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Trip report, day 1 & 2

Discussion in 'Vegas Trip Reports' started by sparhawk, Jun 20, 2002.

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  1. OK, I have waited long enough. Here is my TR. I hope I still remember the details. My girlfriend Lori and I drove down from Salt Lake on May 31st. We had to take my new Jetta VR6 for a test drive… We made it to Vegas, or rather Primm, in 6 hours. We love the casinos at Primm. We have been going there for the last 4 years. We stayed at Whiskey Petes this time. They have remodeled their rooms and I must say they are much nicer than they used to be. We bounced between the 3 casinos most of the night, played some VP and slots…pretty much broke even. The next morning we went down and had the steak and eggs special and played Keno. Won 9 bucks on Keno. The food was really good for the price, just under $10 for the two of us. We then went over to Buffalo Bills and checked our players club points. We had enough for a couple of Desperado rides, so we chose that. WOW! I have been on this coaster before, but man, you just never get over that first drop! It is SOOOO High! After the Desperado we went and walked around the outlet mall. We just weren’t really in the mood to buy anything, so we decided we had given Primm enough of our money and decided to head into town.

    I got off I-15 at the Silverton and we headed into town via Las Vegas Blvd. I have been to Vegas nearly a dozen times but I have never driven past the “Welcome to Fabulous Las Vegas” sign. I just had to see it and sure enough, there it was, right before the Mandalay Bay. We continued down the strip with the windows down and 311 playing on the CD player. Very nice. We pulled up to the Valet at Treasure Island and walked in to register. Went to the VIP desk courtesy of WW, thank you very much. I requested a room with a view of the Mirage volcano. The nice lady behind the counter said that she had one on the 24th floor, but it hadn’t been cleaned yet. Lori and I said, “no problem.” She gave us the key and we headed on up.

    When we got off of the elevator we were very impressed. Our room was just down the hall, room 2404. Very nice. We were even more impressed with the inside of the room. WOW! Treasure Island is beautiful! I have stayed in larger rooms, but this room was just fantastic! The colors are so soothing…the bathroom….very large…and the view! Great! We could see the pool down below, the Mirage, the volcano, the Rio and Palms, and the entire South Strip. Everything we could have asked for and more.

    Just then the maid knocked on the door. What timing. We decided to go down to the pool to lay out while she cleaned. No drink service at the pool, so after about 45 min we headed back up to the room. When we got there it was all clean. The Desperado had given me a headache that just would not go away, so we got the car and headed to Albertsons to get some Tylenol, cotton balls and fingernail polish remover for Lori, and some beer to keep in our room. Now you have to understand that we are from Utah and we don’t have any real good beer here. We picked up some of this Apricot Ale from Pyramid Brewers. WOW! What a great tasting beer. Over the course of the trip we dubbed it the “breakfast beer” because we had one first thing every morning. Hey! We are on vacation!

    By now it was around 7pm so we headed over to the MGM for our free WW buffets. No problems here. The line pass was great as we walked past a very long line of hungry people. The food here was good. The mashed potatoes were a little runny…ok, very runny and a little scary. Crab legs were good. So were the deserts. Lori had this raspberry upside down cake that she really enjoyed. Overall, the food here was fairly decent and well worth it since it was free.

    Next up was a trip out to Sam’s Town to see Star Wars Episode 2. I know, I know…why see a movie on vacation? Well, Sam’s Town has a Digital Projection theatre that this movie is supposed to look really cool on. I really didn’t notice anything special, but the movie was pretty cool. After the movie we hit the casino. Get this, Sam’s Town has a no smoking section…in a casino…interesting. We were walking through the slots and saw one called CHECKERS. “What the hell is this,” I thought. I just had to check this out, so I put a $20 in and in about one min I was down $10 without even knowing what happened. It was a slot machine that you played checkers on…man, how retarded. I cashed out my $10 and ran away. Lori wanted to play the Regis game, so we donated $20. I then saw a Monopoly Money Train game I wanted to try. It reached into my pocket and took $20 from me without even saying thank you. Ouch. After walking through the atrium, we quickly decided it was time to leave Sam’s Town.

    It was now around 1:30 am. We got on the 515 and headed to the Texas Station. Nothing interesting here…I think we won $40 on the Diamond Cinema slots. The coinless slots are soooo nice when you cash out. I hate scooping up nickels. We then headed back to the TI and played this little Gold Mine nickel slot. Lori and I just kept hitting things on this machine. We cashed out with a $90 hand pay. We went up to the room, grabbed a nice cold apricot beer from the ice bucket, and relaxed admiring the view. What a nice way to end our first real night in Vegas.

    More to come…
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