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The Royale Sucks... And a pleasant suprise!!!

Discussion in 'Vegas Trip Reports' started by Jer, Dec 20, 2002.

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  1. Jer

    Jer “Bears, Beets, Battlestar Galactica”

    Jan 20, 2002
    Southern California
    Trips to Las Vegas:

    My Trip Report

    Well, where to start...

    Airport was cool, we brought our mini DVD player and watched movies while we waited and on the plane. All 3 Austin Powers movies and Oceans Eleven were brought, and used!

    My wife and I touched down in Vegas and immediately grabbed the limo to take us to the Venetian. She wanted to be as classy as possible so she wore a BEAUTIFUL dress and I was all dressed up myself with the nice suit and very uncomfortable expensive shoes. When we got to the Venetian, I think people actually thought we were important because the limo driver said "good afternoon, your jet is waiting when you want to leave Mr. D!" Classic...

    The room is great, but my wife is ready to gamble... We go down to the tables and she sits at the Roulette tables as play a little craps. $100 down in twenty minutes, so I walk on back to my wife and figure out she has won about $300 in that time. WOW! She was betting all the kids B-Days and two of them hit in a row. I tell her to get up and lets go, but she isn't ready. I back off because of all the times she stuck by me in those moments I didn't want to leave during a hot streak. She asked me what happened to my $100 and I said I was un-lucky! She asked me to give her a number, so I said 21. She put $15 dollars on 1, 2, 12, and 21. "No more bets, " said the dealer and the ball dropped. "12" called the dealer, "You are HOT!" I think her payout was $540. She then looked at me and said, "Dinner's on me!" Better be damnit... [​IMG]

    She wanted to go to Delmonico's, but we had no reservation. I went and talked to a casino host and explained my situation and what my play is like and told him to call my host at the Bellagio if he wanted proof. He said he would see what he could do and got on the phone and within minutes we had reservations in an hour... He did tell me to give them a little action and stay away from the Bell this trip, and I said if my wife's luck is any indication of how my trip will go that I wouldn't leave!

    Dinner was wonderful, we were both full and tired so we went up to the room. Details could be told, but i'll spare you! ;)


    The next morning we woke up and went to the Paris for breakfast. Still great and my wife had like 3 times the normal amount of food we eat for breakfast. The crepes were excellent as usual and the service was tremendous. Never had a glass empty, and I actually tipped 6 bucks because of how nice she was!

    She wanted to play some slots, so she found the $1 machines and went to work. I found another craps game going, and the racks were full.. Great sign, right? WRONG!!! :mad: The minute I got there I lost. I was beginning to think after losing another $250 that I wasn't meant to win this trip. I went to the machine that my wife was on and she wasn't there. The slot lady came by and told me my wife hit some luck and moved to the $5 machines. I walked over there and saw she had 2 racks full of $5 coins. I just looked at her and my jaw dropped. She asked me to go and get the cash for the first one, which amounted to a $500 bucks. When I was back, her other rack was half empty and she was ready to stop. Plus $750, and another $200 from the dollar slots made her session very profitable. I felt bad about losing, but if she stays this hot for the next few hours before she has to leave I would be okay... We walked around a bit and made it over to the Bellagio. She could stay in this place for hours, but she actually only had a few left before we had to be at the airport. I tried the tables here, but mostly the same luck. She tried some $5 slots and put our card through while as well... I played for a little over an hour while she played the slots. I ended up only losing $25 bucks, which I thought was a victory and she ended up playing for the same time and winning almost a hundred bucks. Well, it was getting time for her to go so we grabbed her stuff and got all ready. She was sad to leave, but she can't be away from our boys for too long! We said our goodbyes and she was off to the gate.

