt like not going in. I highly reccomend it.

    That evening, we went to Casino Royale. We actually planned to tour quite a few places, but we ended up having so much fun there, we stayed for like five hours!! Thanks to this board for pointing that place out!

    I just taught my wife craps and it tickles me to no end watching her roll. She's so cute, anxiously awaiating the outcome of the dice. Of course, I'm a bit biased.

    So, anyways, unbeknownst to me, she was doing some thing that is one of my pet peeves. She was gambling with someone elses money.

    Let me explain.

    If I go to Vegas, don't give me money and ask me to play it for you. If I can take the time and effort to go to Vegas, why would I spend some of my valuable time trying to win you some money. She literally was like "Okay, I need to play this 50 bucks on the wheel of fortune slots for my secretary, then this 20 bucks on red, five times on roulette for a work associate, then this 30 bucks..." You get the idea.

    To me, the fun is saying I won X-amount of money. Maybe it's just me. :confused:

    So we're playing $3 dollar craps for like an hour and she turns to me and goes, "When should I stop playing with my bosses money?"

    I was like "what??"

    Turns out her boss asked her to play 20 dollars on the pass line. If it hit, put the whole amout back there. Reapeat 4 or 5 times. At this point she was uparound 40 dollars. I told her to do as boss wanted and be done with it. It was here vacation, not his.

    So she does it.

    All of it. On the pass line. Something like 4 or 5 times. And ya know what?

    She won a freaking $200....for her boss!! I couldn't believe it. When we told the other people at the table, cause you couldn't miss her winnings on a three dollar table, they all told her to tell boss that she lost the oney and pcoket it for her time. But she had no part of it. She's honest to a fault, and I got no problem with that. And it was wild to see.

    Let me say this: Casino Royale. Low limits and the the drinks are non stop. I couldn't even finish my drink before the next one was coming. We had a ball there. I met some fun people playing craps and ended up going back again our final night.

    Oh, let me also mention, that we ate twice at a place that we think is totally overlooked and is delicious: Chin-chins at NYNY. We can't get over how truly FRESH the chinese food is there. If you have a chance, plaese check it out. I used to run a restaurant kitchen and I was truly impressed with the grub.


    Okay, a bunch of funny stuff happened to us, but I'm trying not to make this post War and Peace, so I'll just hit a few highlights.

    First of all, this was the day we were to switch to Mandalay Bay. Check in was a pain and I won't go into details, but bottom line, we got a free upgrade for our efforts to a room overlooking the strip and just a few floors down from the foundation room.

    Remember all the stuff I said about the Flamingo's room? Now think the exact opposite. Dayam. I know you shouldn't compare hotels in different price ranges, but we were in shock at the total difference. No knicked up furniture painted over. No torn up bedding. More than just a shampoo and bar of soap in the bathroom. This place was suh-weet!! Separate tub, glass enclosed shower, seperate water closet area...and a nice little assortment of tolietries. We freaking loved the place.

    And the pool?? Excellant!! I can't believe anyone would mention the Flamingo pool and Mandalay Bay's in the same breath. We always could find a chair, no matter the time of day and there was a nice mix of people. All shapes, sizes and levels of attractiveness.

    I'm sorry. We view the pool as out own personal Baywatch. We like to see some eye candy walk by every now and again.

    Okay, I keep telling myself to be brief. [​IMG]

    Tuesday night, I decide to take mt sweet to the Palms and have her check out the Ghostbar. She'd never been. So we gert there and the doorguy tells us that the bar is closed. Some guy bought out the whole bar for the evening!!

    Disappointed, we sat at a slot machine and had a couple of smokes. Somwe really hot girl, like model quality, stops by me and tels me what a great shirt I'm wearing. As I gloat to my wife she gets this glazed over look in her eyes. Now she usually gets that look when I' talking, but she looked more distant than usual.

    She goes, "Honey, is that Dennis Rodman?"

    Turns out it was. With two gee-or-geous honey trying to chat him up. (Come on Ladies. The man is but Ugly!! If he was picking up your garbage, would you still find him so "cute"? :confused: [​IMG]

    So, a little later, we're at the loby bar and Rodman is standing right next to us. we stood and watched the idiot girls making fools of themselves and started to leave, when my wife hits me.

    "I saw Dennis Rodman's butt!!"

    Sigh. LOL!! Turns out Denny lifted up his shirt to wipe his face and she saw his butt. I told her our mothers would be so proud.

    So, the we slip over to Voo Doo lounge, our favorite bar around 2 am. And the place was closing! We couldn't believe it. The we went to Drai's and they said they were opening that night.

