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TR 1/9 to 1/11 - MB & Orleans (sorta long)

Discussion in 'Vegas Trip Reports' started by misterKeno, Jan 11, 2005.

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  1. Okay, here we go.

    Cast: misterKeno & steve

    About 12 days before my departure date, i call my friend Steve--to see if he can offer me a ride to/from the port. He says 'yes' & for me to furnish him the times & flight numbers n such. Well, later that day--Steve calls to inform me 'i just got back from a travel agcy & i'm goin!'. So, that's that.

    If you're still 'around', then i guess you're still in good spirits reading my TR. And, i tip my hat to you.

    Sun 1/9/05, noon, Steve arrives & we're off to the port. Steve's dad is driving. Oh, his dad didnt come, just furnished the ride. Soon we're @ the port with light rain & i really dont see why people use curb-side check in. It's outside, its wet, its rainy, its windy. Blah. Plus---its similar to MANY airports, only two people working it. We go inside--there's about 90 people in line at the ticket counter, BUT, about 14 SWA folks workin it. Line goes by FAST (much better than the fools standing on the curb).

    I printed my boarding pass Sun morning at about 730am & got #25 (in the A group). (((( Of note: my printer blew up that morning, and the boarding pass printed blue w/ a ton of blue smudges and blue lines ALLLLL over the printout. So you could------ummm------well, sorta see my name on it. And, kinda make out the bar-code. Lady @ ticketing had a good laugh over it & printed a nice one for me.

    Go upstairs and security line is about 200 people, took about 8 minutes. Off to our gate w/ 91 minutes before departure. Then learn that our flight is delayed 10 mins. Then it is delayed 30 mins. Then is delayed 42 mins. So, we're in the air eventually, lol. Couldnt see a darn thing except @ the very beginning & very end of the flight. Plenty of clouds & well, i'm sure you know bout the snow & rain for the sierra's & californians. As the plane came in on final, i kept watchin the luxor, but no beam up top. Jeeeesh. I guess i wanted to see that.

    Get off the plane---take tram from C-gates to baggage claim. Steve has only a duffle bag. I have one piece of checked baggage. Steve's package came w/ a hotel. He's not as savy bout LV as i am--and i guess his travel agency talked him into a cheapie pkg w/ the Westward Ho. I suggest that he jump a shuttle for 4.75, and skip a $$$$$ cab ride. He's outta there & i'd be in touch with him later. I go to carousel #16. Of course the one wayyyy in the back.

    ((( this TR goin okay...ya riiiight along w/ me ? Or gettin nervous or mad ? )))

    I see my flight # up on the display atop the carousel. But, i soon learn that your flight number HAS TO BLINK or you're standin there for no good reason, lol. So, after 35 mins--my flight BLINKS, and my suitcase comes. I just wanted to get to my hotel. Walked out the nearest door & jumped in a Showtime Shuttle for 4.75. Only one fella was aboard. I was worried that we wouldnt be rolling soon. But clerk kept her word 'we sit for 15 min max, then roll, period'. So, with 4 passengers, we get goin. Trop. Excal. then my hotel MB. Oh, i looked out the window of the shuttle-----the beam on the Luxor was (finally) now lit. It's raining pretty well, but oh well. I'm in LV.

    I get outta the shuttle, and i take two steps & my luggage is taken away INSTAMATICALLY, lol. Go into check-in. It's set up with 'you pick what line you want', instead of LOOOONG winding satin bank-ropes. So, i picked a young fella. Actually all the clerks looked young. 25 or younger. I wanted to try a trick of some kind, lol. I didnt evenTHINK of gettin some $$ ready w/ my credit card til the last second. Fidgeted around....and...

    Checking in Sir ?

    Okay, i have you for one night in a NS king room.
    Sounds right to me.

    Do you need my CC.
    Yes, i do.

    ::: folded a 10 into quarters, set the CC down near his keyboard w/ the 10 showin ::::

    Do you have a view of 'something', ive never been here before.
    Let me look.

    Umm, do you have a fiji room? (((i think someone said those were good )))).
    Absolutely, i can put you on the 25th floor with a strip view in a Fuji room. Normally, its thirty extra dollars, but i'll waive it. You're all set--elevators are down there. Have a good night.

