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Trip Report Emails

Discussion in 'Vegas Trip Reports' started by Sonya, Jul 11, 2001.

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  1. Sonya

    Sonya Queen of VMB

    Nov 28, 1999
    Western Washington
    Trips to Las Vegas:

    My Trip Report

    Got these emails forwarded to me to post here with the authors permission. A single dad with two kids traveled to Vegas during the recent heatwave and stayed at Venetian.

    The two emails are copied below
    Subject: Hot Hot HOTTTT

    Well, it's very hot here....112 degrees in LV and probably higher on the drive up....a Fix-a-Flat exploded in my trunk!.

    We got here around 5, and following a friends' suggestion, parked the car and then went to register. They have some construction going on, so it is about a 20 minute hike to the lobby from the garage. Fortunately, I left the kids in the car with the A/C running, or I might have had a small
    mutiny on my hand. We finally got checked in and into the room in just over an hour.

    The room is nice and most importantly, cool.

    Very nice night, except for the construction that started around 3:30 am and even from the 14th floor, I could here every scrape. That's what allnight TV is for.

    After a wonderful lie-in this morning, we are just about to leave for CircusCircus and the AdventureDome.



    Well, when last I wrote, I believe we had just come back from AdventureDome. Steven, my 12-year-old had a very good time. We got a pass and he made it work for him for several hours. I don't think that there was a ride that he missed. It wasn't very crowded and he got to ride the coaster and a few other rides as often as he wanted. David "hung out" and I sat down for a pleasant read. (I really wanted to go around with the kids, but they particularly wanted to be on their own. Finally, about 5, they wanted to go, and I eagerly suggested the buffet. Talk about falling on deaf ears....they just wanted to go back to the hotel and get a sandwich and pizza from the food court...so back we went.

    That evening, we just hung out at the hotel. Steven seemed a bit out of sorts and as the evening drew on, it became apparent that he wasn't feeling well. Poor thing started complaining of queasiness and then threw up. He didn't have a very good night and the next day, we just stayed in the room, watched films, talked and spent some quality time. In the evening, I took David down to Fremont St. for the "experience". I thought it was fantastic...it was some sort of montage of all the famous Vegas singers..but it was quite lost on David who had never heard of any of them except Elvis and perhaps, Sinatra. Still, no buffet for me.

    Wednesday was the Fourth. The construction work had stopped and I got a really good night (even when it was going, it wasn't too bad...I certainly slept better there than I have for a very long time). Steven was still not feeling like doing much, although he had been able to eat lightly the previous day. David and I went out for the afternoon, starting with a crawl up and down the Strip. We went to Shark Reef at the Mandalay Bay which we both enjoyed. We particularly liked the display of Moon jellyfish. We walked around the hotel a bit. I think that they have really done a nice job with that place. (The Venetian is beautiful and incredible, but so popular that it was always very crowded.) We took in the Luxor which is always interesting, but I couldn't sell David on the 3D ride. He is at that age--15--when he is too old for everything and at the same time, to young for everything. He seemed to be happy with it. We went back to the room and watched an inhouse movie with Steven and then we all went to see the fireworks.

    Thursday, we bid a warm (literally) farewell to LV. The temperature had finally broken--they were forcasting only 109--and after one last turn-around-the-corner-which-develops-into-a-three-mile-trip-every-time-you-want-to

    go-around-the-block, we were on our way. We rolled into LA about 5 after driving through five thunderstorms. The kids loved that as they had never really experienced a real thunderstorm.

    We all agreed that we had a good time, even if we didn't get to do much. We learned our way around and saved plenty for later. I'm looking forward to going back, this time in the spring, when we can really get outdoors and explore.

    The most welcoming thing about Vegas was your interest, suggestions, directions, and admonitions (I will follow your advice next time about valet parking, bellhops and the like.) You really helped us to feel right at home.

    (The you in the emails isn't me.. it's one of our other members, LVGrandma!)

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