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Trip Report 4/23-27 Day 3

Discussion in 'Vegas Trip Reports' started by KathyinNY, May 3, 2002.

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  1. KathyinNY

    KathyinNY Tourist

    Jan 29, 2002
    Upstate New York
    Trips to Las Vegas:

    My Trip Report

    Day 3 Thursday 4/25:

    Went to San Remo for breakfast again. This time I got the steak and eggs for 4.95. It was very good and highly recommended. Took off to Mandalay Bay. Played .25 slot with $10 and won my $10 back. Off to the Luxor. We stayed here for some time. My husband went looking for his Winning Streak slot machine and golf fanatic and her husband played the camel race. I went looking for a 5 cent slot machine. Found one and played $5, played for a little bit and lost. Then I found a Black Cherry .25 slot. Put $10 in and lost that. Then I found another one and put $10 in and won $25. Cashed out and sat next to my friends at camel race. They were getting served drinks regularly. I on the other hand wasn't being served so sat with them and got a drink. I just knew that Black Cherry slot was calling me so I left and went back over. Put $10 in and won $25. I left and went looking for husband. Then I returned to that Black Cherry slot again, put $10 in and won $30. Then it was time to leave. Went to Mirage buffet for dinner. It was, I think, by far the best buffet.

    As you walk the strip they have those people on the sidewalks distributing their "smut" fliers. We laughed about it at first but then hubby was getting mad at them. I told him to just ignore the stuff. We went to the Dolphin Habitat but didn't realize it closed at 7pm so we missed it. I only had a ticket for myself since hubby didn't want to go. He went to Treasure Island to see what time the pirate show started. We had thought he had left to go back to the hotel(Trop) because he was tired. So golf fanatic, her hubby, and I went strolling down the strip. Stopped at Barbary Coast. I played a Black Cherry machine (can you tell my pattern of slot machines? LOL). I put $10 in and won it back and quit because I thought the machine was getting cold. Well a gray haired lady sat down a few minutes later and started racking up on it. I looked at golf fanatic and said "I can't believe this". We then left and headed back to the hotel(Trop). Went up to our rooms to get refreshed and we were heading back down to the Celebration Lounge to hear some music when we walked by the lounge that is in between the Island Towers and the casino. I forget the name of the lounge (I think it is called the Tropics Lounge). Anyhow, who is sitting there but my hubby. So we sat down with him and listened to this guy named T.Fox. A must see. He is a one man band and he is very entertaining. I believe his act starts at 8:30pm and we stayed until he ended at 12:30am. Went then headed up for a nights rest.
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