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Discussion in 'Vegas Trip Reports' started by donvegasjr, Sep 16, 2003.

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  1. donvegasjr

    donvegasjr Tourist

    Jun 18, 2003
    Austin, TX

    My Trip Report

    Hello folks, as a thanks to all those that helped me plan this trip, I am writing a pretty detailed report. If you think it is too long, use the little mouse thingy and click away.

    After 4 months of meticulous planning, researching, etc, I get to the airport and don’t have my frickin driver’s license. Even after reading that lady’s “Vegas Sucks†post, and laughing at her. Ohh the irony! I even had reminded several people in my party to bring their ID’s. So I race back to the house, can’t find it. Turns out I left it at the AMEX travel office, while getting travelers checks, just to be safe. So I haul an expired license, a social security card, an expired passport, my UTID, birth certificate etc back to the airport, and get on with 10 minutes to spare. My plan was not to drink on the 7:40AM flight, but I was severely stressed, and immediately had a nice bracer absolut bloody mary to calm my nerves. Since it was early, and I hadn’t eaten after one more absolut, I immediately became the “Whose money on this plane….. THIS GUY†guy on the plane. My sincerest apologies to those I annoyed/offended.

    The flight goes quick for me, we land ready to hit Vegas. My group includes; Jack, a single guy friend, whose other friend Manuel cancelled on him at the last minute, an old friend Phil Beaumont and Red an engaged couple staying Thur-Sat, my sister Renee and husband Hank, my longtime girlfriend Lulu, and yours truly donvegasjr. Needless to say the names have been changed to protect the guilty, and because of pending/ongoing litagation.

    It is Jack and Phil’s 1st time ever in Vegas, in fact Jack is 26 and has never been on an airplane before. I told him everything would be fine, but if he heard a “bing†sound that meant we were all going to die. He didn’t find it as funny as I did. Lulu protected him, and most of the plane from me, she is nice that way. Jack was fine, he had a window seat, and he got to see the Grand Canyon etc.

    We exit the plane, I lose $10 immediately on WOF, and we head toward baggage claim. Our Bell-Trans driver is there with the name sign “Beaumont†I had ordered to impress Phil. I was glad he made it, Phil loved seeing it. Would have made a great picture had any of us brought a camera. We load into the super-stretch, and ask to take a tour up the strip. The driver says he can’t, has to be somewhere soon, so we go up the highway, can’t remember if there was a tunnel. I think we gave the driver about $110, I remember him seeming miffed, but hey no tour no big tip. It was still over 25% though. I was very happy he showed up with my friends name on a placard. I would use Bell-Trans again. We could have just gone with the $38 stretch, but Manuel cancelled at the last minute.

    We drop Phil and Red off at the Lady Luck, where they got the postcard rates of $12.95 and $39.95 for Thursday and Friday night. They said the room was fine, they were in one of the towers, not a garden room, again thanks to someone on this board. We end up at the Nugget, Hank tries the $20 trick for an early check-in. The gorgeous, as usual, check-in lady gives him his room, picks up the $20 makes a funny nose and puts it back down. Well we weren’t trying to upgrade, we just wanted an early check-in, so I figure hey $20 back in my budget. I am a big fan of the $20 trick, but if you are getting what you want without it, why do it? So we get a nice room, south tower 21st floor, as far as you can get from the elevator. Slight bummer, but nice distant strip view I requested. I didn’t ask for close to the elevator, I asked for a high up strip view, so you get what you ask for.

    The room is very nice. King Bed, nice furnishings, make-up mirror, vanity, marble, nice tv hutch, table and chairs. I would say it is small, but not cramped. No problems. Maid service was great, even though we were late risers most days. They left a little card that said, “we noticed a privacy sign on your door, call extension 62 to have your room cleaned.†I called they cleaned, $5 a tip each day scored some extra shampoo and lotion.

    Proceeded to spread out downtown. I tried my luck at some of the 8/5 JOB quarter progressive machines at Claude’s bar. Claude’s bar would pretty much be my haunt for the next several days. Nice place, big ol TV’s, great bartenders. The progressive was up to $1120, so I figure not too bad of odds. Wally was my favorite bartender, 2AM to 10AM shift, but they were all nice. There was some rigamaroo about me calling my drinks but I always had at least $100 in whatever machine I was playing, so they got over it, especially after tips.