    Got upstairs, called downstairs for my bag.........hung up the phone, and in about 2 mins, my suitcase was there. Not bad. Did some unpacking. Did room picts. I'll post them or host them somehwere.

    It's about 6:15pm, i decide to gamble so i

    (((( yea, looks like you had to wait a while b4 i got to gambling, lol ))))

    ..so i go downstairs looking for some dice. Four tables open, all @ $10 min. I didnt really wanna be doing that all trip, but bought in for $80. Choppy table...i played for about 40 mins. High of $130. Low of $0. Walked around, looked around. The island bar was crowded. Later that night it was PACKED, plus a band was playing. Got myself familiar with the layout of the place.

    Back up to the room to call Steve. Called 'O' & asked 'do you have the # for the Westward Ho' --- 'one moment', its ringing, 'Westward Ho, how may i help you'. I'm thinkin oh greeeeeeat, what's this gonna cost. I was just gonna write the # down, and go downstairs and use a payphone. Anyhoo, talked to Steve, we agreed that we'd be on our own til tomor -- skies looked threatening and we were both just a bit tired, plus he had already ate.

    I checked out the t.v. -- about 40 channels. No keno channel. Jeeeesh. But, to be honest--i'm not sure if MB 'has' keno. Ummm, i guess i'll sum it up here & now, i really didnt care for the MB casino due to the minimums & NOOOO drink service. Mind you--i played for one dice session & one slot session of 35 mins. But, that's a good TEST IN MY OPINION. I cliked on 'view your hotel bill', and my phone call appeared. $1. Not bad for a local 7 minute call.

    I wanted to call home to check in on my mother. I called 'O' to get the rates. Lady says 'oh you're nuts, long distance is $7.25 for the first minute then AT & T rates plus 40% for add'l minutes. So, i agreed with her & went downstairs & made my call. No answer @ home. The payphones keep your $$$$ anyway, lol. Blew me away. Lady next to me says 'yea, that's how it is here'.

    About 7:15pm, im hungry. Sorta felt like a buffet. Went into the MB buffet for my 'walk-thru'. Very glad indeed that i did this. Poorly lit buffet. I dont think it was dinner ambience, just poorly lit. Price was $24. The selection looked 'fair'. Seafood selection looked abundant. But, i dont do seafood, except for scampi or Fish n chips, lol. So, i passed. I figurued, heck, if i want A BUFFET, its gotta be aladdin. Cabbed it over there. $24.95 plus tax. Yea, kind of steep----but i knew i was gettin good stuff. About 30 people in line, line took about 7 minutes. Seated & began chowing down. Nearly everything was either really good or great! They were carving roasted sirloin or prime rib or turkey. Mex--usuall stuff from previous visits. American sectioin had 'shrimp in a lemon, butter sauce'. Sorta like scampi, but small shrimp---but a good flavor. Desserts, insane selection. This was my 1st ever dinner buffet there. I think for dinner they go ALLL out on desserts. Italian had good pizza, ravioli, some sausage pasta thingy. Then thatone station w/ the long kabobs--tandori chicken, then a beef one. Really good. Fresh fruit. Strawberries---ripe and BIG (hard to find this time of year). Well, i ate more than my fair share, lol. Place was busy & loud, but oh well...not really accoustics for intimacy. Good service, plates taken away, etc.

    Back upstairs to begin some gambling int he aladdin. The casino wasnt crowded at all. Only one roulette table open. $1 chips, bought in for $100. Played for nearly an hour--had one good hit, but eventually gave it back. Offered a drink in about 2 min of sitting down & drink came in about 7 minutes. Walked around some more. $10 & $15 min for BJ. But, no one was playing.