    I gave my friends a phone call and luckily they had just gotten there from a meeting. They said they would meet me in the lobby and I would move my things to the place they were renting. It was a nice house just 10 minutes away from where we were! There were drawbacks to this that I found out later. I had no car, so I had to rely on them to get me from point A to point B after 5:00 pm. After talking and a little drinking,(They had a keg hook-up in the garage with Sam Adams flowing freely!) we hit the town. The first place we hit was the Rio. I like this place, BJ dealers were cool, craps dealers were nice and the drinks kept coming! The Palms was a different story. Cold, eerie feeling in that place. Can't explain it, just weird! Jake looked at me and said, "Jer its time to go to the REAL Vegas..." In minutes we were downtown and heading for the Cortez! Stopped at the garage and it costs a dollar to park but you can get that back at the cage. All we had were $20's and $100's so he just let us pass through. Really nice guy I might add! This place was classic. Craps dealers were funny, but the best thing was these two 60+ gentleman getting into a very slow fist fight over one beating the other with Jacks at poker! I guess if he couldn't bluff him out of the pot, he was going to knock him out? It was really funny, I couldn't stop laughing. My two bud's hit the slots and I stayed and played craps for awhile. Up and down, but I did hit a few horn high Yo's (OHIO!) and that made it all back so I was done. Mikey, I must give you props... The "Take your odds off the come bet if the dice leave the table" thing worked like a charm. I had every number working with odds at one point and the dice went tall so I just did it to see what would happen... "SEVEN OUT..." Man, that was a $150 save! A fruity drink is coming your way my friend! [​IMG] It had been a long day so I packed it up and left the Cortez $6 dollars up after 2 hours of playing craps! We hit Fitzgeralds, and the Nugget as well as Binions before we left. They were all dead so we decided to call it a day


    I can't sleep in Vegas... :D Had the fellas drop me off at the Paris for breakfast and then off to the Bellagio again for some fun! I was playing craps and not doing a darn thing. I am down $375 after an hour and just walked around to get it together. I saw a baccarat table and just watched for awhile. I have played mini-bac, but this was the big table and people were handling there own cards! A spot opened up so I sat down and grabbed one of those cards and tracked for awhile until the shoe ended. When it started up again, I noticed that it was $100 minimum and all I had was $200 on me. I thought to myself, I can do this! If any of you don't know, it is a strange game to were you try to get the cards to add up to 9 and can bet on the banker's hand, the player's hand, and for a tie(which pays 9-1) I put my $100 on the banker, and the cards came out. "Player 8, Banker...(I thought I was sunk, 8 is the second best hand you can get).... NATURAL NINE!" Wow, after the 5% juice, I was paid $95 bucks! Simple enough, right? Okay, Rode the trend with the bank and after 7 bankers hands in a row after progressive pressing, I was up almost $2200 bucks! Simple enough, right? Well, I thought that was good enough for that game, I didn't want to chance losing on the eighth hand so I pulled it all back. The dealer told me to put $100 on the tie, and $100 on the player. I did, and threw an extra $50 on each for the dealer. Wouldn't you know? Tie... Wow, happiness all around! I was done! I thanked her, she thanked me, and that was that! I love this game!!!!!!! [​IMG]

    I'm up again, and just can't get that feeling of playing craps outta my head. I head over to the Casino Royale and try out the 100x odds... Not only did I piss away half my money in 2 and a half hours, they were the WORST dealers I have ever come into contact with. I honestly was almost escorted out of the place because, who knows, the customer can't speak up about a situation? There was a guy next to me (Obviously a first time player...) When he would drop his place bet, it went into the number box and instead of the jerk warning him he went off... "Haven't you learned anything yet?" was his first comment. I simply said, "Give the guy a break!" After that, the guy went off on me. "What establishment in their right mind wants the players to drop the chips in the box? NAME ONE, NAME ONE... You can't? I thought so..." After that I was on a mission get this ass removed from the table... After asking the pitboss why they allow such rude dealers to be employed, his answer was plain and simple... "Sir, you have every right to go and play somewhere else..." I was heated and wanted to speak to the floor manager... "He is in a meeting right now, if you want to leave your name and number of where you are staying i'll be sure to forward your concerns!" Yeah right!

