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Trip Report Day 5

Discussion in 'Vegas Trip Reports' started by sparhawk, Jun 21, 2002.

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  1. Day 5

    Not done yet! We woke up late this morning. After we did the usual things you do in the morning, we headed over to the Monte Carlo for lunch. We went to the Brewpub (excellent!!!), sat out by the pool, and drank some very large beers. It was so nice out there with the sun shining. A great place for people watching, and some very good beer. We saw this poor guy that was going to need some Aloe real bad at the end of the day. He was so sunburned it hurt to look at him. I don't think he noticed how bad it was, because he never put a shirt on. After lunch we went back into the casino and played some more video poker and got some more of their beer. Lori played this wild cherry quarter machine and won $60. Nicely done. After downing about a six pack between the two of us, we decided to go give the NYNY some of our money. We played the Munsters video slot. I got the bonus round and tripled my money! +$60! We goofed around at the NYNY for quite some time and then headed to the valet to get the car. We drove down the strip to the Sahara to play some low limit table games. We valet parked around back and then walked into the casino. Found a $2 craps table and tried to play, but none of the dealers spoke english, witch was interesting, especially when I had to repeat to the dealer I wanted a $12 6 and 8. How can you be a dealer at a rather busy casino and not speak english?? I don't know...After losing a little bit at craps, we went over by the NASCAR café and Lori played the Sinatra slots, cashing out with an $80 win! We then walked down to the Stratosphere to play some more craps. I played for around 30 min and colored up with a $50 profit. Lori loves the Press Your Luck game, so we found one and played for a while. We made it to the bonus round, but got three whamies really quick. I think we broke even. We then walked down by Hamada and played the Stratosphere Nickel machine. Lori played this thing forever, and the cocktail waitress was always coming around to supply us with Corona. Cashed out up $40 and headed back to the Sahara to get the car. On the walk back through this scary part of town, Lori pointed across the street at a woman dressed in a small, tight black skirt. “A hooker!†we both blurted out at the same time! Just then, she gave a little head nod to a passing car. The car pulled in to the parking lot next to that little wedding chapel and the hooker walked over, leaned into the window, and got in the car. WOW! We saw a hooker turning a trick! Ha ha ha!

    By now it was getting dark and we decided to go down to Freemont street. This would be a defining moment in our trip. Who knew downtown would be so much fun? We got off the freeway and valet parked at the Main Street Station. I wanted to start here because I had heard of the 777 Brewery. All I can say is that MSS kicks ass! This place was so much fun! We found a 3 coin nickel 10X pay progressive over by the registration desk. Lori put in a $20 while I searched for a cocktail waitress. I found one and ordered 2 of their Microbrews. (The best reason to play here, I think) Well, Lori played at this machine for about an hour. She was down to her last few credits and then we saw it, a 10x 10x triple bar. 9000 credits! Wow! $450! I know it is a nickel slot, but his is the largest single jackpot we have ever hit! No bells and sirens went off, but we sat there and waited for the credits to count up for about 45 min, getting 777 beer the whole time! While we were waiting, I decided to go ask how much it would be for a room the following night. We were supposed to head home the next afternoon, but you know how it is when you are in Vegas. It never seems like you have enough time to spend there. Between the 2 of us we had a $600 a day budget for 5 days and we still had the vast majority of it in our pockets. I figured I could call in sick on Friday and we would stay another day! I reserved a room for Thursday night and then went back to Lori, who was still waiting for the credits to count up.

