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Trip Report from Last Week

Discussion in 'Vegas Trip Reports' started by pokerqueen, Apr 1, 2003.

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  1. Hello everyone,
    I wanted to sure my trip with you all. So here it goes......
    Left Wednesday from Tampa to Vegas. Flight was on time and arrived in Vegas at 2:20pm. Off to the Rio to get checked in. Walked down to the casino after checking in and found one BJ table at $15 dollars the rest 25. Couldn't afford that yet so off to Gold Coast. I played video poker and my hubby played BJ. In-laws played slots and BJ. I did well on VP. Started with 10 and cashed out 75 dollars. Good off to try something else. Walked over to craps table only $2 so that was right up my ally. Started with $40 and walked away with 125. I couldn't go wrong anywhere I played. Went and ate the buffet not to bad and it was only 8.99 for dinner. They had awesome carrot cake. Back to the tables. My father-in-law started with 100 and walked out with 1,000 dollars about 8pm. Ok back to the Rio we were exhausted. He played at the 25 dollar table and got up to another 1,000 dollars. He was on a roll. My husband was hanging on by the skin of his teeth. 10pm off to bed.

    Thursday Day 2
    Woke up and ate at the SAO Paulo Cafe at the RIO got comped for breakfast. They have excellent omelets there and reasonablely priced. Talked to the in-laws and you won't believe it. The father-in-law lost 1500 back at the table last night. So of course they were comped also.

    All in agreement let's get the hell out of the RIO. Off to Hard Rock Casino. Took a cab for 10 dollars and was very disappointed. I was not impressed with the Hard Rock. A lot of young people though. It was freezing that day about 40 and the wind was 40mph. People were out at the pool. NO WAY!!! We didn't even play there. They had 2 BJ tables open. OK, off to the LUXOR.
    I played BJ started with 50 and got up to 290. I had a blast. Dealer was John. Great guy who dealt to us last year and he actually remembered us because he use to live in Florida also. No one else did anything there. OK so off to The Orleans. My in-laws thought it was going to be a dump because it is a local place. They were impressed. We loved it there. They also have a great buffet for a good price. Ended the night about 12am.

    Day 3
    Breakfast at Sao Paulo again due to comp. Plus a buffet in the morning is just to much. Not only that the RIO buffet is over priced for breakfast. Caught the bus to Harrahs. Walked over to Mirage as my husband had good luck there. Guess what only 25 dollar tables. Walked back to Harrahs and played in the party pit. Terrible rules for BJ. Not good there. Stayed about 2 hours and went back to GOLD COAST. Played there the rest of the night. I broke even and got on a roll on roulette. Dealer hit 23 4 times in a roll. That is my number. YESSSSSS!!!
    Despite the fact that I was winning the hubby was losing so it was like having a vaccum cleaner on your back. HAHA

    Got ready and went to the Platters, Drifters, and Coasters concert at the Sahara . We loved the show despite the fact that the music was way before I was ever born. My father-in-law totally enjoyed it. It was a great concert. Those guys have some great harmony. Played at the Sahara for 4 hours after. It is pretty smoking but lots of low tables. I played some nickel machine and had a blast. I forget the name but the bonus you get to pick the flies and they fly down and give you credits. Really fun. Back to RIO to sleep.

    Day 4
    Walked over to the Palms and ate at the Sunrise Cafe. I had the best sandwich and fries ever. My husband has a philly cheese sandwich which was out of this world. The bill was only 15 dollars with a drink. NOT BAD!!! I really liked the music in the PALMS. We played alittle VP. Got a 4 of a kind for 100 dollars and left. Went back to Gold Coast. We loved that Casino. I played 3 card poker. When I sat down the lady beside had a stack off black chips in front of here. She had gotten 4 straight flushes within about 2 hours. WOW.... This is my table. She got up about 15mins later to go eat and cashed out 1400 dollars. I sat in her spot. 30 mins later I got 3 aces for 30-1. 200 bucks yes!!!
    Cashed out and watched everyone else play. Didn't tell my husband about that hit. I knew he would need money later. Off to the Stratsosphere. Of course Hubby plays BJ and loses more money. I am playing 3 card poker and the I say I really need something good. I pull out 3 2's another 200 dollars. Give my husband 50 to play BJ. He decided he was done with BJ. He sat down and played 3 card poker and did ok. Finally he plays his money and goes to watch the father-in-law. About 15 mins later I get another 3 of a kind. YESSSS!! I cash out immediately. Go over father-in-law has his last bet of about 60 dollars out has a 20 and the dealer pulls a 21 with 7 cards. WHOA!! He is done with BJ. Says he won't play again. He is off to slots with the mother-in-law. I play Elvis and get the ELVIS sign on the first 2 reels just about have a heart attack but of course the last reel came up empty. Had fun playing it. Next thing I know my mother-in-law (who by the way has lost her you know what the whole trip) walked up with 400 dollars. They played on the DOUBLE DIAMOND $1 slots just when you walk in by the BJ tables. They play for 3 hours there and hit the whole time. Overall mother in law walked out with 1400 dollars. She is up now. We got back to RIO to finish up the trip. I have 600 dollars and don't want to lose it so we just sit and people watch. That place was packed. By the way, late at night the RIO has a Bikini Pit in the very back. The dealers are in Bikini's dealing. Caught the hubby back there playing. Why not?? he said if he is going to lose he might as well enjoy it right????

    Overall, it was a great trip. Came home with money. I will not stay at the RIO again though. Table limits to high and I didn't like the crowd. Off the people in there couldn't have been over 21. Flew home Sunday sad. I can't wait for the next Trip. Spent to much money on Cabs therefore will stay on the strip next time.

    Until next time go out and hit a royal flush unfortunately I didn't this year.......
  2. pokerqueen

    pokerqueen Guest

    Share not sure!!! Sorry
  3. bigdogmom

    bigdogmom VIP Whale

    Mar 9, 2002
    Aurora, CO
    Trips to Las Vegas:
    Michelle, sounds like you had a blast! Thanks for writing!

    I wondered how the Platters et al show was; glad to hear you enjoyed it. How much were tickets? I might try to get my friend to go see it with me during our May trip.
  4. Booger

    Booger Tourist

    Aug 18, 2002
    Trips to Las Vegas:
    Sounds like alot of fun! Now where's the bikini

  5. pokerqueen

    pokerqueen Guest

    The Show is at the Sahara it was 37 dollars but I am not sure they will be there in May. Check Bill here for shows in May. If I remember it was only through March.

    The Bikini pit is at the RIO by the Carnavel buffet at about midnight they open up. Enjoy!!!
  6. EskimoTony

    EskimoTony Tourist

    Jul 29, 2002
    Dallas, TX
    Hopefully they staff the bikini pit well. I've been dealt by some people that I wouldn't ever want to see with any fewer clothes on! [​IMG]
  7. pokerqueen

    pokerqueen Guest

    Let's put it this way. The requirements must have been DD on the top. According to my husband, several looked with playmates....
  8. Dean Martin

    Dean Martin VIP Whale

    Jan 16, 2003
    Trips to Las Vegas:
    Michelle...sounds like you had an awesome trip! Thanks for posting. We usually play VP and BJ but might need to try the 3 card poker! Going in 5 weeks and its about all I can think about..LOL Staying at the Mirage...hope they have the new Multistrike VP...did you play any of that? Get back to LV soon girl! Dino :cool:
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