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TR Bally's 7-3 to 7-7 teen in tow

Discussion in 'Vegas Trip Reports' started by babygirl6152, Jul 9, 2006.

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  1. babygirl6152

    babygirl6152 Tourist

    Apr 29, 2006
    west texas

    My Trip Report

    Monday eve 7:20- Left Abilene on time: Allegiant air- no problems. Took 14 year old with us. I expected his eyes to light up the entire time we were in Vegas but besides the Eiffel Tower Restaurant dinner and Venetian’s BMG the times I noticed this little turkey’s eyes light up was when we walked through the casinos- Man, he wanted to gamble so badly- I realized then I’d created a monster- taught the kid BJ when he was 4- well, I thought I was helping him learn math…… :confused2:
    Dollar rental was not a great experience- first we went round about the price was quoted me- they were trying to charge me 154$- and he accidentally said ahhh this is a good price for 7 days- I said- “NO 4 days only” so he agrees 4 days only then proceeds to still attempt to charge me 154$- I showed him the internet price quote and what I had thankfully printed off the computer- Got the price I was quoted 83$ for 4 days…..
    Bally’s check in took about 30 minutes. Not enough lines open. We liked our room- two queens in smoking although we preferred nonsmoking all they had for non smoking was 1-King so we settled for 2 queen smoking and it didn’t smell one bit smokey, so we stayed all 4 nights even though she said we could ck back in next day at the front desk for nonsmoking. I played at Circus Circus while Mikey and kid messed around there. He won a buttload of stuffed animals and we headed back to Bally’s around 1AM after eating at some café at Sahara. Slots o Fun is a dump. I couldn’t wait to get out of there. Circus Circus seemed like a dump too.
    I lost and lost on slots for 2 straight days all except penny slots- got 2 90$ cashouts on Jackpot Party and Mr. Cashman. Those bonuses are coooooool.
    Tuesday sight seeing various strip casinos- I tried to fit too much in – Caesar’s Palace slots were not good to me, and we decided to WALK to Rio- bad idea….. we even had a rental car but no- my Mikey walks 5 stinking miles every day in Texas heat- he says we’ll be just fine- yeah right….ummm I just had surgery 4 weeks ago Mikey……but really it doesn’t look that far til you start walking it then he felt bad for me. I told him it was ok there was a shuttle to take back and to quit worrying. I did get to do Show in the Sky. I loved it. Stayed up playing blackjack til about 4 am at Paris…. Had a blast and doubled my money- Mikey lost at craps

    Wed- Guys let me play all I wanted to and they went back to north strip to fool around and TREK at Hilton…. We met up later to go to south strip after our Eiffel Tower restaurant meal which was heavenly. I played at Tropicana and they went to Excalibur to goof around. I didn’t like Tropicana- I thought it would have been a bigger casino.
    I think this is the night I stayed up all night- Anyways I stayed up all night for 2 nights- one night playing BJ with Mikey and another night just in Bally’s- this casino is way too small…..I wanted to get out of there so waited for the sun to come up and went to play at Casino Royale and Flamingo, Harrahs, IP, losing 20$ every time except in Flamingo I had a nice penny machine. Rum and cokes all night….

    Thursday Went to see NY NY and m+m place by MGM- I won 144$ in quarter slots at 3x5x pay at NY NY on my 2nd spin and cashed out. That might have been my only good experience with slots- they ate me alive- dollars and quarters

    BMG at Venetian- ate at a Chinese place in a the food court at Venetian/ had to eat some fast food and get back to BMG seats- show was great! We signed up for Gondola Ride but it would have overlapped with BMG so we had to pass.
    Mikey and I played BJ all night from midnite til 430 at Bellagio- I did make another slot machine pay off here about 150$- We had a blast at BJ and doubled our money. I went over to Westin after he went to bed and they have no kidding ONLY about 50 machines or less in the whole joint- I walked back to Flamingo and played 30 mins then went to bed – slept an hour and half and got up to shower to return home- Rum and cokes all night again…. Man, it took about 5 to even get buzzed.

    I was ready to go home. I guess we’ll go back when the kid turns 21, then I won’t have to watch him drool over the tables and slots.
  2. chef

    chef Resident Buffetologist

    Apr 20, 2002
    Talk about making the most of each and every minute of one's trip. Kudos to you for sleep depravation.
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