    I then calmed down, knowing that I wasn't going to win this way and found out that all the rude and negativity surrounding that place wasn't a lie! After that, they all switched and I had a new guy on my side. I started off by being pleasant, but his response was, "If I talk to you are you going to tell on me as well?" This wasn't a sincere question, the tone flat out sucked! So told the pitboss if I could get everyone to leave with me would that make a point and he just gave me the, "You're an ass, yeah right" laugh. I went around the table, got all 9 people to leave the establishment chanting "Royale sucks! Royale sucks!!!" I was the king... [​IMG] What really sucked was that I lost $1100 bucks...

    I was supposed to call my friends when I was ready to meet them somewhere, but I really didn't feel like going back there! I was soooo mad... Anger, drinking, and gambling do not make a good combo. I went back to the Cortez and just played some $2 BJ to kill the time! Well, lets just say those $2 bets increased to $100 bets, I was on fire. In 25 hands, I won 21 of them( a string of 11 in a row!) with 6 BJ's... I had people just watching me and my luck! I had succesfully won back all the cash I wasted away. I love this place!!! Booger, I thought you were nuts, but now I have seen the light!

    I moved back to craps and played for a few more hours, and figured out it was 2 am and I was to be on a plane at 9! Well, I went up and down, and after a lot of cocktails, it was like 3:30 am and I needed to be at the airport by 7 am. One problem arises here! I don't know the address of the house, and I can not for the life of me find the phone number of my friends. Wow... I looked in my wallet, and I guess I had lost most of what I had won at the BJ table because there was not nearly as much cash as I thought should be there. Alcohol does that I guess!! After like thrity minutes of freaking, one of the dealers told me to look in that little pocket above the real pocket in the levis I was wearing. Not only did I find the number, I found 5 $100 dollar bills as well...

    After calling the friends and getting the address, I caught a cab back and packed up my stuff and just made some coffee and watched sportscenter for awhile until it was time for the guys to drop my sorry ass off at the airport!

    All in all, this trip was fun. Besides all that crap at the Royale, I was in good spirits and had some great conversations with people all over the US. I even met some guy who has checked out this site and recognized the names of me and Mikey, as well as Patti and of course Sonya!

    Interesting sidenote... When I got back, there was a HUGE problem at work so when I was supposed to be sleeping I was called in to handle some really silly problems! Got home at 9 pm and slept off and on the whole day yesterday and am still groggy today!

    This was long, congrats for sticking this far! [​IMG]
  2. Billy from TX.

    Billy from TX. Tourist

    Jan 6, 2002
    Wylie, Texas
    Trips to Las Vegas:
    Loved the Trip Report Jer!! Man You got me pumped. Can't wait til Superbowl Sunday. Thanks to you I know to stay out of the Royale. I am a newbie at table games so I hope I don't get a jerk of a dealer.
  3. Booger

    Booger Tourist

    Aug 18, 2002
    Trips to Las Vegas:
    Sounds like you had a great time!Stay at the
    Venetian, gamble at El Cortez,quite the combo
    going there Jer!! Sorry to hear about your
    treatment at the Royale,never have gambled there
    guess I WON'T BE anytime soon..Thanks for the

  4. buckeyetodd

    buckeyetodd High-Roller

    Nov 4, 2001
    lancaster, ohio, usa
    Trips to Las Vegas:
    maybe the jerk dealers rotate from casino to casino. last november i had a great dealer at the royale at the bj tables. won some serious cash from them. on the other hand, i have never, and i mean never, had a friendly dealer at ballys. amazing how a bad dealer can make a losing session that much worse. i am going to vegas jan 10th for a little three day trip. hopefully i won't run in to any dealers that makes losing a couple of hundred feel like you lost a couple thousand.

  5. HurricaneMikey

    HurricaneMikey A-List Buffoon

    Jan 25, 2002
    Southeast of Sin City
    Trips to Las Vegas:
    Dang Jer--

    That was a great report!!! Man, those huge swings sure make a quick trip to Vegas a whole lotta fun! :eek: I'm glad you got the $150 save--it's worked for me a time or two. I just hate it when I've worked my numbers up and the dice go tall...

    I've not yet played at the El Cortez, but maybe in March...

    I'm glad to know our reputation here on the board is alive and well in our favorite city, too!!

    Mikey [​IMG]
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