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Trip Report 9/19-9/21/2005 -MGM

Discussion in 'Vegas Trip Reports' started by deweydecimal, Sep 23, 2005.

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  1. Best things:

    1. The staff at the MGM - very helpful, great sense of humor, polite, went the extra mile for me (even sent someone to knock on my door at 4 a.m. to make sure I was up because I had a plane to catch - WOW was that great and I didn't even ask them to!!)
    2. Monorail - a bit confusing at times but very convenient to use. I used my day ticket ($10) and then gave it away after an exhausting day of running around . I figured I made someone else's day LOL
    3. Creme brulee - YES - I had some :)
    4. Free trip to the Primm outlet mall - if guest at MGM/NYNY
    5. Toxic Audio - Loved the show and would recommend it highly!

    1. Staff at Luxor: surly, not around, gave bad directions, etc. - will NEVER be staying there!!
    2. Lost a $$ package somewhere between the Venetian and Wynn :(
    3. I continued my streak as the world's worst gambler by losing money... should have kept to my plan of just giving it away.
    4. US Airways - bad connections, paying for food on board and then they ran out, I actually heard them say we were lucky they served us at all!
    Staff that ignored you (and played up to 1 or 2 wealthy people who promised them parties after they got off). Please they were so loud in their service area partying we couldn't sleep - I was in the 2nd to last row :) Another airline I won't fly again. Cheap is not always better.

    I used the MGM deal mentioned on this board - did not get the food credit which was ok since I did not eat a lot at MGM. Overall, I really like the atmosphere at MGM -this could be my new home away from home unless I get better (say cheaper deals elsewhere). I didn't get a room with a view :( - well , I got a room on the 19th floor with a view of some tower they were building but then how much time are you really going to spend staring out a window in vegas other to than to check the weather (it did rain one day). My room was clean (I found some cookie wrappers in one of the waste baskets when I checked in and I wished they had swept the bathroom floor better (hair on the floor) but overall room was ok- clean and acceptable. Glad I brought slippers!

    I tried the Buffet at the Bellagio and the Wynn - not sure which I like better. The Wynn's was a room looked a bit smaller, newer looking, cozier, much more attractive with all the flowers but a more pricey at $34.95. The Bellagio, unless you went early, has turned into a cattle yard, with just mobs of people all over it. I also ate MGM dinner buffet which turned out to be the same price as Bellagio (go figure). At that price, next time I will go back to the Bellagio :). MGM has a good buffet for breakfast and dinner - much more "American food" and not as many exotics as does the Wynn and Bellagio. Also no creme brulee which I adore for dessert. I guess the trick is to go early to which ever buffet you like.

    I went to the Paris Buffet for Breakfast which I realized was a mistake. The lines were too long and I didn't think the food there was all that special for the price. The rolls were divine tho :) I was in luck that there was a Starbucks at the MGM - easy to go breakfast.

    I tried both those TV rating things that they stop you for in the Casinos. The one at the Venetian lasts about 35-45 minutes and at the end you can get either fuzzy dice, a mug, shot glass, etc. The one at the MGM last about an hour (with the chance of a focus group the next day worth $50) and you only
    get 2/1 coupons for things like Hagen Das, Nathans, Starbucks($3 dollars off), Rainforest Cafe(free appetizer) at the MGM only. So if you are staying at the
    MGM this might be worth it for you.

    The Bellagio Conservatory was closed - I was so disappointed. It was being prepared for the fall display.

    My impressions of Wynn are that it reminds me a lot of Bellagio - the same look, feel and people skills. There is a gorgeous entry way lined with trees with balls of flowers (roses?) in them. The floor has very beautiful, vivid tiles.
    There is a patio with a, I guess you could call it a waterfall, it looks like a panel of concrete cascading with water down it. In front of it, in a wading pool are statues that look that they are wading at different levels . Very cool. I think its a bar where you sit and enjoy it - its mentions no one under 21.

    I still like the Venetian. My favorite part is San Marco Square where you can get gelato in so many flavors. I liked seeing the living statues.

    Monorail - Why are they way, way in the back? LOL You still have to walk miles to get to places from the monorail and back. Sometimes it seemed I could walk there direct faster than the monorail. But overall, still better than walking. You get change back in these one dollar coins I had NEVER seen before which was cool. Keep the coins as a souvenier.

    While I was there, there was a terrible accident. A driver purposely plowed into some tourists on the sidewalk. Killing some and injuring others seriously. So please be careful while walking.

    Overall, I had a really good time but much too short. Now, I will have to plan my next trip.

    Deweydecimal :)
  2. TheUsed

    TheUsed Tourist

    Sep 4, 2004
    Tampa Bay, FL
    I see you like buffet's? lol I only got to try the Bellagio buffet last year and it was awesome. I might have to give Wynn a shot. Also, I always wondered how they actually changed the conservatory themes, I didn't know they actually closed it down.
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