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TI July 24-28th

Discussion in 'Vegas Trip Reports' started by 7beasley, Aug 2, 2004.

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  1. This was my second trip to Vegas and a great trip it was...thanks to all the great tips and info I got on this board.

    Participants: Myself (30 yr old female) traveling with my Dad (57). My Dad was diagnosed with Melanoma in May and after surgery at Dana Farber in June - he was declared cancer free with no spreading to his lymph nodes or organs. So feeling lucky - we decided to celebrate in Vegas!!

    Flights: Flew nonstop from Boston's Logan Airport to McCarren on Delta Song. As it was convention week here in Boston, flights OUT of Boston were marked down to next to nothing and our roundtrip to Vegas was "stolen" for a mere $215. Flight was uneventful although I had the middle seat (which I hate.)

    Flew out of Vegas at 10am Wed morning -- connected in Atlanta and then onto Boston. Uneventful flight.

    Hotel: Landed at 9pm Vegas time (midnight Boston time) and took the Bells Trans shuttle to Treasure Island. Had requested late check in so room was no problem. My Dad had a comp for the room for Sunday, Monday and Tuesday nights and Sat. was $129 per night. Requested an upgrade but was told the hotel was completely booked. Requested an update for Sunday-Tuesday but was denied - and told to talk to slot host instead. Room was nice and clean - 2 double beds - view of the west end of the strip (Stratosphere etc. and the mountains) -- 22nd floor.

    Food: Ate very well on this trip!! Went to Denny's at Casino Royale on Sat. night since I was starving and after an appetizer sampler platter - felt much better.

    Sunday morning took the monorail to the Sahara and had their Champagne brunch. It was just okay but for $10 for 2 people (had a Buy 1 Get 1 coupon) you really can't be that!

    Sunday night had dinner at Cafe Largo at Ceaser's Palace. Cafe Largo has both a menu you can order from and a buffet. Had the buffet. Excellent!!! To die for alfredo and chicken pasta. Very good prime rib. Lots of shrimp. Left there very full.

    Monday breakfast - no time to hit the Tropicana as planned before the Luxor hold em' tornement so instead grabbed a chicken sandwich from Nathan's hotdogs in the Luxor food court. A waste of $10!!

    Monday dinner - Bellagio buffet. THe best buffet I have ever been too. Showed up at Bellagio around 9pm on Tues figuring there would be no line to eat - could not have been more wrong. Wait was over 1 hr long. Used complimentary line with our Mirage/MGM card and were seated immediately. Dined on prime rib, lamb, shrimp, wonderful salad bar, and real mashed potatoes. Finished with coffee and a make your own sundae! Could not have asked for more.

    Tuesday breakfast - ate at the Terrace Cafe at Treasure Island. It was good, reasonably priced and convenient.

    Tuesday dinner - tried the new buffet at the Mirage - Cravings. It was very good. Although it closes at 10pm which seems very early for Vegas. Arrived about 945pm so had to rush to fill my plate before they started to take the food away. The manicoti was very good. As was the salad bar - you pick what you want and a person makes your made to order salad for you and then mixes it with your choice of dressing right there. I would say that was the best part of the dinner.

    Gambling: I am a table game girl myself -- did not hit the slots too much. Spent a great deal of time at Casino Royale and at the new Roulette table at Harrah's. Mainily played blackjack, craps, roulette and three card.

    Harrah's has this new roulette table - 50 cent minimum (must play $2.50) and its a real wheel but a touch screen table = it was great - you could see the numbers - it was easy to bet and really fun. Had one extremely profitable session where I bought in for $20 - played only the $2.50 minimum each spin (on numbers) and cashed out 4 hours later with $100.

    At Sahara tried a new game called Texas Shootout - $5 table -- you get dealt 4 cards and get to keep 2 of them - so does the dealer - then there are 5 table cards dealt that both you and the dealer use - you just make your best poker hand. The bet pays 1 to 1 if you beat the dealer but there is a bonus beat as well where you can bet $1-$10 and that pays odds (for example a full house is 7 to 1). Hit big bonuses 3 times in a row for $65. Cashed out of that game, after a $20 buyin about $50 ahead.

    Also enjoyed the new 3-5-7 poker game at Harrah's - although even at a $5 min. table - it cost $15 a hand to play - which was alot. Saw lots of people hitting big - but alas, I was not one of them.

    On Tuesday, headed downtown to Freemont Street -- loved it there. Played my favorite game of the trip at Fitzgerald's -- Blackjack Switch. A $3 min. table. I have not seen this game on the strip. You play 2 hands of blackjack at once and basically, you can switch your top 2 cards with eachother. So for instance, if you are dealt a 10 on the first hand and a six on the second hand and then a 5 on top of your 10 for 15 and an ace on top of your 6 for (soft 17) - you can switch the 5 and ace thereby creating a hand of 21 and 11 and then you can double on the 11. Very cool game. Of course, there is a downside though. The downside here is that a blackjack pays even money and the dealer pushes with a 22!! There is also a bonus bet $1-$10 pretty much pays on pairs.

