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Trip Report 1/5/06-1/9/06 part 1

Discussion in 'Vegas Trip Reports' started by sevenout, Jan 10, 2006.

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  1. sevenout

    sevenout Tourist

    Mar 5, 2003
    Trips to Las Vegas:

    My Trip Report

    We arranged for a little pre bachelor party bachelor party weekend in Vegas a couple of months ago. The players in this adventure were The Bachelor, D-Money, B, I-Dog and myself. The Bachelor, D-Money, and myself were on a flight from Minneapolis through America West that touched down at around 4:30. Off to Dollar where we had a compact reserved for the trip for $80. The Bachelor is a fastland member so we handed the lot attendent a $20 and we drove off in a nice 300M. Then we drove to the nearest liquor store and grabbed 2 cases of beer, a couple of Bacardi mixed bottles (1.75L), cups and some ice. We then picked up I-Dog who arrived an hour after we did. We decided to get some food in our stomachs before we started drinking and headed over to the Orleans for the buffet. Nice selection and 2 bottles of Merlot and we were back into the car headed to Stratosphere to check in. We finished off a case and it was time to pick up B. We started mixing up some of the bacardi's in the car and B's bag must have been the last one off the plane since we circled the pick-up area at least 10 times. The first time the police officer came up and said that we could wait and pay the meters. He got a pretty good kick that we were too cheap to pay $.25 for the meter and decided to continually drive around the pick-up circle.

    Now that B finally arrived in the car it was off to Stratosphere to get everyone settled in. Both rooms were the standard rooms with 2 Queen size beds, comparable to the rooms at Fitzgeralds and Plaza that we all have stayed at before. The bachelor and B played some hold'em with the other 3 of us walked to Wynn to sign up for the players card and score the buffet for tomorrow night. I-Dog and I signed up for the players card and after losing $60 total we each had 50 points on our cards and went back to the desk to have them put the buffets on our cards. From there we walked over to Frontier had 3 $1.99 margaritas, walked back to the hotel and us 3 finished off the rest of the first bottle of Bacardi, and went down for some blackjack. We each lost $100 and decided to call it a night around 3:00am. Pretty uneventfull day...........coming up in the next episodes
    The Adventures at Scores on a Friday night
    Ditching the AVN awards for a night at JET on Saturday night
  2. captjoe

    captjoe Tourist

    Nov 12, 2005
    Good start

    Eagerly awaiting your experience at JET!
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