    Cabbed it to Luxor. Never been there--mostly wanted to see the inside of the pyramid, lol. Cab fare $6.20. Went inside, found the guest elevators. I just HAD to ride one for the heck of it. 'Room key, please'. So, i began to turn away--then he got distracted by some fella who dropped something, so i dashed into one! Funny feeling, you can just barely feel em moving sideways. But, when they stop, you can see everyone's body shift. I chose 16th floor...walked along the railing--got a kick of the view. Hmmm, what if someone jumped? Walked down the hall. Maybe i'm blind--but i didnt see an elevator at all 4 corners...so i walked the other side--dang it--that's a long walk. Back downstairs for some Luxor gaming. Bought four rolls of quarters & sat down at Sigma Derby. Five players playing. This STINKS!!!! The machine does not payout coins. That is sooo stupid. The excitement is when ya hear the ring & look around to see 'who got it, who got it'. It's just a credit thing that adds up for a TITO. Stinks !!!!!! First time ever i'd see a machine ruined w/ 'that'. Went to the bar right next to it. W/ 3 rolls of heavy metal. Put a $20 in for some VP. Ordered an amareto sour, tipped a handful of quarters. Ordered another. Hit a straight flush w/ a duece for 'something', i dunno. Bartender was a cool fella. I still dont understand what the golf pencil in the little shot glass w/ piece of paper is for if the drink is free and/or you're tipping--so i STILL ignore those. I figured one more drink--then i'm 'out'. Asked if he had Patron---he says 'anything for u bud', made me a 'rita. Goooood drink.

    Had a good buzz going by then. Was going to TRAM it back to MB, but decided on a little roulette. Bought in for $100...down to 71...down to 30....down to 17. Put all 17 chips on a split. Nailed it for 17 times 17 for $289. Remember that number, please. Table got choppy for a few minutes. Two girls sat down....age-wise--prolly an hour over 21, lol. They only wanted to bed REDS on black/red. I lost. They lost. I lost. They lost. Then, i finally won---then one of them says 'that guy knows what he's doing----watch him'. So i figured, heck i better pick a red or black (which i never do), but plopped 10 chips on black, they followed me. It hit. Next stpin was a repeat----except, i had 17 chips split between 10 & 13. Nailed it for $289 (again!). Dealer named Ernest (good guy), says 'that 289 sounds familiar'. So, now i was a hero to the girls. Girls switched to red, lost, lost, lost, left, poof. Table got choppy--i colored out w/ a $473 profit.

    Of note--drink svc @ the Luxor was good @ the table-----mind you, i didnt order one while at roulette, but plenty of offerings.

    TRAM'ed id back to MB. Holy crap--its 1:44am. Oh well, who cares. I couldnt remember if the vending upstairs was ice only or soda machines as well---so stopped in the gift-stop for a 20oz pepsi for $2.50.

    Back in my room--wake up call for 7:30--into bed, watched tube for just a few minutes, had a pretty good headache. Fell asleep quickly. Woke at 3-something w/ a STRONG headache. Stomach felt funny. Ummm, not food-funny. But, alcohol-stomach-funny. I'll be honest with all of you, in my entire life, ive probably been drunk 5 times & that's it. Well, anyhoo, i used the facilities (okay, enough of that). Slept for 12 minutes, woke up with a STRONGER headache, and i was sweating. Somewhere in the room were kleenex, but i was too 'goofy' to know or look. Called housekeeping for a box of kleenex. This was at 345am. They were upstairs in less than 1 minute. And, somehow i managed to find some 1's for a nice tip. Changed my wake up call from 730 to 9. Fell asleep. Woke up at 855. All better. All systems go.

    Okay---i guess 'somehwere' in here i need to use a HEADER that reads 'Day 2'.... but, well, stuff spilled over. LOL.

    Day 2
    Mon Jan 10, 05

    855am, took a long hot shower. Nice. Fell back asleep. Woke at 1005, took another long hot shower. Damn good water pressure & enough fancy soaps and hair stuff to make a contestant on survivor belly-ache!!

    The plan was to meet Steve at Venetian at Noon sharp. I was thirsty, but not too hungry. Stepped out of the elvator right into this little coffee/pastrie thing (wasnt the starbucks, but the other 'one'). $4.20 for a plastic cup of ice cold milk & a choc donut. That did me just fine.

    Walked around the MB casino.
    BJ 10 min
    Craps 10 min
    Baccarat 10 min
    Roulette $5 chips w/ a $25 min per spin


    Figured the only thing MB was gonna get out of me was a flash bulb. I walked right up to an OPEN, but empty craps table, asked the lady working the box.