    Had good luck at Fitzgeralds at the Blackjack Switch game cashing out $40 up and at the end of the day at 3 Card Poker hitting three of a kind with a $5 bet for ($150).
  2. 7beasley

    7beasley Guest

    Somehow I accidently posted my message before I was finished...sorry...here is the rest.

    My last day, Tuesday, was the best day there because in addition to the $150 at 3 Card - that night I also hit 4 of a kind at Caribean for $120.

    Beyond the above, played a little at O'Sheas and IP mostly blackjack and let it ride.

    Gambling wise had a great time and came home with $200 out of my $700 brought. Which means that for all my gambling and eating and misc. stuff - my trip only cost $500 (my dad paid for my plane ticket and the room!!)

    Monorail: Bought a 10 ride $20 ticket - only used it for 4 rides. Loved the monorail - it is a great addition to Vegas. Rode it one time from Harrah's to the Sahara and the second time from Harrah's to the MGM. The MGM does not have any signs directing you out or back to the Monorail. They need to put up some signs since it is a LONG walk out and it is confusing.

    Hotel Hopping: Checked out (briefly) the following hotels: TI, Ceaser's, Bellagio, NYNY, Luxor, Excaliber, MGM, Tropicana, Harrah's, Flamingo, Barbary Coast, O'Sheas, IP, Venetian, Casino Royale, Sahara, Fitzgeralds, Binons, Golden Gate, Golden Nugget, and 4 Queens!!

    Hold Em Tornement: On Monday - played in the $25 buy in game at the Luxor. Found out about it on this Board so "thank you" -- for an extra $3 for a dealer tip you get an extra $50 in chips for $250 total. I had 2 good hands that I bet into the pot on -- 2 pair (Kings and Twos) and a Straight. Lost both - the 2 pair lost to 3 of a kind with pocket 7's and the straight lost to a flush - both in heads up action. Finished pretty quickly out of the tornement - but had fun as it was my first time playing hold em' in a casino. May be brave enough to try a 1-2 game on my next trip.

    Final Thoughts: Had a great time. Can't wait to go back. Next trip is Sept. 14-16th. It was very hot in Vegas - 106 degrees whole time I was there - that takes some getting used to. Loved the frozen strawberry margaritas at Casino Royale and the Frozen Sex on the Bridges at the Golden Gate. Fitzgeralds downtown does not use real khaluia in its sombreros and the fake stuff tasted gross!! Played only $5 and less table games - don't think my money would have lasted at any games over $5. Ate like a queen - the food is wonderful there! The TI pool is very small and non descript - kind of boring there compared to the other fabulous pools I have seen on TV. Sept. trip is to the Aladdin - can't wait.

    Thanks again to everyone on this Board.
    You guys are great!!
  3. vikkign

    vikkign Tourist

    Apr 13, 2004
    What a great way to celebrate your dad's great news - a trip to Vegas. Enjoyed reading your trip report. [​IMG]
  4. Red Sox

    Red Sox Tourist

    Apr 6, 2004
    Trips to Las Vegas:
    Nice report 7Beasley! From my member name you can tell I'm also from Boston and with the way they hyped the DNC you were smart to leave Boston and what better place to go than Las Vegas. I'm glad you had a great time, but back home in Boston the DNC traffic scare was totally false. Things went very smoothly. Maybe it was because people went away(like yourself) or just stayed home that week. Congrats on your fathers results.
  5. doctor_al

    doctor_al VIP Whale

    Nov 25, 2002
    Twin Cities
    Trips to Las Vegas:
    Great news about your dad. Sounds like you had a nice trip. Sahara must be a Shufflemaster subsidiary, lately everybody who goes there comes back reporting about a different new game they saw there...
  6. HurricaneMikey

    HurricaneMikey A-List Buffoon

    Jan 25, 2002
    Southeast of Sin City
    Trips to Las Vegas:
    Thanks for the trip report, sounds like you guys had a great time!

  7. krobertson21

    krobertson21 Tourist

    May 11, 2004
    Nice report. Isnt that rolette table at Harrah's cool, I played on it back in May, my wife and i really enjoyed it. Im going back at the end of the month also looking to try some holdem, thanks for the info.
  8. 21wins

    21wins VIP Whale

    Aug 16, 2002
    Great news on your Dad.
    Fine report sounds like you had a great time.
    Good food, good gambling -good time. [​IMG]
  9. jenaphir

    jenaphir Well-Known Member

    Mar 24, 2004
    what a great way to celebrate your dad's victory over cancer!

    all your food reviews made me hungry. oh to be in vegas right now...

    thanks for sharing your report, im t-133 and i need all the fixes i can get.
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