    After she got her $450 handpay, we walked over the skywalk to the California and then over to Freemont street. The buzz from all of those microwbrews was kicking in and we were feeling giddy about our jackpot! We went into the Las Vegas Club and played some BJ. They have the Royal Match bet, which I like to play and thanks to everyone on this board for the suggestions. We played Blackjack until 11pm when the next light show was to happen. The dealer was a lot of fun so we tipped him lots of money. I colored up +$40 and we went out to watch the show. It was the one with the old Sinatra and Sammy Davis Jr. songs, very entertaining. After the light show, we went over to the Golden Gate. I went and got a shrimp cocktail while Lori listened to the piano player they had playing. She was very impressed with him. Then we headed over to the Golden Nugget. Lori played the Nickelodean slots (still trying for a progressive) while I went to the bar to get some drinks. When I came back, Lori cashed out and we went to go play craps. Out of the 2 tables they had open, only one had players at it, and when I say players, it had 2 old guys. Oh well, what the hell. I bought in with a $100 and tried giving the pit boss my MGM Mirage players card. He said that even though they are owned by the MGM Mirage group, they are not on the same players club system. He took my ID and told me he would get me a Golden Nugget card. Ok, no problem. The pit boss was very nice. Anyway, before I realized it, my $100 was gone...I still hadn't gotten my players club card either. This whole time Lori had been getting pretty chummy with the Pit Boss and dealers. We had been talking and joking with them the entire time. Lori looked at me and asked why I didn't have any more chips out on the table. I told her the table kicked my ass. She immediately reached in her pocket and threw out a $100. The pit boss and the dealers laughed! Well, I guess I was back in the game! The pit was asking us where we were staying, and we told him the NYNY. We told him had we known downtown was so much fun, we would be staying here! Then Lori asked if he could set us up with some breakfast the next day, and the pit said no problem! Cool, I thought! What a girlfriend!!! As the pit boss printed up the ticket, my players card finally arrived. By this time, I had made back my $100 and a $40 profit! Thanks Lor! I later found out that the pit boss rated me at $50 spread for 4 hours! No way I was playing that! It was more like a $25 spread for 40 min. I'll take what they want to give me, that's for sure.

    We went to the dollar WOF and we must have been kind of drunk by then because for the life of me I can’t remember if we won or lost. I know we got to spin the wheel, so we probably won. We were on our way out when we heard the band playing “Brown Eyed Girlâ€. This is Lori’s song so we ran over to the stage and started to dance. The band then started to sing “I Want Your Sex†and this gay guy on the dance floor kept trying to grope the singer. At one point the singer had to hold the guy back with the microphone stand and sang, “I want your sex, but not YOURS!†It was all extremely hysterical and we all laughed our asses of. Loads of fun.

    It was now time to head to the El Cortez. I had heard so many things about this place we just had to check it out. We walked out of the Nugget and down Freemont Street. We passed the Neonopolis and it was like we entered into another universe. Scary neighborhood. We made it to the El Cortez without any problems, however. Upon entering I knew we were in a different kind of place. If you are used to the strip casinos, the El Cortez is a definite 180. Very smoky and the atmosphere was dark and gloomy. We found a craps table and I bought in with a $100. The Pit Boss looked at me a little funny, like he thought I was going to take all of the tables money with my $100. Who knows. Just then a cocktail waitress that was probably as old as my grandmother came around asking for drinks. I had to drive back to the NYNY so I didn’t want one. I ordered a Corona for Lori and a water for me. She wasn’t playing though. We have been gambling in Vegas for at least 5 years and Lori never plays craps, she just watches me, talks to the dealers and has fun. We have never had a problem with her ordering drinks while I play. Well, not here at the El Cortez apparently. The waitress said that because she wasn’t playing, she couldn’t get free drinks…what a bunch of crap! I then tried to change my order to a Corona, but she said that I had already placed my order and it was too late. What a bit*h! Lori then went and talked to the pit boss about the drink situation. She ended up getting a nice cold Corona in a can.

    I had been playing for about 20 min when I heard a commotion behind me. I turned around to see two security officers with their batons out smacking some guy and yelling at him to get on the ground! Holy Cow! One of the guards then pepper sprayed the culprit and he dropped to the ground. They got in a few more whacks for good measure and then led him away in handcuffs. He must have tried to steal some money??? The dealers acted like it was no big deal…crazy place, Vegas is. One day you eat at the Bellagio and then the next day you see a guy get smacked with a baton and pepper sprayed right in front of you. Lori and I decided we had experienced enough of the El Cortez, especially after some stranger grabbed her and tried to take her away with him. Lori broke free of the guy and told him off. Good girl. We ran away laughing from the El Cortez…

    We got back to the experience about 3 am and it was dead. There were still lots of people in the casinos, but not out walking around. Not like the strip where there are people out all night. We went to Binions and found these two ancient slot machines with maxed out progressives. The two of us sat down and played for over an hour. We had a lot of fun playing these old machines. I actually won $10 on mine. Lori broke even. By now it was about 5 am and we decided we should get some sleep. We made it back to the Main Street Station, stopping to play some progressive VP underneath the escalator at the California, because you never know when that royal will show its face. No luck.

    We got back to the NYNY as the sun was coming up over the mountains. What a beautiful sight. We laid in bed and watched the sunrise through our vast expanse of windows. Nice.

    More to come…
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