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TR 10/21-25 Part II

Discussion in 'Vegas Trip Reports' started by JackJ, Oct 28, 2005.

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  1. JackJ

    JackJ Tourist

    Aug 7, 2004
    NY, NY

    My Trip Report

    October 23, 2005


    I wake and notice a present from wife. An extremely excellent way to start off the day. A pair of c0stume national shoes that I have been eyeing for quite awhile. I have a soft spot for nice shoes and watches. I am really surprised and mystified on how she got them to Vegas without me knowing.

    We decide that this is the perfect morning to lounge in the room and order room service. We order a proper breakfast of eggs benedict, sausage, coffee, juice and toast (come to under 50 bucks all said and done). Then we made excellent use of the large tub in the room. I think I will stop with the details at this point. It was a pretty righteous morning,

    I planned to do some real BJ on my b-day. My wife planned to lounge in the room. I went downstairs and brought in for about 600. It was magic from that point on. The Bourbon was going and was having a good time…..after a couple of hours of good play…I looked down and I had sea of quarter chips. Then I heard Kenny Rogers in the back of my head..â€Kno’ when to hold ‘em…Know when fold ‘em…Kno’ when to walk awayâ€
    I colored up with 2 one thousand dollar chips, One 500 hundred, and three quarters. I tipped the dealer and made my way to the cashier.

    I go to the cashier window …â€Hi, how are you doing…can I please have some MORE of Steve Wynn’s moneyâ€

    At this point I am feeling pretty good at this point about my gambling run this trip. I decide at this point to go to the red card desk and see if I can get dinner that night comped at Bartolotta. I present my card to the gentleman and ask about the dinner and he looks at rating. He tells me I am clocked at 90 bucks a hand for 15 hours so far. He tells me he could comp the dinner…"Sir, I think you need to speak with a Casino Host". I smile …my birthday just got better..I go to the Casino host area at the Wynn. Casino hosts are always on the phone with someone. …after he gets off the phone I introduce myself. He pulls up my info and knows exactly how much I am up (those RFID chips are crazy). He immediately changes the rate of room, comps some dinners, and gives me some line passes in case I want to go to the buffet. Hell…I thought 90 bucks a hand would be a strech just for a comped buffet.

    I go back to room and at this point my pocket bankroll is a nice knot. At this point I realize that roll of money I brought to spend on the trip is still in the safe from yesterday. The hundreds in my pocket are all courtesy of Steve Wynn.

    Wifey and I decide to get a snack down at Terrace point Café. We share some chicken fingers and notice the Keno screen. We never played Keno before but we always wanted learn and play. After a short discussion with the runner, we are in for about 3 or 4 games. We had a great time picking numbers and designing different way tickets.

    We walked around the Esplanade shops and stopped in a couple shops window shopping. I had been playing with the idea of buying myself a nice watch for my birthday. I have wanted a Panerai for years. The watch store in the Wynn did not carry them …but boy.. they had everything else…AP, IWC, Patek, Breitling, and of the course the familiar Rolex. I tried on a solid gold AP Royal Oak Offshore that was as heavy a brick. I got a nice rush feeling the heft of a $60,000 dollar watch on my wrist.

    It was close to time to change and go to dinner. Again, my wife was stunning for dinner. PK was the only one to meet us for dinner …everyone else appeared to be having their own version of good luck in Vegas. As in SW the previous night, the chef (the namesake makes his way to the table …Bartolotta) and small talks with us for a couple of minutes. My wife and he are from Milwaukee.and talk about his restaurant in Wisconsin. We all decide on the tasting menu (4-5 courses @ 125 per person) and then consult with the Sommelier. The meal was a veritable buffet…there was rib eye, sea bass, octopus, lobster, turbot, scallops, and risotto. We though we were going to pop when the dessert course came.

    S made his way to table after seeing a newly made female friend in the Wynn. S and PK wanted to do clubbing. Wifey was very full , very sleepy, and again her Jimmy Choo’s were killing her feet (women…explain to me ..if 4 and a half inch heels hurt your feet..why wear them) I walked her back to room and relaxed awhile.

    Then it was back to the tables. Sammy Sosa was at am adjacent table. could not tell if he was up, but it looked like he was putting a good number of black chips on the felt. I again was on a tear. The cards….and chips…were going my way. Early morning, I had a good buzz and a nice stack in front of me. I colored up and made my to the cashier.. "…â€Hello, how are you doing…can I please have some MORE of Steve Wynn’s money†…. The cashier then proceeded to count out 18 crisp hundred dollar bills. As I show my red card to security and I am on my way to my room, I realize that I am having the best B-bay ever and I cant imagine it getting better…until I get back to room…and see my wife grinning at me in bed.

    October 24, 2005

    We decide to go again to the Forum Shops. Shopping in Vegas is not bad…but living in Manhattan (yeah, I sound like a NYC snob) the shopping just doesn’t compare. We go into Emporio looking for a scarf that wife has been coveting and we dump around into a couple of other stores. As we make our way to Tourneau, we pass a sports memorabilia store and Pete Rose is outside of the store signing autographs. There were not a lot of people around …not even three...so I went and chatted him up. He was just trying to make some quick cash it seems.

    We make our way into Tourneau to the Panerai section. They had the titanium version of the Panerai I want. I contemplate buying the watch…I have a roll in my pocket that I can peel off the cash and have the watch of dreams…but the strap was not the color I wanted and don’t necessarily want to pay the premium for titanium. If you are going to pay a lot for something ..get exactly what you want.

    We get back and realize that we are hungry. We get a buffet comp from the host…surprise…they are all on the phones again.. female almost throws the passes to get rid of us …no problem to me <smile>

    Again, there where some nice things in the buffet…but a buffet is a buffet …it never quite equals a sit down dinner. There was a cook to order risotto station which I though was a nice touch. Crab legs, Asian, and an incredible dessert station.

    After dinner, my wife and I played a little Keno, some slots, and I made my way back to the BJ tables. I brought in for about 500 and was up and down for a couple of hours. One dealer was particularly hot and was conscious that I was up for the trip and needed to play very conservative and watch my buy-in and not let them clean me out. I played into the late evening and colored up with about 1200.

    Again, I go to the cashier…â€Hello, how are you doing…can I please have some MORE of Steve Wynn’s moneyâ€

    October 26, 2005

    That was the last time I played BJ this trip. I was up a couple of thousand and I was rated at the Wynn on the BJ table. The casino host took another 400 food and beverage off my ticket before we left the next day. Checkout the next morning was a breeze…the television express thing did not work…but I quick check of the items onscreen and a call to front desk was quick and efficient. The flight home was a breeze also and our person from Tri-state waiting for us.

    Oh…and I think is the best part of the story….

    The next day I called Cellini at the Waldrof Astoria. Looking for the specific Panerai that I was looking for in Vegas(mind you that only make 2000 of these cans a year). ... they just got a shipment of Panerai in that day……..Steve Wynn’s money and I caught a cab to Celini and brought us a brand new Panerai….

    Again thanks to all the TRs that I scoured to help make this trip to Vegas special.

    BTW ..I will revise this with pictures at some point
  2. MikeE

    MikeE The Shah's Slightly Hairy Cousin

    Nov 5, 2003
    Trips to Las Vegas:
    Glad you enjoyed your trip. Sounds like an awesome time!
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