    May i take a pict of the table?
    "I dont mind, but hold on a sec"
    she asks the pit-boss.. he comes over "I dont mind, but hold on a sec"
    he asks the floor manager "he says, yes, but dont shoot the dealers". Floor mgr instructs the dealers & the stick to back up a couple of feet, i got a good clean shot. But, with my brain-cells, i set the camera to LOW-RES for that shot. DOH!! I think that's the only pict i took that trip on LOW-RES. Oh well. Well, i wont lie---all the other picts are Room PIcts--i didnt wanna take my cam out in the rain (parlayed w/ im forgetful and a bit lazy, lol).

    Back upstairs. Tried to figure it out in my mind how to get a cheapie cab ride from MB to venetian, i thought to myself that if i get to the OTHER side of the strip--then the cabbie wont have to do a U-turn somehwere.

    ((( i shouldnt of done that thinkin )))).

    I TRAM'ed it from MB to Lux to Excal. It was raining off & on, figured i'd go across to the Trop & cab it from there----great!!! Nooo, overcrossing. Oh well...i overcrossed to NYNY--then overcrossed to MGM. I had 33 mins before i had to be @ Venetian @ noon sharp!!! Bought in at roulette...got NADA for 7 spins, yuck. The MGM is doing some construction. Terrible construction in their casino---the part that's where studio 54 is, ummm like the part of the casino that's under a cloudy-foggy-skylike dome? They had a makeshift particle board fence around that. Hard to walk thru, heard the LOUD LOUD LOUD echo of air-guns.

    Went to get a cab. The line was at least 125 people long. Line did NOT MOVE. DAMMMMIT. This sucked. Some kind of headquarters for 'something' must of been goin on. People with tote-bags, i dunno. Walked back to NYNY for my cab. Line was 1 person long. Cabbed it to Venetian for 7.00. Go to the Venetian at 12:21 sharp. Steve wasnt there. He actually got there at 12:45, he was on the CATbus 3? While waiting for him, i got 'offered' a massage. Well, those were the words the girl used to phrase her 'idea'. I kindly declined. Cute girl though.

    Steve was hungry, i was slightly hungry. We walked around to the food court--stuff looked good. We walked to the grand lux, waitlist was 35 mins. Walked by some noodles place, steve thought 'what about here'. I said, i dunno----ummm, you 'wanna see if we can get into Delmonico's?'. He'd never heard of it. I said 'look, you'll remember this place after we go there, its a great place'. He said 'okay'. I knew if he saw the prices, he'd freak. But, i told him as we were walkin by Pinot 'hey, i'll cover this, i won a little last nite'.

    I was a bit worried of our dress---more so Steve's.
    me---clean, brand-new brown canvas Columbia shoes (basically a cross between a comfy nike & mid-ankle hiking boot), polo shirt, jeans.
    steve---pretty spotty nike's---jeans---and a plain ole t-shirt showing some wear. We walked in, greeted by the hostess, i fumbled under my breath 'hi, are we okay for umm, to eat i umm' -- she interupted 'you're perfect, come on in'. Place was nearly empty---3 tables of diners. Rest, empty. Steve was impressed BIG time b4 we even sat down.

    Our team of waiter & bus-boy came over & told us of the specials & what we'd like to drink, etc, etc. We, both opted for one of the lunch specials that was imprinted on an 'insert' page of the menu. It was under the heading of 'entrees' , and the plate was called 'entree'. Go figure. Conssited of 3 prime sirloin tips on a bed of garlic-mashed, then garnished w/ these awesome carmelized/crunch onion-shreads. Well, you had to see it (and eat it !). Then an awesome worchteshire sauce, too. $27 + $27. Some french onion soup for the both of us-----gooooood. $6 + $6. I wanted just water--but i hate LV water, so i was given some water imported from Italy, for i dunno $5something. Steve--just a couple of cokes. Well, everything was awesome---like the way each guest is served his food simultaneously w/ the person across from him/her. Our waiter explained a lot of stuff about preparation of this & that, but never crossed the boundary of 'being around too much' or 'where did he go now?'.

