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Sunset Station / Red Rock / GVR - Trip Report (12/8/06 - 12/19/06)

Discussion in 'Vegas Trip Reports' started by cruiser, Dec 22, 2006.

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  1. cruiser

    cruiser High-Roller

    Feb 5, 2002

    My Trip Report

    Brenda and I returned from 11 days/nights in Las Vegas a couple days ago staying at the Sunset Station Hotel & Casino the first five days/nights (12/8 - 12/12), Red Rock Casino Resort & Spa the next three days/nights (12/13 - 12/15) before moving over to the Green Valley Ranch Resort, Casino & Spa for another three days/nights (12/16 - 12/18). This was our 13th trip to Vegas over the past five years, our fourth time staying at Sunset Station, our second time staying at Red Rock, and our sixth time we've stayed at Green Valley Ranch (GVR). You can check out their websites at:


    We had received postcards from all three casinos. Sunset Station offered three free nights (three night maximum stay) to which we added two nights at a casino rate of $45 per night. Red Rock offered two free nights to which we added a third night at a casino rate of $80. That gave us 8 days/nights which we had booked the first week of November. For some reason, Green Valley Ranch (GVR) hadn't sent any offers for December. That's okay - we still have 8 days/nights which will match our longest trip time in Vegas.

    When Wifey and I returned from a two week road trip to CT for Thanksgiving, sifting through the mail we found three offers from GVR. One offer was for a Tournament in late November (that offer already expired) and the other two were for stays in December. In fact, one of the offers was a three month postcard (November, December, and January) that can be used multiple times and is good for a two night maximum stay. I was hoping to receive this postcard offer before November 1st but didn't get it until late November when almost 1/3 of the offer had already expired. Okay, we thought about the possibilities and decided to take the two free nights 12/16 - 12/17.

    We then checked Southwest Airlines web site for return tickets on Monday 12/18. It would have cost us $130 more to fly home on Monday, 12/18 then our current tickets we had flying home on Saturday, 12/16. Back to the Southwest Airlines web site. Checking for return flight on Tuesday, 12/19. Excellent - this is the same price that we were currently paying to return home on 12/16. But that means we'll have to stay in Vegas another night. Bummer...

    Okay, called GVR Casino Services and added two night complimentary stay for 12/16 and 12/17 and then checked with our host and got a casino rate of $80.00 for a added third night at GVR. Wifey just needs to change our return flight tickets.

    We were then booked for 11 days/nights in Las Vegas as follows:

    5 days/nights at Sunset Station
    3 days/nights at Red Rock
    3 days/nights at Green Valley Ranch

    For us, 11 nights is a scary thought but we were willing to give it our best shot.

    For those of you not familiar with our gambling habits, since I've given up playing blackjack (a couple of really bad beats can do that), we pretty much stick to playing full pay deuces wild video poker. We play quarter machines, max coins (5) and here's the pay schedule for 5 coins:

    Natural royal flush => 4,000
    Four deuces => 1,000
    Wild royal flush => 125
    5-of-a-kind => 75
    Straight flush => 45
    4-of-a-kind => 25
    Full house => 15
    Flush => 10
    Straight => 10
    3-of-a-kind => 5

    As you can see, a Natural Royal Flush pays 4,000 coins ($1,000) and Four Deuces pays 1,000 coins ($250), and a Wild Royal Flush pays 125 coins ($31.25).

    I also decided that while at Sunset Station, I would play in some of their Poker Tournaments. I e-mailed the manager of the poker room and requested and received their Tournament Schedule. At the time, their web site was not accurately reflecting their tournament schedule.

    On Wednesday through Sunday, there is an 11am No Limit Hold-em Tournament and on Tuesday through Thursday, there is a 7pm No Limit Hold-em Tournament. These were the tournaments that I was interested in.

    As with our previous trips to Las Vegas, Brenda and I agreed that if we both got a Royal Flush (playing Deuces Wild video poker) on the same day, we would treat ourselves to massages when we got back to Austin.

    Day 1 (Friday, 12/8)

    We're up at 3:30am and had reservations with Super Shuttle to pick us up between 5:25am and 5:40am. It arrives at 5:21am (a bit early). We first head to downtown Austin stopping at the Four Seasons and then the Hilton for more passengers, arriving at the airport at 6:30am for a 7:55am flight nonstop to Las Vegas. We love those nonstop flights on Southwest. We grab a breakfast sandwich and headed for our gate. Flight was fine, arriving in Las Vegas on time at 8:55am. We grab our bags and head to lower level to pick up shuttle to Sunset Station. We only had about a 15 minute wait and by 9:30am, we're on our way to Sunset Station. We arrive, tip the shuttle driver, and head to the front desk to see if they have a room ready for us. Yes, they do so we take our bags up to our room and unpack.

