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Trip Report Day 4

Discussion in 'Vegas Trip Reports' started by sparhawk, Jun 21, 2002.

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  1. Day 4

    We woke up around 10, showered, got dressed and then did the video check-out. Very smooth. We then went down and got the car from valet and drove down the strip to the NYNY for two more nights thanks to WW. We valet parked and then went in to the registration desk. I asked the clerk if we could get a corner room with a view of the strip. She said that it would be no problem at all and gave us a room in the Empire Tower. When we got to the room we opened the door and all we could say was, “WOW”. Ever wanted a room with a window? Get a corner room at the NYNY. Two of the four walls were lined with glass and the view was spectacular. We could see the MGM, Tropicana, Excalibur, Luxor, and the Mandalay Bay. Very, very sweet! After we were able to recover from looking out the windows, we put our luggage away and headed over to the M&M world.

    For breakfast we had Ethel M chocolate covered cherries and ice cold coke from the Coke store. We then walked over to the Monte Carlo to get a couple of their microbrews. We ended up near the back of the casino where they have these nickel JOB poker games. They weren’t full pay, but there was a cocktail waitress that frequented the area. Lori and I both ordered a wheat beer and played some VP. 3 beers later, we walked away -$10. Not too bad. We then walked down to the Excalibur and got one of their ONE Cards and played a little bit there. No wins. We then walked to the Luxor and played $50 in the $1 WOF. Nothing, but the guy next to us got to spin and hit the $1000. Pretty cool, we all cheered for him. We then found a triple play $.05 VP machine with a $7,000 progressive. We played here for quite some time and got a couple of Coronas in the process. After that we walked over to the Mandalay Bay, played a little bit, then took the tram back to the Excalibur. Lori and I then went back up to the room to take a quick nap…

    Woke up, hit the Monte Carlo again for the beer and some more VP. Then drove down to the Mirage for our WW buffet. Good food, especially for free. The pasta chef was an asshole…I read that someone else had problems with this guy recently too…he was just real rude. After we ate, we went back to Harrah’s to try the Game of Life one more time. It smacked me around a few times and took my $20. Bastard machine.

    Lori and I had read so many good things about the Orleans on this board we decided to give it a shot. We went back to the Mirage, got the car, and headed over to there. We walked in and were rather impressed with the place. Not too shabby. I stepped up to the craps table, threw down my cash, put out a pass line bet, and we hit a point of 9. Placed a $6 6 and 8 and then the shooter rolled a 7. Damn. Then I got the dice. Rolled a point of 5, pass line, 6 & 8, then I rolled a 7. Sh*t. I grabbed what was left of my chips and walked away. I then saw an empty $5 Baccarat table. I had been playing this on the computer before we came and I decided to give it a try. Within minutes I was pressing my bets and winning! After a quick 5 min I had made back all of my craps losses plus another $60. Then they changed dealers and I colored up. Lori and I then went in search of some good nickel VP. We found a real nice bank of triple play machines with a progressive of around $5,000. We played here for what seemed like forever. Lori hit 4 jacks right near the end. After about an hour and a half of VP, we decided to see what else the Orleans had to offer. Lori played the $1 WOF and won $50. We then played the Diamond Cinema Marilyn Monroe slot. I swear, has anyone played the damn bonus game on this slot? We must have dumped close to $150 on these machines the entire trip and not once did we get the bonus game. Oh well. It was around 3 am so we decided to head back to the room and enjoy the view with a cold one.

    More to come…
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