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TR: 6 Days 9th - 15th May

Discussion in 'Vegas Trip Reports' started by Chuppa76, May 20, 2008.

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  1. Chuppa76

    Chuppa76 Low-Roller

    Apr 24, 2007
    Melbourne, Australia
    Trips to Las Vegas:

    My Trip Report

    WARNING! LONG TR FOLLOWS... :rolleyes:

    Day One –

    Flew out of Manchester UK. Vegas was our last stop in a Round the World trip that saw us go to London, Paris, Malta and Bolton, Greater Manchester.
    American Airlines flight from Manchester to Chicago saw us sat right behind a screaming brat. Eight and a half hours of wailing... needless to say most passengers were not happy. The only good thing about the flight was that they were showing Oceans Eleven! Perfect movie to get me into the Vegas mood.

    90 min layover in Chicago, and had to clear immigration so I was a bit scared of not having enough time. But in the end we had plenty of time for our AA connecting flight to Vegas. The flight was full. No a spare seat. And about 8 people on a standby list! It was Friday afternoon, so I can imagine it being one of the busiest flights of the week to Vegas.

    The flight itself was uneventful. Landed at 4.35pm. Baggage claim as well wasn’t too bad. Was out at the taxi rank by 5pm. The taxi line was pretty good, and when we got to the front we loaded our bags and I said to the driver “Treasure Island. No tunnel please†WELL!! That didn’t go down too well. Driver said “it’s Friday, everywhere’s busy. The tunnel would be your best option†and I’m like “well I’d rather notâ€.

    Anyway, he was obviously an a-hole :grrr:, because he headed for the strip. And took us to TI via that! 30 mins! I was so peeved off by this stage. :mad: Obviously there were other ways to get to TI other than the tunnel or the Strip, but I just couldn’t remember the names of the roads, otherwise I would have told him which road to take. By this stage I was tired, hungry and in desperate need of a shower. I left DH to pay and I went to check in.

    Headed straight for the invited guests check in which only had one other person in it. The normal check in line was horrendous. TI had comped us 6 nights so I slipped the clerk $20 for an upgrade and he said he had a panoramic view room on the 10th floor. We took it and went up.
    As soon as we walked in we noticed that the bathroom was flooded. Not a good sign. There were maintenance people walking around and told us that the room directly above had also flooded so we’d have to move. Had a look at the room and notice it was a basic standard room. Pretty crappy for an upgrade if you ask me. Rang down to front desk and got allocated another room. DH was also peeved that the new room was a same size room on the same floor. I rang down to my slot host to see if they could do anything, but just got her voicemail, so I rang through to casino marketing. Eventually got moved to a higher floor with a panoramic view so we went up to the 34th floor. This was much better. The view was great and the room was nice and spacious. Although by this stage I was completely over TI and just needed a shower!

    Showered and changed we headed down to try our luck. I mainly play penny slots on high credits so I was in a so-so position. We probably only dropped about $300 in a good 4 hours so it wasn’t too bad. Our budget per day is approx $900 between the two of us.

    We had a quick bite to eat at CANTER’s DELI. DH had a Tuna Salad Sandwich and I had the Chicken Tenders. As the food came out we remember one important thing that we always seem to forget... the size of the portions in the US!!!!!! OMG. The sandwich was about 6 inches high and I had about 8 chicken tenders and about 2 kgs of chips!!! LOL! We slowly ate, but got no where near finishing our food. We left Canter’s, gambled a bit more and headed up to our room quite early at about 10.30pm as we were both knackered!

    Day Two –

    Up at 4am! No way! I need my sleep. Tried to sleep some more with not much luck. DH woke up and kindly told me to either go back to sleep or head downstairs as he needed his sleep! Got up, dressed and headed downstairs at 5.15am!

    This is my favourite part of the day in Vegas. It’s like I have the slots all to myself! Played for a little while. Lost a couple of hundred and headed to Starbucks to get DH his fix. Grabbed some muffins and Danish, coffee and headed upstair to present breakfast. Found DH showered and dressed so that was a good sign. We ate our muffins and headed back downstairs.