    By 10:30am, we sitting at the video poker machines. We play the "optimum" video poker machines. With these machines, for every $2 cycled through, you get 1 point added to your account. On our last visit to Sunset Station, there were two banks of (8) $.25 MG/MD Optimum Uprights", one near Keno and the other outside the Poke Room. Well, this trip we found another bank of 7 new Optimum uprights in a "nonsmoking" area between the Italian Restaurant and their high limit room along a back wall.

    I leave to sign up for the 11am No Limit Hold-em Poker Tournament. $50 buy-in for $2000 in tournament chips. No rebuys but re-entry and alternates allowed in first hour. Winners are paid in accordance with number of tables and player count. 20 minute rounds starting at $25 & $50 blinds. I head back to video poker machines and play until just before 11am. I'm late to the tournament and miss the first hand. Not a big deal since I wasn't one of the blinds and the antes haven't started yet. This is my first "in casino" No Limit Poker Tournament. The only other poker tournaments I've played in are "family/friends" annual Fourth of July and Thanksgiving Weekend No Limit Hold-em Tournaments for bragging rights. We also have a trophy that gets engraved with each winner's name. This past Thanksgiving, I won the darn thing for the first time. It came down to Wifey and I for the final two and after almost 6 hours since we started that tournament, I came away the Champ. And yes, I got "Dad" engraved for the first time. Felt wonderful. Well, for my first in casino poker tournament, I last 58 minutes. I remember absolutely nothing else about this tournament. It's only day 1 and my note taking is already a bit shaky. It was a great experience and well worth the $50 entry (learner's) fee.

    Head back to video poker machines. We play until 5pm and head over to Costa Del Sol for the Soup and Salad Bar. We learned the first time we came to Sunset Station that their Soup and Salad Bar is more than enough for us. By 6pm, it's back to our video poker machines. Wifey calls it a night at 6:40pm and I play until about 10pm. I cash out at $600, up $400 today in video poker. Nice start for this trip.

    Day 1 Gambling Summary (Sunset Station):

    - up $400.00 (6 'wild royals', 3 'four deuces')
    - down $50.00 (Poker tournament entry fee)
    - up $350.00 for the trip
    - up $20.00 (7 'wild royals', 2 'four deuces')
    - up $20.00 for the trip

    Day 2 (Saturday, 12/9):

    We're both up at 2:55am and out the door by 3:27am to begin a new day in Vegas. I left $5 on the pillow and asked housekeeping if she could please leave extra soap, lotion, and shampoo which she did after making up the room. I did this every morning on this trip. We stop at the Sunset Cafe for breakfast and by 4:10am, we're sitting at our video poker machines. Where's the drink lady? As I recall, the first couple mornings at Sunset Station, we had to wait over an hour for our first drink of the day. We brought paper and markers this trip figuring if we had to wait too long, we could make up signs - "Will gamble for drinks" or something to that effect. Eventually, the drink lady shows up and as usual, we start off with our coffee drinks. Between 9 and 10am, I head to the poker room to pay my $50 learner's fee to play in this morning's 11am No Limit Hold-em tournament. I play VP until about 10:50am and head to the poker room. I didn't wish to be late two days in a row.

    This will be my second live casino poker tournament. I didn't notice how many tables of 10 we started with in yesterday's tournament, but this morning we have three tables of 10 to begin with. The entry fee was again $50 giving us $2000 in chips. Blinds start at $25 & $50 with 20 minute rounds. Here's the schedule for increasing the blinds and then adding in antes:

    Round 1 (20 minutes): $25/$50
    Round 2 (20 minutes): $50/$100
    Round 3 (20 minutes): $200/$400/$25
    Round 4 (20 minutes): $400/$800/$50
    Round 5 (20 minutes): $800/$1600/$100
    Round 6 (20 minutes): $1500/$3000/$200
    Round 7 (20 minutes): $3000/$6000/$400

    I took my time, trying to play only premium hands in the early rounds, got a bit lucky here and there and as the players were knocked out they moved players around and eventually, I was one of the last ten players making the final table. The prize pool is 80% of the entry fees so with 30 entries (roughly), there was (I believe) $1200 in the prize pool. 1st place gets $600, 2nd place gets (I believe) $360 and 3rd place gets $240. Cool, let's see how long I can last. I think I had roughly the average chip count of about $6000 at the start of the final table.

