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Trip Report Day 3

Discussion in 'Vegas Trip Reports' started by sparhawk, Jun 20, 2002.

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  1. Alright, the next day we woke up around 10. After showers and getting dressed, we headed down to the Deli for breakfast...with apricot beers in
    hand. Yummy...anyway, Lori got a muffin and I got a bagel. We donated $40 to the quarter Monopoly machines, then headed over to the Mirage to see the Dolphin Habitat. The Habitat was very neat, especially since it was free courtesy of WW. The trainers were exercising the dolphins at the time, so we got lots of pictures of all of their tricks. When they were done, the little baby, Rascal, decided to give Lori and myself a private little show. We were on the far end of the pool and he kept coming over doing flips right in
    front of us! Very, very neat! We then went and looked at the tigers and lions...they were all asleep and the elephant looked a little depressed. Oh well.

    On the way out of the Mirage we dropped $50 into the dollar WOF. No luck. Then we went over to Harrah's and dropped $20 in the Hollywood Squares and then another $40 in the Game of Life. No luck. We then went over to Casino Royal and got our free Margaritas. I played some craps and Lori went off to play the Quarter Mania machines. She was after that progressive jackpot. I bought in with a hundred, and over the course of 30 min I went from -80 to +20. I cashed out up $20 and went to see how Lori was doing. She kept
    hitting BAR BAR BAR and ended up cashing out +$60. We then continued down the strip, stopping in O'Sheas, Flamingo -$20 on Popeye...(stupid game
    anyways) and the IP. We played the Lets make a Deal and won $20, then went upstairs and played Money Grab and won another $20. I also tried Let it Ride and lost $20 really quick. Interesting game but crappy odds. Went to the Barbary Coast and lost $20 in the Harley Davidson slots, then went across the street to the Bellagio.

    We walked through the Bellagio to the tram and took that over to the Monte Carlo. Lori found the 3 Reel Hold Up game that she had played on Wager Works and put in a $20. She played for a while and then she cashed out even. We couldn’t for the life of us get a cocktail waitress, so on the way out we stopped at the bar and we each got one of the Monte Carlo wheat beers. Yummy beer, we will be back for more of these. We then walked over to the Boardwalk Casino. We liked this place in the past, but now I hate it. I was in the mood to play a little blackjack, so I stepped up to a $3 table with an opening. The dealer was a complete B*tch! WOW! She was so frigging mean I couldn’t believe it! I don’t know what her problem was. I just couldn’t tap the table the way she wanted me to when I wanted to hit…she kept yelling at me and the other players the entire time. On top of that, she got 21 on almost every single hand! Un-frigging believable! After about 5 minutes of this I got up and walked away, mad as hell. Needless to say, I wont be going back to the boardwalk any time soon. Lori and I then decided to walk over to the Alladin.

    We ignored the timeshare people which was actually pretty fun. It was Lori’s idea to just pretend that they weren’t even there, especially when they start to talk to you. Just Look right through them and act completely oblivious. Drives them nuts. We played American Bandstand and won $20. Finally, a cocktail waitress. Ice cold Corona! Mmmm… We then found a Lets Make a Deal machine and put in a $20. The first spin we won 400 credits! Cool, double our money right away. We decide to keep playing since we ordered more Coronas, and the spin after that, 200 credits! Nice! The 3rd spin…another 400 credits. We played down and cashed down with a $50 hand pay. Got two more Coronas in the process.

    We started to get a hungry, so we headed over to the Bellagio for our WW buffet. On the way, we got to see the fountain show. It was very, very beautiful, especially with the Paris Eiffel Tower in the background. After the show, we went inside to eat at the buffet. The buffet was very impressive, but I have to say it was a little over-rated. I know everyone raves about this buffet, and I can understand why. The food was all wonderfully prepared, the service was good, but nothing really grabbed me as great. They had squid, duck, lamb (which almost made Lori sick. To this day, every time she thinks about it, she wants to throw up). The crab legs were okay, the dessert was yummy, but that was about it. For a free buffet, it was good. I wouldn’t pay the $25 to eat here, however.

    After dinner we walked past the high limit baccarat tables and saw some guy betting on a $500 min table. He must have had a stack of about 7 or 8 chips that he was betting at one time. Crazy. We then walked back over to the Casino Royal, hitting all of the casinos on the way. I wanted to play more craps at CR and Lori wanted to hit that Quarter Mania machine again. Lori headed over to the slots as I walked over to the crowded table to wait for an opening. I sat around and waited forever for someone to leave the table when one of the players got in a fight with the dealer. The atmosphere turned sour real quick and I changed my mind about buying in at this table. I walked over to where Lori was and saw that the same machine that had treated her so nice earlier in the day had finally taken her money. She played for around an hour on $20, so no big loss. We then headed back over to the Mirage, dropped a few bucks, and then eventually made it back to the TI. We went to our Gold Mine game only to find someone playing the machine that was so generous to us the night before. We decided to play another machine on the other side and after about an hour and a half, we cashed out +$40 with a ton of points on our card. Time to head up to bed to watch the last volcano explosion at 12 midnight. Got some really good pictures of this. Very nice. We then had to check to see if the bathtubs at the TI were really as big as they looked… ;)

    More to come.
  2. Michele

    Michele Tourist

    Jul 4, 2002
    Hi. I'm sorry but I just got around to catching up on reading some trip reports from June and I saw yours. I'm glad you both won. Would you please let me know if the Let's Make A deal machine that was in the Aladdin was a nickel machine? I found a few of those in Slots-A-Fun and I enjoyed playing it too. However, I lost about ten bucks on it too. Thanks, Michele
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