    My ankle had been playing up all trip and this morning I woke and was barely able to move it. So when we decided to go to Caesars I told DH to get a taxi. I know it wasn’t far, but I didn’t want to risk my ankle. Anyway we got another A-Hole of a taxi driver!!!! Took us to Caesars no worries and the fare came to $5.50. DH gave him $7.00 and we got out of the taxi. The driver called us back and said it wasn’t enough. We though we’d gave him a $1 instead of a $5 (still getting used to the US currency) but no, we had given him $7. The driver is like “this is not enough. I need at least $1 moreâ€. And I’m like “whyâ€. He would give us a reason… Now I’m not stingy in anyway. I always tip reasonably well. Although we don’t tip as much or as often is Australia, I’ve been to the US plenty of times to know where and how much to tip. I thought this tip of 15% was adequate. I was appalled that he had asked for more. I mean tipping is discretional after all. In the end I just told him that’s all we got and we walked away. A quick question... is this normal behaviour from a taxi driver? Has anyone else encountered this?

    At Caesars we played more penny slots. We were still on last night’s budget so we were good. Grabbed a cocktail... looked at my watch 8.00am!!! I love Vegas!!!!!! LOL!! Where else in the world can one order a cocktail at 8am and not feel judged!!:licklips:

    Played till just after 10am and then headed to the forum shops. I love these shops. Just mooched around for a bit. Found some things in Guess that I wanted, but knew I’d be coming back later in the week, so I just left them for the time being. Left the forum shops just before midday and headed back to TI.

    Brunch – THE COFFEE SHOP @ TI. Absolutely starved at this stage so got to the Coffee shop while they were still serving breakfast. Ordered a Eggs Any Style (minus the eggs) LOL! Got a funny look from the waitress and I asked if I could have the bacon AND the sausage instead. She said no problem. I found the staff very friendly and accommodating. DH got the French toast which he said was very good too.

    Played a bit more slots down in TI. Luck wasn’t too bad. Weren’t really losing much. Had TITO tickets for about $500 and just kept putting in the hundys!
    Went back to the room around 2ish. Tried to sleep for a couple of hours, but the pool had their Saturday pool party on, and it was so loud! It was basically like the DJ was in my room. I just couldn’t sleep. So I tossed and turned for a couple of hours trying to get comfortable and sleep.
    Had organised a hair appointment for 4.30pm so I headed down to WET Spa & Saloon for my blow dry and set. I basically just wanted my hair straightened. My hairdresser Rosa was really good. Was able to get my hair under control quickly and effortlessly. (I’ve got thick wavy unruly hair!) Left the salon looking great... but feeling knackered!

    Went back to the room and got ready for our evening out. This evening we had dinner reservations at Voodoo Steak and Lounge at the Rio. This was something I was really looking forward to. It had been on my “to do†list last trip as well, but we never got to it.

    Got a taxi to Rio and headed straight for the restaurant. Our reservation was for 7pm, so I could catch the sunset. We ordered drinks and viewed the menu. Both DH and I ordered the same... Lobster Bisque and the VooDoo Menage à Trois, combining filet mignon, lobster and prawns. The soup was nice, a bit runnier than I like my bisque, but still very nice. Wasn’t too impressed with my filet. Tasted very peppery. The lobster was nice as were the prawns. Overall those I really thought the food was just average.
    Headed outside a couple of times to see the view. The view was great, although it was mainly of the back for the buildings. We have shots when the sun was up and also at sunset. So that was all nice, but I can say that the Voodoo is over-rated.

    Went down to the casino at the Rio to play a bit. But there was this horrible, horrible smell like rotten eggs. Has anyone smelt this at the Rio before? It was very off putting. We barely stayed an hour before I was at DH to get going. Headed back to TI and played there for the night. Lost our budget for today. So we were not too happy as we headed back to the hotel room and tried to sleep.

    Day Three –

    Up early yet again. 5.30am this time!

    Showered and dressed and DH & I walked over to Wynn. I couldn’t find my Red Card so I found a players booth and gave them my ID. Was told that I never had a card. I must have played on my hubby’s account.

    This was great news as I could get my own card and get my buffet points. Was told that the free buffet couldn’t be redeemed today as it was Mother’s Day, which was fine. I was given $10 free play and two comp passes to Tryst.

