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The Entertainers

Discussion in 'Vegas Trip Reports' started by westie, Feb 22, 2003.

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  1. westie

    westie VIP Whale

    Jun 24, 2002
    Kensington, CT
    Trips to Las Vegas:

    My Trip Report

    The following is a summary of the shows and lounge acts we saw during our 2/5-19th vacation.

    Bette Midler impersonator show @ the Fiesta-Rancho. Brenda Miller performed as the Divine M. This was the first and worst show of our 2-week trip. Ms. Miller’s singing was not at all that convincing and too much time was devoted to messing up the hair of audience (male) members. Yours truly was pulled from the audience to serve as the Divine M's dance partner for one song.

    Sixties Mania @ Castaways. This show band from Australia performs almost 3 hours of high energey music and dance 5 nights a week. We found the group’s strength to be the variety and range of the music performed rather than the individual impressions. According to a recent Las Vegas Sun article (see below), the group has been extended at least through the end of March. Highly recommended. Refer to David Berman's excellent post under Show's and Entertainment.

    Van de Guzman @ the Windjammer Bar @ Castaways. We enjoyed Van’s performances several years back @ the former Vacation Village so it was quite a surprise to find him playing @ the Castaways. He has a wonderful voice and is a virtual one-man band. He accompanies himself on keyboards as well as the tenor, alto and soprano sax, clarinet and flute. Catch him while waiting for the Sixties Mania show to begin. Performances W-Su from 3:30PM – 7:30PM.

    Larry G. Jones @ Fitzgeralds. The man of 1002 voices is a truly gifted and funny impressionist. He deserves a better showroom. Show is free with the purchase of $3 drink.

    Neil Diamond impersonator show @ the Fiesta-Rancho. Bobby Garrett did a very creditable job in this tribute show. The absence of a band detracted, but we enjoyed the performance. Note: this series of impersonator shows is currently being rotated throughout all the Station and Fiesta-branded casinos.

    The Letterman @ the Suncoast. This trio performs all its original 50’s hits plus more during a 90-minute performance. The group's act is kept vibrant by the inclusion of a number of solo performances by the current members (only 1 is an original).

    Savoy Brown @ the Railhead @ Boulder Station. I love this venue, but this English blues/rock group was just too loud for my taste. 2 minutes and we exited.

    Michael Kennedy @ Ho. This Elvis impersonator was highly entertaining, but you would never confuse his voice with a recording. He performs for approximately 1 hour Su-Th @ 2PM and 5PM. Arrive early if you want a chair because this small lounge was packed on the afternoon we attended. www.westwardho.com/michael.aspx

    Lamar Harris - aka the Hat Man - immediately followed Michael Kennedy @ the Ho. We saw him several times back 5-10 years ago and his act has not changed all that much. He hands out an impressive play list that is heavy on funky country songs. Lamar memorizes the names of everyone in the audience and incorporates them into his songs. Catch him 6PM-midnight M-Sa.

    Huck Daniels Review – this group jams @ the Stratosphere every Monday night beginning @ 10PM. The current lead singers are Lawrence T and Pitty Pat. Both singers were excellent and their interpretation of Motown, R&R and blues standards was a real treat.

    Big Elvis @ Barbary Coast. Pete Vallee’s voice is excellent and we found him to be a gifted entertainer. A new website is in process of being developed.

    Phil Shane @ the Tropics Lounge @ the Tropicanna. Phil is a sensational performer who gives 100%. He performs for 4.5 hours without a break each W-Su beginning @ 8PM. This night we caught the initial 2.5 hours of his performance. His play list included songs recorded by Charlie Rich, Neil Diamond (many), Jerry Lee Lewis, Elvis (many), Roy Orbison (several), Conway Twitty, Coasters, Eddie Cochran, Paul Anka, Bobby Darrin, Del Vikings, Bobbie Helms, Big Bopper, Buddy Holly, Richie Valens, Jimmy Buffet, Kingston Trio, Bob Seeger, Rickie Van Shelton, Otis Redding, Lee Greenwood, Wilson Pickett, Tom Jones and Del Shannon. This guy is not to be missed, but be forewarned – he is accompanied by prerecorded music.

    Huck Daniels Review – Brendan’s Pub @ the Orleans. This place rocked from start (delayed due to a Laker's game) to finish. If these guys can't get your hands clapping and toes tapping, you are either clinically dead or musically challenged.

    Elton John impersonator show @ Fiesta-Rancho. What can I say other than it was free.

    Righteous Brothers @ the Orleans. After a one year stint @ the LV Hilton, these recent inductees into the R&R Hall of Fame are back performing their many hits at the Orleans. Fans should not miss them. Note: A coupon for 50% off showroom tickets is included in the Orleans funbook.

    Phil Shane @ the Tropicanna. We went back on a Sunday night for another 3 hours. His performance this evening was entirely different from the one we enjoyed just 4 nights prior. Phil actively seeks audience requests and a large group of fans from Long Beach, CA obliged by bringing along a long list. These plus other audience requests made up 90% of this evening’s performance. Some night, after much rest, we are going to stay for the entire 4.5 hours

    Bellagio Conservatory - the decorations and flowers celebrating the Chinese New Year were just gorgeous. The exhibit included orange trees bearing fruit and large Chinese dummies completely decorated with live flowers. We have visiting the conservatory on numerous occasions and we always are impressed, but this exhibit was just breathtaking.

    We stopped in the Fashion Mall in order to view a Joan Miro exhibit that included over 100 of his paintings and lithographs.

    We visited the recently opened Ritz-Carlton on our last weekend. The hotel and grounds were very impressive. We enjoyed an exhibit titled Diamonds and the Power of Love which will run through the end of February. There was also an art exhibition being held on the bridge over the lake, as well as concert by Nova Era - a group of musicians dressed in Elizabethan garb. There music is quite unique and best described as "classical music with a modern groove".

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  2. Little Bob

    Little Bob Low-Roller

    Aug 18, 2002
    Trips to Las Vegas:
    westie, I enjoyed your report. We hope to catch a couple of lounge acts in May---especially Big Elvis. When my wife and I retire in a few years we want to spend a couple of weeks in Vegas and enjoy some of the entertainment that we just don't have time for on a long weekend.
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