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TR - 12/9 thru 12/11

Discussion in 'Vegas Trip Reports' started by VegasDog, Dec 12, 2006.

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  1. VegasDog

    VegasDog High-Roller

    Oct 3, 2006
    Somewhere in Middle America
    Trips to Las Vegas:

    My Trip Report

    I apologize, this got way longer than I intended. I think that this 2 day TR is longer than my 4 day TR from a few weeks ago!

    Saturday, 11/9
    Departed on Southwest flight, everything went well and we arrived on time at 11:50AM. We checked in to Caesars at the airport. Tipped $20 for a Strip view that wasn’t, so I got scammed there. The room was awesome. My wife loved the Jacuzzi tub.

    We went directly to the Flamingo, but decided to grab a bite in their diner (don’t remember what it was called). This is important because we forgot to eat dinner that night. Played at the Flamingo for a while (PaiGow and BJ) and I got beat at both. The drink service was outstanding. Wife won a little bit here.

    We then went to IP, but the tables were all packed so we moved on to Harrah’s. I got pretty hot on a BJ table and won a few hundred bucks. Wife was getting butchered and I was cooling off, so we decided to move on.

    We went to BC next where I lost, wife lost, and the drink service was bad.

    From there we walk over to Bally’s where we both felt very comfortable. I played at a fun BJ table and the drink service was phenomenal. Wife played PaiGow. I got beat up again and I think that she did too. However, I must say that we both really liked playing at Bally’s. We played there very briefly several years ago and didn’t really remember it very well.

    After a while we decided to head back to Caesars for the Hank Williams Jr. show. We were a little early so we walked around. There were a couple of $25 BJ tables that I considered playing (I am normally a $10-$20 per hand guy, but I was loaded at this point so I was considering it). Instead we went to Café Lago where we found a friend of ours that plays bass there. He was on a break so we BS’d with him for a while which was nice. Then we decide to head over to the show, but it is still over 40 minutes away. We kind of milled around outside the Colosseum plunking some machines. This apparently is the land of no waitresses because I was near death from beer deprivation at this point. I finally found one and was brought back among the living. We both dropped a little cash and decided to head into the show at about 10:20 (for a 10:30 show). We walk in the door and guess what; they are selling beer! Well, we definitely need more of that. I order a bucket of 5 Bud Lights (selling buckets has got to be a bargain, right?) for $35. So I pay plus a $5 tip and we go on our way. Trouble is, I’m drunk. I drink fast anyway, so right before the show starts I tell the wife that we should have another bucket. $40 later and I’m ready for the concert to start. We are both really drunk by now and we make friends with a couple behind us. They were fun and we sang and danced with them during the whole show. About halfway thru Hank plays some slow songs and I decide that I really have to pee. Of course on my way back I think that I need more beer since the 2nd bucket is almost gone. Another $40 later I am heading back down the aisle with a bucket and a smile! We continue to party and have an absolute friggin’ blast at the concert. When it is over I finally realize how drunk I really am. Wife wants to play a machine (I have no recollection of this. This is her part of the story). I sit next to her and practically pass out on my machine and she is also starting to realize how drunk she really is. We proceed to bed and pass out.

    Sunday, 12/10
    After we ran in the marathon (yeah, right!) we headed downtown and ate the breakfast at Magnolia’s in the 4Q. We played a little PaiGow and both won, but it was starting to turn a little so we moved on to the Fremont.

    We both lost at the Fremont.

    Then we went to the LVC. We sat down at the Texas Hold ‘Em game with a dealer that did not speak English worth a lick. We really didn’t know what we were doing so we asked the dealer to help us out a little. A few hands into it my wife pulls a Full House. She gets paid on everything except her ante bonus. She asks the dealer about it and he says that she doesn’t get anything for it. She questions him again and he says “noâ€. I am still thinking about it a few hands later and ask him about it again. He says that you have to have a straight or higher to get paid. Well, Helllloooooo. A Full House is higher than a straight where we come from. So wife points out to him that she had a full house a few hands ago and didn’t get paid. He tells her that she didn’t have it and that she only had 2 pair. He was wrong. The guy that was at the table with was very nice and said that we should have them look at the film upstairs. Now, it was only $5 so we weren’t going to make a federal case about it, but the dealer got very belligerent about it and the pit boss certainly didn’t give a damn as evidenced by her attitude. So they are both acting like total jerks and we are just a huge pain in the butt to them and completely stupid. So then we both got mad, cashed out and left. In hindsight we both wish that we would have had them look at the tape just to be a pain. This is really disappointing to us because I love playing at the LVC and we always used to stay there, but I am not sure if we will go back anytime soon. Everyone makes mistakes and we are both very easy-going about stuff like that. It was the attitude and treatment that we received after the mistake that made us so angry.

    From there we went to the Plaza and lost, but I was a little happier with the Plaza than I was a few weeks ago. It was a little more lively, but it was about 150 degrees in there.

    Stopped at the GG for a couple of cocktails and then onward to the GN. I got butchered on a Let It Ride table, but the wife got a little hot. I occupied myself on a slot machine (I never play slots, but at this point I had to change something!) while she was winning her butt off! I made a few bucks on the machine to make the GN a little less painful.

    We went to the ElCo next. Wife won on PaiGow again and I lost on BJ and PaiGow again! We spent quite a bit of time here and had a lot of fun. We both really enjoy spending time at the ElCo.

    Then we ventured to the Fitz. After losing $100 quicker than anyone thought possible on the craps table I played a little more BJ. Didn’t do too poorly and certainly didn’t win, but didn’t lose too much.

    We were getting a little hungry for dinner now and went back to Magnolia’s for dinner before playing some more in the 4Q. We were both losing so we headed back to the GN. Wife got hot on a PaiGow table (straight flush) and was doing pretty well. I went to the bathroom and a hooker started talking to me, so that was exciting. We then sat at a BJ table. Wife wasn’t doing very well and I was playing about even for this table so we decided to head back to Caesars to crash before we leave in 3 hours. We slept from 3am til 5am, grabbed a quick shower and headed out to the airport.

    Our flight home was uneventful as we both slept the entire trip. Neither one of us remember taking off. It was great!

    Overall Impressions:
    Caesars – The room was very nice, but we are DT people and will stay there from now on. Nothing at all negative, just not our bag, baby.

    The Strip – Pleased with Bally’s, the Flamingo, and Harrah’s

    DT – As always, we had a great time.

    The LVC – Extremely unhappy with our treatment here. We weren’t making a federal case of our problem, we were just asking a question and we were treated like crap because of it. Considering a letter of complaint.

    I got butchered and my wife carried me on day 2, which will prevent a spring 2007 trip, but as always we had the time of our lives!
  2. mikenhe

    mikenhe VIP Whale

    Oct 28, 2006
    anglo american in Tampa
    Trips to Las Vegas:
    Good stuff.

    I’m surprised you didn’t do a review of the Plaza buffet though….
  3. MesaMike

    MesaMike Low-Roller

    Oct 26, 2006
    Trips to Las Vegas:
    Perfect timing I am staying at Flamingo Jan 17-19 and want to do some play downtown. I now I have some great timely info. Thanks.
  4. Kid Ghia

    Kid Ghia Tourist

    Nov 29, 2006
    Trips to Las Vegas:
    Nice report, glad you had a good time. I love downtown too!
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