    Started playing and didn’t do too bad. My 2 free buffets cost my $8.00 which was really good. Started going ok. Then started going pretty bad. My slots were not liking me. Then I got on one of my fav machines which is the Peacock Riches slot and it slowly started paying out. I had it up to just under a hundred and I kept playing. DH wanted me to pull out $100 to get even, but I said no and kept playing. Then I got the free spin feature and my slot starting singing! YAY!! I finally pulled out $350 so I was very happy at this stage.

    From Wynn we went over to The Mirage. We were quite hungry at this stage so we headed to the California Pizza Kitchen. Our pizza’s were delicious. I opted for the Shrimp Scampi pizza, whilst DH had the Mango Tandoori Chicken pizza. Very pleased with this meal and after drinks and tip cost was $42.00. Excellent!

    We gambled a bit at Mirage. I found some of my fav slots including Queen of the Nile, Peacock Riches and Tiki Torch and played those. Pulled out quite a few TITO’s over $100 so seemed we were doing ok for today. Picked up our tickets to LOVE for this evening and then took the tram back to TI.
    Got back to our room and had a message from a couple whom I’d met via Facebook. We were supposed to have a M & G at the Venetian on Tuesday but they called up and said that the apartment they booked was hideous and they were actually staying at TI. Gave them a quick call back and organised coffee the next morning as we both had plans this evening.

    Dinner this evening was at KOKOMO’S at the Mirage. I had pre-reserved this restaurant about a month ago for 7.30pm to fit in before the LOVE show, but really there was no need. I’d say only ½ of the restaurant was in use.
    For dinner DH & I both ordered the Lobster Bisque again. This time we were very impressed. Kokomos serve the LB with a puff pastry top and it was excellent. The soup itself was so smooth and creamy with a perfect amount of lobster flakes in it. Definitely one of the nicer meals of the trip!
    After the soup I had ordered the 18oz New York Strip and DH ordered the Fresh Atlantic Salmon. DH really enjoyed his salmon, and I loved my steak, however there was no way I could finish it. I probably got about two-thirds in and I’m like... I’m done! So much so, I couldn’t even fit in desert. After drinks and tip this meal came to $116.00.

    I hunted down my fav slots while we waited to see LOVE. DH played some BJ and I just threw in my hundies. I collected some TITO’s so again we weren’t doing too bad. I was feeling ok about our gambling budget. We hadn’t exceeded it yet.

    Went into the LOVE theatre about 9.40pm and found our seats. Our seats were excellent in section 209 and we had aisle seats (which is a pre-requisite for DH). As I sat down I started feeling very sleepy. I had not slept much for the past 4 days and it was starting to get to me. I was urging the show to start so I can embrace the CDS concept. We had previously watched Mystere and Zumanity and was told LOVE was one of their best so I was really looking forward to it.

    Unfortunately it did not have the “wow†factor that I felt during Mystere. To be honest with you all I think I nodded off twice during the show... and that’s not a good sign for any show. :snore: Regardless I saw it, I can comment that it’s not my cup of tea and live with it. DH wasn’t too impressed either and said next time he would like to see either Le Reve or O.
    After the show I was feeling much better. My cat nap during the show was all I needed to feel right again.

    Stayed at the Mirage continued to order drink and play my slots. I was in my element. That’s the best thing in the world. Playing your favourite slot with a drink in one hand and a cig in the other! It’s excellent! DH was quite tired so at about 12.30am we headed back to TI via the tram. We continued to play at TI we sat down and played some BJ and didn’t do too bad. DH doubled his money and I walked away even after about an hour so that’s good. Went up to the room for some sleep.

    Day Four

    Was able to sleep in until 8am!! YAY!!!

    Showered and changed and headed to Luxor. We wanted to gamble a bit before hitting Mandalay Place... well mainly the Nike Golf shop in MP for DH!
    I think what they’re doing to Luxor is horrible. I so much liked the kitsch Egyptian theme. They now have made it look like every other casino on the strip. Luxor used to be one of my favs, but not anymore.

