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Trip Report 11/18-11/21 - DT

Discussion in 'Vegas Trip Reports' started by VegasDog, Nov 27, 2006.

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  1. VegasDog

    VegasDog High-Roller

    Oct 3, 2006
    Somewhere in Middle America
    Trips to Las Vegas:

    My Trip Report

    Trip Report – 11/18-11/21

    Saturday (11/18) - Arrived on time on Southwest at 8:20 AM and proceeded DT to drop our bags at the 4Q. We went to the Plaza right away so I could meet up with my uncles in the sports book. PaigowCy (my wife) played PaiGow (weird, huh?). We didn’t stick around the Plaza too long as they do not give free drinks to bettors. Tried the GN (the new Sports/Race book is very nice), but it was packed. Moved to the Fremont where we were lucky enough to get 3 seats at a table together. The Fremont gave drink tickets and the waitress was VERY good. Lost a few bets, but had a ton of fun. Left there and went to check into our room. No problems with the room. Standard DT and perfect for us.

    Went to grab a bite to eat at Magnolia’s. I had the Muffaletta and it was outstanding. PGC had the burger and said that it was good. We went back to the Fremont to meet up with family again and got kind of hot on a BJ table. Had a ball. The family went to eat at the buffet, we continued to play and got back to even after the sports book. Made our way down to the LVC and played some Liberal BJ. Made quite a bit of money there (had a lot of greenies), but by this time I am in a complete beer-induced haze. I remember winning and laughing a lot. One of my uncles and his wife left at some point and the other one is drunker than me (I think). I started to cool off a bit so I decide that craps is an easy game. Wouldn’t you know that I am right?! I win about $400 before I have to find the bathroom or pee my pants. Huge mistake! I should have just peed my pants. I quickly lose back about $100 and decide to move back to BJ. I don’t remember how I did, but when we finally made it to bed I was ahead.

    Sunday (11/19) - Got up very hung over and ate at the Golden Gate’s Bay City Diner. It was very hot in there, but the food was quick and good. Took a cab to the Wynn. It was very nice and very fancy, but not our bag. It was 10:30 on Sunday morning and they had 2 $25 BJ tables. Everything else was $50, $100, and $200. I will play $25/hand, but on a cold deck/shoe I like to have the option to go lower. A little out of my league. As far as fancy casinos go, I have to say that I prefer the Bellagio, then the Venetian, and Wynn would rank 3rd out of 3. Made our way down to Casino Royale (played a few machines – even). Then Harrah’s. At Harrah’s I made a little money playing BJ. Then we moved to IP. Played some Paigow to about even. Then we moved on to the Flamingo. Ouch. Got smoked playing that Texas Hold ‘em game. There are huge swings in that game! Tried retreating to a BJ table, but proceeded to take a whipping there. We couldn’t get out of there fast enough! From there we grabbed a quick cab to the Palms. I won back what I lost at the Flamingo and the wife did well also. As always, the dealers and pitbosses were outstanding. The waitress had quite the attitude, but I did get my fair share of drinks. I guess tipping overcomes bad attitudes.

    Grabbed a cab back DT where we ate at the Fremont buffet. Seafood night was outstanding as always. Played at the Fremont for a little bit, then moved to the 4Q where I got quite hot on a BJ table. Made quite a bit of money and moved to the Fitz. PGC and I played some craps and won a little more money. I went to bed ahead a few hundred after 2 days.

    Monday (11/20) – Woke up late after a long night and made our way to the MSS for the buffet. We were a little late for breakfast, so we waited for lunch. I played Let It Ride to kill a little time and broke dead even. For the first time in all my trips to the MSS I was very disappointed with the MSS buffet. The food was average at best. We used the 2-4-1 from the FSE book, so it didn’t hurt too much. Played at the California and lost a little. Then we walked up to the El Co and played for a while. I hit 3OAK on 3 Card Poker, then lost it all back on 3CP and BJ. I was very happy with the El Co. The sports book looks great in there also. We worked our way back to the Fitz (lost on craps), Fremont (lost on BJ), , Nugget (even on BJ), 4Q (lost on Paigow & BJ), Binions (got butchered on BJ), the Plaza (got butchered on BJ), and back to the 4Q (got butchered on BJ). We ate at the Chicago Brew Pub. I think that we thought it was great, but I could have eaten cardboard and thought that it was good at that point.

    Tuesday (11/21) - Played at the 4Q and then had a little breakfast at Magnolia’s. After that we went to get a souvenir for our little boy and then lost at the Fremont on BJ. We headed to the airport and our plane was late leaving, but other than that we had no problems.

    Overall, another great drunken Vegas trip. Ended up down for the trip, but well below budget. As is usually the case this time of year, the casinos were all very warm (due to the cooler weather I guess). I was very disappointed in the Plaza and LVC. They were extremely dead when we visited on Monday evening. I understand that it is a Monday before a holiday, but we go the same time every year and I have never seen it like this. None of the other casinos were that dead and with so few tables open. I was very happy with the Fremont (they always treat you great in there), the 4Q, and the Nugget (I am usually not a big GN guy, but I did enjoy the small amount of time we spent in there). The Fitz was a blast.

    Less than 2 weeks til the next one at Caesar’s!
  2. sin

    sin VIP Whale

    Jun 25, 2004
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    Great report! Glad to hear you didn't break the budget...bonus for your next trip?
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