    We were in & out for 100 79+21 tip. I really think the boys earned it. Steve remarked the lunch as 'best ever'.

    Steve had a bit of a sweet tooth--back to the food court for one of those italian sorbets (or was it gelato), anyhoo---you know the place, they have like 40 different fruit flavors. Small cup 4.50. He liked it.

    I opted for some craps. Steve just wanted to watch. Bought in for a $60 Place bet on the '8'. Nailed it three times, then 'out'. Sooooo---steve says 'that's cool, we just ate for free'.

    That girl actually looked AWFULLY CUTE, that offered the massage, now that i think of it.

    We walked around a bit--steve did a dollar redwhiteblue slot. Steve's really not in for the LONG HAUL of a gambling session---make a buck, move on, lol. He put in $10, got back about 27 & cashed his TITO.

    Said 'lets go to ceasar's' -- we went there for a $5.40 cab ride. Was raining off and on. We were in there for about an hour--no luck. I told him that i needed to getback to MB & get my bag & head to Orleans for my 2nd nite in LV. Moving day for me. I said i'd call him later.

    I cabbed it from ceasar's to MB for $8.20. I got my bag & cabbed it to Orleans for $12.10. Driver had a REAL heavy NY accent, and didnt take Tropicana--took some side roads, but it didnt seem to far out of the way. Guess he was the 'expert'. Oh well.

    Got to the Orleans at about 4:45. Lady at registration was complaining that there werent any strip view rooms left. Blah blah. Oh well, BUT when it came my turn--figured i'd do a 10-dollar trick for my $17/nite i reserved on the internet. Oooooops, i only set out a $5. Now i was nervous, lol. That's twice now that i goofed on the $20 trick. Clerk took the dough & asked:

    smoking or non ?
    high floor or low floor ?
    near elevator or ice ?
    strip view ?
    King or 2 queens ?
    Sooo, whatever i wanted---i got, lol.

    Room 1644. Got off the elvator. Sign read 'rooms 1601 to 1645. I thought oh greeeeeat, cause the hallway was LOOOOOOOONG. But, no the #'s went in the opposite direction. So, i was right next to the elvator. Woohoo. Unpacked--did some room picts.

    Called Steve, no answer. Went downstiars and traded in my OLD BC players card for the new coast card. Played some vp--won $11. Everything in the hotel is tito. Bought a roll of quarters because the phone rates are same as MB for long distance, called home. Etc.

    Played some craps...turned $60 into $120. Walked around. Bet on the OVER in the jazz/spurs game. Bet the jazz (plus 10 1/2 pts). Nailed both of them for a $90 profit. Walked to the poker room. Big poker room. They didnt have 7 card stud. Played 2-4 hold em. Every single hand for the next 2 hours, had at LEAST 4 players betting the river. The second hand i got, i had pocket tens and the board showed a pair of 9's w/ scattered crap around it. I bet 4 and raise & re raise & raise again. Won it for about $96. Woohoo. I paid to see a LOT of flops, but held my own. Won only 2 other pots, but they were good size of $50 & $66. Cashed out for a PLUS $52. Not bad.

    Back up to the room, did room picts, and unpacked, and saw they had the keno channel, but never found the keno room, lol. Back downstairs for dinner.

    French Market Buffet.....30 people in line.....slow moving line.....$22 for monday nite seafood nite?? No thx. Plus i thought Fri is supposed to be seafood nite!!!!!!! Went to Suzio---a little italian place. Eclectic surroundings, kind of colorful-modern. Place was about 1/2 full. Very fast service. Lasagne for $12. I wont go much 'into' the details. Ummm, food was 'okay'. A little bland.

    Right outside the place they had 9/6 vp. I think that's what they call full pay , i dunno. Put in my new players club card, and played $40--took 10 mins to take my dough. Of note---these 9/6 machines give u the option of 50cent/$1/$2 only. No quarter stuff. I think these may have been the only 9/6 machines. One hand i got

    10 club
    J club
    Q club
    K club
    7 heart
    dumped it, and, and, got BLAH ! But, i was hoping.