    We sat as some slots. I headed straight for my Mr Cashman, Magic Forrest Eyes machine. This would be up there as one of my ultimate fav slots. NOT TODAY! Hundy after hundy after hundy! Eh! After losing what was remaining from yesterday’s budget and about $500 from today’s budget we decided to head to MP. I was not a happy camper at this stage! :bang:

    Hubby headed to the Nike Golf shop and picked up some items. The bill was just under $300 which isn’t too bad considering last year is was closer to $700!!! Grabbed his bags and headed to M-Bay. Now I still like MB. I would have stayed here if I was able to get a decent comp, but when I called up after getting comped at MGM, Luxor & TI I couldn’t even get one night comped. Obviously I don’t play enough!!

    Hit some slots at MB. I found a 2c Dolphin Treasure slot and started playing 100 lines. And this machine was feeling generous. Ordered a drink and started to feel real good. Kept hitting the treasure free spins and pulled out a TITO for $300. Made me feel a bit better about the fiasco at Luxor!

    Headed back to TI for our meet & greet. We found J & M at Starbucks waiting for us. I met J through a Facebook Las Vegas group when I had just posted my dates and she PM me and said they were in town around the same dates and we should meet up. Over the last 4 months or so we’ve been emailing back and forth and had become really good friends. Well meeting them was excellent. The four of us got along like a house on fire. J’s hubby M is also English like my DH and they started talking football probably within about 5 mins of meeting. It was really great to have someone to share Vegas with. I mean I love going with my DH, but sometimes it’s fun to have friends there as well. We had coffees and they had plans to go to Primm outlets which they invited us to. I was torn between going or going to see Big Elvis which is what I originally had planned.

    Big Elvis won out! But we did organise to have dinner with J & M that night and we were going to play it by ear!

    DH and I headed down to Bill’s at around 2.00pm. We wanted to get there early enough to get a chair.. We grabbed a slushie and a beer for DH and found our table and waited for a while. DH is not an Elvis fan so he sat with me for a while and then went off to find a BJ table.

    Big Elvis was excellent! Highly entertaining and has an excellent voice. I really got into his show and sang along whenever I could. For the 3pm show on a Monday the lounge was absolutely packed! He is a very popular lounge act. He sang for about 50 mins and then stuck around signing CD’s and taking photos. I bought a CD for my dad and got him to sign it for him. I also had a photo taken with him. My fav song of the performance was “Are you lonesome tonightâ€. He was really great. I highly recommend him to whoever hasn’t seen him yet.

    Walked back to TI from Bill’s. Stopped near Harrahs to get a slice of pizza as I realised I hadn’t eaten anything yet today. Got back to TI and decided to go for a quick cat nap before meeting J & M for dinner.

    Got up around 7ish and showered and got ready and headed to J & M’s room. We decided to go to the Wynn buffet as I had definitely earned my 2 free buffet’s and we thought that DH had also earned his 2 free buffets. So we thought we could shout them dinner! On Mr Wynn!!

    Walked over to the Wynn and headed straight for the Red Card counter. I gave the woman my card and was told I had 4 free buffets. Decided to use all mine and maybe leave DH’s for another day. While we were there M signed up for a red card to see if he could get the buffets too. Headed to the buffet and there was a long line. It said it was about 40mins long. We waited and finally got in. Now I am a real fan of the Wynn buffet. We usually don’t do buffets as DH is not too keen, but when it’s quality like this he’s quite happy.
    Everyone was impressed. I filled up on my Alaskan King Crab legs and prawns!! Yum!! J had a speciality pasta made up for her and did DH. M also tried the crab legs and had some of the prime rib. All the food was delicious. Got to dessert and I was disappointed that there was no crème brulee left, but I made up with some chocolate mousse cake and a yummy strawberry tart. Also had some melons to clean the palate. Overall this was an excellent meal that would have otherwise cost us $94 + drinks & tip.

    After dinner decided to stay at the Wynn and try our luck on the slots. J & M don’t play much so they just were playing the single credits in a slot near DH and I. We kept the drinks coming. And we were all feeling rather mellow. Whilst I was feeling really good, my wallet was not. I kept putting in hundy after hundy and getting nowhere. I had to turn to DH and said our budget is all gone and we need to get into tomorrow’s. As he had had a few drinks too he was happy to go into tomorrow’s budget. So I got a couple more hundies, but they went the same way as the first lot and left Wynn losing over $600.Eik! :bang:

    Headed back to TI and as we were walking through the casino heading to the Guest Elevators the boys saw some BJ tables and decided to try their luck. Well at this stage I thought... hell why not! I might as well lose a little more today... and really it was after midnight so I was on the same day’s budget!
    BJ tonight was an absolute blast. J doesn’t play so she sat around and watched the rest of us play. We were boisterous and loud and the dealer was great! She kept up with our fun. M had a knack of calling out the cards and he was spot on most of the time which we found freaky! But had a good laugh about it. Our night ended when the shift changed and the dealer which came on was a sour puss who had no sense of humour. We left and DH & I were up a couple of hundred & M was up about a hundred too.