    As we play on, slowly folks are getting knocked out and I'm still in the game. I never did get a big pair but my Ace/Queen won every pot I entered. I ended up head to head with the chip leader and after battling back and forth, I won!!! I couldn't believe it. I collected $600 and after subtracting my two $50 learner fees, I'm ahead $500 (at this point) after two poker tournaments. This was fun and I think I'll try again tomorrow.

    At about 1:35pm, head back to tell Wifey all about it and get back to playing video poker. We play until about 5pm and then head to their Steakhouse for dinner. It was very good. No room for dessert. Back to our machines by 6pm. Wifey plays until 6:30pm and calls it a night. I play until about 9:35pm. I cash out $1100. Up $500 for the day in video poker.

    Day 2 Gambling Summary (Sunset Station):

    - up $500.00 (13 'wild royals', 4 'four deuces')
    - up $550.00 ($600 Poker tournament less $50 entry fee)
    - up $1400.00 for the trip
    - down $620.00 (14 'wild royals')
    - down $600.00 for the trip

    Day 3 (Sunday, 12/10):

    At 3:03am, the phone rings 2-3 times and then stops. It stopped ringing before I could figure out what the heck that sound was. Either that was our wake up call (we didn't ask for one) or someone's playing with the phones. In any case, time to get up and get ready for day 3. By 3:45am, we're out the door. We stop at the Sunset Cafe for breakfast and this time I ordered the corned beef hash and eggs and Wifey ordered melon. By 4:20am, we're sitting at our video poker machines. Today, I once again entered the 11am No Limit Hold-em Poker Tournament. I got taken out early (maybe 20 minutes into the tournament). My pocket kings lost to a set of tens on fourth street. Back to the video poker machines. Played another hour and then decided I needed a break. At 12:20pm, we head over to Panda Express to grab some lunch. Brought it back to the room to eat. I needed the walk. Afternoon session started up at 1pm and we played until 5:20pm. We had over to the Capri Italian Ristorante for dinner. They were very busy for having only been open since 5pm and it seemed like they could have used more help. We were in no hurry and even told our server to slow down. We had a nice dinner and left headed you know where to play some more deuces wild video poker. We started playing again at 6:45pm and Wifey calls it a night at 7:05pm. I played a bit longer and cashed out.

    Day 3 Gambling Summary (Sunset Station):

    - down $180.00 (14 'wild royals', 1 'four deuces')
    - down $50.00 (Poker tournament entry fee)
    - up $1170.00 for the trip
    - down $390.00 (15 'wild royals', 1 'four deuces')
    - down $990.00 for the trip

    Day 4 (Monday, 12/11):

    This morning we sleep in and don't crawl out of bed until 3:45am and out the door by 4:20am. At the Sunset Cafe, I order the Philly Cheese steak sandwich and Wifey apparently ordered a Turkey Wrap without the wrap. At least that's they way it looked when the food was brought out. It was pretty much just turkey, lettuce, and tomato. By 5am, we're sitting at our video poker machines. By 5:38am, I hit my first '4 deuces' of the day and hit my second one at 3pm. As far as our drinking goes, we pretty much start each day with a coffee drink, then move on to coronas, and then red wine. We like to finish each day with several glasses of wine. Not sure what we had for lunch but whatever it was, we ate it at our machines. Wifey ends her day on the same machine at 6:52pm. She was playing that machine for 13 hours 52 minutes. I'm still waiting for my Royal Flush. Hey, where's my red wine. Here she comes. I play until 9:45pm playing on same machine for 16 hours 45 minutes and I'm down $400 for the day in video poker.

    Day 4 Gambling Summary (Sunset Station):

    - down $400.00 (13 'wild royals', 2 'four deuces')
    - up $770.00 for the trip
    - up $720.00 (22 'wild royals', 4 'four deuces')
    - down $270.00 for the trip

    Day 5 (Tuesday, 12/12):

    This will be our last full day at Sunset Station. Getting off to a slow start - up at 3:31am. o which she did after making up the room. Head out to Sunset Cafe for breakfast. Oh no... Cafe is closed for maintenance until 6am. Okay, we grab a couple breakfast sandwiches at fatburger. That'll have to do until something else opens up. Start our deuces wild video poker at 4:25am. Wifey declares today to be "12th of Royal Day". And guess what?

    At 7:05am, wifey hits her Royal Flush!!!

    She held the Ace, Queen, and 10 of diamonds and drew the other two diamonds.

