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Trip Report, Dec 15-19 Part One

Discussion in 'Vegas Trip Reports' started by bigdogmom, Jan 3, 2003.

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  1. bigdogmom

    bigdogmom VIP Whale

    Mar 9, 2002
    Prescott Valley, AZ
    Trips to Las Vegas:

    My Trip Report

    My trip started Sunday, December 15. I left for Denver International at 6:15 PM. Not much of a wait for security screening at that time so once I got out to the concourse I spent a bit of time browsing thru shops and bought some stuff at The Body Shop. Great; I've spent money for stuff I don't really need and I'm not even in LV yet! :D Oh, well. The flight (on United) was uneventful and on time. After we landed I hurried over to the Dollar shuttle. Thanks to tips from another board, I had signed up for Fastlane and my car was waiting. It was a brand new Dodge Neon; fine by me as I like small cars.

    First stop Walgreens for some bottled H2O then on to the Orleans. I asked for a room with a view and unfortunately all they had was a smoking room but I took it anyway (big mistake, as I'll explain later). It really didn't smell bad and the view was worth it. The room was great! It was big, very clean, and I liked the little sitting area.

    Next down to the casino to scope out the video poker. It was about 10:30 PM and there was a country band playing in the lounge, so I found a FPDW machine within earshot of the music. I played for quite a while on $40; no big wins but the music was terrific. It was traditional western-style; think Marty Robbins and Willie Nelson with some George Strait thrown in. I was starting to get hungry but the late-night specials at the coffeshop don't start for another half hour so I killed a little time playing nickel video slots then over to the coffeeshop for bacon and eggs before going back to my room.

    I woke up the next morning with a bad sore throat. Just what I needed to start my vacation! I had made plans to meet Dewey, another board member, for breakfast, so I got ready and went downstairs. We drove over to the Gold Coast for the buffet; Dewey had a LVA coupon. It was very good. We parted ways and I decided to drive downtown. I parked in the Las Vegas Club garage, then walked over to Binion's to play BJ at my favorite place. Unfortunately I had no luck there. So I headed over to the Plaza for FPDW. No luck there either and my money went fast. I ended up at the nickel FPJOB machines right by the entrance and stayed there for about 1 1/2 hours playing on the same $20, nursing a couple of OJ's and starting to wonder if I was running a fever. It was drafty by the door so I finally left (WITH the $20 I had put in the JOB machine!) and on the way back to the Orleans stopped at Walgreens again to get salt. I figured it might help if I started gargling with salt water.

    I had booked a massage at the Orleans spa for late Monday afternoon, so after a quick stop in the room I headed down there. The massage, whirlpool, and steam room were wonderful and I hoped I could sweat out any "bug" that I might have picked up.

    I went back up to my room for a while, then downstairs to meet Dewey for dinner. We did the Orleans buffet and it was seafood night. It was pretty tasty, although being from New England I'm kind of picky about my seafood so I wouldn't call it wonderful. If I remember correctly, I thought the desserts were only so-so. Dewey is a very interesting man and we sat and talked for quite a while over hot tea (still trying to placate that damn sore throat!). After dinner I played more VP; again with no luck.

    Tuesday morning... I woke up and my throat was still sore. :( Bummer.

    I drove over to the Rio for the breakfast buffet. It was wonderful. I had a coupon for $5 off but it would have been worth the full price IMO. I loved the blueberry fritters (someone on this board had mentioned them so I was looking for them!)and the breakfast pizzas.

    On the way back to the Orleans I stopped at Walgreens... again... this time for throat lozenges and some zinc/echinacea lozenges. I was NOT going to let this sore throat ruin my vacation!!!

    I checked out of the Orleans, put my luggage in the car, then decided to go back in to kill some time before heading to the strip and a meet from another board at the Monte Carlo. I sat down at a BJ table, just me and the dealer (which I usually hate), and actually had a little run of good luck! So I cashed out and went over to get and ice cream cone for lunch - didn't want to go to the meet at the brewpub on an empty stomach! Kona Coffee ice cream; very tasty..

    Over to the Monte Carlo. I walked around and decided to play a few quarters thru a slot machine. Wham - hit for $50! I cashed out and walked over to the brewpub.

    After the meet I sat down at a BJ table for a while. I didn't play for long; I think I was down about $15 when I left.

    I covered a lot of ground that afternoon/evening. I drove over to MGM to get tixs for Carrot Top. By now was rush hour and did I want to drive up to Palace Station to check in, then find a place to eat, then drive back to the MGM for the show? I decided against that, instead headed over to Sam's Town to find the 10-nickel FPDW machines. My good fortune - they were right by the entrance where I walked in! However, they sucked my money up INCREDIBLY fast so I left rather quickly. I was getting hungry; Dewey had given me his leftover LVA coupons, so I thought I'd try the Yukon Grill at AZ Charlie's since it was nearby. I drove up there but the Yukon Grill wasn't open; I think it said it was open Wed.-Sat. So I ended up in the coffeeshop for a not very memorable tuna melt dinner. Oh, well. After dinner I played some BJ there and made back the money I lost at Sam's Town so I guess it was worth the visit.

    By now was time to drive back to the MGM. I'd only seen Carrot Top before on Live with Regis and Cathy Lee. He is so funny! I'm glad I went and it was definitely worth $35!

    I drove to Palace Station and checked in. The woman at the registration desk was kind of rude, and the room wasn't as nice as the one I had there in January (and no coffeepot!) but oh, well, I was sooo tired I didn't really care. I just wanted a hot shower and a nice, warm bed.

    To be continued...
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