    Day Five

    This morning we headed to Palazzo & Venetian. Hit Palazzo first and was not very impressed. Granted it was early and there was no real atmosphere in the casino but the place looked very sedated and sterile. It had no personality what so ever. Didn’t like it much. DH liked it though. Could have something to do with the cute cocktail waitress who kept bringing him his Heinekens.
    After the Palazzo headed to the Venetian. The shops weren’t open yet so we headed straight to the casino and played for a while. They have a 50 line version of my Magic Forest slot and I headed straight for that although to no avail. I was down $200 within minutes. I had a feeling this wasn’t going to be my day! :cry:

    Played a little longer and headed to the Grand Lux for breakfast. I wanted to order their Eggs any style (minus the eggs) as I had done at TI a few days before, but I think we had the worst waiter ever and he was like “no we can’t do anything like that†you’d have to order everything you want separately. It was like he was doing it deliberately to make things difficult. DH got a Belgian waffle and I opted for their breakfast buffet. The buffet was good. It had a good selection of hot food, danishes, cereals, fruits etc. I was quite pleased. But was still no impressed with our server. And to make matters worse he came over to our table twice and both times asked DH how his waffle was and didn’t acknowledge me once! I was fuming. I was so tempted not to tip the guy, but DH was like “well he was nice to me†AHHHH! Men! :grrr:

    Headed back to TI and went up to the room. I rang down to the WET spa and organised a 50min signature massage for this afternoon. I headed down to the spa and went through the motions with reception before heading to the designated woman’s spa area. This spa was wonderful. It wasn’t big like the MGM’s one, but it was more than adequate. It had an octagonal whirl pool and a sauna and steam room. It had the usual showers, restrooms, lockers and a beauty room that was filled with hair products and accessories to doll yourself up after your treatment. They also offered fresh fruit, health bars, juices, water, iced teas, pretzels etc. It was a very good set up. I had a dip in the Jacuzzi before my treatment to wind my muscles down and my shoulder was hurting. I waited until I turned prune-like and got out of the Jacuzzi and showered before my treatment.

    My massage therapist was named Kurt and he was pretty built. I told him I don’t like too much pressure and explained that my shoulder was sore. He used his time to work my shoulder and back and he was fantastic! Yes it hurt, but it also felt good too. As well as the neck, shoulder and back massage I had a foot treatment and a scalp massage. All in all, their WET signature massage was magnificent. Stayed at the spa for a little while longer and used the facilities and then headed back to the room to get the DH and we went down to the TI poker room.

    We both bought in $200 for a $1 /$3 NL cash game and waited. We were the first two at the table and the hostess in the poker room asked us to stick around a bit as there were others looking for a game. We only had to wait about 10 mins before the table filled up and we started playing. Playing a bit cautiously at first won some small pots. DH was playing a little more aggressively, but that’s his usual style.

    Soon I found myself with 9 K of diamonds and I called the raise of $15 before the flop. The flop came out 10 J Q so I had flopped a K high straight. I slow played and the guy next to me puts in $25 which I call. At this stage no-one else calls so there’s just me and him. The turn comes and it’s another J. I bet $25 to keep it going and he calls. On the river is a 3. I check and he goes all in. I was in a bit of a predicament. I thought I had the best hand, but the two J on the table were scaring me. I was thinking perhaps he had J Q and made his full house. After an agonising few mins I decided to call. As soon as I called he said “good call†and showed K 7! Yay – I had won. At this stage I had about $375. Very excited. Two hands later DH goes all in with pocket K’s and loses out to a J high straight! I play for another 45mins or so and cash out $350.00 so I made $150 and I was happy.