    At 10:50am, I hit my Royal Flush!!!

    I held the 10 and Jack of spades and drew the other three spades.

    Wifey did said today (12/12/2006) was "12th of Royal Day". And since we both got Royals on the same day, we'll be treating ourselves to massages back in Austin. We'll wait until sometime in January after we're fully recovered from our Vegas trip.

    Today was a soup day for wifey and Panda Express for me. I grabbed our lunch and brought it to our machines. Today was he first day we realized there was a "Scratch and Win" promotion going on and we didn't know about it until today. Major bummer. This promotion was supposed to end on 12/2/2006 but by "popular demand", they extended it until 12/16/2006. Unfortunately for us, we didn't take advantage of it the first four days we were staying at Sunset Station.

    The way the promotion works is that for every 500 points you earn, you get one scratch off card. These scratch off cards can be worth cash (up to at least $1000) or can be worth points added to your account. You can receive up to 10 cards per person per day. On day 5 of this trip (last full day at Sunset Station), we each received 8 cards. My eight scratch off cards gave us $5 cash and added 18,500 points to our account. Wifey's eight scratch off cards gave us $5 cash and 9,000 points added to our account.

    We could have had lots more added points for the first four days of this trip if we only knew about this extended promotion. Oh, well - next trip I need to check with the rewards center to see what (if any) promotions are going one during our stay.

    At 5pm, I signed up for the 7pm No Limit Hold-em Poker Tournament. This will be my fourth live tournament in the past five days. Buy-in is $77 for $2000 in chips and $7 Dealer App for another $700 in chips. Blinds start at $25/$50 and go up every 15 minutes. By 5:30pm, we're both done with playing video poker for today. We grab some Italian takeout and head back to our room.

    About 6:30pm, I head out to the poker room for my last tournament. We had only a table of 10 with one alternate. One guy got knocked out early, and the alternate joined the table. My pocket Jacks went up against Big Slick (AK) and I lost on fourth street to a pair of Kings. Later, my pocket Ace/Queen along with the flop (Ace, Queen, and something else) gave me two pair (Aces and Queens). I went all in and was called. The caller had pocket Aces. What a bad beat. That knocked me out on the first hand of the second hour (after a short break for the dealer). Hey, it was good experience and a lot of fun. I will certainly play some of these tournaments again on future trips to Sunset Station. Back to the room for the night.

    Day 5 Gambling Summary (Sunset Station):

    - up $370.00 (5 'wild royals', 1 'royal flush')
    - down $84.00 (Poker tournament entry fee)
    - up $1056.00 for the trip
    - up $700.00 (18 'wild royals', 1 'royal flush')
    - up $430.00 for the trip

    Day 6 (Wednesday, 12/13):

    We're up at 3:31am and out the door by 4:17am. Stopped at Sunset Cafe for breakfast. Wifey ordered the tuna salad and I order a skillet breakfast. We played our video poker from 5:10am until 8:20am and grabbed three more scratch and win cards apiece. I got awarded 4500 points and Wifey got another 5000 points. That gives us 36,500 points added to our account for day 5 and this morning. Man, if we only knew about this promotion on Day 1, we might have added a lot more points to our account. Oh, well... We cash out and grab our luggage and check out. Head outside to wait for shuttle back to the airport. We took the 9am shuttle to the airport and got dropped off at the lower level about where we pick up the shuttles. We had a 30-45 minute wait for the Red Rock shuttle. Not a big deal and this sure beats renting a car or taking a taxi.

    Before we know it, we're on our way to Red Rock in this huge (red) shuttle bus. The schedule said the shuttle leaves the airport for Red Rock at 10am but the driver said he was scheduled to leave at 10:10am. Again, not a big deal. We arrive at Red Rock and find that our room isn't ready yet and we didn't expect that it would be. They will call my cell phone when our room is ready. Left the bags with the bell desk folks. Start playing deuces wild video poker at 10:48am. These are nice seemingly new slant top machines that are very fast. There's actually a speed adjustment to go from slow, to medium, to very fast. We set out machines for very fast. At 11:38am, I got a call that our room was available. Cool. Cash out and head to the front desk. We're told that the goodie tray in the room (very expensive nuts and chocolates) are each sitting on sensors so even if we simply pick up one of these items to get a closer look, we're charged for that item. Yikes!!! We better keep our hands off. We get our keys and the bell man meets us at our room (#18102) just off the elevator. Very nice room with a canyon view. Marble throughout. Plasma TV across from the bed and a smaller plasma TV over the tub. I can really get used to this. Unfortunately, they're only giving us a free room for two nights but we did get an excellent rate ($80 casino rate) for our added third night. We unpack and head down to the casino. There are 19 "optimum" video poker slant tops spread across four areas of the casino floor. We start playing our deuces wild at 12:45pm and stop at 5pm to have dinner at the Cabo Mexican restaurant. It was very good. We're back to our machines at 6pm. Wifey played until 7:30pm and I played on until 9pm.

