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TI Petite Suite March 26-30

Discussion in 'Vegas Trip Reports' started by Lcs, Apr 2, 2006.

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  1. My GF and I left the Midway airport on time at 9:15 A.M> on Sunday mornin. We arrived at the Vegas airport a bit after 11 on schedule. Baggage pick up was pretty standard and we proceded to the taxi line. I usually use a shuttle however after reading a few post we decided to go with a cab this time. $15 from airport to TI. Of course the room wasn't ready but we had a plan. I had heard of a restaurant on the travel channel called "Hash-HOuse-A-GO-GO". We went back outside and got a cab to head there. Once we were on Sahara the cab driver informed us that it was a far drive and that we wont be able to get a cab back. That ride alone was $20. The meal was average. NOt bad but not the best. I think I would have done just as well staying on the strop and going to the Peppermill. Anyway the hostess said that with it being a Sunday morning, and the location from the strip we may as well catch the bus. We walked across the street and rode the bus back to the strip. Once there we went to the store on corner of Vegas blvd. and Sahara for some.....beverages to take back to the room. Only problem was the damn busses going South were packed...So in the end we wound up walking down towards Circus Circus and caught a bus there. Finally made it up to room and I was very impressed by the jacuzzi and the space of the room. I stayed at the Sam Remo last March so anything is better than that. I would have to say that I like the Suite especially at a meer 15 dollars more than a regular room rate. That night we took a cab over to NYNY for the Zoomanity show. This was my 8th trip to Vegas but my first Circ show. It was awesome. I cant tell you how much enjoyed this show. Afterwards we took a walk over to Excaliber just for the hell of it. Than we decided to catch a cab over to Ellis Island for some cheap eats. I was a little nervous about that move but it was fine. It was a dump but the food was good and the smoke in the casino was't as bad as I thought it might be. Caught a cab back to TI and got a few hours sleep before the gambling began. I will finish the rest later.
  2. Jacqui Duskette 8

    Jacqui Duskette 8 Tourist

    Mar 17, 2006
    Glasgow, Scotland, UK
    Trips to Las Vegas:
    Hi Lcs. I'm going to the TI in June. Can you tell me what the pool is like? I only use the area to sunbathe. Is it too small? very busy? Can't wait for the next part of your report.
  3. Lcs

    Lcs Guest

    Reply to the pool

    Well I only went to the pool area once anc had a beer at the bar. I am not a sunbather so I really can not tell you how it is or compare it to anything else. HOwever there were lots of chairs and plenty of open ones also....several cabanas and the bar area was a nice place for me to catch some sun and drink a beer.
  4. Lcs

    Lcs Guest

    The rest of the trip

    The rest of the trip was pretty standard with no major hang-ups. I did a nice amount of gaming at TI and I really enjoyed the hotel and the bars. Mist was a great place to hang out. I also enjoyed having drinks at Isla. The chips and dip there are among the best I have ever had. The only buffet on this trip was a breakfast/lunch trip to the TI buffet. Not bad but I have had better. Had a good time at carnival court even though it was rainin. Very nice low key trip with my lady friend that already has me planning for September with the guys.
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