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TR 7/3-7/8 4Q-Silverton-Whiskey Pete's

Discussion in 'Vegas Trip Reports' started by Jacko, Jul 18, 2007.

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  1. Jacko

    Jacko Tourist

    Jun 16, 2004

    My Trip Report

    5 Nights

    7/3 4 queens- Got there a bout 3 pm check in was empty. Room was booked on Travelworm for $32+tax=38. Forgot to ask for the free funbook included in the room.

    Room was south tower. Cold A/c. Had a plasma TV, decent size, clean. Got a free t-shirt for getting 40 players club points. Used ACG double points coupon for play 100 points get 100 free. Used ACG coupon for 3 T-shirts for $9.99 in the gift shop. The guy said we didn't even need the coupon. Played some 9/6 nickel VP near the Keno.

    Ate at MSS Buffet. It was T-bone night for 13.99 I believe. Liked it but didn't need the T-bone. I think we will stick to lunch buffet at MSS.

    Used ACG binions coupon for 5000 free points. No decent VP left at Binions. Hopefully the 4 queens owner will fix that situation.

    checked out and went to Terrible's for lunch. Coffee shop was good. Kids loved the Prime Rib. I had the half tequila chicken, not bad but not great. The wife had breakfast which she liked.

    7/4-7/5 Silverton

    Quick check in. Had an offer for $19 a night. Checking in we found there was double players club points for July 4 plus a free concert poolside by Bucky Covington from American Idol.

    Once again great beds. A/c was nice and cold. Found 9/6 nickel JOB VP machines. Played them a while plus went to the bar near the back to play 9/6 JOB quarter machines. Had some good frosty beers.

    Bucky Covington concert was nice. Not too many people there so I walked right within 15 feet of the stage with my beer and enjoyed.

    Cocktail service was fast and good. Much improved from our previous trip to Silverton when drink service was brutal.

    Next day usd ACG 2 for 1 buffet at Silverton and players club points for the remainder. Good Buffet. A lot like The Orleans or Gold Coast but a little bit better.
    Got in the car to take the kids to circus circus. Car seemed hotter than I can ever remember. Found out later it was 116 degrees in Vegas that day.

    Used Entertainment book 2 for 1 coupon for the adventuredome for the kids.

    Went to ellis island to have the steak dinner after. Wait was hour and a half to 2 hours. Bye. Went to terribles....tons of people waiting for the coffee shop. Bye. Went back to the Silverton and hd a Steak and shrimp special. Pretty good. Under $10.

    Checked out on 7/6

    Stopped at South Point for the buffet. Signed up for players club hoping for a fun book or something....nothing. Didn't play a penny there. This place is huge.

    Buffet was just like the Gold coast but the quality wasn't as good.

    7/6-7/7 Whiskey Pete's in Primm.

    Free offer for 2 nights and the Crystal Gayle-Lee Greenwood concert.

    Lee greenwood was OK. Crystal was only fair. Need to turn up the volume.

    Primm has been stripped of any decent VP. There was one lonely 8/5 BP VP machine which I played enough to keep the offers coming. Seems like with Terrible's as the new owners, the room and concert offers are more easier but the VP is crap. My friend who bets less than me is getting the same offers. So I bet a lot less this time. I could afford to bet more but it pisses me off to play a less than full pay VP machine.

    7/8 Drive home was un eventful. Still hate to stop for food or gas coming home and see all the people just starting their vacation.

    Overall - Lots of fun. Saw 2 concerts free and played lots of nickel 9/6 JOB VP. Gambling- Broke even the 3 days in Vegas and lost a couple hundred in Primm. Food for 5 days was the big expense. Spent under $100 for five nights lodging.

    Good Luck to all.
  2. Jimbucc

    Jimbucc VIP Whale

    Apr 1, 2003
    Cleveland, Ohio
    Trips to Las Vegas:
    Thanks for the report. I wish I could get an offer that cheap for The Silverton. It's becoming one of my favorite places to gamble. Decent food, excellent VP, and always an open $5 Pai Gow Table. It says their beds are like the ones they use in The Bellagio.
  3. chef

    chef Resident Buffetologist

    Apr 20, 2002
    I can appreciate someone that knows how to get the most bang-for-the-buck on a trip. It sounds right down my alley.
    Agree about Ellis Island being a crapshoot on getting served. The $4.95 steak dinner is good, but unless you kill time gambling, it's a waste of time.
    I've been meaning to stay at the Silverton. With your recomendation, I will proceed ahead.
  4. Jacko

    Jacko Tourist

    Jun 16, 2004

    A couple other notes on the Silverton....

    I would think you really need a car out there. I drive in from Los Angeles so I always have the car, but I don't think I would want to be stuck out there with no way to get around.

    If you're staying there, stock up on water ,soda, chips etc. at a convenience store before hand. In room water is $4 I think and the gift shop was charging about $2.50 for those 20 oz. cokes and 20 oz. water.

    I remember thinking if there is a poolside concert I didn't like enough to pay for(the one I saw was free...most are about $25) I would ask for a pool view room on an upper floor. Might get a decent view for free and maybe hear the music through the window. I don't think the windows open.

    As for the beds...The first time I stayed there I thought I was nestled in the womb again. Second time still thought this is great. But since these are pillowtop beds, if someone needs a firm bed they wouldn't like it. I believe they were feather pillows, and there were 2 extra pillows in the closet area(not sure what you call a closet without a door).

    Note that I have never stayed at the best places like Wynn, Paris, Mandalay Bay so I'm comparing my experience to places like Primm, Plaza, Circus Circus, Gold Coast etc.
  5. 21wins

    21wins VIP Whale

    Aug 16, 2002
    This is what I like to hear about Vegas, getting the most for your money(or the casinos money, hopefully).

    Thanks for the headsup on the Silverton. Last few trips I've been meaning to get over there with my ACG.

    I've stayed at all star levels in Vegas and can say I enjoy myself more staying at the Orleans or MSS than staying at the 4/5 star places.

    I can always go to the 4/5 star places and experience them without staying there.

    Always enjoys reading your Trip Reports.
  6. DESooner1

    DESooner1 Tourist

    Jul 12, 2007
    Trips to Las Vegas:
    Thanks for the report - I got mailed a free 3 day/2 night stay for the Silverton, good from June through end of September, so I may have to make a quick trip out there just to take advantage of it.
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