    Day 6 Gambling Summary (Sunset Station - morning, before checkout)):

    - up $6.25 (5 'wild royals')
    - up $1062.25 for the trip
    - down $60.00 (5 'wild royals')
    - up $370.00 for the trip

    Day 6 Gambling Summary (Red Rock):

    - down $450.00 (6 'wild royals')
    - up $612.25 for the trip
    - down $370.00 (7 'wild royals')
    - even for the trip

    Day 7 (Thursday, 12/14) - Wifey Birthday:

    We're up at 4am and out the door by 4:35am. The Grand Cafe is closed for maintenance and won't open until 6am. Okay, let's do some cooking at our machines until they open. It's 4:45am and we're playing our deuces wild video poker. As usual, we started out with coffee drinks. Right after being handed my first drink of the day, I got my first '4 deuces' of the day. Nice! Before we know it, it's 6am and time for breakfast. We cash out and head to the Grand Cafe for 3 egg skillets. After breakfast, we head to the machines near the movie theater. It's 6:45am. Shortly after starting to play again, I hit my second '4 deuces' of the day. An hour later, after Wifey ordered another coffee drink, she hits '4 deuces'.

    I'm starting to think I may be getting sick. I've been cold all morning. Trying coffee to keep warn. Even tried different sweaters. By 8:45am, still cold and can't seem to get warn. Time for my first merlot of the day. Maybe that'll warm me up. Getting very sleepy.

    At 9:45am, wifey hits her second Royal Flush!!!

    About 11am, I grabbed some pizza for me and soup for Birthday Girl and brought it back to our machines. Oh, no... My body is shutting down again. I am feeling exhausted. Decide to head back to the room at 12:30pm for a nap. Back in room, housekeeping left us plenty of extra soap, lotion, and shampoo. Stash that away and start my nap by 12:45pm. Plan is to nap for 1.5 - 2 hours. I wake up 90 minutes later (2:15pm). Ok, I'm tired but will get up (I hope) in 15 minutes. What??? Huh??? Someone's at the door??? Sounds like room service. Just a minute...
    I answer the door and this guy rolls in a cart with a linen table cloth draped over it. On top is a beautiful birthday cake, card, and bottle of champagne. It was from our daughter in CT. We were planning to eat at the Salt Lick around 4pm so I decided I better call Wifey. Dialing. Hon, you might want to come back to the room now. Jessica had something delivered. Wifey comes back and was as surprised as I was. I take some cell phone photos and sent them to Jessica. We couldn't reach her by phone so Wifey leaves a message. It's 5:45pm EST so she's probably on her way to class.

    We decide I will get ready to go back down to the casino and Wifey is already out the door at 3pm. I meet up with her at her machine ten minutes later and we continue playing video poker. By 3:50pm, the cigar smoke was getting to us so we decide to stop and head over to the Salt Lick for dinner. We bring our red wines with us. It's the second time we've had dinner there and loved it both times. After dinner, we head over to the machines near the Rocks Lounge. It's now 4:30pm. Our plan is to play a bit more and have some cake and champagne while waiting Survivor on TV. We think it's on at 8pm Vegas time. Wifey heads to the room at 6:30pm. I play on. Birthday Party at 8pm. My brain has been on slow motion all day. Must focus. Today we had our coffee drinks, coronas, and plenty of merlot. I'm about to call it a night by 7:10pm. Well, maybe just a few more hands. Yippee! At 7:25pm, I hit my fourth '4 deuces' of the day. Time to cash out.

    Back to the room, we have our cake and champagne. We won't finish up the champagne tonight so can we save the rest till morning. I didn't think so but let's try. I can never get those champagne corks back in the bottle. Hey, maybe I can trim the cork with scissors. Bad (bloody) idea. Where are the Band-Aids? We covered the cake and used a cork from a bottle of merlot we just happened to have it the room (hey, it fits).