    This evening we headed to Caesars as we had the Cher concert. We arrived early and picked up our tickets from the Will Call box office and waited around playing slots. DH played some rapid roulette but lost when he had $100 on black and 4x $25 on black splits and 0 came out! The slot were being extremely nasty to me… and the more they were nasty, the more I tried to make them like me by feeding them more! LOL!

    Although scheduled to begin at 7.30pm, the Cher show didn’t begin till about 7.50pm. Cher made her dramatic entrance with her elaborate costume and tried to wow the crowd. I was very impressed with her costumes. I thought they were so outrageous they actually worked. She was a bit pitchy in areas but overall did a very good job.

    DH was not impressed! He later went on to say they were probably the worst 2 hours of his life! :bang:

    Cher finished about 9.40pm and we made a quick exit and headed back to the forum shops. I went to Guess to buy a watch and a handbag and then we had dinner at the Trevi restaurant at the middle of the piazza in the Forum Shops. The dinner here was nice, although a little overpriced. DH had a margarita pizza and I had the seafood linguini. Both of which were quite nice. With drinks and tip, bill came to $60. Headed back to TI and had an early night as we were both knackered.

    Day Six

    Last full day in Vegas!

    Headed to Players Club this morning to meet up with Slot Host. My original host was on leave so I met up with the one on duty. I just wanted her to have a look at our rate of play and see whether we were on track for everything. As we were already on comped room, 18000points (3000 points x 6 nights) went towards the room. The host looked at our play and said we had covered the room and she could take an extra $100 off our F & B. While I was there I also organised a late check out of 3pm for the next day. She told me to come back the next day before I check out and they’ll be able to see what else they could do. I was happy with this and went along my merry way.
    This morning we played the Quick Hit progressive. I’d heard so much on different forums about how lucky these machines were... well not to me!!!! I played max and at one stage I did get the 6 Quick Hit progressive for $78.00 but it quickly took that and another $200!!

    I cut my loses and DH and I headed to Fashion Show Mall. We mooched around a bit. We both had some orders from home we had to fill for our friends and we went into Macy’s and Borders to check things out. Basically we were just relaxing trying to get a hold on our day and not lose to much money. By this stage our daily budget had gone out the window. We were already over by 2 days!!

    Went back to TI and had lunch at the Coffee Shop. DH had a Widow Burger and I had the Spaghetti and meatballs. Both meals were great (and HUGE). We had a great time joking around and watching the keno screen, trying to make bets with each other as to the next number to be drawn.
    Tried some more slots at TI with no luck and then headed to the room as I need another couple of hours sleep.

    Had organised to meet J & M at 3pm at the Valet as we were all heading to the “Welcome to Las Vegas†sign. When we met them they said they had a story to tell us! They said they’d been walking through the Excalibur and were approached by a nice girl offering free show tickets and cash! “OH NO!†I said “Timeshare peepsâ€!!!!! They went on to tell us how they went to the timeshare presentation which took 3 hours!!!!! THREE HOURS OF THEIR LIFE THAT THEY WILL NEVER GET BACK!! DH & I laughed so hard we had tears in our eyes! :evillaugh

    We drove out to the sign in their tiny Siebring convertible and parked across in the Tourism bureau parking. Crossing the strip was a nightmare. The boys proved what daredevils they were and crossed by running across into oncoming traffic. Me and J waited at the side for a clearer run. Well we waited, and we waited. About 10 mins later we finally got our chance. We crossed and began taking photos. It was good to finally get this photo as I had wanted to do it since my first trip. We took our photos and found a nice couple to take a photo of us 4.

    After the sign we headed to Excalibur for J & M to pick up their Tournament of Kings tickets which they got from their timeshare presentation and their cash. DH and I started playing the slots and I got bored and walked away. I found myself at the Slushie bar of Dick’s Last Resort. I bought myself a great 32oz half-yard slushie of Dick’s Colada as it was called and started drinking. This was numbing the pain of losing all my money. :drunk:

    I found DH & M playing single hand BJ at a non smoking table and was not tempted to sit down. I scouted the tables a bit until I found a nice $10 BJ table which was a smoking table and sat myself down. Well this table was lively! It was so much fun. Pretty soon I had doubled my money and I was still drinking my slushie and having a right royal time. Then DH joined me as J & M had to go back to TI as they had a helicopter flight this evening. We organised to meet up with them again later. DH sat down at my BJ table and we kicked on for quite a while. We cashed out about $400 and headed to the cage. On the way to the cage I found my Mr Cashman slot machine with Magic Forest and proceeded to lose another $200 on that but my drink was going down nicely and I wasn’t feeling it! We walked over to Luxor where we played a little bit. I finished my slushie and realised that hey... I was quite drunk. I didn’t realise this until I had stopped.