    On Sunday, I made room for some folks at the $1 8/5 JOB machine, put in $100 to another machine, and whoa I am down to $75 in. Lucky I get 2 kings and am back to even, but it was a $5 machine. Luckily it is also a 9/6 job, there are two of them there at Claude’s bar, near the bartender entrance. Well I just played there the rest of the day 1 coin at a time. I realize I am playing at a disadvantage, since I would have only collected $1250 on a royal instead of $4000 on a a $1 machine max coin. But I never hit a royal, and was consistently getting 4OK, so I was loving it. I would fill up my $5 coin trays, have them hold my machine, and walk over to the change booth and cash in. Miss Sally at the change booth gave me great service, so I tipped $5. Every time I would get $105 up, I would cash out and keep $100 and give Miss Sally $5. Made about $500 this way. Overall I would say I ended up several hundred on video poker, but no royal.

    Near as I can tell there are only 5 full pay JOB machines at the Nugget. 3 $1 Gamemakers near the escalators to Stefano’s/ Lille Langtry’s, and the 2 $5 ones at Claude’s bar. Everything else is 8/5 with some progressives or worse.

    I wanted to “establish†myself as a player at the Nugget, so I played some $1 slots, and once my sister Renee and I played $30 on the $10 slot. All I can say, is I lost my ass. More than once I put $100 in and got only one or two small wins off of it before it was gone. Lulu had some luck on the quarter I Love Lucy slots, but Lulu was lucky all together this trip. Establishing myself didn’t do much either, I met our host, she was very nice but Lulu and I only had about 3100 points (2700 for me and 400 for lulu) between us, so all we got comped was a Carson Street Meal. That was fine for me, I loved the Carson Street. I realize we are low rollers, and I was really just playing to get some nice offers and maybe a nice room next time. I really would have played more slots and less video poker, but jeez you gotta throw me a bone on those dollars. One hundred bucks in 3 minutes with only a cherry ($2) to show for it, just ain’t no fun. Maybe just maybe things loosen up a little after the ownership swap?

    Thursday night, we went to Caesar’s to watch the football game, I won a $22 bet, Caesar’s sportsbook appears to be under some sort of construction. Seems kinda cramped. I love the Caesar’s.

    Walked over to the Bellagio Fountains, Pink Panther tune came on, I took a big gulp, lead Ms. Lulu away from the group, hugged her and asked if she was happy. She said yes, I asked her if she would let me make her happy for the rest of our lives, then dropped to one knee and asked her to marry me.

    She laughed, and blushed, and said wow about a dozen times. It is all sort of a blur, she put the ring on, said wow a few more times, then I realized I still hadn’t heard the word yes, and asked her if she was going to say yes? She said yes! We hugged, kissed, the tune changed to something classical, should have waited. But I do love the Pink Panther movies.

    I gave her the option of getting married Saturday, or coming back in 6 mos. Her sisters told her not to get married without them, so back in March! Funny my mother, has always said never to elope without her, but when I told her, she just said, "Knock it out while you are there!" I think she is ready for the grandkids.

    I am glad I didn’t wait too long because the next song was Proud to be an American. Hey I am as Proud to be an American as the next guy, but that song just annoys me, and surely wouldn’t have been good to propose to. We walked down to the friends, most of whom knew my plan, then walked across to the Paris for a congratulatory beverage, and to make some phone calls. I played the Tour De France machine, and did well. Lulu won another $125 or so. Absolutely no drink service for quarter/dollar players at the Paris, we were there two hours and never got a cocktail. The rest of the night is a blur, we ended up as always at the Lady Luck playing blackjack and other table games. I just feel comfortable there.