    Decided to try roulette, no 50 cent tables. Just $1. Bought in--lost. Bought in for another $100, lost. Things get ugly from here. Go to craps, get wiped out FAST for $80. Buy in at another table for $100--lost. I'm losing all my dough from last nite quickly. Find another table. By the way---ALL the craps tables were $3. Lost again. Buy the '4' for a hundred -- I WANT REVENGE. The boxman gets up and comes over to me, do you have a pit-card? No. Let me sign u up. Figured what the heck. Bought in for $60--that lasted juuuuust enough time for him to process me & get me an imprinted card.

    Well, i'll tell you what---if 'room or discounted offers' are the norm for this place--i think i may qualify for some mail offerings soon. Or something, i dunno. Lost another $140 that night.

    Back upstairs, and watched the Utah Jazz take care of the Spurs for my sportsbook win.

    Time to sleep. Bed, VERY comfy & firm --- not hard, but firm.

    Hey, why is it that in every hotel (last 5 hotels ive stayed at---im seeing a trend). When you turn on the t.v. its blaring-loud !!?? You lower the volume, turn it off, then right back on-------LOUD again !!?? Jeeesh. And, they're all the same---same movies & same cable stations. Oh well, lol.

    Wake up call for 9am. Good night. Good night.

    Day 3 -- last day
    Jan 11, 05

    Wake up at 700, good night's sleep. Oh, the nite before, i turned off the heating/cooling thing---its just a wall-unit (like a motel), but with a FANCY wall switch keypad, that gets complicated. But, the unit is a bit loud. I just opened the little bathroom window for vent.

    Packed up my stuff, showered, got dressed, oh found my free fun book on the nitestand, oh well. Could've had discounted suzio meal. LOL. Downstairs for breakfast----did the buffet---$6----no line at all. Basic breakfast stuff, with a small selection of the ethnic stations. I wasnt very hungry, but got a little of this or that. Bacon, was under-cooked. Made me a bit mad. I think someone else on the board mentioned that a while back. Orange juice comes in a HUGE 20 or 22 OUNCE tumbler glass---so no need for refil refil refil (like at bellagio). BUT----its not fresh squeezed, like bellagio, phooey!

    I should have headed to the airport. My flight was in 5 hrs. Dang it. I bought in at roulette w/ my Pit-card. Lost. Bought in again, Lost.

    Went to the craps table, made a BIG bet (i dont even wanna mention the details), lost. Played $3 of some nickel machine.

    THEN went to the airport for $12.00 carb ride.

    ((( stay tuned, there is A HUGE detail coming up ))) ((( AND its RE: gambling ))).

    Get to the port, no one in line @ southwest. Get A-pass #25. Meet Steve upstairs. Security is crazy---i guess they werent southwest customers. 400 folks in line, takes about 35 minutes. Shoes off - shoes on.

    I still had a ton of time---i look at a directory & see that there is a Gordon Biersch in the airport---but it's in Terminal D, not C. Soooo----i do a switcharoo, and go thru security for Terminal D, lol, shoes off--blah. I wanted the garlic fries from there!!!!!! Go all the way down on the D-terminal tram---------get there, they dont offer them. Holy CRAP !!!!! Every damn one of those places ive been to, they have garlic fries, dammit !! Well, not this one...............all the way back to the main terminal. I see a TSA guy--i say 'hey, i need to get to Terminal C' and i dont wanna go back thru C security. He says 'lets see your i.d.' -- 'follow me', thru a door--thru another door, presto--THERE!!

    That saved me.

    It's 80 minutes before flight time. The sun is coming out, wouldnt you know it. I hear people talking about The STRAT is 'finally' going to open up the rides today'. Thx--really wanted to hear that. SPEED was 'down' until monday nite btw. So, i missed out on that too. Dang it.

    Weather kicked my ass this trip. Phoooey.



    Find out our flight is delayed 32 mins.

    i go to TCBY, get a yogurt, i'm watchin people play the WOF.

    What fools to play slots at the port, lol lol.