    DH quickly got some water into me and we walked over to Mandalay. I was feeling rather seedy and needed some food so at Mandalay we headed straight for their Red White & Blue cafe. We relaxed in our booth and watched the NBA playoffs. DH ordered a Tuna sandwich and I ordered a steak as I was starved at this time. Again the sandwich came out and was so big! DH could not finish it! I slowly made my way through the steak stopping in appropriate places to gulp down my iced water and my coke.

    After dinner I felt so much better. I felt sobered up, so all was good.
    We stayed at MB for a while and played slots. The budget was completely out the window and I didn’t even try and think how much we were down. It was our last night in Vegas and I wasn’t going to let anything spoil it.

    We headed back to TI and after a while got a text msg from M saying that they were back from the helicopter ride. We met in their room and headed out for the night. We thought to try Mist, the lounge at TI and we went in and it wasn’t too busy. It was about 10.30pm so that’s not too bad. We were able to grab a corner couch area and made ourselves comfortable. We had a drinks hostess come up and see what we wanted. The boys thought she was cute and were making all kind of comments. J & I just mellowed out and enjoyed our drinks. Each round of drinks was just under $40. We were drinking 2 x Kaluha and milk, 1 x Jack on ice & 1 x C C & dry. I thought prices were a little steep, but we didn’t mind too much as we were having an excellent time! We weren’t too impressed with the choice of music as it was quite full on hip hop stuff. The place wasn’t too packed and most people in there were more of an older crowd so this music just didn’t go. At one stage we asked the hostess if she could get the DJ to mix it up a bit, maybe throw in some rock music, but we never really got it. We left Mist just after midnight.

    J & M went for a stroll along the strip and DH & I stayed at TI and tried to win back some money. Well that didn’t work! LOL. Pretty soon J & M were back and the boys headed to a BJ table. I stayed on my slots for a while before going to find them. I sat myself down at the BJ table and bought in for $200. There were two other guys at the table aside from DH & M. They also had a large amount of chips. I started playing and was quickly up about half. I kept playing for a while and then M spilled his drink :drunk:on the table! Well this just changed the dynamics of the table and after that we all started to slowly lose. I busted out about 30mins later. DH busted out not long after me. The other two at the table also busted out (the last guy went when he put $1500 down on one hand and lost) and M busted out as well. So we were all a sorry sight for a while. But hey the drinks kept coming and we were having a great time. Before heading upstairs decided to put another $200 on my peacock riches slot, but again it was not nice and took it quickly! Finally at 3.30am we headed upstairs for sleep.

    Day Seven

    Slept in and woke up at 10.30am! This is somewhat of a record for me! I was quite pleased until I looked over and saw that DH was GREEN! :vomit: Oh, that did not look good. He’d been up since 7am and had one of the worst hangovers in history. I tried to comfort him, but there was really not much I could do except bring him water and cold towels for his forehead. Whilst DH was lying lifeless in bed I started packing as our room looked as though a bomb hit it. Quickly I managed to tidy everything up and pack one of our three suitcases.

    Then I left DH alone for a while to sleep some more and headed downstairs for an hour. In an attempt to win back all our losings I started to play Quick Hits again with no luck, so I went onto the Adonis slot machine and playing max credit also tried to win. But as everyone knows when you chase your losses you end up losing more! Which I did. Soon I cut my losses, headed to Starbucks to get DH a strong coffee and went back up to the room to finish packing.

    Woke up DH and gave him his coffee. He was a little better, so we packed up the other two suitcases and showered and changed. We then double checked the hotel room as not to forget anything (we left a camera battery charger in a hotel room in LA last year and didn’t realise until we got back to Australia)! LOL! Needless to say we double check our rooms thoroughly nowadays!