    Day 7 Gambling Summary (Red Rock):

    - up $600.00 (11 'wild royals', 4 'four deuces')
    - up $1212.25 for the trip
    - up $1100.00 (13 'wild royals', 2 'four deuces', 1 'royal flush')
    - up $1100.00 for the trip

    Day 8 (Friday, 12/15):

    The recurring theme this trip has been lots of alcohol and not enough sleep. We're up at 3:45am. We pack more ice around the champagne and take it, the cake, our plates, glasses, and utensils with us to the casino floor. By 4:45am, we set up by the same machines we played the day before. We have our cake and champagne and now just need some OJ. Here comes the drink lady. A couple OJs please. I pulled the cork and heard a pop so I think the champagne is okay. I cut up the cake and poured our champagne and OJ. Nice way to start your morning.

    Uh oh... By 9:30am, I realize I have a head cold. Not good. Sometime that morning, Wifey grabs a salad at the Turf Grill and I decide on an egg sandwich. By 11am, we're down a combined $750 for the day. It has to get better - doesn't it? Wifey plays on until 5:50pm and I play on until 7:30pm.

    Day 8 Gambling Summary (Red Rock):

    - down $400.00 (10 'wild royals', 1 'four deuces')
    - up $812.25 for the trip
    - down $600.00 (10 'wild royals', 1 'four deuces')
    - up $500.00 for the trip

    Day 9 (Saturday, 12/16):

    We're up at 3am, pack up for move to Green Valley Ranch later this morning. Leave room at 4am for Grand cafe. We each had their egg special (two eggs, bacon, home fries, toast). This morning, I'm suffering with chills and a crappy head cold. After breakfast, we start playing video poker at 4:50am and later that morning Wifey decides to see if she can find some medication for my head cold. She comes back with some DayQuil gel caps and NyQuil. It helped a bit but I'm in pretty bad shape. After my first coffee and baileys drink, I ordered lots of OJ. We cashed out at 7:35am. I'm down $40 this session.

    We grab out luggage and head to front desk to check out. We then head outside to pick up 8am shuttle back to the airport. While at the airport, I pick up some non-drowsy Sudafed PE sinus headache medication. They didn't have DayQuil. Then we grab the 9:30am shuttle from airport to GVR. It was relatively hassle free and inexpensive (tips only) to travel from airport to Sunset Station, Sunset Station to airport, airport to Red Rock, Red Rock to airport, airport to GVR, and later from GVR to airport. We had no long waits for the shuttles and the times worked out great for us.

    We arrive at GVR and we're able to check in right away. By 10:30am, we're sitting in front of the optimum video poker machines playing deuces wild. The sudafed was making me sleepy but didn't seem to be helping my head cold. Later this morning, I stopped at the gift shop and picked up a bottle of DayQuil. We started again with our coffee drinks, moved on to coronas, and by 1:15pm, I had my first merlot of the day.

    At 1:30pm, I hit my second Royal Flush!!!

    Wifey had just taken a walk to the gift shop so I took a cell phone picture of the royal and sent it to her phone. I held the Jack, Ace, and King of clubs and drew the other two clubs. Wifey comes back smiling - yes, she saw the photo. At 5pm, I hit a '4 deuces'. Wifey called it a night about 6:30pm and I played on even in my weakened condition. I hit another '4 deuces' at 7:21pm. Time to cash out. I head over to Tides Oyster Bar for takeout. New England clam chowder and shrimp cocktail. It was very good.

    Day 9 Gambling Summary (Red Rock - morning, before checkout)):

    - down $40.00 (4 'wild royals')
    - up $772.25 for the trip
    - down $80.00 (5 'wild royals', 1 'four deuces')
    - up $580.00 for the trip

    Day 9 Gambling Summary (Green Valley Ranch):

    - up $1000.00 (4 'wild royals', 2 'four deuces', '1 royal flush')
    - up $1812.25 for the trip
    - down $250.00 (7 'wild royals')
    - up $330.00 for the trip

    Day 10 (Sunday, 12/17):

    We sleep in this morning and don't get up until 4:15am. Out the door at 5:35am and head for Grand Cafe for fuel. I ordered the corned beef deli sandwich with swiss cheese and Wifey ordered a patty melt. I continue taking DayQuil during the day and NyQuil at night. Neither seems to be helping a whole lot. Of course, if I didn't take anything, it's possible I'd feel even worst that I have been feeling. Is it possible that I've been in Vegas too long? Maybe.

    By 6:20am, we're back playing deuces wild video poker. Crap! The message to reinsert card properly went unnoticed for the first 15 minutes while I proceeded to lose $70. Re-insert card. That's better. This morning, I'm playing very slowly. After the first 90 minutes, still no wild royal flush. By 8:30am, my body is crashing again. Darn head cold. My eye balls even hurt. Can't focus. Must head back to room for a nap. Need to get some sleepy time. Wifey plays on.