    Guy is playing 25-cent wof, and he

    w i n s THE PROGRESSIVE for 3.9 million RIGHT IN FRONT OF me. OMG, i'm the first one that see's this. He turns 17 shades of red and purple. He looks around for his family, 3 slot clerks come around the corner. The whole terminal is oooh ooooh oooooh. I look up at the progressive meter. It now reads $200,000.07,and climbing about one penny a second---so that sucker got re-set the instant he won, but his readout shows the jackpot at 3.9 million. He freakin won the whole enchilada. This was a quarter machine. 3 coins in.

    Well, steve and i are back on the plane...and going home. The end.

    misc stuff:

    I hate the rain in LV
    Delmonico's -- stuff just doesnt get better than this.
    MB -- service staff is awesome & kind (except for drink svc)
    MB -- table minimums are ALWAYS $10 & Up, blah !
    for a buffet, aladdin is tops
    I wish i did more pict taking, but, that's how it goes
    The two niter--flew by, way too fast--i may need to go again soon.
    3.9 million dollar winner RIGHT in front of me RIGHT when it happened.
    (( they say airport slots stink ? ))
    Cabbies are better if they're regular 'car' not a minivan (my opinion)
    Orleans, big place, a lot to do & see.... but they got all my dough now.
    That girl was cute.
    Orleans PAGED ME IN THE CASINO at 902 am. I picked up the courtesy phone 'sir, you had a wake up call & didnt answer, we wanted to know if you were alright?'.
    I guess my trip was 'okay'. Had some good eatin & bit of fun.
    ...feedback & questions & etc if you wish (o:


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  2. HurricaneMikey

    HurricaneMikey A-List Buffoon

    Jan 25, 2002
    One foot in Music City, one foot in Sin City
    Trips to Las Vegas:
    Great Report MrKeno!

    I thoroughly enjoyed reading it. Sounds like it was a very interesting trip.

    Amazing to see the progressive win. I think it would be pretty cool to see somebody's face at the instant they win life-changing wealth!


    Mikey's Ali-Like Return to the Ring for March Madness
  3. misterKeno

    misterKeno Guest

    Yea, went by awfully fast --- just preparing the homestead for my ill/elderly mother & last second this/that/etc tired me out even before the trip. I guess i wanted a combo of SEEING / DOING A LOT, plus getting a handful of relaxation all into a 2-niter. Go figure.

    Yea--that fella, mikey, his eyes just glazed. Lady came around the corner (slot attendant) 'u got it'. He didnt DARE leave that seat. Finally his wife and family come over, they all got on cel-phones calling the east coast 'we won 4 million dollars, we're not flying back til tomor'.

  4. vegasdrea

    vegasdrea Buckle Bunny

    Nov 29, 2004
    Trips to Las Vegas:

    why can't something like that happen to us??? i was at the excalibur when soem guy won the progressive jackpot for 30 something million!!! Great TR, I enjoyed it very much, I hate the rain in Vegas too, it so inconvienent. Thanks for sharing

  5. misterKeno

    misterKeno Guest


    i was actually thinkin of gettin some LV revenge on my dough and playin a slot @ the port---but have ALWAYS been told the port is theeeeee worst place to play.

  6. Absolutdrinker

    Absolutdrinker Low-Roller

    Jan 21, 2003

    Good job ...too bad you donated a bit o cash to vegas, but we all do in the long run... funny how i was in vegas as well, when someone hit megabucks at the Ex.... wow... 4 million dollars.... on a last ditch gambling effort... come to think about it, its .... wow..... wow....
    sorry, i just got sidetracked of me sitting down at the machine and hitting it.... good report Keno..
  7. misterKeno

    misterKeno Guest

    thx Absolutdrinker (o:

    Funny thing is, the slot-attendant was telling the guy who won---it was THAT same machine, that supposedly paid off a good size progressive a couple months back.

    Yea, vegas got me & got me good... i guess a bit more sunshine in and out of the casino woulda done me good. (o:

    Well, absolutdrinker--if you ever have a 'rita w/ Patron--all i know is the guy @ the Luxor must put in a HELL of a lot, cause that last one DONE ME IN FOR, lol.

  8. Cowgirl44

    Cowgirl44 Tourist

    Jun 13, 2004
    Detroit, Michigan
    Hey MK,

    Looks like you had a great time in spite of the rain. My husband and I got back early this morning. We had a wonderful time. The Aladdin was a very nice hotel. We booked the spa suite.