    We called the Bell Desk to send someone up for our bags and once they had been and gone we ventured out of our room. We quickly stopped by J & M’s room and said a quick goodbye to them. They had also just woken up and were feeling a little seedy too. Then we just headed downstairs. I went to the players club and finally met up with my original slot host. She checked my rate of play and comped us another $220 off our F & B, so that was pretty good.

    We both had over $100 of free point play, so we played these points and checked out. Our bill came to $404 which I though was pretty good for 6 nights accommodation, 5 meals, Starbucks, Cigs from the gift shop, Spa services and anything else I could charge to the room. Left TI and got a taxi to the airport and our trip was over.

    Final thoughts… TI was ok... just ok. I wouldn’t go out of my way to stay there again. I may try The Mirage or even MGM again next time.

    Thanks for everyone for continuing to read my TR. It’s been long (and long winded at times). Overall we had an excellent trip. Pity about the losing money bit, but hey that’s gambling! Would do it again in a heartbeat!

    If you want to check out my pics you can do so here...

    Chups :wave:
  2. rustytrombone1027

    rustytrombone1027 Low-Roller

    Apr 14, 2007
    Long Island, New York
    Trips to Las Vegas:
    Nice TR. Glad you had a good time. And I do recommend you try the Mirage next time, but I love that place.
  3. jgates8

    jgates8 VIP Whale

    Jun 25, 2007
    Trips to Las Vegas:
    Sounds like a wonderful trip!!! Yes the report was long but I was very sad to see the end of it!!

    I will say, that what I do like about Harrahs vs. MGM prop's is that your comped rooms are your comped rooms - so you can see your food/retail credit at anytime on your card while you are playing. It would drive me nuts to have to give a bunch of that back for the room that was already comped!
  4. Texas Pam

    Texas Pam Low-Roller

    Nov 26, 2004
    Trips to Las Vegas:
    Sounds like you had a wonderful trip! You got to see some great shows and did plenty of gambling. I didn't think it was too long at all -- I was also sorry to see it end, just like you feel on your last day in Vegas!

    Thanks for posting!!
  5. gmoney590

    gmoney590 VIP Whale

    Jul 8, 2006
    Tacoma, WA
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    Loved the roport. I printed it out and read it on the way home from work, an excellent way to kill 30 minutes.
    Birthday celebration
  6. Reston

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    Oct 7, 2006
    Trips to Las Vegas:
    Sounds like quite the whirlwind trip, Chups. Glad you got some extra comps out of TI; too bad you weren't a little more lucky this trip. That's funny stuff about ordering the eggs dishes without the eggs.

    I'm not as fond of TI as I used to be, but a large reason is that I've soured on the gambling there. I also agree with you that I liked Luxor more the old way. I think you would like MGM, and because of your play this past trip I imagine you could wrangle a good offer out of them. :)
  7. gotavegasjones

    gotavegasjones VIP Whale

    Jan 16, 2004
    South Texas
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    chuppa76 - thanks for the detailed report. Learned some good stuff for our upcoming trip.

    later, GVJ
  8. Lorraine

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    Jun 25, 2007
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    Great Report! Sounds like you guys had a great time :thumbsup:
  9. tiny_gal

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    Jun 12, 2005
    Trips to Las Vegas:
    we must of had the same cab drivers.

    We took one from the Callaway golf course to South Point, he never talked to us on the drive at all. You figure asking how the golf game was would of been an obvious question to ask. Our meter was almost $13 and we gave him $15 and were getting out to leave and he made some mention of how it was not enough and how he hated cheap people. I said that was the most he had talked to whole ride and if he had a personality to compliment the drive, he would prob do better.
    Not wanting to steal the thread but the rest of the cabbies ( besides one other lady driver who talked from riv to manadaly about how people better tip her well and look after her cause she was older and needed it) were awesome. These cabbies had some amazing stories on things that had happened in their cab or about getting $30/head spiffs from strip clubs for dropping people off there. I find cabbies to know the true ins and outs of the city and if you can get them going, will tell you their own taxicab Confession type stories of what they have witnessed . I find cabbies in Vegas to be a true asset to that city of making travel time an experience in itself.
  10. ghetto71

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    Apr 11, 2007
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    Nice TR!:peace:
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