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TR: 12/16-12/19 LV For the Cheap at Heart - Part 2 (day 2)

Discussion in 'Vegas Trip Reports' started by goofygrin, Dec 21, 2004.

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  1. goofygrin

    goofygrin Tourist

    Dec 20, 2004
    Frisco, TX

    My Trip Report

    So if you are still here, you must be as bored of work as I am!

    Day 2 begins at 5:30 am Vegas time. My body is awake... it's 7:30 Dallas time, so I get up. My wife keeps sleeping.

    Today is a special day [​IMG] I get to drive up to Mesquite to play Wolf Creek. The pictures look awesome and the reviews are just as good. We've got an 11:50 tee time, so we want to be on the road by 9:30.

    I get dressed in my golf stuff and head downstairs at about 6:00am. I set a phone alarm for 7:50 so I know when to go back to the room to roust the wife and get some breakfast.

    No craps tables were open except that high roller stuff ($5 min). There were two $3 BJ tables open (6 deck shoe of course). At one of them there's these two guys that have obviously been up all night and are having a good time. Ask if I can join in and get in on the game with a $25 buy in.

    They don't know what they are doing, but they are having fun and the dealer is helping us all out. After about 30 minutes I lose the rest of my $25. I get up and walk around for 5 minutes or so to see what else is going on.

    Edit: I actually had $0.50 left of my $25. I find a $0.50 roulette table to try my luck there.... I place a "wesley snipes" bet (remember "always bet on black")and... lose. It is firmly rooted in my mind that roulette just sucks. (end edit)

    When I get back to the table I had been at, I asked one of the two guys how it was going and they said the table was much hotter, get back in. I cash in for $100 this time.

    A lady comes over to the table and starts playing with us. The game is up and down and she starts telling us to toke the dealer... Every time we do, we get black jack or win the hand! The dealer made some cash that morning! High point of it, one of the guys "finally" gets a black jack, pulls out a camera and takes a picture of the cards and his money, picks up the cards and the money and turns to his buddy who takes a picture of him holding them. The pit crew was not pleased with this and asked them to not take pictures in the casino. My alarm goes off and I color up with $123 (so net down $2 for the day so far). Not too bad for my first extended gambling stretch :D .

    I got up to the room, roust my wife and call my buddy. We all get ready and head down to the Orleans breakfast buffet ($6). For $6 I got pleasantly full and was ready to go play golf! My wife was feeling pretty crappy, so she went up to take a nap. My buddy's wife set her and my wife both up spa appointments (at the Orleans) for that afternoon and she went to to strip to lose another $75 into the slots (Paris, Ceasars, and a couple others).

    We jumped into the minivan with our clubs (did it ever feel wierd walking through the casino with our golf clubs) and started up I15. About 80 minutes later we were there and in awe. The course looks as good in person as it did on the net.

    6 hours warmup and golf later, we are done, I've got 20 pictures or so and I've played the most awesome course ever. If you are in the area and want to play golf, I would play there again for $100 (and I hate to pay over $25).

    80 minutes later we are back at the Orleans. We catch up with the girls, take a shower and head downstairs to the Don Miguel for dinner. I was underwhelmed. We got our free margaritas from the coupon book, but that was the only good I could come up with. Just not all that good.

    We decide to game it up a little =). The Orleans is hopping! so we decide to stay there (since they have low roller tables). $3 Craps is open (I've been playing craps on my computer for the last 4 months so I could be ready). My wife doesn't gamble so she is freaking out a little when I buy in for $100.

    Up and down, up and down, up, up, up, up, up. The good kind of craps night =). Two good stories: 1) this lady walks up and cashes in $200 into 8 $25 chips. It's her roll and boy does she ever roll! 20 minutes later she craps out and walks away with a yellow chip ($1k). Not back for 20 minutes of work. 2) My wife was just standing there watching me and when the dice came to her, I put a $3 pass bet down for her. She rolled. and rolled. and rolled. She hit so many 6's it was amazing (and of course I wasn't pressing my 6's). In the end, I made a lot of money from my wife, but not as much as the guy next to her that hit hard 6, hard 8 with $25 on them 4 times when she was rolling (he never tipped her though). Every time she got the dice, the 6 and 8 would be completely covered because that was basically all she rolled.

    When I was well above my original $100, she took it and put it in front of her (so I couldn't lose it). When I got anohter $100, she took that too and cashed them it. The $60 I had left took another hour to lose (table got cold quickly). So for 4 hours, I was up $100. Net $98 for the day! I was pretty pleased (and tired).

    We went up to the room and crashed.

    [ December 21, 2004, 11:42 AM: Message edited by: goofygrin ]
  2. bshowell

    bshowell VIP Whale

    Oct 3, 2004
    Trips to Las Vegas:
    Are you sure this was your first time in Vegas? You're having a whole lot of fun.
    I'll be in California and Vegas is like...right THERE. So...
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