    Friday night, we went to New York New York to see Zumanity. There may be some problems with this show, but all I can say is BEST SHOW EVER!!! Loved it, no plot, just vigenettes, hot guys, hotter girls nekkid all the time. I really really liked it, and so did everyone in our group. Had the $75 orchestra seats but worked out to be front row stage left, we were right in the mix. The MC leaves a little to be desired, but he/she does sing a nice blues tune right in the middle. Loved the little person, with the shoe. Loved the girl dancing naked on the TV trying to distract men from a football game. Loved the girl that twirls among the ropes bringing herself to orgasm, that was truly erotic. There is a little French girl they introduced, that has to be one of the hottest ladies on the planet, she was practically killing me the whole time. Everyone in our group loved the show, my sister said she did see some people leaving early in sort of disgust. Like I say different strokes for different folks. I loved it, and will go see it again for sure.

    Right before we went in the show, Lulu is playing a two quarter 5 times pay slot. She hits a Red 7 right between two 5 times pay. We are trying to figure out what it pays, and the machine is just counting and counting and counting, turns out she won 3000 coins, 25 x 120 x .25 = $750 bucks. Luckily it was TITO, she went and cashed out for $768.25. Lulu never wins in Vegas, in fact part of my budget was set aside to support her gambling, cause she always loses. Not this time, she hit another $125 afterward, and steadily made $$, although with no more huge wins throughout the trip. Came home with more $$$ than she took.

    Phil and Red had an early flight Saturday, Phil loved Vegas, and Red had a good time. We spent most of our time with them at the Lady Luck, they couldn’t imagine keeping our pace for two more days, turns out they were right.

    Saturday night we went to the Palms. I had to take our poor single friend, Jack, to visit the lovely ladies of the Glitter Gultch first. It was about 7pm on a Saturday and sort of dead. Before I knew it, one of the girls had roped Jeff into going into the back room, I hollered after him, but he couldn’t hear me. I got my two tall tank and tonics for $17.50 and watched the show, girls were pretty aggressive about table dances, cause I think it was a shift change and they were trying to make a quick buck before they went home. I politely, and then slightly forcefully declined while pumping $dollars into the stage girls. Jack came back and said, “Don you should have told me how much dances were here.†I responded, “Dude you ran off before I could tell you anything.†Turns out a less than scrupulous lady had roped him for $70 for two dances in the VIP room. The other dancers confirmed this lady does this all the time, and she is supposed to directly ask and quote a price for a VIP dance. Jack wasn’t too pissed, he got a couple of $20 dances, and we headed off to meet our group and head for the Palms. I grabbed a spot at the central bar, to watch the scenery and mating games, bought a group of California girls a round of drinks and told them I had a guy they should meet. Jack was too shy to take advantage of my set up though. The drinks were stiff at the bar, I wandered off to find my group. We played dime 3/5/7 poker for about three hours, we tipped a very nice looking waitress a bunch of dough and she kept the drinks coming fast. Hank even protected her a little when one guy got too drunk and was screaming at her about the drink service. You get more bees with honey IMHO, we kept tipping and she kept us drinking. I love the Palms, but for some reason everytime we go there we get mad at each other. This time, I got mad at Renee cause she wanted to go and I didn’t. I had surely been over-served, and was being a jerk. We left and went back to the Lady Luck where we made up and I hit 3 of a kind on Three Card Poker. Up about $300 for the night, but I blew it all on the way back to my room at the Nugget.

    Jack left Sunday.

    Sunday, I woke up hung over, and feeling bad. Turns out I had the beginnings of an ear nose, throat infection that would practically kill me. I missed 5 days of work after vegas, sick as a dog and taking antibiotics the size of horse pills. My friends say my body is reacting against being engaged. I sure hope not. Spent the day Sunday sitting at Claude’s bar playing $5 9/6 JOB. Made a bunch of money back, then lost some at the Lady Luck later. Made Renee play three card poker, where she hit either a 3oK or a SF, and a bunch of other good hands, to make some $$$ back. Her husband Hank is usually lucky, but he had a nasty trip. We did find a quarter Let It Ride game at the Binions Bar overlooking the sportsbook, so Hank mainly just played there, and watched the games. Hank was sort of sick the whole trip too, which was a bummer.

    Monday, up early too the airport. Took a cab, no problems.


    1. Metal Collarbone – I apparently have a metal collarbone, I never get through security without being stopped. I tell them, it is probably the fillings in my mouth, but it doesn’t matter. Damn Terrorists.