    So basically, we spent the evenig looking for a place to party, but apparently, Tuesdays are the dead night in Vegas for partying? :confused:

    Okay, I think I'd better wrap it up.


    *Chin-Chins is the BEST!!

    *Hookers hanging out at the Flamingo bar are fun to watch.

    *Do NOT walk from Slots O Fun (another find thanks to this board ;) ), to Mandalay Bay at 3 AM. It makes for a great story and you get to see some ineteresting sights, but oh, MAN, does it make your dogs bark the next day!

    *The wave pool at Mandalay Bay is more like a slight swell pool. Where's the gol' darn waves!!

    *There's something sad about the Casino at the Stardust. No one seemed vey happy to be there.

    *Casino Royale...I love you. (One guy rolled for almost an hour and I got up $300 on a 3 dollar craps table!)

    *Lindys at Flamingo blows!!

    *If you have a fondness for animals in their natural habitat, visit the wet hedgehog exhibit at the Flamingo pool. Fromm what I gather, it might be turing into a petting zoo!

    *Tip...and THANK your waitresses. I made it a point at Casino Royale to get my waitress' supervisor and tell her what a great job amd how personale she was. You shoulda seen the satresses face when I saw the supervisor telling her. Smiles like that make ya happy to be alive.

    Man, there is so much I was gonna put in here, but I'm too damn long winded!!

    Viva Las Vegas!!

    [ September 26, 2003, 06:55 AM: Message edited by: farkingidiot ]
  2. doctor_al

    doctor_al VIP Whale

    Nov 25, 2002
    Twin Cities
    Trips to Las Vegas:
    I've taken money for other folks when I go to Vegas, but usually just a one-bet thing, otherwise it's too much of a project. Last time, when I went with my wife, before I left the buddy I usually go to vegas with handed me a twenty to put on red-17. Just to make sure, he gets out a red marker and writes a huge 17 on it. Would have made a great story if it hit, but alas... and yes, if it would have hit, I would have taken a "handling fee" from it...

    On the plus side, I don't know if your wife is usually a table-game person FI, but playing with Other Peoples Money may have helped inspire her to play a new game.
  3. rugbysteve

    rugbysteve Low-Roller

    May 13, 2002
    Trips to Las Vegas:
    Nice story, thanks for sharing Farking Idiot.. and thanks for hammering those old people in the head with that hammer... Damm, we just can't have enough of that.

    My opinion about playing other peoples money in Vegas.. is that.. you may wager it .. and say it hits.. and you have every intention of delivering the winnings back to the person... but somehow along the course of the trip.. you seem to have gambled, spent.. ok gambled all of your cash away. and .. well, you still have the itch to gamble more.. and you have that person's cash in your wallet.. and well, who's to say they didn't lose it... so, the bad person in your head takes over, you decide they lost that wager and you lose the rest of that cash. I'm not saying that is what everyone would do... but , hummm... I always tell people to "just keep it" .. when they try and give me "$20 to place on red" ... I know there is no chance of them seeing that $20 again. Sometimes they insist... and I do wager it for them.... I usually tell them to pick a sports book future.. so at least I can deliver them a ticket for their hard earned cash... Now If the Red Sox can somehow "break the curse" and win the World Series.. well... I can fly out and cash all those tickets for people....
  4. Dutchguy

    Dutchguy Low-Roller

    Jun 11, 2002
    Kansas City
    Trips to Las Vegas:
    Sounds like you two had the classic, outstanding Vegas trip. But Fark, it seems to my that the big jackpot was hit when you met your wife. Cute, fun, and honest (perhaps to a fault). Good job! How about Casino Royale? That place rocks. No matter who I go there with, it's always fun. The cheap drinks are a bonus. And I'm with you when it comes to the pool at Flamingo, it gets my vote as one of the best in Vegas. Good times!
  5. pezarino

    pezarino Guest

    Hey....wait a minute.....isn't 17 BLACK?
  6. Little Bob

    Little Bob Low-Roller

    Aug 18, 2002
    Trips to Las Vegas:
    If I get money from other people to gamble I always announce to my travel partner that I am about to gamble the friend's money. I always take an identical amount of my money and play partnership. I have never hit a big jackpot for a friend (I want half if I do). I have brought $$ home for a friend. I agree that it is a hassle unless the friend gives you enough that you can really take a run at it. I am not intersted in a couple of bucks for the slot machine. If you've got $50 or $100, I'm your guy.
  7. doctor_al

    doctor_al VIP Whale

    Nov 25, 2002
    Twin Cities
    Trips to Las Vegas:
    Could have been part of the problem, pez... :rolleyes:
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