    I'm back by 11:30am feeling better. Grab a big fat cup of diet coke and I'm ready to cook. After 5 minutes, I hit '4 deuces'. Excellent! Just before the deuces hit, I decided to try and get a tech to adjust the focus on my video poker machine. After deuces hit, tech comes by and tries adjusting focus. Not so good. Calling for another tech to see about changing the monitor. 10 minutes later, another tech comes by, takes a peek and said he'll get a new monitor. 5 minutes later, I have a new monitor installed that's bright and is in focus. Wow! I tried tipping the tech and he refused it. Said they can't accept tips. These folks are wonderful. I will be sure to mention this excellent service on a comment card.

    For lunch, I picked up clam chowder for both of us and brought it back to our machines. Later this afternoon, I hit another '4 deuces' around 2:50pm. I have been playing very slowly today. The head cold is killing me and I've been taking DayQuil every 4 hours or so. I'm sure the medication is also making me drowsy. Today, I didn't have my first alcoholic beverage until 5pm. That should tell you how beat down my body has been today. Took another dose of DayQuil at 3:30pm. Not helping a whole lot. Wifey gets us shrimp cocktail from Tides Oyster Bar and we have it at our machines around 6pm. By 7pm, Wifey call it a night. I cashed out at 7:15pm. Too tired to continue.

    Day 10 Gambling Summary (Green Valley Ranch):

    - up $200.00 (11 'wild royals', 2 'four deuces')
    - up $2012.25 for the trip
    - down $480.00 (12 'wild royals')
    - down $150.00 for the trip

    Day 11 (Monday, 12/18):

    Wifey is up at 3:30am and out the door at 4:15am. Head cold has kept me in bed for a bit more needed sleep. Wifey back to check on me at 7:45am. I'm okay, I'll get up soon. Wifey heads back out to the casino floor. I get up at 8am and I'm out the door by 8:30am. I hope I can function well enough to play all day. I am feeling better today and decide to see if I can go the whole day without taking DayQuil. Picked up Wifey and headed for Original Pancake House. Two eggs, home fries, w/ pancakes. OJ w/ pulp is excellent. I need lots of vitamin C today. It's 9:10am and time to start cooking again on those VP machines. Starting out with several glasses of OJ and water. Diet coke from fatburger. No alcohol until later this afternoon if at all.

    For lunch, I ordered chicken breast sandwiches from Turf Grill w/ potato salad to go. Brought it back to our machines. And there's a merlot waiting for me. 20 minutes later, I hit '4 deuces'. Wifey plays until 6pm while I play until 7pm.

    Day 11 Gambling Summary (Green Valley Ranch):

    - down $300.00 (9 'wild royals', 1 'four deuces')
    - up $1712.25 for the trip
    - down $550.00 (15 'wild royals')
    - down $700.00 for the trip

    Day 12 (Tuesday, 12/19):

    We're up at 3:30am and pack up for the last time. Out the door and head for the Grand Cafe. I order the deli ham and swiss cheese sandwich and Wifey ordered a ½ sandwich. We each got potato salad. By 5:10am, we start our last session at the VP machines. It snowed last night. Maybe a couple inches. Looks like a winter wonderland outside. My head cold is back with a vengeance. After a couple hours, I had to take some sudafed pills. Cashed out at 8am. We're done gambling this trip.

    Day 12 Gambling Summary (Green Valley Ranch):

    - down $200.00 (4 'wild royals')
    - up $1512.25 for the trip
    - up $25.00 (5 'wild royals', 1 'four deuces')
    - down $675.00 for the trip

    We head back to the room, grab our luggage and head to front desk to checkout. Grabbed a cup of coffee while waiting for the 9am shuttle back to airport. Nice drive to the airport seeing the snowfall from last night. We asked the driver if they were expecting any more snow since our daughter was flying into Vegas in a couple days with a couple friends. This will be her first trip to Vegas. I arranged for Presidential Limousine to pick her party of three up at the airport 30 minutes after the second of two flights land. They'll have the limo for an hour which I figured would give the driver enough time to drive them up and down the strip before dropping them off at The Palms.

    When we got to the airport, we picked up sandwiches. Not far from our gate were some quarter wheel of fortune slot machines. We usually toss in $20 apiece to play wheel of fortune at the airport at the end of our Las Vegas trips. Today was no different. We played until our credits were gone.