    2. South Tower Room – I liked our room with a view, and the walk to the South tower is really no big deal at all. However, when you’re an idiot like me and keep leaving crap in the room, it can get annoying. I may try a north tower room next time.

    3. Ten and Jimmy at the Lady Luck – We did most of our table gaming at the Lady Luck, in fact I never played a table at the Nugget. There is a dealer there named Ten, and it turns out we went to the same elementary school. She was nice, funny, and didn’t take any of my crap. I liked her, and the pit boss whose name was Jimmy I think. They do a good job of keeping things fun and dealing with us drunkards. Thanks Ten and Jimmy.

    4. TITO – I didn’t think I would like tickets, but I do. Keeps your hands clean, etc.

    5. Downtown - I love staying downtown, but next time I will split sometime on the strip. Just for the change of “scenery.â€

    6. Nugget – Besides the tight slots my only complaint about the Nugget has to do with Coin Fills and Change lines. Seems like I had to have a coin fill on every machine I played, and it usually wasn’t very quick. Then it seemed during the busiest times they would close one of the change booths. They would have 3 open at 4AM, but at 10-11PM they would only have 2 open. Didn’t make any sense.

    7. Table Games – I planned on hitting table games big, but never felt too lucky to pull the trigger and buy in at Craps or BJ for $500. Sort of a bummer, but I was either too nervous or too drunk. Just played small time at the Lady Luck.

    8. Drinking – I need to cut back on my imbibing in Vegas. A couple times I was a pain to the group, and I don’t need to be that. I think at first I was just nervous about the engagement, but later it seemed I was on a mission. Sorry folks, and thanks for putting up with me.

    9. We usually go for three days and just do a marathon. The plan this time was to go for 4 and relax a little more. Didn’t work really, we never even hung out by the pool. Next time we go 6 days and relax a little bit more.

    10. FOOD – I ate almost exclusively at the Carson Street, which I enjoy. Get the Nugget French Toast! Lulu and I did try the Main Street Station Buffet about 5pm on Saturday. We found it excellent, I wouldn’t say 5 star but a good solid 3 star and an excellent value. Hank and Renee had the Nugget Buffet, and found it wanting. Never went out for the fancy dinner I had planned.

    11. Budget – I had budgeted $2750 in cash and $1000 in credit card. Came back with $800 cash and only charged $300 on the card. Lulu, as I mentioned came back with more than she took.

    12. I won’t play the dollar slots at the Nugget again until I hear from a real live person who has actually won on them.

    13. Being sick on a plane sucks.

    14. Even though generally lost on a long slow bleed this trip, I was truly lucky because a wonderful lady agreed to marry me. I have never seen her look more beautiful than on this trip. I am truly blessed with her and my wonderful sister Renee and countless friends and family.

    Getting married 3/19 or 3/20. Thinking about the Little Church of the West. Staying at the Nugget, and maybe a Caesar’s petite suite. Need help with a dinner/reception for 50 or so, any suggestions comments will be welcome. Thanks for reading. Happy to respond to any questions.


    PS: I feel I only griped about the Nugget, let me be clear I love the place, and had only those minor complaints. It is my home away from home.
  2. HoyaHeel

    HoyaHeel Grammar Police & Admin

    Feb 24, 2002
    North Carolina
    Trips to Las Vegas:
    Congratulations on your engagement!! What a great thing to be able to put in your Vegas trip report :D
  3. Smarra17

    Smarra17 Poker Queen

    Jul 28, 2002
    Brooklyn, NY
    Trips to Las Vegas:
    Great trip and it does suck to be sick on a plane I can relate! Try the Treasure Island Petite Suites they are beautiful and sometimes have really great deals.
  4. cruiser

    cruiser High-Roller

    Feb 5, 2002
    Great trip report and congratulations on your engagement! Eventually, my Wife and I will stay at the Golden Nugget but for now, our home away from home is the Tropicana.

    [​IMG] [​IMG] [​IMG]
  5. joanna

    joanna Tourist

    Sep 14, 2003
    Congratulations on your upcoming wedding. I'm very jealous!! I share you feelings about the Nugget...definitely my home away from home too.
  6. Great trip report! Thanks for all the details on Zumanity!
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