    Got lucky, because when we arrived at 9am on sunday, they checked us in right away.

    Your TR was great. I am not going to try to write one because I know it will not be as interesting as yours. I have pictures I will post later though.

    I am going back in October with my sisters and brother (the part of my family that is in love with Vegas)

    Glad you had fun.
  9. HoyaHeel

    HoyaHeel Grammar Police & Admin

    Feb 24, 2002
    North Carolina
    Trips to Las Vegas:
    Cowgirl--please, write up a report! Even if you just tell us where you stayed & ate and what you thought of it--we like all types of trip reports here!!
  10. Cowgirl44

    Cowgirl44 Tourist

    Jun 13, 2004
    Detroit, Michigan
    I will try Hoya,

    I am a pretty boring person, but I will try.

  11. Blind_Molly

    Blind_Molly Low-Roller

    May 15, 2003
    Great report. Very entertaining read.
  12. East Coast Shuffle

    East Coast Shuffle Low-Roller

    Nov 26, 2004
    Nova Scotia, Canada
    Nice read Kman. Great results on the fiver trick...that helps with those who flash the twenty. That patron is a knockout !. [​IMG]
    Speaking of knockouts...how was your massage ?! ;)

    Cheers, ECS.
  13. Typhinie

    Typhinie Tourist

    Dec 5, 2003
    Los Angeles, CA
    Hey, my baggage arrived on carousel #16! Infact, now that I think about it, it always arrives on 16.

    Anyway, sounds like a great time. I am sorry about the poor drink service at MB. I never get good drink service anywhere, so I just assume that it's hard everywhere.

    I am glad you had fun! Patron gets me everytime! It tastes so smooth, then it catches up with you!
  14. IllMarty

    IllMarty Orangutan

    Dec 7, 2004
    Will Co., IL
    Trips to Las Vegas:

    Nice read. [​IMG] Glad you had a good time. Only 9 days until I begin taking note for a TR.

    [ January 13, 2005, 08:05 AM: Message edited by: IllMarty ]
  15. misterKeno

    misterKeno Guest

    cowgirl--thx for the kind words... yes, the aladdin has some nice points to it.

    hoyya--gee, thx Glad u liked my TR

    B-Molly, thx--i did my best. (o:

    ECS--yea, i guess i really lucked out on the upgrade attempts. Especially w/ the fiver, lol. Oh, the patron, yea it tastes smoothe, but now im wondering if its even an ANEJO tequila---cause 'those' are NOT SUPPOSED to make you sick. Oh, well.

    Typh---suppose #16 is some kind of a clue/spirit/lucky # for us--heehee.

    IllMarty, sounds good--i'm sure you'll have a better time than i. (o:

  16. Thekiller

    Thekiller Tourist

    Jan 6, 2004
    MrKeno I enjoyed your report. [​IMG] I had about the same luck at the Orleans tables as you did. You would think that your money would last longer, with lower limits, wouldn't you?

    I am curious about the wake up calls. You get a 7:30 and get up at 10 for a 12 meeting. You get a 9 and wake up at 7. I just gots to know.
  17. misterKeno

    misterKeno Guest

    killer---yea, i'd figure my dough would last longer---but oh well. )o:

    Ummm---sleeping stuff...

    at the MB, i had a 730am wakeup call--but didnt get much sleep at all (plus got sick), well you know that already---figured i'd get in a quick 90 min of sleep & have em wake me at 9. They did. But, lol--fell back asleep. Oh the MEETING, wasnt a meeting--just to meet up w/ my bud Steve for some grubbin n gamblin. Soooooo--yea i woke up at about 10 & finally got my butt moving.

    Mind you--i havent had a night's sleep of more than 4.5 hrs in the last 3 years. Combo of working & taking care of my dying mom. So, any sleep i could get---i wanted it. Even though i WAS IN lv.

    Well, that's about it. Oh--i'm sure you read about the orleans paging me.

  18. enterpriser2151

    enterpriser2151 Tourist

    Aug 20, 2004
    Knoxville, TN
    Trips to Las Vegas:
    My luggage also was on #16. Coincidence? No, I think not!
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