    On the plane ride home, we each had wine using tickets from Southwest from our last free ticket. Upon arrival in Austin, we immediately head to Super Shuttle counter to see about a ride home. No, need to get our luggage first. Fine, let's get the luggage. We come back and pay for the shuttle. It's onlt a 15 minute wait. We arrive home safe, sound, and exhausted.

    In summary, we were very happy with the charges we ended up having to pay for this eleven day/night trip to Sunset Station (5 nights), Red Rock (3 nights), & GVR (3 nights) and we will definitely plan to return in June, 2007.

    Total Gambling this Trip:
    Wifey: -$675.00 in casino gambling
    Hubby: +$1512.25 in casino gambling (includes $600 won in Poker Tournament)

    Wifey/Hubby combined for 94,809 points = $189,618 ($17,238 per day average) cycled through the machines over 11 days/nights
    Total combined number of hands played = 151,694 @ $1.25 per hand
    Total hours played - ~270 hours (~24.5 hours per day @ ~ 562 hands per hour)
    Royal Flush (4) - average of 1 every 37,923 hands
    Four Deuces (32) - average of 1 every 4,740 hands
    Wild Royal (270) - average of 1 every 562 hands

    Total Winnings/Losses this Trip: +$837.25 after 11 days/nights

    Comps this Trip:
    - Sunset Station - 5 nights comped, plus $168.12 in food charges taken off our bill by using 101,400 of our boarding pass points. These points included 36,500 points we received via their scratch and win promotion. We also has 8,940 points on our account at start of trip.
    - Red Rock - 2 nights comped, plus casino rate of $80 for added night, plus $64 in food charges taken off our bill by using 38,400 of our remaining boarding pass points.
    - GVR - 2 nights comped, plus casino rate of $80 for added night.

    Final Thoughts:
    - Must remember to check for promotions going on at the time
    - Must remember to stay hydrated
    - Must remember to check that BP card is inserted properly at start of each session
    - Red Rock and GVR serve pretty good Merlot
    - Not one Bailey's on the Rocks this trip
    - Since I beat Wifey gambling-wise, I get to pick where we eat out next
    - Can't wait to return to Vegas (hopefully, in June, 2007)
    - 11 days/nights in Vegas is TOO LONG
  2. HoyaHeel

    HoyaHeel Grammar Police & Admin

    Feb 24, 2002
    North Carolina
    Trips to Las Vegas:
    Cruiser--as usual, I'm exhausted by your trips! Sounds like you did really well--enjoy your massages!!:thumbsup:
  3. MacMaroon

    MacMaroon Tourist

    Apr 2, 2005
    Winnipeg Manitoba Canada
    Trips to Las Vegas:

    Thanks for the great trip report and for the detailed stats! It was very interesting how you did at the video poker machines and at the poker tournament. Sounds like you had a great time!

    Mac Maroon
  4. Vegasman

    Vegasman Low-Roller

    Mar 30, 2005
    Chicago, Il
    Trips to Las Vegas:
    Thanks for the very fine report! Curious as to what the coin in levels were for the casino rates that you mentioned.

    Thanks again!
  5. SH0CK

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    Nov 2, 2001
    Trips to Las Vegas:
    Some nice wins there cruiser. Too bad you got sick in the middle of the stay and couldn't enjoy even more... maybe next time :thumbsup:
  6. richardinbc

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    Oct 29, 2002
    Mission B.C.
    Trips to Las Vegas:
    Again a very detailed report, the wife and I love your style of doing a trip report. The recording of times of activities from meals to wake up and gaming is great. The tracking of your gaming, which is what most of us are here for, must be dificult at the end of a long day. As mentioned above I am exausted just reading it.

    BOOPSAHOY Tourist

    Aug 21, 2006
    Trips to Las Vegas:
    trip report

    That was great! My husband and I also play around 12-14 hrs per day of VP when we go to the casino be it Vegas or AC. Glad you got some Royals! Ive been in a drought for about a year but my hubby has been making up for it!
  8. dscs007

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    Apr 20, 2006
    Baton Rouge, LA.
    Trips to Las Vegas:
    Enjoyed the TR. As mentioned before, sorry you got sick in Vegas, but it sounds like you still had a lot of fun. Enjoy both your massages and your choice of dining.

  9. mikenhe

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    Oct 28, 2006
    anglo american in Tampa
    Trips to Las Vegas:
    damn - some report - thanks.

    Not sure I’d have the stamina to do 11 days – certainly not looking at machines for that long – fair play to you sir!
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